letter to Forbes Library people

7/23/17, Sunday

Dear Friends of the Forbes Library,

Could you please let me hear back if anyone’s been receptive to my contact-attempts, if it isn’t too difficult, as I haven’t heard a thing, and it’s getting a little too eerie for even me. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

7/7/17, Forbes Library,  I heard from Smith and the papers are closed till after Labor Day. I hope you could get someone to let me know if these transmissions are getting to you. Below is my note to the lady who’d replied for my request for information last October. I had a really bad day yesterday with of course nobody to discuss it with. Hoping to hear from anyone; all these years the same thing.
7/2/17, Sunday, Dear Ms. Nutter, I finally found that email, thought it had been lost and it was further back than I recalled. I’ve been sending these “blogsite-emails” to people at Forbes Library from their website’s information and to the Alumni at Clarke Schools both because I’ve gotten onto this Alexander Graham Bell research-line but also because they’re so close to your library, and I carry bizarre “invisible warfare” problem-set inadvertantly with myself, — like in that Hebrews (Ephesians) 6:10 warning to put on the full armor of God, only I’ve like wound up with this situation by myself. I live in near-total fear of the phony medical system because this business is so unprovable. I started this blogsite when I’d been (like) tricked out to Maryland and all set up with little or nothing else to do with myself and then I got hit by a car and an insurance company contacted me and I thought there’d be some recompense and I thought that I could afford to get up there and read Sabin’s letters, that I think they’d shed light on how the system worked it’s way up to its all-powerful position it’s in today, as there are many parallels between her situation and mine. Now I finally just learned that that car-hit in Maryland had been like some sort of a complicated-seeming hoax onto myself and whatever other purposes it might have been and that that insurance company and nobody else was actually involved and so there’s no recompense for me and I guess I’ll have to make and put some “Donate” sign onto the opening screen of this blogsite somehow and this new Lifeline cell phone number and I have to figure out what I might be able to do to get some sort of contribution or I’ll just be stranded like this till I’m “disappeared” to a hospital. But also I’ve been trying to find that email from last fall so I could warn Smith that I’m trying to get there and happen, no fault of my own, to always be carrying this bizarre and unprovable underworld system-syndrome with me wherever I go, that I hope you all could overlook that, but now I also don’t have any money for taking care of myself while I see what I could do about Sabin’s business, so that I’m also having to look into homeless services, a place at 91 Grove Street that I’ll be trying to write to. I’ll turn 62 in August and I really don’t want to have to apply for Social Security from here, don’t want this address on my paperwork, any further involvement after having been here for so many years already without making a single friend or anything, I’m just tired of being stranded alone here for so many years, but it’s starting to look like I won’t have any other recourse but to do that and by the time I began getting that SS the weather would be turning too cold for me up by where you are and I don’t want to have to put this off and try to survive another winter and hope I’m still somehow alive to be able to get up by you by this time next year instead. I’ve tried a little to find a science group that might be interested in anything like publishing Sabin’s selected letters or some such and I just never hear from anyone about anything, pretty much just sit writing “blind” letters like this since 2005. I seem trivial but am like a system secret-weapon for absolutely not any good reason except that the system comes from this prehistoric-age descended situation-set that I’ve been writing letters about to everybody I could afford to, that the system-makers were people with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy, with hallucinogen dependence… that’s a little undescribable in these blind letters but I’d had no recourse but to start this blogsite and I’m trying to pull the material together. I just got this camera with the new Lifeline cell phone and I’ve got a file clerk’s nirvana here now with trying to get and match up photos with the pdfs I’d previously sent, but I’m not good at the camerawork yet. It seems like the mail problem is that you should take most of the pictures indoors where you can control the lighting. Outdoors , if I’m in sun the camera gets too dark and hot and I can’t figure out what’s going on, it starts acting weird after awhile, and if I’m in shade the pictures are all too dark, so I’m trying to learn about that real quick right now and get the two kinds matched then with the text that’d go with them, that’s what I’ll be doing while I’m trying to figure how to get myself somehow up to Northampton and hoping there won’t be any difficulties on your part. If there is anyone there that would like to try scanning some of her letters as samples to me that might be a great assistance, that it’s always possible I could be mistaken in my beliefs about what I’d notice about her letters. I think her letters to her sister Mary in 1933 might be the quickest way to tell what I’d think of the whole set, if I could get a few samples from then we might save all the fuss about me trying to get there if they’re not like I’d expect them to be like. In the meantime I hope everything is however you all like things to be there. So glad you’d replied last October. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, (202) 459-8618, UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail.com. Here’s the letter I’ve been sending to Forbes little by little:

