The Deposition by follower of Rogier van der Weyden

I’m starting to suspect some con artistry with this type of the set up, that when the extinction of the dinosaurs began to affect the Old World the Autists and their new friends were still begging handouts, but the “free” food had run out so they went into these types of appeals for sympathies perhaps, is what I’m trying to work on figuring now. They latched-onto the name-label “God” and interpolate to confuse themselves then with “real-God” so they always mix themselves to make believe that people are talking about themselves  instead of real-God so I have to be careful to try not to be taken out of context.I’m the crying for him type like they’ve got that little anointing canister over the head of, and the longer this goes on the more it’s seeming like the type being deposed there is actually a people that had been found on an island by the trekking back and forth across Beringia Autist-people, happening on them on Japan. I’d written the 2 main universitites here in 2008 that I suspected they come from the original Ainu people of Japan. Maybe they’d long been on Hoikkado, Japan and never got so far as to realize Kyoto was right there, as an example of that they might have been “hicks” when the Autists discovered and then misled them, that that’s the point I’m at in my thinking right now as I’m being all sabotaged, 10/25, which I’ll mention in the WARNING file, that this is how that “Armageddon” is being pulled off and these system-people arent’ “copasthetic,” are bringing the planet to one way or another TPE off of doing this to me.