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(The Parasitism, a copy to keep in the background)

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This is the best I can figure it so far, that my head is just like that orange “cell” picture over Florence Sabin’s head where I think that darker blob directly over her head semioticizes a brain-invading type of the (anonymous) Jomon people, like represented by the “The Turk/Man In Oriental Costume” portrait that’s here in the Rembrandt room, done by a co-worker called Govaert Flinck around 1630 I think it says, and donated by the guy who’d had the National Gallery of Art built, Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury around then, 1932-34 purchase of the painting from I think it was the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. I’m saying also that I suspect this figure “came from” the historical figure named Joseph Nasi, and he’d likely come from the “Ghent Altarpiece” types who were disseminations from King Casimir III the Great of old Krakow, Poland, me saying that he’d gotten to Krakow via the Arctic route from the Autists’ system’s base camp in Siberia, like up the Yenisey and down the Vistula and then out to Santiago de Compostela. The important thing is that after “riding” Sabin’s life like that then my life has been being ridden the same way, is ridden that same way and I can’t get through to anyone that this is a dead end and they’re gratuitously taking the first planet down to extinction over nothing, a few early-days miscalculations, like that the Earth isn’t flat, the stars aren’t diamonds, no one had ever been anything but helpful to their little friends who happened to have been brain-damaged, with what I’ve been calling, “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with dependence on hallucinogens, and I do this same trying to explain the human race and planet’s way out of this dead end year after year after decade and I’ve made no progress, the blob just sits on my head like that the same pattern with this writing I do for trying to get assistance by, and that’s how they “triage” who to get rid of off of the planet, anyone who’s nice or normal-like. — Then I found and added the girl, “sibyl,” from the Ghent Altarpiece that’s like my type, where the other sibyl is like this scripted “jealousy figure” the Armageddon Program calls “Julie” into my brain about all of the time. Really “Julie” I suspect is more about the Pope Julius II than any “mere” females, that that stereotype is all over the place. In fact I found and sent the copy below that’s below here in the “Anthony of Burgundy” pdf. I’ll try to take and send a photo-copy of it now.

And then it seems they’ve got me, and if me others of course, in some “magic” -trick sort of a holography cage-glass case like that. Like I felt like one of the last ones to learn about these famous “visions and voices” back in 1993 I was likely also one of the last to put together this about being kept for display in a magic “cage” about like that. Then here below I’ve temporarily stuck these anthony of burgundy files, said to have passed in Paris around 1504 and I think I recall reading that he’d been working on establishing the sewer-system under Paris at the time of his passing, but I’ll have to try to check for more on that through the internet soon, except that that would show the inter-connections between the Autists like himself, the underworld and this obsession with excrement that this “Armageddon Program” on me has always had, all day long every day it’s some main subject, whereas I think prior to the Autists the such wasn’t given much notice, merely excreted neatly however and overlooked as being uninteresting. Then too I think I’m trying to interject into here my more-specific contemporary situation with the “Allen Ginsberg-type” of the guys that come from that type on top, the Man In Oriental Costume, the Jomon-type.

anthony of burgundy.pdfanthony of burgundy1

anthony of burgundy2

9 Dec., This is supposed to be an Astrobiology blogsite; you see how much of that has gotten done. They keep my head stuffed with complaints about themselves. I’ve read that the early times “Native Americans,” who were really “plants” raised on plantations from the Siberian-base camp for all this, used to enjoy hearing their victims beg as though it was a form of entertainment. (When I go looking for that book now by the way I can’t find it listed.) That seems to be all that I am, that the begging to quit (invisibly-, anonymously,) torturing me seems to give the system a feeling of power, they enjoy hearing the begging. And Astrobiology research and interpretation gets next to not any time here, only complaining about the stereotypes of these self-mass-reproducing “Autists and their buddies” seems of interest to themselves because then they use my complaints as anger-excuse behind my back, all these years, is how the Armageddoning’s been being done to a large extent, and it’s getting worse and worse as now I have the little “ssfund” of expense-fund that they’re all after depriving me of, and thence the real universe rescue-attempt as well of course and everyone who ever has or could have lived, etc., the future and even the past since TPE would be wiping everything out like we’d never happened. Today I’m trying to quick-mention that it’s the 2nd day of some new trick of turning off most of the library computers, yesterday and then today a different branch there are only about half the number available. I’ve been trying to describe all along that it’s possible that I was only able to begin using a computer in the summer of 2015 because the system WANTS it for an anger-excuse for cutting off the computers for all normal people, for collapsing its own system because everything is really primarily for a weapons-use in this Armageddon and its global-system, and everything is a hoax from, like the above image. Yesterday it seemed, from the teeny clues out here I only occasionally see or hear around me, that, like this month’s National Geographic cover-story, which Nat. Graph. Alex. Graham Bell had helped to found, the LURE “show/program/exhibition” or what it’s pulled off as being is using that “Jesus” theme against me too now.