31 May, Dear Friends of Forbes Library,
Please read the letter to Forbes Library typed below here and I hope someone you know would enjoy trying to assist me with all this real Universe Rescue-attempt through critiquing the blogsite. Also I could exchange reading and sending write-ups from books here at the Library of Congress for work on the Florence Sabin files at Smith. — Now I checked by sending a copy of this to myself, in the bad shape that I’m only ever in alone out here, etc., and see 2 problems. One is that the “kathyfoshay” is in gray color, not the lit-up blue color that hypertext is usually in, but also that that email account name is right there and if that was safe I would have send it to the Forbes librarian yesterday, a Ms. J. (B.) Nelson. The way things work for me I might have addressed it incorrectly but I’ll never find that out because I live in like some big isolation vacuum, if you could get whoever to look at the blogsite and see about assisting me with this belief that possibly her letter-writing could explain much of what has us heading toward the TPE that I’ve been writing letters about here since 2005, to all over Washington. But that “kathyfoshay2@gmail.com” doesn’t seem like a safe place, it seems like one of the many, many “tricks” that the system runs to and off of me that go into how that Revelation-Armageddon’s been being enabled to be snuck-through; I don’t think that email address is safe to send one’s name to. I opened “UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail” a shorter while ago but it likely isn’t much safer, as my whole life has been put to this inane world-takeover attempt or promise like described at the back of the Bible-set. Alexander Graham Bell had spent some time there at Clarke and it turns out he’d lived about 2 blocks from my mailing address like in that new “M.I.A.” file I just put. I try to damage-control everything as much as I can but the entire set-up isn’t to be taken at all lightly, the underworld-/global-system has a real, an organic actual brain-damage problem that people like Graham were, my opinion, enslaved to and trying to mediate survival or whatever. I’m working on a post-file where I’ll redo the usual pictures that I use from the Ghent Altarpiece and Edwin Drake and now Bell and Theodore Herzl and try to show that this all has to get modernly re-assessed, which I’ve been trying to find assistance with getting that across for about 24 years now, me turning 62 this summer and hoping to be out of Washington for applying for Social Security by then in necessary, etc:

30 May 2017
I’m the most unfortunate person ever born and am trying to get up by you to read Smith’s papers of Florence Sabin’s, graduated there around 1890 and I think she was used as practice for all this misfortune of mine and that the best thing I could do is to try to read and interpret her letters, mostly to her sister, toward trying to avert Earth’s coming Total extinction, really, honestly. I’m sorry to have to write to strangers about this because it’s all very dangerous, me thinking that she was used as an underworld “magic” act in preparation for this millennial fulfillment of those Revelation prophecies. Because it’s a massive amount to explain I’d started this little blogsite and hope you could find someone with interest in any of the aspects of this for working with me in any way with the proviso that the system is real serious about its Armageddon and I’m like a ghost-prisoner all these years. With one hope after another disappearing from me it’s likely I won’t be able to get to Northampton till I can apply for Social Security this summer and then actually receive a first stipend or 2 and by then it’ll be getting cold by you and I won’t be able to go till the following year, which might never happen. Maybe anyone by you would be interested in corrresponding with me by scanning some of Sabin’s letters, or could like to work on a website on these matters or would know how I could get a safe address that donors could send Shareware-style funds to help keep me going with this project, etc:


