both irses

4/17/17, it’s been so many years since i’ve filed, being unemployed, that i’d forgotten about the eic, and i couldn’t get an instruction manual. Your office had corrected my figures once before and i’m hoping you could do so this time especially () i’d gotten one day’s work handing out flyers and put the $84.00 into a new bank account but haven’t had any other funds and so had closed it, the bank giving me that $21 before the service charges depleted it. i haven’t had any other financial dealings. i got a free blogsite from the wordpress company: http etc., but i don’t have a secure address by which donors could reach me so there hasn’t been any income from that yet.

My belief is that the system is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION due to an unrecognized prehistoric accident-set. Sincerely, kathyfoshay


dc tax and revenue, i’d forgotten all about the eic and haven’t filed for years due to unemployment sincce 2005. I’ve had the misfortune of being at the bottom of how the system has been pulling off those book of Revelation prophecies and too fraught with difficulties to worry about the tax business but suddenly realize i might qualify for a little refund from the eic but couldn’t get an instruction booklet at the last minute like this. 311 gave me your address.

i hope you could correct my guess of a $50 refund and if you’d like to learn some about my situation i’d started a little blogsite free from the company called wordPress: http etc.

I cann’t get donations to this Universe Rescue-attempt yet because i don’t have a secure address, that this is all actually really dangeous, but a refund would be likely to be okay for reaching me through. sincerely, kfoshay