Junion Rockefeller 1874-1960

They say he’d gone to the Tucson hospital in December and was released late April and then returned maybe 12 days later and passed 2 days after that. a frequent winter visitor to tucson

karen wingate com blog about their homes, she from tucson

martha baird was the widow of his college roommate arthur moulton allen d. 1950 = second husband of 3, 1924 div adrian van laar

arizona inn dot com is where he was staying when he took ill

2200 east elm street Isabel Greenway opened it in 1930, az’s first congresswoman, her son jack a schoolfriend of bush and patty doar’s her granddaughter



make fun of life dot net/inspiration/john-d-rockefellers-statement-of-beliefs


from vanity fair excerpt of mr. david’s memoir, on rivera,  It was filled with contrasting images drawn from the Marxist canon: class conflict, oppression, and war as the theme on the “capitalist” side of the fresco; peace, cooperation, and human solidarity on the “Communist” side. The solution to these conflicts, at least in Rivera’s view, would come from the application of science and technology for the benefit of all. He filled the fresco with microscopes, telescopes, movie screens, and gigantic gears and levers to underline his point. When the mural was almost finished, he added a prominent and quite unmistakable portrait of Lenin joining hands with workers from around the world. This idyllic and somewhat fanciful grouping was balanced by a deftly done scene on the capitalist side of well-dressed men and women dancing, playing cards, and drinking martinis, all positioned under a microscope examining a slide filled with bacteria of social diseases. The backdrop for this was a scene of policemen beating workers while Catholic priests and Protestant ministers looked on approvingly.

check time magazine cover with forehead looking visible sic

mention tt he was hastily cremated, sir robt gates, the conspiracy that will not die, abt the rothschilds

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