Read at your Own Risk …..

Title was: Honesty is the best policy but now I realize that those words can be system-twisted. I have deviated minds that live off of my head, my brain’s trying to think, that they twist everything to their own murder-excuse uses, this unbelievable situation I’m alone here with always sucking my brain. “Policy” is a phrase they use for who should be “policed” to be “ee’s,” people to be eaten, so now I’ve got some “Me Too Movement” in the media news and that’s people admitting that they too have been molested and “all what have you” that the system does as the standard operating procedure in reality, that everybody gets molested in many ways except maybe some very few somewhere so that with a few people starting to become “bold” in speaking up against the system, that’s so scary for me and I didn’t think there was anything twistable about “Honesty is the best policy” but I realized this morning that that could be by the stuff on my head twisted into making examples of people who step forward with realism, honest people, making the sado-examples, is what’s been going on all these years to anyone that tries to speak up for me or even has a pleasant thought in my direction, so I’d thought of something to switch the heading here too since they wrecked this Navigation bar and getting it back is difficult because there really is all this material, maybe it looks too neat, but now I can’t recall what might make a good substitute for this space on the Navigation bar, having to take this one down now.

I’ll have to try to fill in this later because the parasites are all over me, the filthy fraud-parent things maybe or also along with the “Ainu-Babar boys” or what this invisible torture global-system of the brain eaters’ is all about, but all these years I’ve been deaf and blindly saying to wherever these invisibles are that to just let the normal people hear about whatever the problems or difficulties are and the things could get worked on and taken care of and moved on into a future from, such as discussing the cannibalism or any other of what their difficulties with life are that they do like this. (12/11/17 it is now; real bad.)

Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Mall

1/4/2020: Apologies for that all my files are in bad shape, that I do this “emergency-style” of doing the posts and pages where I’m just lucky for anything I can throw in that I’d be trying to be able to recall if I was able to sit like a human and do this, etc. Then I just thought that it might simplify some of my current difficulties if I could go over my Army years a little more clearly because I wasn’t ever aware of these “French Connection” or now I’m realizing it was likely a part of that old-seeming “MK-Ultra” program too, that those “narcotic” interests of the brain-eaters’ were invisibly all over me setting up this gimmick-use of myself, following me from the Bronx into the Army, possibly making sure that I did go into the Army in the first place in that I didn’t have anything else to do since I wasn’t able to find Lehman College to be able to get to the first day of school there, I’d been stranded “upstate” in Katonah and there wasn’t any familial interest, and that’s likely because it was a fraud-family set-up for the brain-eaters in the first place, so I’d wound up being able to get into the Army but in retrospect there were these invisible “magicians” and underworld all over and setting me up for this horror life I’ve had and have got real bad right now too, and my time for getting to fill in these details is real limited, so I thought spreading out some of the major places I’d gotten cursed at for the brain-eaters might be a way of getting attention to what’s currently living off of this LURE to cease participating in all these lies against me, and I’ll try to fill-in these empty-yet files as soon as I can, etc.

Fit this in somewhere: I’ve got to start getting to how instead of becoming explained via the brain-eaters’ hallucinating temporary “limitless” abilities they’ve been growing these v&vs into like bugs in and all around the brain it seems; always difficult for the uninvolved victim-types to be able to describe these hoaxes, but the voices-thing seems to have been growing in place of being put aside or grown out of.