Museum of the Bible opening soon

New Museum of the Bible opening soon on 4th Street, SW here.

On the left just above the door you can barely make out their logo, a capital-letter B on its back it looks like, but this photo didn’t come out well. I haven’t any idea what the system’s point is as they did some ritual when I’d happened by there over the weekend, due to all these “Armageddon-making difficulties,” that there was one of the guys who looks like a heavy black-bearded version of the Man In Oriental Costume type sitting outside the fenced building as though on a break, me thinking he was a “only” a Babar and walking up to the fence to take a few pictures, while in what I’m doing it’s becoming more and more apparent that the system had probably taken the “genesis of the Genesis” education-attempts from the ancestor of my type’s trying to teach the Autist boys, and that got twisted into the situation like depicted in that “Blame Game” cartoon that’s mostly in the “You Were Wrong” Merchant of Venice etc. file. The “system-consortium” of the underworld-types might be looking to make a big stink to Armageddon off of my seeing whatever they have that they’re going to be displaying in that museum, as I’ve been walking down that street on and off for all these years stranded here and they’ve been building all kinds of the new buildings out there and then this is in the building that was the Design building, maybe still is, I’ve never been in any of them except the little branch library down there and they just remodeled the supermarket-area.