Lenny Bruce, 1924/5 Mineola – 1966

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July 10, 2018, — The Egyptian file wound up stuck stored under here, maybe also under the “LIMITLESS” post. —  This is messy and I guess I don’t have time to clean it up and “the monsters” started “playing,” the “deus ex machine,” invisibles or what goes on underground and even by satellites for all I either know or care, that it’s still all the same system that comes from un-reassessed age-old errors that have to get real-life dealt with or will extinct us. I have to do some other little things and leave this file the way it was, but the system is bothering me with both the phony medical and the phony mental health b.s. so I have to try to get back to this subject and try to describe that they’ve railroaded so many many people that way, that it’s just another disappear/murder means….

July 11 note will go here when I get the photo to go with it:

Image on the blog by these 3 pictures here.

I don’t know what to do about it. It seems peculiar to this terminal here out in Massachusetts now and seems to be saying that the 3 Bruce-connected pictures aren’t supposed to be used. I’ve had years and years of timidity about taking photocopies of book pages because this “Armageddon Program/Show,” etc’s director-atmostphere disapproves of near-anything I try to do, so I’m guessing that the 3 “x’d” computer-images means that these 3 pictures are against the law/rules. I think they’re all Fair Use. I semi-covered the 2nd name of the juvenile book author because she might object to her name’s being used but the picture itself seems very of public interest and published, and publishing something is putting it out into the public and the public is supposed to talk about things of interest. The big picture with Ms. Bruce on it is the only photo I could find anywhere of Mr. Schneider and his picture is important to this, I am not talking about creative money-making efforts here, I’m talking that Bruce was actually what would now be called one of the Planeticidists, since all doubt that there were riches coming from space ended when they actually got the only pieces they could get, those moon rocks, July 1969. The moon rocks by the way I read are under super-guard in some fancy new facility, probably in or near Houston; I couldn’t take a photocopy of that because the restrictions were so many on the little write-up in some book about places you’ll never visit or some such. Now the building is doing this bizarre emergency-warning noise, like direct-editing me. Mr. Schneider’s picture is there because maybe he was the “bio-parent” of the 2 males in the post’s opening image, that that’s the only way I can figure to describe that this guy was “just saying that” about me because I was in this victim-position with hardly any money or any sort of familial support and I’d never have guessed that everyone/everything is underneath. It becomes very different when you realize that you’ve always got watchers. I’ll try to get back to this, maybe where I put the 3 x’s at the bottom of this post also, but now I have this difficulty that the anonymous “bums” are going to ban/keep my site banned on account of this unfair charge that I shouldn’t be using these 3 illustrations. The 3rd one is my 1st photo when I got this Lifeline cellphone and it happened to have a camera! Nobody’d told me how easily I could have added a photo to the social mediae and then of course with this blog. The Bailey-Bellson photo, it’s right there on the street and I had walked by or glanced at it many times before I’d learned about the “French Connection” fraud-family I’d been raised in. Bruce and Bellson were both “entertainers” and that’s because of this secret underworld, that they had had developmental disabilities and so they went into different things, like these computers now too, and many reasons I have to try to bring these matching pieces closer together to help me to put into words that these people with the unrecognized Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy are really going to finish off the whole only living planet, where people had been expected to branch out to the other planets naturally and the Autists detest spirits because spirits were always screaming for them to “stop,” to quit, killing people. There I had to put “stop” in quotes because it’s one of the big “slang” words for the system’s way/s of getting their drug, a slang for decapitation of some sort or how on earth could I exactly have the slightest idea what on earth they’ve developed, etc. It’s near-impossible to discuss with strangers, you have to know someone well before you can discuss sensitive subjects like that. Etc. The 3 illustrations, the one is right out in the street, the cover is “alluding to” that the subject is taking advantage of the child. In fact the real “Sister Theresa/Teresa,” Agnes Bojaxhui, born in Albania, was the sort of person like the kid there, that type that I call the “Babar” type. And maybe it’s also alluding to that “mother” was actually one or more guys doing an acting job. I’d only been able to notice this because I’d wound up in the “Mo. T” nursing home or house after the car-hit’s hospital and the 30 days in a nursing home back in Kensington, Maryland, and then about 6 weeks until the court date in April. Nobody was saying anything about giving me a ride to the court date and so I’d left the Mo. T place in Washington (DC) in order to be in Rockville, Md. by 8 a.m. on Monday and then it turned out to be just another hoax and they told me to keep in touch for the new court date and I was just left like I was, etc., not that I just feel like throwing Mo. T into the mix here but that I’d been through this same “Armageddon Program” and am serious about the crime.This is from his (Lenny Bruce’s, Playboy Press, 1965 or ’66) book, “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People,” (check Wikipedia’s original book cover photo. Maybe on it he looks like Julian Orlolvsky, Allen Ginsberg’s boyfriend’s brother they were trying to make a documentary about around that time to offhand recollection right now. Wikipedia says that some use of book covers in a low-resolution should be considered Fair Use, etc.,) from when he got caught posing as a priest to get leper-colony donations in Florida. He made about $8000 and sent a or the colony $2500, I’d reread recently somewhere somehow. But the How to Talk Dirty, that isn’t “legit,” that’s about the way that what I call “slug-pneumonia” is spread, what he’d likely actually referenced by the “influence,” influenza, and then locked-in people die and decompose from that, into our hydrocarbons about everything is made up of. This is a precedent for my trying to illustrate that I think the “mother” was really the same sort of the money-grubbing deal, because these guys always had this Autism and found ways to deviate around it in order to stay alive, and hence these LUREs that I’m always complaining about, that they’re abnormal, that humans don’t do that. Back to the file the way I’d written it last winter, but I’m still going to be worried about these 3 x’s’ effect on other people’s being allowed to read my material because this is all non-fiction reality, not entertainment. And I think Bruce had been in those clubs more to spread the “brain-products,” narcotics/”drugs” made from (other) people’s brains, that the performing came as more a cover for doing and for having been doing, as the stars turned out to be way further away than had been expected, which thought scares me because being in cities I nearly never see any or see very few, like, maybe they have been “harvesting” them.

