letter to Sean Barron

Mr. Sean Barron

The Vindicator

107 Vindicator Square, Younstown, OH 44503


Dear Mr. Barron,

“There’s A Boy In Here” is the best book I’ve seen on Autism and I’d like to discuss the subject with you if you ever have any incliniation.

I’ve been trying to explain my finding that all the world’s problems come from the accidental development of Autism by premature crossing of Beringia way back in Prehistory since 2005 and then I found your and Judy Barron’s book in 2006 and have read it many times though I don’t have any copy right now because of  chronic homelessness. I have small files on Facebook and Twitter if yo’d like to look over especially the Universe-Rescue-attempt material and see if you’d like to discuss the Autism subject with me, and I hope you do because I’m completely serious about all this. But please don’t, however well-meaningly, give out this address to anybody, and make sure that you aren’t endangered by trying to get in touch with me either, — in fact don’t even try to get in touch but try to get a feel for what I’m trying to explain if you can. Kathy Foshay (Enclosed please find some materials.)

p2, Autism-puzzle 3/15/16 page

p3, 9/22/15 flyer with Gus and the cartoon only, with note at bottom, 3/19/16: I didn’t realized her arms are/were tatooed, and Gus is also a religious cult-figure!)

p4, “2 ways from Tuva” map with above note: did this while stuck in a hospital from getting hit by a car; be careful!)

p5, lined paper again, Also, Mr. Barron, “Autism” and “schizophrenia” words were invented circa 1908 by Zurich doctor-psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler and I’m trying to explain that Dr. Emil Kraepelin had what I call high-functioning Autism-psychopathy (with hallucinogen-dependence) and with this whole “global-system” of buddy-types from out of Tuva and onto north Europe they sabotaged everything and reality has gotten turned upside-down and inside-out and i’m this tiny 60 year old gasping-disaster trying to get out about 10,000 details that one could pick-up on, tha are available in even mainstream education, so I can’t describe enough in any one letter or sitting, and it goes onand on and now I’ve been locked into a peculiar place that I’m pretty sure is connected to the post-WWII continuance of the system’s work through Kraepelin, – but it’s only a tiny bit complicated except that my specific life is like all “goon-surrounded” so please be careful not to try anything like getting in touch with me till I see if I can make some blog-/website continuance. Thanks, KFoshay