Jan. – Feb. 1942

Sabin Papers Box 8, folder 6 Sabin, Mary 1941

Toward the very end there’s a mention of going to Ms. Mall’s on Saturday morning and returning Sunday evening and expecting to find that she has failed, illeg., really, but in the next letter there isn’t any mention then of the trip, just alot of other odds and ends. I’m not sure if it’s one of the daughters that is Miss Mall there because there wasn’t a previous mention. — Twice she mentioned the food place, restaurant called Longchamps so I looked up that and it seems it was a chain run by the crime-lord Arnold Rothstein’s (1882-1928) brother-in-law, and they left the business a long time ago but I’ll have to look up more about this in general and in particular because it seems there must be some sort of a connection between the bigwig Rothstein and the Bronx’s Dutch Schulz, that I’ve yet to be able to pin down. Maybe they’re spawn-brothers or similar bio-relation. But I think that Schultz was really a coded way of referring to Shell oil’s being in the Bronx, is how I’d wound up in this situation about the TPE for ever and ever if this isn’t caught onto and put a modern adult squash to this old secret stuff and its covers ups.