Lenny Bruce with his father Mickey Schneider and his daughter Kitty. (Albert Goldman/Lawrence Schiller biog., my point that Mr. Schneider is like the “Carfagni” type below. He’d immigrated from England,; passed around L.A. Ms. Bruce authored the book the (Divine Madness) … we of Satan’s growing army… is allegedly from but I couldn’t find it anywhere yet.

(For Pearl and Lou see post #290 please.)

I’m trying to get across that the famous Missionary of Charity (1910-97) and the early psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926) and the drummer Lou Bellson (1925-2009; with wife Pearl Bailey on the M and 4th St., NW, DC Cultural Tourism signboard,) are very closely related and major workers for this global-system/Armageddon Plan. And Bellson might have actually been the “Tony Fuca” in the Bronx-actually French Connection narcotics scam that I’d had onto me also, had been put into slightly by having me play with those suitcases before they were used for storing the “heroin,” which was really only a front for camouflaging the invisible “LSD” brain-fluid hallucinogen, on which this (global-) system is founded. They swear up and down that it isn’t addictive so they are not drug addicts, but their system-think doesn’t exist unless they are high. When they’re sober all their “genius” thinking is evaporated, it only exists when they’re high on the brain-serum of other people, and the whole system is built on that, with me alone at the bottom, underneath tons of gibberish they invent while high. They believe they can just keep growing people for all the resources for all their needs, meat, drugs and gasoline-fuel power and synthetic goods, can just sit back and do that off of the ovary-harvesting forever.

Emil Kraepelin, d. 1926

I expect that that isn’t really Kraepelin but a “high-functioning Autist-psychopath” with hallucinogen-dependence that had taken over Kraepelin’s life- “role” probably. For the time being it doesn’t make much difference.

Eugen Bleuler, circa 1908

Wilhelm Wundt

Wundt with colllleagues/students

This looks like Rockefeller, Jr. and Cary Grant, -types.