There’s an email address on the left-hand side rambling about all this’s unsafety on my/this blogsite if anyone would like to make a response to this right away but really I’m hoping some librarian-type/s would just be interested in getting familiar with this EVERYTHING that I’m trying to make succinct, trying to improve as I go along, and I’m thinking to sending updates to the different staff people’s email accounts as I go along and try to improve this. I hope nobody minds receiving these. The point is to press the blue-lit name “kathyfoshay” toward the very top of this email and then the whole blogsite’s supposed to pop up, and that I’d find someone that would care to work on this “rescue” of the whole universe’s future that I feel is in real doomed-shape jeopardy the way things are and I keep researching more evidence and don’t really have anyone paying any attention and hate to ask anyone to either but am getting desperate to be able to get up to Northampton. She’s got about 12 feet of letters stored there! Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

#272, Procter & Gamble Practice letter’s pdf around page 40 and so is where I’m going to try to add the Bell and Herzl new material, Bell likely being where most of the visions and voices problems had mostly come from the work of.

Ms. Kaufmann — Your first name is like this “Saint/e” I have a problem with, Saint/e Foy in Conques, France, that I think that that’s actually where the book of Revelation with its Armageddon promise-threat had come from, and your last name reminds me of this problem I have like described in the post “a typical trick,” which should be post #281 but I haven’t gotten around to numbering it yet and my situation is the disaster, so I hope you’ll overlook alot of the disaster and consider how someone might work with me on getting the Florence Sabin papers at Smith read by my little old disaster self. I’ll be trying to keep in touch on that, that you needn’t try to reply. I just got a new little Lifeline (free) cell phone so I’ll put the number on the blogsite soon probably, hoping to get something positive started. Sincerely and hope these don’t bother anyone, Kathy Foshay

3 June, I should have tried to explain how Foy translates to her name. Foy gets translated to being “Fe” like then in Santa Fe. The first capital of Colombia was Santa Fe de Bogota, for an example of how it seems to have gone from southwest France over to near the Panama Canal to-be area. In England the same “Foy” became Sainte Faith, and it all goes back to the Conques Saint/e. I will try to get the bits and piece files that I’ve put into the pdf-picture posts together because that I think that that’s where the Revelation-Armageddon threat-promises and then my unfortunate involvement or being involved into it had come from, but I’m alone with it. I think Smith College’s student/graduate Florence Sabin might have been biologically-connected to me but especially that she was a predecessor for how this Revelation-Armageddon has been being foisted onto the whole planet and it was written by people with this what I call “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with dependence on hallucinogens. It’s “Saint/e Foy” because the saint is actually the little girl whose skull was/is inside of the statue that seems to actually, like the Revelation author, have been a male, a male who’d eaten of the girl’s skull for the hallucinogens that are our brain chemicals that make our brains work, and thence our lives, that there was this Prehistoric-descended people with a brain-injury accident-set that led to all Earth’s problems, believe me but do be careful as it is just like the Saint/e Foy statue, that the male eater keeps the female victim around “for good luck,” that they live off of me or my type traditionally, and Sabin was a big victim and I think we’re in the same live of victimship specifically, that it could do the world alot of good what I might come across in getting to read her letters but everything around me is this Armageddon Program hoax, so I’m, modest similar to Florence, only trying to get a little assistance with me learning about the contents of her letters because the “magic” underworld is bashing me all over the place and it’s even unlikely that I’ll survive this summer intact let alone be able to make it to Smith, and then that isn’t a small job there, trying to get familiarized. For instance she’d done alot of work on brain anatomy and for all I know she might have been introduced to how to get the high that everyone around me at least seems to be on or wishes they were nowadays off of that, that it might have seemed like an innocent enough way to lighten her time of all that drudgery she was really always under and trying to cope with while the underworld-types, like Mr. Alexander Graham Bell apparent to me anymore, were having their ball voyeuring on her loneliness and making fun of what a moron she was while they were living off of all the different types of the drudge-work she did, with the brain anatomy and lymph-system and I don’t know what she did with blood and then tuberculosis and then the cell studies, and I think the world could learn alot from my interpretation of her letters with this around a hundred years of hindsight that we’ve got now. Bell was some sort of a broker with Edwin Drake, “the Father of the Petroleum Industry” that runs the war-machine for the mis-thinking Autists. I’m exhausted from these past 12 years here of trying to as “argue” for anyone to assist me with all this and thought I could relax and work on this blogsite for a future’s sake if I did ever get someone to look into this “Autism” that now I’m finding the actual brain damage background to that, but I’ve wound up in exactly this same “ghost-prisoner” to the Revelation-Armageddon that I’ve generally been in and my situation hasn’t even been explained in all this blogsite yet because I’ve had very little time for this typing, like that that’s about the first time in all these years I’ve been able to mention that relation with the Saint/e Foy discrepancy of what it’s actually about, it’s about the skull inside of the statue of the “Saint/e” that had abused the girl, and I believe, gone into business selling brain serum and the what became these Bibles.

