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I’ll be trying to fill-in this. I guess he was mostly trying to sell the “brain-juice” was what he was really doing. He’d allegedly passed right after a camera had landed on the moon and started sending back photos that there’s nothing up there, and I figure he was ditching creditors and people who’d believed his “hype” that there’d be riches soon.

90, Lenny Bruce with Pierre Berton

This is him plotting not long before his alleged overdose passing. They were expecting to get rich and be ruling Earth from either the moon or Mars, whichever worked out best, so he might have faked his death in order to be underground fulltime  for the takeover time or maybe they were starting to notice that it wasn’t going to be that easy to get rich off of getting the slaves to get them able to claim space for themselves, that I’m trying to explain I think are based way over in the obscure Tuva-area, going up the rivers to the Arctic Ocean and sneak-invading everywhere in Europe and then here from the north down. Then to the phony Kraepelin turning psychiatry into making the normal people seem crazy while world wars I and II went on, then that same line of people doing the “Mother” Teresa business and LB over here running around setting everything up, but they didn’t get rich and rule Earth from space but covered all that up and just keep with this obsession to rule the Earth.  This is like “Mo Teresa” with her “spiritual advisor,” the way they work in “Lenny and George” -type teams, like in the Steinbeck “Of Mice and Men” allegory-story. Lenny Bruce with Pierre Berton.pdf




File:Eleusis2.jpg(image courtesy Napoleon

(image courtesy Napoleon Vier from nl, via Wikipedia, Demeter/Eleusis file/s.) l to r., Demeter/Ceres, Triptolemus (Prince) and Persephone, Demeter’s daughter.

e Vices

I was trying to get a “capture”-widget that they call “press this” for getting a picture of the “alienist” early psychiatrist Heinrich Schule, 1840-1916 into the Carfagni file here below but it didn’t work yet. I had to take that new header-banner, “Rescue-God-attempt, Rescue-God-…” off because it looks too cheap. Right away the system started usurping that, bringing up the parasite-boys that live off of this captivity of me as though their types are god/s that I’m talking about, interpolating itself is how the system always hallucino-makes believe.

Andreas Mantegna’s “Pallas Chasing the Vices,”

but really they’re running from a fire raging foward from the left side. In the right bottom corner is the above-detailed “Avaricia” figure, carrying Ignorancia and helped by Ingratitude, however that’s spelled in Italian. As long as this arrived looking okay I’ll leave it here while I’m trying to work with the detail on the upper right, the little spirit cloud-window there. — I’m trying to figure if I should keep this a separate file for just the “French Connection” high-functioning Autist/Lenny Bruce-type or leave that subject down in the other files.

img 20170718 083806

img 20170610 073603
For Pearl and Lou see post #290 please. 
U Street, NW, old Bohemian Cavern, around 1950

The top photo of Pearl Bailey and her 3rd husband, Lou Bellson, didn’t appear to have that shiny stuff on it, I don’t know what it was. I went there the other day and saw mud on her cheek and I brushed it off and noticed that the signboard was speckled like that but, I guess I’m supposed to go back and see if the whole board has that on it, which I doubt, or just their photo. I took pictures of the whole thing, but there’s a signboard around the corner from there too that I haven’t seen in a long time and figured I’d better take pictures of because Kathy Foshay, me, thinks that I’m actually going to be leaving here and that I’m too on in years to be likely to be able to walk around to these obscure places anymore. The Cultural Tourism DC signboard then on 4th Street and NY Avenue, NW, is across the street from where that photo is the below “Washington Melange/supermarkets” file, I’ll have to try to be better-organized and get a list of the post-#s. Across the street was that little St. Agnes Chapel I guess but the signboard is about the better-known and still-occupied by a church site of an old Fletcher Chapel. The signboard however mentions that Roscoe Pinkett was a graduate of Pharmacy school right there, in 1913. With Pearl right above here might be her 2nd husband, John Randolph Pinkett, Jr., 1914-1960-something, 1966 I think maybe he was said to have passed. The signboard mentions that Roscoe Pinkett and Pinkett Realty and something else had become partners, but, as with Bishop Grace that’s also included in this and how we got here and where it’s going, TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION like that’s Kathy Foshay’s personal difficulty, situation, I’ve had difficulty finding out more about John Pinkett, Jr., am only guessing that that might be him and then noticing that he and Mr. Bellson, b. 1925 both maybe look like Addison Scurlock, who I think had taken all 3 of the photos, these 2 with Pearl and the ones of Bishop Grace. I’m going to be trying to learn more about Mr. Scurlock, big photography family here.


img 20170622 100505
This is the 1962 “French Connection” photo, taken in the Bronx near where I d been 6 years old and played with those suitcases for some part of the “hallucino-superstition” that goes into all this system we have. The author Robin Moore s, , cation describes the alleged identities of those guys and then I write to people that tha t is actually my “fraud-parent” there on the far-right and that the guy on the far-left is an example of what I call high-functioning” Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence from the brains of other people, and that that is taking us to ….

Montreal connection Claude Dubois:

img 20170721 072822

img 20170721 072940

campaign manager

I’ll add the photo from the “Princess” file and then there’s a newspaper, NY Times probably, photo of Lenny Bruce greeting a juror after his obscenity trial acquittal that is like this “Prince Triptolemus” business too, how they’ve always been mooch-living off the Old World normal females.

7/4/18, Enlarged like this it doesn’t look like Mo. T anymore, which is what I thought my photocopy really did look like, then thinking that this one is some “magic” trick of inserting that inserted different person into my blog. It’s on the back of one of the biographies on Mo. T., by someone from India I think I recollect. 7/5, I found my copy, taken from the back cover of the book like that I guess and it’s the same as this above, re-touched to where it doesn’t even look like her, but if you find the image from that day that isn’t from the book cover then it just looks like Mo. T, which is what I’d thought this was, only then too it’s a little odd maybe. I really think there’s a 50-50 chance that “Mo” was really a guy, like Lenny Bruce or Emil Kraepelin’s mass-reproductions of themselves, and that there may have been some number of such taking turns playing the role.

for the Parasitism post, L. Bruce impostoring a priest for donations scam caught in Florida once