Wundt.pdf,     Wundt is very important to all this and I think he and Sabin had met, where she likely got curses that led to all this on top of me right now.

,,, the same grid-block that I’m stranded in at the day-shelter that I walk to this set-up library from, thinking this is slightly less dangerous that the night-shelter to the other branch library out by it for this week at least, whereas next week it might be the other way around, as I’m used for this making the Bible-threats to come true for what turn out to be people with Prehistoric-aged brain-damage, that I politely call Autism-psychopathy, with dependence on hallucinogens from other people’s brains. I have to include a file about the trepanning/trephining in South America, that that must’ve been alot of practice for what is our international drug-industry. Here I’m including this photo of Gil “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” Scott-Heron because it’s a little connected and all I’ve got so far offhand to that when I’d been let go from this job I’d written a letter of protest against being let go and as I left work and brought it to the post office I started getting “followed” and the “followers” evolved to mostly looking like this former-boyfriend type who I guess was also a Huxley offspring-descendant and it became really wicked and nerve-wracking and I couldn’t find anymore work and filed for disability and told Carfagni that I was being followed by this ex-boyfriend and he quietly wrote that I had paranoid-you know what and like 30 years later that’s being raised in order to have me ignored and incarcerated so this LURE can continue to be perpetrated, after decades of the global-system’s takeover off of this “Armageddon Program” off of myself, so I think the photo’s relevant for this file but there’s likely something more to that it should have a file on this whole subject of the Huxley-types somewhere. One of the worst of the shelter-girls is of this type, screaming all the time lately and they get away with it because it’s the “Program” and there aren’t any witnesses for what goes on around me. Then the lady who hadn’t helped me to get housing was this type so that I’ve been left in this “Program” out here alone invisible-torture situation, and one of the “Bathgate market” fraud-family members was this type, going around forwarding their love of getting high onto everybody else, and now I recall why the Huxley-situation should have a file of its own is that they were out near where the “sound barrier” was broken where it was really the seal on the ozone layer and that that’s the seal on our Earth’s atmosphere that had been broken and then dived through and dived through and dived through till it was big enough they could get out to conquer space and space is meant for evolved-spirit people, not junkies in tin cans.  I’m just thinking of one of them there, John Glenn was likely a slave and not a junkie, etc., but it was junkies sitting under Chicago who were the main local impetus for the space race, transferred over from Berlin which’d transferred over from St. Petersburg which had worked its way out of from underneaath Siber-Mongolia, where they’re still sitting back like in high chairs watching pictures and waiting for the slaves to finish conquering the earth for themselves and the slaves are doing it off of me in particular and slaves like that particular “Carfagni” and countless phony medical people nowadays will swear that I have something bad about my thinking/thinking process, God help poor little me.

More than Kraepelin or Bleuler I read that a doctor/early psychiatrist/an “Alienist,” named Heinrich Schule had been the first person to write about “dementia praecox” and that that’s what instead became called, the dirty word, “schiz.,” by then Bleuler primarily. One time I was able to find a picture of Schule, on the Internet probably, and he looked like this “Allen Ginsberg” type offhand, of the Merchant of Venice generational-slave #2 type of people that I give benefit of doubt to are longtime captives, had come up with the father and son Christ paradigm. So that in trying to get to the bottom of this calling me by that label one would want to find out where the label came from and it’d come from Dr. Bleuler and it was his term for what Kraepelin had repeated from Schule’s first writings about it. What was Schule actually writing about, I can hardly find out anything about him, he worked in that Baden area of Germany is about all that I could learn, going through alot of library books, just never mentioned anywhere except in passing.

I’ve used this illustration of Dr. Pinel from the World Book Encyclopedia’s article on Mental Illness, volume M, alot:

Posted on April 30, 2016.pdf  Excuse if some of these quick examples are from old letters, the writing on some of them. Here the caption is misleading. I think the doctor, John Carroll’s line of people, is trying to prevent the Autist-psychopath from releasing to take the guy to the kitchen for decapitation. Then the next pictures are some examples I’d found where the late DC Mayor Marion Barry appears to have been a John Carroll type also and then with these same Autist-psychopaths all around him, too. People like me and John Carroll don’t know how to get out of this all-surrounded spooky trap we’re always kept in so the Autists can parasite-live off of us. 