I just wrote this “Challenger” explosion description and neglected to fit in also that when I was able/forced to get on computer by its availability and the general lack of much else to do that’s only available in these Autist-way days, that I’d made like a campaign to try to reach that girl from that 2003-04 prisoner-abuse scandal at Abu Grahib, and I’d written to as many people in her hometown as I could get addresses for, to the West Virginia town of Fort Ashby. I hope I didn’t cause any of these Armageddon problems to that town or now with my similar penchant for getting in touch with anyone in Northampton. Somewhere on here I have a pdf of Tracy Kidder’s “A Truck Full of Money’s” book cover, with a brief explanation that that’s a typical system “magic” ritual for cancelling out that I’d be being able to leave Washington with any money, that the system knows that there are plenty of people who’d like to assist me with the Universe Rescue-attempt and the system sits between me and them and nobody ever gets through to me. It’s been a running scam that I was inadvertantly involved into back in 1979 in San Francisco, some goony-boy, hallucinogen-fanclub from Aldous Huxley mentality, telling me some scripted lines about “world-saving” let’s say and from then on the system’s been puling this underworld LURE off of me that I didn’t realize about until about 2004, that they attract and disappear people to try to find out what they think is interesting about watching the hologram-type “show” off of me, and they get as big of audiences and disappear them and start over and over and over and Tourist Season is the worst time for me and it just started with Memorial Day weekend, and all my tiny chances for cash for getting myself out of this trick-town have been disappearing and I know I’ll be stuck stranded here like the ghost-prisoner so that makes me even more frantic to try to reach someone and Northampton is where I’d like to see what’s in her letters. If that went well then she’s got her letters to Mrs. Mabel Mall down at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore that I could then go look at that should be real interesting as the big joke was that she’d been tricked, magic-trick scammed, into having a crush on Mr. Mall her teacher before finding out he was a newlywed and nevertheless she and his wife were in close proximity for all those years, him “dying” in 1917 but that was likely a faked-death with him going underworld then, and Mrs. Mall and her 2 daughters for some reason moved up to Massachusetts somewhere, and all that could be real interesting and work toward getting the future out of this TOTAL PLANET-EARTH EXTINCTION I’ve been writing letters here since 2005 warning about. I hope some library-type could get a look to help me with Sabin’s letters, seeing if there even is anything I find interesting about them, etc., and I really think they’re packed with good information, and that’s how the global-system has faked its way to where it is today. I’m also going to try to email this to the Clarke School’s alumni, but it would take a little more organization to make a specific file for them I guess, with at least a picture of Bell to go with the collection of his type since the Ghent Altarpiece that I generally use, is on pdf-posts here, if someone could try to safely begin looking into some of all this that I’m trying to get across. Sincerely, K. Foshay
June 7, Now I’m trying to work on a letter for the Clarke School near you because Mr. Bell had spent some time there during the 1870s, and because of their proximity to Smith and all the problems of this Armageddon that’s “on” me that I have and bring around “invisibly” wherever I happen to be. I’m working on a pdf-letter for Procter & Gamble, hoping they’d donate or sponsor this in some way, and then also one for the homeless service/s near you. I’m having trouble getting this new cell phone to work but will be trying to send Forbes a way to make a response to any of all this soon, hoping that anyone would find a way to assist me with any of this, etc. Trying to get some photos onto the first screen is my big hope for this new “smartphone,” but it seems that there’s also something real peculiar about the “technology,” and then that it’s related to the computers and comes from Mr. Bell’s work.// June 9, I hope there’s somebody by you that would be able to be interested in this Universe Rescue subject. I’m just totally alone with it but “shadow”-underworld goon-followed to live off of whatever I do, whatever I do they can put together a LURE off of one way or another so I’m not like a prisoner in a hospital for their regular-type of LURE-abuse by “magic” voyeuring on a helpless female, but I’m always being pursued toward that end and trying to reach assistance so I can survive. Now, with everything disappearing out from whatever I try to do I’m especially worried that if this Jury Duty withholds work from me that I could use toward a bus fare, that I’ll just still be “ghost-prisoner” stranded like this till I wind up in a hospital for one phonied-up illness-excuse or another. It’s indescribable what I’ve been through and go through every single day. And boring, that I don’t sit down at computer to complain but the system does this LURE off of myself as like a piece of bait and they really would rather do that if I was in a hospital so I can only just sit there in a room while they underworld-do this “magic” act. They practiced and worked this up off of poor boring Florence Sabin and I would love to see what her letters are like. I have this new to me smart lifeline (i.e. free) cell phone but really I can’t figure out anything on it yet. I’ve had phones in the past and just don’t have any friends or anyone that’s allowed to be friendly with me so that it’ll be awhile till I figure out how to answer it if it did ring. I’m such a wreck I might not set up the voicemail. Right now it’s telling me I keep entering the wrong password and that isn’t possible so I “rationalize” that the phone isn’t supposed to be on in the library and that that problem will clear up when I leave here. I took a couple of photos that I’m trying to get up onto the screen like last night I sent that little “Sent message” message from the phone to here, but I’ve got all these “goons” around