letter to Falls Church group

6/29/17, Please click-onto where it says my name, kathyfoshay, under this opening line in place of just the Read more highlighted words and I think a whole copy of this blogsite is supposed to pop up and see if you can find some way to get someone who’d be approved-of to be allowed to work on any of this with me to try contacting me, after reading the WARNING/S on this nearly 2 years old blogsite, at pixisafe@gmail.com, and then I’d see the contact-attempt and be able to contact back with the phone number that goes to this new Lifeline smart cell phone that’s enabled me to start putting photos up to enliven this “real” blogsite-attempt to get the human race out of this sure dead-end we’re in because the (secret) things the system does come from an obscure people who’d had a brain-damaging accident-set in Prehistory and me, Kathy Foshay, has been like a ghost-prisoner here most of this millennium and now the system sort of forced me without recourse to get onto computer and now they’ve got those viruses going around as I’m (secretly) the way they’ve been getting those book of the Revelation old prophecies done out to come true onto real life, the whole thing just a covered-over disaster that’s going to leave us without a planet. I’m trying to synthesize to make this all more clear but I’m only a tiny little old lady-type, “stupid, crosseyed girl” this make-believe mind-game world does goony-scripts around, to forget all that and see if you can’t find some responsible-adult type to discreetly contact and try to work with me, despite all the system-goons, etc. Take your time looking over the material, fend off the “offer you can’t refuse” system-types, and see if you can’t find someone to work on any of this with me. Sincerely, K. Foshay