That’s my type there over the “c. 1500.” I’ve come to think that most of these figures are conspirators trying to LURE unsuspecting people to getting the jumped-from-behind that this system still largely seems to do as what they do for their livings. Maybe the worst figure is this one above, the 2nd from the left on the top, that’s barely visible. He and the last on the right side there seem to be the main conspirators. (Now I notice that he’s very similar to in the photo above, from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.) Lately I’ve been coming to figure that it’s just the “job” for the “Christ” figure there to be the shill in that play-acting set they’re pulling off. Then yesterday I overheard what sounded like a directed play-acting script-piece about sympathy for the real-real Christ as though it’s in a trick “invisible show/Program” debate against what I’m trying to get across which is only all about the Astrobiology subject, about the nature of all that physical reality, that it’s all covered up by these “conquerors.” And I only have a cut-back little time on computer again today and it’s being wasted on this complaining about the invisible-torture because the invisible torture on me specifically is leading to the “gratuitous” I always call it because there isn’t any real reason for any of this beyond their selfish drug-addiction preferences, TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, all the Creation gone like no life had ever happened, over nothing. They’re only like incorrigible (other people’s’) children except that there’s a real brain damage, a hardware problem that keeps going in circuitous routes because the fuller routes were cut off by a serious injury-set that we could take care of easily in these advanced times.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, 1857-1935, main/1st rocket scientist

Wilhelm Wundt, 1832-1920, Heidelberg, Leipzig

1832-1920, Heidelberg, Zurich and Leipzig mostly

Wundt with students

Wundt with students like Rockefeller Jr. and Cary Grant “types,” and others.

Man In Oriental Costume/James A. Bailey (of the Barnum & Bailey)

A reporter working in Washington around 1880 wrote that Bell was large-sized and Latin-looking though from Scotland and that he had black eyes. (Frank G. Carpenter, in the 1960 “Carp’s Washington” by his daughter Frances Carpenter, who’d done a small book on the Ainu that I’m trying to get an illustration from so I’d noticed her father’s work a little.

1864 painting of King Kasimir III the Great of Krakow (1310-70,) (by Leopold Loffler, (1826-98,) public domain because of its age, Wikipedia:)File:Casimir the Great by Leopold Löffler.PNGFile:CasimirtheGreat.jpgThis one of Casimir is by Jan Matejko.File:Wojciech Gerson, Przyjęcie Żydów.jpg