me all the time in different forms from the “fraud-family” extra problem I’ve got. First I’d had this problem that this is the millennial-time for those Revelation prophecies and they appeared to be being done off of me, and then in 2014 I’d found and realized about this “French Connection” photo and business and have this inundation of “copies” or “offspring-descendants” of that figure on the far right in that main photo that I use in many of these letters I’ve been writing since 2014, that there’s a whole dynasty not just of that “sperm donor” but of all or most all of the other of those “fraud-family relatives” and even some neighbors or whatnot. I think it’s alot connected to that the “space race” had turned out not to provide the system with like diamonds from harvesting stars or silver from mining the moon, rubies from Mars, that the Autist system-people had had that dream of becoming rich, and running the Earth from Mars or the moon. When that proved to be incorrect all they did was forge ahead with the world-ownership Armageddon off of this fraud-family and I’m sure other ways too but this is the one that’s all over me. Also I speculate that when the 1969 moon-landing had showed there weren’t riches there that the system was reorganizing and a little in a flux and I’d been fortunate enough to be able to slip out of the Bronx and into the Army in 1973 when I’d graduated high school, barely. That had gotten me out of one type of plan over my life but only into another, which keeps getting milked no matter what I try to do. I don’t think anyone is going to pay me for anything from Florence Sabin’s letters when/if I could find out what’s in them, it wouldn’t matter to these system people. I sent emails to the anatomy group she’d been the president of in 1924 and the council of science editors is in that same building and out in Denver and I’d queried them for interest in this and I just don’t hear back from anyone, so I’m not even trying to hear back from anyone with these letters to you, yet, but I’m hoping that this Universe Rescue concept will get through to someone, that the system-makers had a severe brain damage, that’s evidenced by that Sylvian fissure we’ve all got now, and that their making of this (“secret”) system comes from that brain damage and their narcotic-dependence, narcotics that they’d then found in our brains. And they aren’t going to always be running the Earth to its death, parasites eventually finish off their food-source and self-extinct in that way, I’m hoping someone’d get interested in that aspect of the reality of this situation and the human future and what that’s like for the Creator of all this and all that space out there that’s just hanging empty with nobody to enjoy it because these “little, retarded” people want to run the Earth and get rid of everyone that’s not like themselves. I have to send this off to you at Forbes in hoping this will get spread around till we find someone that would be interested in anything like partnering me on this blogsite or starting one of their own or any kind of a combination that adds up to my not being stranded here when Labor Day comes rolling around again this year, that it breaks my heart to see that pass with me not having found anyone to discuss any of this Autism I call it problem with, let alone get out of this shelter-trap ghost-prisonership. This is how the slaves found as a way for themselves to get that Armageddon made true, by victimizing me and my “type” of people and I’m trying to say that the actual problem has to be dealt with and now I’ve found the scar that shows where the brain damage had mostly been that caused what I call “Autism-psychopathy” that has a decapitation-obsession the whole world is victim to whether individuals all know about that, or not. I don’t know, because I’m so covered by this invisible-warfare what else I can do with myself but this what I call “complain-writing” which is not what I’d tried to start this blogsite for, that the Armageddon-makers have turned this into the same thing I’ve been doing since 2005, just trying to find anyone to lend a hand to get me personally out of this hole of a town as the first things first, because this is nothing but the same thing everyday for me for a long time now, all these years, all fruitless and stolen by the system for their own benefits, immediate gratification LURE benefits for whatever’s underworld-running all this same thing everyday horror off of me. Sorry to complain. I’ll be posting the new cell phone number but someone’d have to be awfully safe before they should bother to try to talk with me, because these guys from that fraud-parent in that “French Connection” photograph in 1962, alot of those offspring-descendants are like “big, insane brutes” and seem to live off of underworld shadow-controlling this LURE off of and all around poor nobody inconspicuous nice, normal little me. I’ve got all kinds of problems, some new pieces that I’ll have to post up on the blogsite. I could use advice all the time and never have anything unless it’s some part of sabotaging how this all goes. The Jury service looks to be my only hope for anyway to get out of this situation and things are so bad it looks like there’s no way there’d be any actual business, everything is a hoax and circus around me, that that’s what the new pieces I have to post are about, some terrible 2 new pieces of news I’d gotten, 2 or 3. I’m going to try to think of something more productive to do than using up paper like this, and hope this blogsite could get responsibly passed-around till someone who’d like to work on some of this with me could be located, — or someone that could look into Sabin’s letters so I could get an idea of what they sound like. Her book on Mall was not good, and then you’d think she was insane because she neglected to mention his wife and children, so that relationship, with Mabel Mall, seems really interesting to me, as the major or one of the major LURE-gimmicks here is accusing me of jealousy, then they have all kinds of underworld “shows” competing against me, and none of this has anything to do with me or reality or whatever all I’m trying to talk about and do. Hope people can find things to enjoy, and I’m trying to get useful photos onto the front screen soon. — 30 —

