“COPD” Medical World scam

That green dot is an attempt to show how the invisible torture largely works to control me for the system’s “Armageddon,” world-ownership. It feels like about the size of a small fist wrapped around both my horizontal diaphragm and whatever else is in there, sternum, and whatever vertical tubes there might be. It’s like the horizontal is the everyday torture as though I’m harnessed to pull them as I walk, like in that Columbus Fountain (by Lorado Taft) example I usually describe this by, but increasingly I never know when the sadists are going to yank on the vertical part of this torture “trick” and it

— (part 2,) — my finger slipped while I was trying to think of a word, that when they pull down on my innards vertically it just leaves me helpless, too weak to do anything except try to focus on staying breathing. One of the Respiratory Therapists at the 2015 “car-hit hospital” had drawn that little diagram as I’m trying to figure out what the system is pulling and yanking on. I’ve been trying to get all the respiratory material together to make a post on this phonied-up medical subject but the LURE -abuse and general torture of me is so out of control for (little, old) me that it seems I should get it noted that this is largely what the invisible torture is, thrashing and bashing to maneuver me for the system’s LURE purposes, paining me where that little green spot is, green in reference then to that “slug pneumonia” that seems to be one of their biggest methods for getting rid of us, called by many different labels over the centuries I think but the same coughing up yellow and green gunk that I think originated from slug-evolvements from the Autists’ polluting ways, etc. Oddly, in this “Pilgrims-Puritans” reading I’m trying to trace the system by it’s led to “Vesalius,” and he seems connected to the Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi specific root perhaps of this torture to me, and then this “next-door-neighbor” of Pedro Menendez of establishing St. Augustine, FL here might be connected to them, team workers the system was breeding for already back then.That’s what I’d left off at, checking to see how close Vesalius’ alleged 1564 death was to Nasi’s Lepanto massacre, suspecting already that they were teamsters. Vesalius was on his way back from Palestine and Nasi’d had some immigration-refuge set up around Tiberius around then, that it is possible they were working on this Armageddon together, and the immigrations refuge pattern then used for the Plymouth Pilgrims, helped by “teamster-type” Myles/Miles Standish, bio-related to Vesalius and Nasi. The “Oddly” part is that Andreas Vesalius was the big anatomy illustrator….

… I can never squeeze-in all the details to any if these subjects, that it’s a big part of this “trick” that it feels like they inflate or push out from under or around my ribs that whole front of the diaphragm like any time I try to do anything except most of this “sitting and babysitting” reading or writing, that the rest of the time I’m sadistically tortured minimally by that and the moronic sound effects. This message app runs out of room without forewarning so I’ll just put ellipses or such if that happens again as this invisible torture’s been so bad that I can’t get much of even the looking up things done. It has me worried the monsters/”animals” are mostly trying now to prevent me getting to Massachusetts, that they’re weakening me too much for me to be able to do so, and then if I managed it’s only into a massive decapitation underground set up that I don’t know anyone I could ventilate about this to, about. I’m just encrust-covered with these parasites so that I can barely walk and I haven’t been able to locate any room there that I could get into there, similar to the situation when I’d gotten here and this torture sneak-ambushed me into that hospitalization situation on the “trick” of the CVS pharmacy withholding the respiratory “blackmails prescription” to keep the underground monsters placated that I’m taking some anything of their “medicines” I call it, that without that “anti-inflation” placation prescription being taken then these monsters had just wiped the streets with me here till I had no choice but to get into an ambulance and so I figure they’ll again try that pattern to keep me from reaching the library in any healthy semblance. Today I finally got the photocopy that goes to the permission request that just went to the Older Posts page when/if this text-message arrives okay. A huge problem is that, for this invisible “Armageddon Program” off of me next weekend is their “Memorial Day,” and that’s possibly the worst day of the year for me under their Armageddon mentality of victim-seeking…

(21 May …)

It’s the Vena Cavae or Venae Cava or just one, a Vena Cava, that the monsters have (also) been pulling on in my innards that causes all this phonied-up medical problem-set of the “difficulty breathing” and walking for me it looks like, just coming across this illustration last night, by Nina Reiner on page 650 of the 1999 edition of the 1984 “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective. Those are the 2 big veins that cycle the blood back to the heart, the deoxygenated blood to the heart one write-up had put it and that’s the big symptom I’ve got, that the oxygen saturation level of my blood is only around 70 instead of 95 or 100%, and that’s where all my health difficulties come from that they’ve been getting away with forcing me into ambulances and saying I can’t get out of the hospitals because of, since 2014. The underground can let up on the pressure whenever they want. When I got out of the hospital the first time I wanted to make a detour to buy some coffee and a Babar used this grip on my innards like a leash to prevent my being able to do that and it’s been as a game like that all day every day. if I write something any “observer” or whatever doesn’t like they pull to worsen the pain. The lack of oxygen in the blood then to the brain causes damage (some medical people seem to delight in mentioning that,) and my slowed-down thinking got so worrisome last week that I had to buy some coffee to try to help knock this “fuzzy thinking” off, that the invisible torture’s kept me forced to rely on coffee drinking and now I was trying to “comply” but couldn’t. It’s one of the big subjects to all this “decapitation-industry” all over this “Armageddon Program” abuse of me all these years, decades. I noticed a Shahan-Crowley when I was up at the store getting some ice cream a little while ago and that “coincidence” was likely for some ritual purpose or purposes, to do with “all this” of what’s really planeticide. That Bible quote I’d sent yesterday mentioned it. This with the Venae Cava, … (to 22 May:)

It got sent prematurely again yesterday and I feel necessitated to use pictures illustrations and am trying to go from this “innards-tampering” vena cava realization to last week’s new Vesalius subject and noticing that there might be a big Anatomists theme to the people-mass-reproducing “Brave New World/Fountain Of Youth industry that’s taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION problem-set. Vesalius and Florida’s Pedro Menendez and Massachusetts’ Myles Standish seem to be related and close to this example I’ve been using to the ” The Turk/Man in Oriental Costume” from our National Gallery of Art in the U.S. and this is likely some bio-offspring from the 1521-1579 Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi Portuguese Turk that is possibly where my specific torture-set had originated, that is forcing us to planeticide and TPE for not any valid reason whatsoever, like just spoiled drug addicts’ garbage, but their drug is our human brain. I was seeing that there might be some pattern that the human food butchersbturned Anatomists were the preferred mass-reproduced people down to this day, people all over the various arts now for instance are being rewarded for the “hard work” of their ancestors’ butchering everybody else so that they have built today’s global system and are going to enjoy it. But then this goon-circus invisible torture LURE had worsened and I had to quit trying to look up things on this, after seeing that there were peculiar circumstances around the Gray’s Anatomy book figures and also before them of the Mantell couple famous in Paleontology, fossil hunting going on back then, that to me it seems like Gideon Mantell might could have been the “bio-pater” of Henry Gray, who is said to have died real young but I can’t trust what to believe and it seems we might have a massive number of females with his type of a face, as well as Vesalius’. One of Vesalius’ bio-descendants being rewarded might be in this inexplicable/unprovable underworld trap I’ve noticed seems to have been set up for me to walk into when/if I get to New Engd..

(the Columbus Memorial, Lorado Taft, Union Station)

This is my usual example of what this “difficulty breating” comes from, the small female in front on the prow of the fountain pulling the whole thing and all those guys; more pictures are elsewhere.