Granite Sea world-map

I drew in the St. Lawrence Seaway/River there and this X represents the way into there, me saying that “the Autists,” them and their whole system, shipped themselves to here by going up the Siberian rivers (Ob and Yenisey) to the Arctic seas and then over the north of Europe until bit by bit they found their way into the Hudson Bay to begin planting themselves and then the St. Lawrence Seaway, as how they got all over here.


L. baikal route to great lakes here continued later, my battery too low right now and I’ll try to get better photos of this Granite Sea, great street map of the seas but not the connecting rivers.



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The Navy Memorial, opened October 13, 1987, WDC 

I took some cell phone photos of this over the weekend but will have to describe that the map doesn’t include any of the rivers, the links between the seas that (I believe) the Autists’ system had used for invading everywhere from the north down, taking the Angara-Yenisey River from Lake Baikal, that sickle-shaped lake right there, up to an Arctic Sea and I forget where exactly the Ob River begins and think that that had become the favored route, etc., but right now I’m trying to experiment to learn this “Link” business that maybe I could make hypertext comments into so there isn’t so much hypertext attempt right off… — it didn’t work yet. Someone put it all over one of my posts a couple of months ago, scaring me of course about tampering. Then I looked up someone else’s website and saw this. You just click on and get a definition or explanation further of what you’re talking about, so I’m going to try looking at his site again….

Image result for US Navy Memorial, granite sea world map images