12 June, somehow all my typing-explication update just got lost and I’m out of time for trying to explain how important these 2 photos I just got up are, that they’re interconnected and with my personal “French Connection” narcotics industry problem too, etc. Tonight I’m going to try to send a picture that might turn out just all black on the screen if it gets to the blogsite at all, because it’s connected to the massive “petroleum” problem. I hope someone could be found to read these materials and try to follow that I’m really serious that the system is only “faking it” and is going to lead us into extinction. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

16 June, Things seem to be going maybe too quickly; it is always bad for me in the Tourist Season, I can’t describe it, like a frenzy for attracting unawares people or what it is. There are 2 books that are important to all this that I’m thinking is what I’m doing in this. There’s a 1992 fiction book called “Judgment Call” by-then Suzanne Wetlaufer but she married Jack Welch so she’s generally referred to as being Suzy Welch and the Library of Congress I think uses Welch instead of Wetlaufer or some such when you try to look up this book. She wouldn’t but I think it is allegorical for the “generational-slave #2 types” I call them, like this with the type from the Ghent Altarpiece with the red cloak and Alexander Graham Bell and Peter Paul Rubens that I’m trying to explain but I’m only a teensy-tiny little lifetime-sabotaged impoverished female trying to guess-out to get us out of this TOTAL PLANET-EARTH AND HUMAN RACE EXTINCTION that this imbecile-system we’ve got is really really bringing us to and there are around 10,000 relevant aspects to all of this and I’ve nobody to speak with and I’m set up continuously so that by the time I can get to a computer this month all my time is spent trying to unwind from all these invisible tortures. Tomorrow I’m going to try to address what was pulled on me this morning but I have to get some illustration to go along with it because this system is really anti-knowledge, is designed for people with prehistoric-descended damage to the whole left side of the brain, and there are just pictures for them to sit back and look at to keep them happy and all these words I’m forced to use are like non-existence so I’ve been trying to illustrate each point that I’m trying to make. Mrs. Welch wouldn’t think her book is allegorical but I think it’s possible t I’m even wondering if Sean might not be descended from that Phineas Gage railroad employee with the left-side big brain-injury hole accident that is pretty well-known about in liguistics whhat every bit of it is. The publisher was — William Morris? I just realized that that’s the same name as that agents group that largely made Hollywood, hadn’t noticed that before. The only other book that seems really important to what I’m trying to get across is also a 1992-published book, an Autism memoir called “There’s a Boy In Here,” by Sean Barron and Judy Barron or vice-versa. Thenich is a part of anthropology which was my major in school but I didn’t graduate, since I’ve got all this situation pre-planned for me. It is really bad all around me and I can hardly describe it. The Autism I’m talking about and its Autism-psychopathy seems exemplified by Sean Barron’s book there but he hasn’t done much on that since then, just one book with the slaughterhouse-designer Temple Grandin but I guess she’s got what I call “Past-Lives Captivity Trauma” which I’ve likely got some of also, many many people are born with this fear grooved into the brain from all the human race has been through with these Autists running around invading and driving everyone off cliffs and other “disappearance” means. I’m am really bad at using “communication” means like this new cell phone smartphone Lifeline I just got because the underworld’s lifetime-been trying to keep me in a vacuum just by myself all the time, and the technology is difficult because everything is caused to seem difficult for me like the battery is low right now and I left the little manual somewhere and it’s so difficult for me to check on this mountain of details that go to everything, but I think I somehow haven’t got a problem in recalling that the # is 202-459-8618. I didn’t set a voicemail yet but mentioning this here will force me to get that done by this evening or tomorrow, in case there is anyone receiving these that actually has any sort of an idea for a way to get me from this Tourist Season nightmare to quietly checking those letters that might have all kinds of useful information in them. I think that all I’d really require is a safe address for donations to be able to reach me, but here I’ve really got like a whole “race” of goons that behind-my-back prevent anyone from being able to reach to speak with me as though they own me, like hundreds/thousands of them off of that Bronx Zoo-area “fraud-family” I’d been raised by, and then anyone who wants to profit off this LURE that they and the system have got rigged off of me and it’s not describable all. There might be a safe-enough new gmail account to reach me by if anyone wanted it but nothing is really a good idea for lone individuals. I’m sure you’ve got your difficulties in Massachusetts also because looking into this old Siam-business had led me to notice that one of your politicians is/was somehow peculiar, and of course that’s where the Pilgrims had started at and that John Winthrop was one of the generational-slave #2 types that seem to be in charge of directing this Armageddon Program, and in fact Winthrop (the first one) and Mrs. Welch are what I’m talking about when I say that I find her novel to be all allegorical, that they seem of a similar type. I’ll try to send something more next week. Sincerely, K. Foshay

