Sabin Jan. 1934

Sabin Jan. 1934 to Mary, Box 6 folder 7? 111517 (1)– check, – Box 7 folder 5

January 13, 1934

Dear Mary,

Tomorrow is the first Toscanini concert in May series, so I asked Carlita and she wrote that she is quite well again and much like to come. I am taking her and the Jameson’s, that is Elsa and John, to the Cosmopolitan Club to dinner and then to a () gallery, Elsa’s choice called She Loves Me Not, said to be


very jolly. To ()venom I am having a young man to lunch and he will sit with Carlita at the concert () for I am expecting to sit with Miss Trask. She has asked me for an ()easy theatre party to meet Mrs. Gales who prefers the concert. The young man is a friend of Dr. Bickford and they will all ()()() at Elsa’s and then I will go up a little later and () to late the train. It’s a little complicated with the two parties on but I hope that Carlita will have a good time. It’s horrid weather but we will go and come in taxis.

The Cosmopolitan Club is very popular now, very successful and Elsa and John sounded pleased to go there. Delos Chappelle has opened a play that is getting very favorable reviews. Eileen

James is in it and I want to see it soon.

I have been busy on my book all the week. The retyping is all done and the new parts in Dr. Flexner and Dr. Sheet’s (ck Dr. Streeter?) hands. I have Preface, Chapter headings and a very long appendix still to do. In the appendix are to be the German text of the His and Ludwig() letters. Needs bibliography and a list of Early Medical Journals. All these are done here but

the German text has not yet come back from Baltimore. I shall have all my part done by the middle of the week, and shall get it in promptly even if the German text does not get back. I shall not care, certainly not much, if Norton does not take it, and I do not expect him to for it is so far off from the conventional biography.

Everyone one meets here in the East thinks that times are getting better. How is it out West?

I am glad that Henry Swan is so well. That is my cheerful news.

Dr. Sewall has sent me a copy of his little book, Society and the Natural Law. It is very interesting and I must write to thank him. I shall ()see him ()wine if it ever gets published. What a job it is to write a book!! Never again for me. I liked the Three Cakes alot. Mum Wall has it now and I can send it to you if you want it. I think it much better than Anthony Adverse.

With Love, Florence

In a later letter, the typed Jan. 22, she mentions that Mrs. Mall doesn’t want the family mentioned at all.