World Book Encylcopedia’s Mental Illness article illustration, vol. M, of Dr. Pinel at the Paris asylum, called Bicetre. The caption is misleading.

img 20170807 210121

“Pallas Chasing the Vices” detail.

Lenny Bruce, 1925, Mineola, Long Island, 1966-L.A., alleged overdose passing.


from Divine Madness by Jeffrey Kottler


The Philippe Pinel painting has a “female counterpart” from the women’s asylum, the Salpietre, Le or La Petit/e Salpietre:  Briones Horse Centerfrom the PinelSchool.org

That’s how I’d learned the little I have about the late Princess Diana, that she had died at this hospital in Paris, La Salpietriere, or Le Petit/e Salpetriere. It took the ambulance over 2 hours I think to make the 20-minute or less drive. I thought I’d heard the 1997 radio report say that her head had been severed but maybe I’d heard she’d had a laceration, that her head had been lacerated and that translated back then to me as having been that and I didn’t want or have to hear another word, and then around 2008 I was trying to find assistance by describing the system’s obsession with explosives and that they’d learned to make fireworks and such by getting hold of saltpeter and using the nitrogen-salt from that for making explosives and then it seemed that to get to gunpowder they’d used massive amounts of that saltpeter and that’s where the name “Salpetriere” comes from, that it used to be the storage for that area, turned into that asylum and then it’s still a hospital and I’d come across this painting of it and then learned that that’s where Diana had passed, allegedly. I’d then read as much as I could about her real quick and it was a peculiar incident, so I worry that she was taken underground and that that was a body-substitute that was identified as being herself. Maybe she’d had an open casket funeral, I wouldn’t know yet, haven’t had much chance to look into it. I figure Marilyn Monroe had been abducted and locked up, that there’s a good chance of that too, because that’s what I’m always afraid the system’s trying to do to me, as the Autists have turned the world around. I should check and see if Pinel was a big fundraiser, money-collector, getting money for the self-mass-reproducing developmentally disabled autists so they could eat and take over all those buildings after the normals had been run off.  img

Coincidentally the Autism “mystery” illustration I use was nearby so I put it in this “Ventricle” post, and then the Autism-expert Dr. Kanner had first worked in the U.S. in what might have been exactly on the Missouri River, 1924+ in an asylum at Yanktown, South Dakota. I’m saying that he was big sabotage, coming from Berlin when the Autists were in a heyday there, between their 2 world wars in the belief they’d soon be ruling the Earth from Mars. I’ll try to pick up with this on the Ventricle as I learn more but so far it looks like it’s connected to the main brain-connection area, and I guess-at that when the hole had been burned into the brain by the Prehistory-people’s trek across snow-bound Beringia, accidentally laying newborns in the snow had caused that, that in some instances the hole had been burned-in so deeply that fluid had leaked out and when it healed-over the normal balance hasn’t yet been able to be restored due to the unnatural self-propagation from the disembodied-ovaries “method” of “growing” humans, that have become like corporation-product armies now today, used toward perpetrating-through those Armageddon prophecies, with me alone at the bottom used as a LURE for attracting unawares people to disappearance, a big kill-and-replace sneak-holocaust going on off of me most of my life and I’m over sixty now, things are real bad.


Carfagni-types in the background.


Carfagni-types in the background.

7/10/18, Tuesday, this is the Seated Scribe file now, I have to clean this up later, they have a Monignor coming to give Mass here now.

