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 Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, NY, 1930s by Arthur Rothstein, Farm Security Administration 

I can’t figure the line-width difficulty so I’ll put a Continue Reading and work on it later, mentioning that this market was in the Bronx where the “fraud-family” I’m from in the Bronx had been living during the 1930s and from various “clues” I figure they’d neglected to pay some piddly-seeming butcher’s bill and have been in the butcher’s-group’s invisible debt ever since, is how I got into this Armageddon Program-position invisible torture situation. Ira Levin and E.L. Doctorow are/were Allen Ginsberg “types” that lived in the Bronx and this whole thing comes out of that group that had re-located from the Lower East Side up to the Bronx and opened that market that the group I grew up with had been “owned by” or what I don’t know but then that circa-1972 Watergate business I think was connected to the Bathgate business, when the space race hadn’t provided the expected riches. Etc.

Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, NY .pdf, picture 1936 by Arthur Rothstein, Farm Services Administration. This is where I think the “fraud-family” problem began, that they’d lived somewhere on Bathgate Avenue till 1939, with 4 sons ranging in age from 15 to 6, and I suspect they owed maybe that specific store a little money that never got paid back and instead they’ve “owed” ever since, because I think the same modus operandi was used on me when I got to DC in 2005 and had accidentally been short first 6 cents and then another 30 or 36 cents and my life became like a whirlwind so that I never got back to the store to pay that 36 or 42 cents back and now that I realize the connection the store’s moved up north and I’ll yet try to pay that back but it had seemed so “inconsequential,” that the store was a neighbor and I was unaware of all this “underworld” but also that I don’t think DC is particularly “U.S.”-owned so much as that there were old agreements by these people I keep only being able to describe as being, the, “brain-eaters” and that they figure, because of their Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy that eating others’ brains makes them increasingly smarter than their victims, and that they had staked-out to own a piece of this area and that that’s where I’ve been stranded all these years and I’d fallen into that same “accidental” running a little short of cash and figuring I could get back and pay it back and that the guy was a neighbor and there’s give and take amongst people but it turns out that instead there’s this whole underworld and that they operate by this “bookkeeping accounting” method like John D. Rockefeller had gone by where each penny’s accounted for and making an error could wind up as being forever cannibalism-victims to whoever you made that error around, and that that’s where our problems are all coming from, that I’m trying to get worked on.

Watergate=Bathgate Avenue, “fraud-family” et al. from circa 1930s Bronx, Jeb Magruder “cartoon cinema” family photo Watergate=Bathgate Avenue_ fraud-family et al. from circa 1930s Bronx.pdf

I’m in the biggest problem of the world and I can’t find any adult to assist me with all this, it’s about that “petroleum” industry and all the attached energy-money system against little me. I can’t library-book research this and write letters for help and survive out here, always this same “Armageddon-making circus” on me that’s really about this underworld petroleum-profits business that I have no adult to speak with about. The Autists’ system makes their livings for the developmentally-disableds by trapping humans for decomposition into petroleum, and apparently this was going on in the Bronx and this fraud-family was and is all involved from that, with this bizarre “personal” problem that this fraud-parent, God help, seems to have come from this Vajiravudh royal Rama VI cartoon-head character, and now I get glimpses into that likely that faked-death illegal immigrant wound up taking over Dutch Schultz’s operation-area which was connected with this Bathgate (Avenue) Market somehow and I’m trying to get details but everything makes no difference to anyone I can get hold of, no one ever communicates with me because there’s this whole global-system petroleum secret industry that forbids any normal activity around me and I’m stranded at these horrifying locations real bad right now. It looks like they stuck that Siamese jackass-joke in Schultz’s underworld operation and have been manufacturing humans and those, like the fraud-parent horror, are all over the place and there’s like nothing but stereotypes nowadays of those and the other “Neanderthals” and family-friend type stereotypes everywhere around this Armageddon-making business, which then that whole Watergate scandal appears to have been a code for going with this Bronx-operation and I can’t do all this itsy-bitsy detail research for proving all this to anyone, is always my problem-set out here. Wish me good luck, i.e. — I’m back, three-thirty p.m., and “they” are all over me as I’m trying to find out through the Internet about Royal Dutch/Shell oil’s Henri Deterding and the possibility that he’d worked to link Siamese Vaj-head into the Bronx, also reading that Samuel Marcus had had all his work papers burned in 1927, but, Marcus also looked some like these fraud-family people too, what I call “Neanderthal” types, like that Civil War age Stanton, Edwin or Edward M. Stanton, one of them looked just like him and the other one, slightly older, is worse and the one before that might be the worst but the youngest of that set is this “fraud parent/Vajiravudh-descendant” problem I’ve specifically got and I’ll try to send a little picture of the Vaj character who I’m figuring hadn’t passed in 1925, around age 45 I guess that was, but I’m saying he’d gone to Italy, probably Sicily and then snuck into New York under the assumed-name of Ferdinand Boccia that Vito Genovese allegedly’d killed I think in 1934, I’m thinking that “VaJ” had moved into Dutch Schultz’s old underworld in the Bronx around that Bathgate Market instead of Boccia’s actually having been a death, and that this manufacturing process has been going on there but when Nixon got elected and the next year the MOON LANDING had showed that there aren’t immediate riches after all from getting into space then there was a whole uhhoh what is the global-underworld system going to do and this Watergate/Bathgate “bray-kin” business started up that Kathy Foshay is stuck here at the bottom of begging anyone to assist me out of this LURE that is all invisible-world off of little itsy-bitsy and elderly and broken-down and destitute me here alone and it’s all founded on Prehistoric-descended (congenital) Autism and everything is backwards, we’re going to go extinct, etc. I have to sign off because now the LURE characters have entered this library and hit me on the arm and more or less are threat-surrounding me. I’ll try to send a “Vaj” idea of this phony-royalty character that I think I got stuck into a phony-family of.

