Florence Sabin “sabotage”

This type of photo of Sabin seems to me to be that she was underworld-invade “possessed” by the “shadow” type of work that the/my fraud-parent’s line does. Comparing this with that photo of “Gerald Shur” from the Witness Protection program, that that type of male seems to me to have gone underneath wherever she was and invaded the hologram-image of her and the photo taken. That’s been done to me probably alot variously but particularly for my Maryland DMV ID-card photo, that looks like a heavier version of this DC one that I’d gotten the following year and use on this blogsite with the Don’t be scared… caption usually. I think Florence was super-plagued by the type and that the timing coincides with this Siamese Rama VI Vajiravudh’s alleged demise and arrival to my thinking to the underworld-U.S., but he had made an extensive tour of the U.S. circa 1903 also.

Today I’m also thinking that her sister wasn’t really a biological kin but was from the Brigham Young-group whereas Florence had come from England’s widowed Victoria queen, and then there’s the coincidence that Victoria had become queen of England the same year that Procter and Gamble started-up business, as possibly being involved in all this global system-rigging. Bad day I’m having.

below, = 1929 before or after meeting with women at barnard college; am phil soc has the group photo but you have to learn what the copyright bs is.

File:Florence Rena Sabin (1871-1953) C.jpg

 Photograph of Florence R. Sabin.

Florence R. Sabin
Florence Sabin 1922-09-01.jpg

Florence R. Sabin
Born November 9, 1871
Central City, Colorado Territory
Died October 3, 1953 (aged 81)
Denver, Colorado
Nationality American
Alma mater Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Known for pioneer for women in science
Sabin Health Laws
Scientific career
Fields Medicine
Institutions Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

This picture looks alot like me, I think she might have been my mother-ova or grandmother-ova. She was also with the Rockefeller Institution, oddly skipped.