Seated Scribe, Saqqara, 4th Dynasty, found near Kai’s tomb in 1850 by Auguste Mariette; photo from Louvre contributed to Wikimedia Commons by Gbaotic, 4 April 2009. Below,  by Guillaume Blanchard, July 2004, Fujifilm S6900.
According to Wikipedia, The identity of the person represented remains unknown. The semicircular base of the sculpture suggests that it originally fitted in a larger piece of rock which presumably carried its name and title. This somewhat unusual pose was, it seems, reserved for members of the immediate royal family, although not for the king himself.
File:John Edwards on Meet The Press.jpgThe Politician, Mr. Edwards, on Meet the Press in 2003, (public domain because he was gov’t-employed, from Wikimedia Commons.) There’s more …

I’ve read that the figure on the left, supposed to be the Virgin Mary by some accounts, looks like Mr. Edwards …

(store here: Vulcan of the apotheosis I have to crop tihis yet; trying o compare EL Drake with the Man In Oriental Costume portrait and the “St. Christopher” from the Ghent Altarpiece. Below are various pdfs I’ve sent on EL Drake: Drake book.pdf image  — the father/founder of the petroleum industry e l drake .pdf book page– But then I went to get a picture of the gravesite sculpture and took a close look and it isn’t of Drake: Edwin Drake Monument.pdf

found in DavidJRosso.com, designed by CH Niehaus, same as the Hahnemann Memorial about the Homeopathy that’s connected to the brain serum as being a “medicine.”)

— I can’t find a copy yet, but there’s also a Virgin Mary on the 23-ton I think it is 1999 new sculpture, by artist George Carr, installed into the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where it’s obvious (even) to me that that looks like Mr. Edwards, but, in looking for it I’d noticed that the manager for the whole project of making and installing that, like Conques’ but just inside the back of the church where you enter but don’t see it till you leave sort of the position, that the manager’s name is very similar to one of the big family names from Conques, that now I realize that the same “St/e. Foy”-group had been behind both places, that this is the “Armageddon” and book of Revelation-writing group. I’m guessing that they were just an offshoot from the whole Ghent Altarpiece Old Testament group. I think that that latter had come from north and east over out of Siberia, where the main group still would be/is today. See Conques/St/e. Foy 4 posts below, please. (There’s another modern “lookalike” in Kenny Gallo’s “Breakshot” about organized crime in southern California.)

I never get enough time to try to look into the “Punic Wars” but I’d guess they involved the Autists’ getting rid of people over any northern cliffs in Africa. Then I think I’d read that Biograph films had done work around the Boer War.

Most photographs seem to be on the “Pinterest” website and I haven’t been able to figure out how that works, that I’m suspicious of about everything anymore and I worry it’s for collecting in order to disappear good pictures is the real point of all the photos’ going onto there so I’ve stayed away from it. That might sound far-fetched but I’m pretty sure it’s what the Library of Congress had been set up for by the New England Transcendentalist people, that they just wanted to get rid of the “others’,”  materials and that, under their influence of, is the concept they’d come up with for how to go about that, so I worry Pinterest might have the same ulterior concept going. The statue I’m particularly looking for is one’s of the administrator known as “Kai,” and I just noticed the name is “Kay” in French, because he looks like the “classic Autist” and the Pill-grim and St/e. Foy and they have some good ones of him. While looking quickly I noticed one that likely does look like JFK because there’s a young one like him on both the Conques tympanum and the new over-entrance’s inside “Universal Call to Holiness” at the Basilica NSIC. This one’s known as “the Mayor” and I thought he’d looked like Rene d’Anjou, whose become many people:

7/9/18, Monday: I put together one of the 2015 car-hit tricks: When I got the quick look at the medical record this past January I noticed a mention that I’d been moved to a different room just before I was woken/woke in the intensive care unit and now I noticed mention that there were alot of police going to the room next door the next day or day after, as one of the nurses had later remarked on how young they’d seemed. I guess now that they were told that that was Kathy Foshay over in the room I’d actually been in for the week of unconsciousness, but that brings me to how I’d somehow gotten all beat up plus then this horror-subject of that it seems they made “educational videos” or films of my privates, like for new foreign medical personnel, the place being right next door to the national institute of well-being, so to try to describe, which reminds me that I’d worked a day there once, kitchen help, and the boss looked like one of the doctors I’d worked for, that I see “bio-descendents of those guys alot in these places. There were 8 of them that took turns working in an E.R. — etc… but I can only recall seven of their names and faces so far.

