letter to the MyChart

Johns Hopkins Medicine MyChart

Suburban Hospital

8600 Old Georgetown Road

Bethesda, MD 20814-1422

March 16, 2016

Dear MyChart Staff,

I’ve still been in nursing facilities without access to this MyChart and the first chance I got to go to a library I didn’t know you have 999-999-9999 listed as a, the, telephone number for me and (run today) I was able to get to a library to (lay) into the MyChart and in all that excitement of geti=ting a few (records), errands, done this most important part slipped my mind until i’m back at the nursing facility now, realized this () sewc, and there’s no telephone-use allowed her so i can’t telephone you tomorrow either. Please get my guess to , access to this re-ins()stated for me, it expires tomorrow and i can’t go out again until next week and then it will be too late of course, me keepi, me hoping that this postmarked on the 17th letter will be okay with you because i really require access to this chart, of course.

I hope you will let me have another activation code. I can check my email once every week or 2, and i jus got off-track while (turing) that today.

kathy foshay

‘gift of peo

20019=8 wdc

kathyfoshay2@gmail.com (unsecure from the goons especially)

443-630 number now defunct

i check the voicemail message once a week also, get in touch with me, i’m so terribly sorry to have missed this deadline and hope you’ll

aurshapg, emergency

skill  being a nursing out to be a good enough extenuating circumstance. thank you, kathyfoshay