the caption to this one must have gotten lost. I think it’s also, with the little picture on top of it, by Jan Matejko, this one titled– no, it’s worse, there’s a whole other one missing. It’s always that I might have actually managed to edit something but i don’t think I got to it. there were 2 large paintings here, and i thought i’d just seen it and’s gone, this one titled about Casimir III and the Jews or some such but I have to check the file under here on the Botany situation that devolved to being about these “Merchant of Venice” -types. I’m going to try to stick the very important Jadwiga picture allegedly by Matejko to here because those little characters are all over as parasites doing the Armageddon, really dangerous that front one and the fraud-parent’s type is the one at the top of the stairway. I’m going to go hunt-looking to include a copy of that here also but I want to mention that this torture had always bothered me about that “Lord of the Rings” whole theme and  the film played all the time when I was staying at some real strange bed-for-rent place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I’d accidentally seen the ending and where the Sikh-looking “Merchant/Ponce de Leon, all that type,” -type does that tongue-flick, like sucking back any victorious feeling “the good guys” might have gotten out of the film. It’s a theme because the system had stuck the nickname of Frodo onto me when I was young and so I’d notice the trilogy and learn about the whole “saving the world” theme that then they’ve been doing this sneak-Armageddon real holocaust of the normal peoples by, that now it occurred to me that these Merchant-types might be allegorically portrayed by the Gollum/Smeagol situation of getting crazy over possessing the gold. They have emergency sirens going whoo-whoo noises, as I’m not allowed to be candid and yet the horror forces it, etc. — The Jadwiga picture should go here when I get a chance. That little character in front is some big problem for me and I don’t know why, just that all the system-types are like the oceans against tiny nobody me as maybe some “enemy” gimmick that the system uses for getting its anger up, but they’re also like the French Connection Fuca father and Buddy Hackett types and they seem to include themselves in with anger at me connected to the car-hit and there was a strange one in the Bronx that had tried to kidnap me when I was 9 and it’s possible that that person and the fraud-parent were always in league in the system together, whatever the Allen Ginsberg-connection details might be over those, where King Casimir had had an offspring-descendant that did do the Dr. Frankenstein work and those little figures represent real people all over the place and very dangerous and seem to have vendettas on me for no particular reason, etc. Previous writing again:

“Me and King Casimir III the Great” photograph at travel blogsite, shown under their Krakow/Crakow file, is great but I’m not prepared to send this URL out to strangers in getting permission to use pieces of their work yet so I can’t take the copy for here yet but they’re easy to look up. My point here is only that Casimir III the Great seems behind most of today’s world-system, global-system’s formation and his self-mass-reproducing lineage preferred black hair on themselves I think and had developed to evolve it to very dark in union with their Autist-partners thereby, and such. Difficult. This photo of the Afghanistanis below here is because they looked like boys I’d met in the neighborhood after the 1962 French Connection business and now it’s obvious that they’d been a planned set up onto me.

This goes with the Baychester Project, Bronx, NY little map I drew to show where the fraud-family I was in, am, had moved to in 1963, that then I’d gotten set up in 1967 or 1968 with an “uncle and nephew” pair of guys, very young also, who’d been of these respective “stereotypes” that now I’m generalizing as being from the original Jomon and then later the Ainu (eye-noo) developed, cultures. baychester project little map.

 The guy on the left, Massoud, d. 2001 I think, looks like the “first boyfriend” I’d had, whose name was/is Cesar Romero. He was 13. His nephew was 16 yeaers old and the “Ainu-Babar” type like Massoud’s friend Kahlil there, Masood Kahlil I think is his full name’s spelling, that the picture comes from him in maybe the main English-language biography on Massoud so far. I hadn’t any idea why Cesar had wanted to “go with” me, we didn’t have anything in common but it was arranged-for by some of the neighborhood girls and I sort of didn’t have much choice and it didn’t last long but in retrospect I realize that it was a ritual for the underworld’s purposees PLUS the biggest problem is that the name translate/is other-world interpreted to:

Cesar Romero

Seize her Romeo.

This has been the or one of the main Armageddon-making or -doing “tortures” that my life is like, that these fraud-family monsters have all along been shadow-world spying on my life and intercepting any males that might be interested in unawares me, and not just coincidental ones but using “hidden camera” pornography of me to LURE males and then to “disappear” them, as these decades have rolled by since that French Connection time. This subject-set deserves more description but I have to try to pull this together.

(12/14/17- Massoud is a Jomon-type and his friend Masood Kahlil what I’ve lately been calling the Babar-Ainu type. I think that that’s his own photograph that was used in the biography I’ll try to track down again for the copyright business but I’m sure this is Fair Use of copyrighted materials, to use the picture as illustration on this difficult to describe in words to strangers point.)