    1. 1930s by Arthur Rothstein, Farm Security Admin.

Surprise maybe, that I noticed that Wilbur Foshay, 1929, in post #206 and #201 maybe really did look like Prince Stanislaus Radziwill here, JFK’s brother-in-law. I’d just jotted this guy’s birth date the other day but can’t ever find a note quickly enough to check details like this, when they each were born, as that guy Wilbur Foshay might have been the biological-sire of then this guy below, who passed around 1974. They opened that Foshay Tower late August 1929 with John Philip Sousa there and then the stock market crash sent Wilbur Foshay to bankruptcy. I’d heard that the name Foshay thereafter generally stands for some hoax or fraud, because of that 1929 timing, that all the investors had lost their money. I’ll try to find the dates I’ve got somewhere on the two guys.

Foshay Tower, Wilbur B. Foshay photo, – please see the lady’s picture below for a continuance on this “theme,” subject.

looks like fraud-paternal-grandmother’s real daughter, circa 1051? outside LPM on Vermont by 14th St., NW


from this fraud-family all over and around me’s “growths,” mass-reproduced from disembodied ovaries “peoploids” this secret global-system works by, but it’s all illegitimate and deadMinneapolis, Foshay Tower, August 1929+, the third building from the left, lit up “Foshay” name:

Foshay Tower- watch out!.pdf,Wilbur B. Foshay photo – Maybe he looks like Prince Stanislaus Radziwill? JFK’s brother-in-law.

  #201, 1929 Minneapolis’ Wilbur Foshay,  no relation, but noticing now that maybe he looks like JFK’s brother-in-law through Jacqueline’s sister Lee Bouvier Radziwill — I moved this up to the post #206 with the Foshay Tower little picture, pdf

Neanderthal illustration from Bjorn Kurten’s “How to Deep-Freeze a Mammoth.pdf 

I had to finally go looking to see how bad this scandal was and it’s difficult to figure but probably way worse than anything I can think of.  I think the next pdf or so is a picture of the guy named Foshay who’d built this and then there was the stock market crash and then he’d gone to Leavenworth for mail fraud and got out and went to Colorado and I’d worry what that was really about as it was around the same time period that Florence Sabin had gone and wound up travelling all over Colorado promoting “public health” but I suspect she was actually my ancestor, there are alot of parallels, especially with being made a laughingstock-fool of the world out of by this “magic show” underworld underground business that’s going to wind up breaking the planet, etc., etc. A relative, fraud-relative, had told me that this Foshay in Minneapolis had sold office space and then absconded with the money, but it’s likely more complicated than that, and it’s just all bad whatever the specific details and is connected to all this fraud “Armageddon” horror business the underworld’s been doing off of me nearly all my life, but the picture is pretty, and the Tower is small compared to the buildings nowadays but was the skyline there for a long time.. I don’t know if it was on the opening to the Mary Tyler Moore 1960s TV show. Bob Dylan is said to have started a semester of college in Minneapolis but dropped out, searching for Woody Guthrie then, and was sure to have gone through Chicago then on the way to NY, but I”m pretty sure he must have met Albert Grossman there and I suspect that Grossman is the petroleum-LURE key from the “shell” company, that’s attached then also to this old “Ghent Altarpiece” that alot of this Armageddon-Bible business all comes to us down from; very small world they’ve turned this into, really, calling it like a 3rd-rate planet only during the 1950s when the Plan was to run us from Mars.

Oswald in the Bronx c. 1953, Posted on Oswald in the Bronx c_ 1953 .pdf, this came out sideways so I’ll try to do it over because last night I found my little notes on Oswald’s addresses in the Bronx:

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School, 2125 Watson Avenue for 3 weeks, to 9/26/52

JHS 117, 1865 Morris Avenue, 5th grade, 9/30/52-1/6/53

(illeg) 1953 JHS 44, Columbus Avenue and 76th Street, Manh., NYC Youth House for Boys, 6 weeks

**-5 Sheridan Avnue, 1 room basement, (Lerners job for Mrs. Oswald, /Martin’s Deot Store? in Brooklyn I think)

*8?25 E. 179th street

1825 Prospect Avenue (9/24/53 again.

The 179th St. is the one that might be near me at then later P.S. 66, and I think I found the attribution maybe with, page 328, 973.922 F1322 call number/ and, Four Days in November, 2003, if that was the same book. It’d had a cute little picture of him too. Looked a little like George Bush-44 maybe as a 13-year old.

(and there’s some semi-legible address for Teasdale Place) that I can type here but there isn’t time right now anyway because this “Armageddon Show” invisible-torture is killing me. I never have anyone I can discuss any of this with but they’ve been doing this crap all day and now I’d gotten moved along off of the computer and noticed a book on hip-hop, which originated in the Bronx but God help, the fraud-parent is lots involved in that subject because one of the Queens boys in a particular group is some one of the “offspring-descendants” or test-tube baby combo-bombos or whatever of this horror-science fiction bigwig character and I’m always covered by these unspeaking walkby creepy “offspring-descendants” and they’re having some “hayday” as with any “holiday” over this Valentine’s theme and because I was reading about that hip-hop personage the bizarre noise these “New Jerusalem” buildings’ HVAC systems or whatever can make, the building noises, these buildings sound like they’re rockets going to take off and they’re doing that so bad in this library that I had to quit reading the material and I got back to this.