Adelaide Ames

4/27/17, Thursday, I forgot to mention that just before I’d read Pearl Bailey’s memoirs and realized what a big deal her life was in here locally I’d had a little time and looked at this catalog of the galaxies by the Carnegie foundation and it’s an update on the 1932-ish Shapley-Ames Catalog and I read that Adelaide Ames had died at age 32 in 1932 in a drowning accident and I don’t see how that could really be “legitimate.” All I could find so far was the NY Times little notice of the accident, that she’d been with a girlfriend on Squam Lake in New Hampshire and their canoe capsized and they were swimming to shore and then Adelaide wasn’t swimming behind the other girl any more was just gone, and probably on Wikipedia it mentions that her body had been found about a week later. I don’t think a girl who could find around 2000 nebulae and or galaxies through a telescope could just happen then to die like that, that I think it might have been to shut her up from over-publicizing or I don’t know what because the idea of being able to see that many things through a telescope is mind-boggling to me, I’m very suspicious of the whole thing but it’s what I’m doing here so I’m always trying to look into the subject of not stars but of just other planetary bodies like these 9 or so in this solar system and where more exactly those are, and I got so upset at the amount of time it would take me to try to track that business down and then I got swamped in that Pearl Bailey was super-connected to all the goings-on here through her father and then those “various husbands” and then this Sylvian fissure is going to be a humongous project for little homeless me, but there’s one girlfriend that Ames had had who had written some books, an astronomy dept. president at Harvard she’d become.