I’ve always said to stay clear of any attempt to try to contact me but I’m getting to the point of too much loneliness and being stranded alone in these hospitals that I’m likely to add my gmail address on the outside chance that anyone would feel safe to drop me a line and provide some distraction or interestingness. Actually, I’m reaching a little “terra firma” in being able to describe the system a little more clearly except that it’s difficult to do that when you’re sitting in the lion’s den, that it’s looking like those Ghent Altarpiece main 2 figures I keep pointing out, the tall, bearded, red-cloaked guy someone wrote is sometimes referred to as being St. Christopher but I don’t think there were yet saints when the G. Altarpiece was made, figuring it was when Charles “the Bold” of Burgundy was born, for his older sibling who hadn’t survived birth, 1432, that that’s the Pill-grim boy type with the red-cloaked figure and they or their types had gone on to take over the “Vatican” and had made that 1492 “Treaty of Tordesillas” about dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal and red-cloak’s type was Portugal and Pill-grim’s Spain and the 2 “types” are still conducting this Armageddon that’d come out of Conques, France, and they work together even when they’re “playing” or acting-out real warfare, — like in the Battle of Lepanto with the Christians and Muslims seemingly, that they “play war” to catch the “other” people between them. I really still want to find a picture of that Egyptian “Kai the administrator” one because that’s the Pill-grim’s type. Notice in the last file above this one how the male figure is clutching those 2 pieces, that his type became the St/e. Foy statue-reliquary, and I’m thinking that he’s holding those to reference getting ovaries from females, the way the 2 figures are standing, so that maybe his type is the “E Pluribus Unum” because they’d been the first to notice that “masturbated-onto ovaries” of victims could grow things that became babies and then grown people.

July 12, everything’s worse, me now getting a letter about an appointment here on the 19th, when they’d just reiterated this morning now that I can leave tomorrow, Friday. The only “mail” or phone calls I ever get are always bad news or disappointments, this being delivered as though mail. This is of course making the continuity of this blog difficult, that strangers can’t follow what I’m talking about, like the lady who said she’d looked at it here and I’d mentioned the French Connection difficulty I’ve got and she hadn’t any idea what that’s about. Before this bad news, being held against my will is what it seems this is though I haven’t finished reading this note yet, I’d taken a bunch of photos of some boring paperwork that I’m going to have to send to here, diverting all my attention, making these posts full of too many different subjects for easy-following what I’m talking about, like the files I’m still trying to get to to go back and sort them into their different subjects from before I’d gone to Florida, similar sort of captivity then to that, and then they’d had one of the fraud-parent’s “offspring-descendants” I’d been calling the proliferations, but now maybe bio-offspring-descendants would be more clear, as I can only hope to try to make all these subjects more clear toward getting me back to what I was trying to do. In fact if I’ll be — oh dear, another problem, with having my plans always “thrashed and bashed” around like this, the “magic” power from their many centuries of eating and “running” brains playing with my breathing ability like a yo-yo when they feel like it. I have this file, then the Limitless one, the material in the 2 files had been meant to be kept separate but they’re very overlapping subjects. I should probably put the Seated Scribe post back like it was but to do that is complicated and time-consuming. The sole not-bad thing about being forced to stay here only because the system keeps me friendless is that I was trying to get back to those “You Were Wrong, Merchant of Venice,” et al. post-files to straighten them out, that I could use the time, but then when I came here to use this it wouldn’t call up this blog for 2 hours, right after the fraud-thing had done its act, the fraud-parent bio-offspring-descendant, then I’d come to do this and the computer wouldn’t call up here and I never know when that’ll happen again. The material I spent the morning trying to take and crop to send photos here of, just a few things, were all connected to this latest forced-hospitalization. My big fear is always that the VA would ship me to their big lock-up hospital not far from where the fraud-parent lives and use me as the/this LURE there. They’ve been doing the LURE “ideas of reference” all or most of the day here, audience-gathering, then they draw some people off to the pornography area and the party-marathon ends up with that “influence/slug-pneumonia” or whatever other “disappearance” methods, that that has to worry me as I’m seeing so much of this E Pluribus Unum Plan. I was even thinking of sending a photo of where it says that on the back of our dollars, thanks be that I have one on me, etc., etc. for that all these difficulties have me unsure how to proceed with the blog, as I’d wanted to keep that about the Dinosaurs right under the WARNING file and to be able to figure how to do that, and then have this sort of a file about this horror medical-railroad, “psychiatric” horror lie world railroad they’re trying to do to me it really is, that I’m sitting in a “lions den” after all these years of being used as how they’re perpetrating this E Pluribus Unum that now I’m seeing all over the place and putting together with the Egyptian material also now, and with all these changes and the many subjects and the difficulties of feeling like my typing is being used as the same LURE that it was used for all those years in Washington, I’m not sure how I can proceed with all this. This with the Ralph Carfagni psychiatrist claiming in 1989 that I had paranoid schizophrenia was supposed to be a post with whatever I’ve got about psychiatry, to put it all here, but all this miscellaneous is likely to distract anyone from being able to follow that I’m being railroaded back even before the 1962 French Connection problem-abuse and fraud-family business, and that these are people with that Prehistoric times’ development of Autism-psychopathy with the dependence on hallucinogens. I guess the Narmer Palette could go here to try to help illustrate the simplicity that I’m trying to show, or that boy from the post above. I’ll go get a copy of that.

