underworld foy cartoon

— they just disappeared my whole description of this what I figure is a public domain illustration and where I’d gotten it from and figure it’s okay to use it and I don’t like to always be doing all this repeating. The illustration is actually in the WARNING/s files and a few other places, as the depicted guy is one of these “666/Pill-grim” and now I’m figuring a Van Loon-type also. I can’t sit in a public library doing this over and over, everywhere being pretty scary for me as the system of these 666’s has long been living off of me, etc. In fact I’m starting to notice that one of the 1962 neighbors had probably been one of these 666 types, he and his wife like a modern-day version of what the “Ghent Altarpiece’s St. Christopher and the” Pill-grim boy as I call him that he’s leading have been making of their duo -selves, the pilgrim into a big guy like in this cartoon and his wife the “St. Christopher” in the big red cloak into a tiny-sized lady like the red-cloaked “demon” character in the Parnassus painting by Mantegna that I’m always trying to point out about. (“Limitless” uses the fictional company name of MCL-Parnassus.) In fact, I just saw 2 ladies recently who looked obviously-descended from that lady. I’d tried to send some recollections from that 1962 time-period in the Bronx to here while I was in the hospital in Denver without much to do, tried to get a few of these “curses” that I’ve got all over me jotted down or noted about somewhere. Little by little I’m coming to the realization that, also, her husband must have been one of these underworld people. I’d never thought much about adults and had only noticed that one odd thing about him that I’ll try to work up to describe if I ever get out of this predicament so I can relax and do this blog instead of always trying to figure how I could safely reach some safe person for the teeny amount of assistance to get me out of this Armageddon trap. — Also, I haven’t used this illustration too much for trying to describe the danger of trying to assist me because I’d started noticing that the stereotype seems to do alot of the drawings, like this one here even, that seem useful toward helping me to illustrate some of these points except that then those are basically all copyrighted and I’d have to write to those people and in general I don’t like writing to anyone about this except officials because of this rampant LURE-abuse that lives, suck-lives, off of me, the whole system only like that and that too compares to the Autism developmental disability that I’m saying they have in that they do do this suck-living, like ever-babies that expect to be unconditionally supported by whatever means necessary.

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