In fact the older nephew looked like the author pictured here, and this author also looks like the owner/manager of the residential hotel I’d stayed in in San Francisco from 1995-2000, him arriving in 1997 or 1998, and then this “Jomon-type” of “Armageddon Show director that I realize in retrospect had mainly looked like Allen Ginsberg’s type had showed up subliminally/invisibly in late 1998, (showed up in my head as a wispy image when I was real sick with fever from an abscess and slug-pneumonia combination, with a similar “Hasidic” other guy, and they put a picture into my head of how those abscesses were made by the “magic” onto me by thought-dripping fluid-substance like pus or what from a syringe into that place in my mouth, like one drop a minute or more, and little by little the abscess would grow and cause pain but when it “broke” there wasn’t ever anything there, the pain just went away was all, so I’d figured they were some sort of a trick and being shown how the trick was done had made me think the guys were okay.)

Here on the left is a different stereotype, that I call the “high-functioning Autists,” with a girl of what I’m figuring were the 1st Ainu people, developed in island-isolation from the meeting of the Autists with the Jomon, to my guesses after decades of trying to figure out where all the system “magic” comes from.

(I sent this message last night and then just noticed and added the little copy of the picture, because these “Babar/Ainu” boys seem to be directed to be directing this “feces” that goes on all over my nearly every step of everyday and as though they’re doing their presentation of a holiday program off of me now with the dozens and hundreds and thousands of also-unawares people available to “work” it.) — the Armageddon-making Program/LURE is out of control for me, my coping ability, and it seems like it’s being directed/worked by a stereotype that’d be what you’d get if her ovae were fertilized by his matter back in 1929 and the underworld raised and mass-reproduced the product. She passed recently after teaching high school for 40 years in Coral Gables. From a Cultural Tourism DC signboard, she and that uncle (George,) had lived where the convention center is today, and that’s down the street from the library I was in today (the Shaw.) I keep trying to get across that I think her “type” is what I call the “Babar” or now the Ainu (eye-noo,) that they were originated into the Autist-confusion and have never known anything else, should be kept away from myself, all those strange males, as well as all of the stereotypes, etc.

Those are all little Ainu-Babar -type figures all around that huge Maitreya Buddha, at that Flying Cliff, Hangzhou, near Shanghai, might be involved in all this world set up.dec. 3-10_ 2017.pdf – handwriting by me on some of this.

(a couple of notes because I’d lost my pen and don’t have anywhere to put them yet: ck Cernan Carson, schirra Reagan, Apollo 2-6 skipped, year and a half from Jan 66 to Oct 68. Apollo 10= within 46,000 feet of the moon’s surface. Also George Carruthers, David Lasser.)

Dec. 14th I think it is, Thursday, horrifying trip to get to this library after yesterday it was too cold to get out, and I’m trying to recall what I’m supposed to try to do first and then where it should go. Things are really bad. I finally got to the LOC (library) on Tuesday and couldn’t find anything in the NY Times on Ms. Cowen’s passing on Feb. 27, 1962 but did get a chance to look up the obituary in 1995 on the police detective from the French Connection bust of those suitcases that I’d used to play with and the thought occurred to me that maybe he “came from” or looked like Wernher von Braun, so that besides what all I can’t coordinate to be doing right now I’ve got that if he was from someone like von Braun, which might include also either Thomas Huxley or the Joseph Henry, then what might his partner, Ret. Sonny Grosso, similarly have been “from,” and that brings my mind back to what I’m trying to do is that Mr. Grosso has a book out recently and a  couple of others so I’d wanted to check the local catalog, which is up at the front of this room right now, I’ll go do that when my time’s up here I guess and then come back. Mr. Grosso’s nickname is/was “Cloudy,” and that would match the translation of “fog” for one of Mr. von Braun’s big partners, Herr Rudolf Nebel, one of my nemesi, along with Erich Mendelsohn from that same time period in Berlin, nebel translating to fog.

wernher von braun efdcb5
Wernher von Braun. Herman Oberth’s Kegelduese liquid rocket engine being certified.

Dr. von Braun was among a famous group of rocket experimenters in Germany in the 1930s. This photograph is believed to be made on the occasion of Herman Oberth’s Kegelduese liquid rocket engine being certified as to performance during firing. From left to right are R. Nebel, Dr. Ritter, Mr. Baermueller, Kurt Heinish, Herman Oberth, Klaus Riedel, Wernher von Braun, and an unidentified person.