21 June, I just (finally) got a quick note to Smith’s Neilson library but I’d lost the email with the name of the lady who’d responded to my earlier request for information, she’d likely included her own email, was very helpful. I’m realizing that I can use this blogsite’s Media work area for putting photos and pdfs and typing together so that’s what I’m trying to learn to do, to get good at the photography first and then those pictures I have in pdfs I could just take photos of and send those and they’re all in like a storage file area I can call them up each separately from. I made a Table of Contents file in the MENU items to this blogsite which I’m not even positive anyone can find from an email but could if you call this up the regular way, and then I’m discovering that I can call this up from the new little smartphone except on there then I can’t call up MENU items like this letter to you for instance yet. Besides that everything else is terrible, like described in the little note to Smith just now, that now I’m stranded also, really, with this real-life tight connection amongst my personal situation and the petroleum and now I’m realizing about the computer industry’s connection, through this “Alexander Graham Bell et al., generational-slave #2 type” like pictured on the Ghent Altarpiece mainly by the large figure in the red cloak, but they also have a regular “God” and Mary and John the Baptist set of figures, if you know anyone who’s interested in the Ghent Altarpiece subject, but that’s where Bell descended from and from his work this computer business got to be permeated to everywhere now but in these “blind” letters I write like this to people I can’t describe and put into words everything, that this is bad. That “Pilgrim” boy looking at the guy in the red cloak I’ve been explaining for many years has got what I figure is Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen-dependence from off of other people’s private brains, but now I’m finding that same set of types of people in inter-connected computer and petroleum business and the things around me like that car-hit and my everyday life here. So I’m particularly motivated to not continue this situation here, and extremely curious about Dr. Sabin’s letters’ contents, her letters to her sister, etc. Have to sign off. – 30 –