— I forgot to go into about the Dr. Minette Davis business probably, that from Carfagni I’d gone “back” to NY, was scared out of San Francisco — and recalling that now I recall the fear-episode at the bus station, where some guy appeared to merely be asking some question, and in retrospect I realize he was this Dr. Kanner-type and from that I realize Dr. Kanner was from a line that the main one’s name begins with “hann-” and I’ll try to look it up, he was a mesmerist mostly in Berlin largely I think, in the 1930s, — and the type includes people like Steve Brill, a former employer nominally of mine, and an English professor, Irving Halperin. The deal with Dr. Davis is that I’d had to go to VA, me somehow thinking that if you were broke the Army would take care of your health problems and the California one year’s Disability (insurance?) payments had to have a doctor over me so I’d gone from Carfagni to the VA not too far from where the fraud-parent lives, while I was staying with a different member of that family because the fraud-family had more or less driven me out of their house with all these same only “peculiar” -type tricks, and Dr. Davis saw me about 3 times and said she was leaving and I’d hear through the mail about a new doctor but she wouldn’t tell me where she was transferring to, and then I didn’t hear anything further and the payments quit when the year was up and I couldn’t place that part of all this while I’d just gone and signed up with VA in St. Augustine. I’d brought up that horror-word, the s*-word in this subject, schizophrenia and paranoia maybe combined might even sound less awful, and the guy doing my records said there wasn’t anything in the computer that he knew of about that so I’d forgotten about it only with all the trying to figure what is going on, like with the new Secy of the VA and such, I just recalled that I had briefly seen a VA doctor after that Carfagni. But today now I’ve got all kinds of floating bits and pieces and notice these inter-connected subjects are being smeared around amongst these differerent subjects, — what I was trying to mention probably is that there seems alot of negativity about me doing typing on here and that worries me that the LURE is keeping this work secret only to spring it on the “pigeon” types then in the evening when they’re LURE-trapped, because of the itsy other all details.

7/27/18, There’s a skinny “type” from the stereotyped Marcus Samuel oil magnate and that’s what the horror-psychiatrist had been, when I’d voluntarily gone to get help from a social worker and went to a psych place and it was an error to do that, that Wash. Hosp. Center 2015 horror-emergency led to looking for social service help out of the 2nd and D Sts., NW shelter I’d been in for 10 years, — so I went to a place like that then briefly but the guy was terrible and now there’s a similar type here except less tall and I realize that they’re bio-descended from Samuel now but they’re also big big hallucino-problems for me now, big purveyors and believers in all this grow people by disembodied ejaculation onto disembodied ovaries way of the underworld, etc. Have to sign off right now.

10/13, still trying to clean this up and describe the system-hoax-set.

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I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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