13 May 2016

13 May 2016

Dear Ms. Jaco**, biofeedback,

I can’t get to the Activity today but have a belief/thesis that in some biofeedback-related way the waves of pain from the early anthropophagy-based system caused the Creator/s to halt evolution of the solar system, causing Mars, Venus, and the other planets to die-off instead of also growing biologically, that space is like a crime-scene, but i’m alone in realizing/recognizing that. Maybe that 1970-80s book “The Secret Life of Plants” was thinking in that similar direction, that pain has palpable effects. I couldn’t find any books on Biofeedback at the library so far. Do you know of any research-resources that I could find toward trying to work-up this thesis for presentation that you could let me know about? I’ll try to get to the Biofeedback activity next week. Also my email is kathyfoshay2@gmail.com Sincerely, Kathy Foshay http://www.UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.com

(notepaper, summary interview) no emergency contact, off-site chinatown-emergency shelter 10 pm curfew courtyard for visitors 6 pm thurs community meeting, 3 chores per seek, stars v. points, 7 activities a month, more-a star,  ck “hot box” sign-ups)

june 22, 2016, nsv, dear madison, on letterhead map and list, after our interview last thursday i was able to get an appointment toward voucher-renting that apartment i like and then i’ve been busy getting zero income papers notarized for them and then yesterday i had a quick interview and job-start for distributing flyers for the cti, career technical institute, no vermond and l street near here but i haven’t been able to get the little paperwork for you toward more fully explaining my whole situation, and with all this sudden running around i’m worried about getting bethany’s 5 activites for this week accomplished//that fire during our interview might be connected to that the activities keep getting cancelled and i’m worried i’ll be turned down for lpns so i’m trying to get this note to you to delay a vote against me because i’m so busy trying to get the flyer distributing okay for at least this first week and the rental-paperwork over to the same wm c smith re company that you coincidentally have here so that i don’t lose the voucher and the lpns spot and the employment, please! by next tuesday i should be able to get the little reume to you. kathy foshay

27 June 2016, madison k., i didn’t get the call from you about lpns or even to acknowledge the note i sent, and i still haven’t been able to get a copy of my little resume for you, the point being that my life is so curse-sabotaged that i’ve never had a good job, just little menial ones, and to give you the yrl to my (little also) blog-/website but that had an accident yesterday and i have to go try to get it fixed tomorrow, tuesday. the little flyer-distribution job down the street said i got zero responses from my 8 hours of work so i can pick up my “last” check on wednesday afternoon, which would then give me a little photocopy money for towards this resume i’m trying to do, etc.

I’m only trying to get into a night-shelter and i’m being figuratively all torn up during this unexpectedly long process, and then i’m just scared to hear that i’m being turned down and that the dcha housing-voucher will similarly be disappeared, like chimerae, you and them and the flyer-job and now my blogsite is also in danger. my health is in terrible shape from all this homelessness and i’m always unable to find any positive sort of assistance in any real way. Please try to find a positive-thinking assist for me.

Also, with that resume business, not , im trying to get to that pastor b is, was, one of the many people here that i’ve written letters for assistance to, back around 5 years ago. please try to describe what the meeting-people think about lpns for me. (202) 939-2060 (out of room) sharon said she’d put that in madison’s mailbox, sounded like heart or carr, last name

kfoshay 2029392060 and temp address july 8, 2016, dear mailroom, Please help get my mail to me, i’m expecting a Lifeline cell phone and an envelope from pnc bank both to have arrived by today but on wednesday july 6 i received an envelope postmarked june 22, — 2 weeks to get to me from 20018 in the ne, but i’d mailed a postcard to myself here earlier and it had only taken the normal 2-3 days to reach me, so there is obviously some sort of mail-tampering goinfg on and i really require your assistance to help keep the normal world running. i don’t have paper-money for explaining it right now but it seems “District of Columbia” was really about drug*-trafficking from the country colombia and i’m alone in trying to get this explained and straightened out, really. please don’t work against me. (*narcotic-) Sincerely, kathy foshay

6/19/17 monday tim renovation is starting today, for 7 months, furniture moving (today) building=20 years old and needs remodeling, needs work, (to) create new bwc = other side now new kitchen next to devel office, here, staff officces, tim, schroder, ruth is steadily drawing face through this speech, cc= looking over my head at the tim speaker, soemthing about an mpr glass partititin for both a yoga class and a meeding, 1110 and ihe finished, 2 coloring credits per week outside appts-an activity credit/pc of paper w their logo, — if a dispute don’t go back and forth but get a staff

ck philip johnson = from the moonwalk

john fleischman, 2002, houghton mifflin co, 215 park avenue south 10003, phineas gage b. 1832, a gruesome but true story about brain science

(19/5/17, thurs.) today i am particularly grateful for:) that last night i was finally able to check for a weather-forecast and learned that it’s “supposed to” start raining on sunday but be rain all through monday and there isn’t any place i can go and also just yesterday i’d heard the libraries will be closed on the (phonied-up) “holiday” on monday, so that i had no real option but hope that i cold get the 5 activities in for this week so i could come to b’s for that whole monday holiday and maybe sunday, and i recalled that the thursday schedule would be good for maybe 3 of the activities and then this activity, gaining gratitude was also on for today so taht with just 1 activity tomorrow, and the chore, i’ll have a dry place to sit thrugh the (phonied-up) “holiday,” which really otherwise is always difficult on me if it’s cold or wet out, otherwise, so that i’m really grateful for bethany’s and for deborah’s giving this activity today, and extremely grateful that i’d finally gotten the chance to check a weather report, as the (new to me) Lifeline phone had been semi-out of order all week till yesterday.