June 29th, Dear Forbes-people, Forbes Library people, I’m hoping someone by you has found interest in my Universe Rescue-attempt attempt. If so this new smart cell phone goes with a new gmail address and I hope this works because in all these years I don’t ever hear from anyone, by mail, phone or now this email for nearly two years, but this address is attached to the phone so that I think it will be signalled onto the phone when there’s a gmail because they’re inter-connected somehow and with the blogsite, that anything I add to the blogsite goes to the gmail and a note comes up on the phone, it seems, to which I have yet to install the voicemail because I’m not positive that that would be more helpful because it already gives me little “Missed call” and the number notices when I’ve tried to call myself from the homeless-place that allows landline phone usage, but nobody is my friend for giving me feedback on anything, I just wander in a vacuum and it’s always getting worse. The new computer-virus outbreaks have me nervous because that’s been a running theme of the system that despises me keeping me off of computers and getting “angry” like that if I use them, so I try to keep this as discreet as possible. Similarly, I read that the college library is having a renovation done and it seems like there’s that kind of “construction” or workmen all around the place making noise, people being gifted with work-deals in exchange for helping to sabotage me is generally the way this goes on year after year, decade after decade. If anyone could work on a universe rescue-attempt I’d like to hear from them, and the same with if anyone would like to look into the possibility that Florence Sabin’s letters to her sister Mary could shed light on the system’s “magic” ways progress and same with the medical-science growth, please get them a copy of this blogsite and the new gmail address and maybe we could quietly get something real done about the “system-boys” don’t realy care about anything but immediate gratification-type comforts for themselves and we could work on paving a way for a future around them while they’re doing that anyway. I’ll be keeping to try to make the blogsite improved but I’d really like to real-time go look at those letters, unless you know of anyone who could scan me some copies say from 1933 when she ws busy with that biography on that Johns Hopkins mentor she had the big “secret” crush on, etc. Sincerely again, Kathy Foshay