RIMR – Standard Oil

JDRockefeller.pdf, John D. Rockefeller in 1933 Siamese Kingdom Exhibition book

The “ghosts in the machines/deus ex machinae,” are going apeshit over the Rockefeller name, all kinds of signs and horror-behaviors. “Retard,” the tar-making people, etc., that there aren’t words to describe the ludicrousness of what goes on, even in this little example of my tiny-level business, mere normal person. This lady in the room with me just did a scene that then I realized a big other aspect also and I’m not sure I could recall the big aspect because I don’t want to spend my time thinking about this nuts stuff. She, actually, looks like the “fraud-paren’t-fraud-parent,” so to speak and I’m suspecting they came from Marcus Samuel, big “rival” to the Standard people, and she did this trick-talk bit so smoothly that I figure she must have been learning these sabotage-tricks all her life and that’s how come it just is so simple to pull them.

The Rockefellers about ran medical-science, their R. Institute for Medical Research being what occurred to me when I tried to figure where to store this little misc:

John D_ Rockefeller_ Jr__ 1271874_ Cleveland – 5111960_ Tucson.pdf– This is sideways plus incomplete, I’ll try to get to making this improved-looking soon too.

Robert Maynard Hutchins, University of Chicago dean or president for a long while not too long ago,_ 1171899_ Brooklyn – 5171977_ Santa Barbara.pdf He looked similar to JDR, Jr. but I couldn’t find the specific photo-set I was looking for, still working on it.

oil subject.pdf, book summary on recent “Breaking Rockefeller” book

then this doesn’t have anything to do with that book necessarily: The global-system is a premeditated thing in which Standard Oil was/is a big part but the system isn’t for the U.S. but for its makers, who live under the other side of the globe. I’ve been calling the area “Tuva” but that might be sabotage from late physicist Richard Feynman as I’ve been learning a little more about him and in general, that that area might be west of the Autists’ main base-area but be a petroleum-collecting underground that, perhaps, Dr. Feynman was misleading about — and I don’t have time to explain that his main partner in that, Ralph Leighton comes from a very normal naive type of people — like the original Steve Jobs’ father let’s say and many other people who are trapped in this system and trying to smooth things between the Autists and the unsuspecting normal world, so it’s difficult for me to make what sounds like a terrible — Feynman might be genetically-connected to Philip Melanchthon is what I’ve been trying to get at, as with that German physicist Schroedinger and one of the fraud-relatives I’d had/have, a line of people that seem to be extremely nice but I think they’re all con artists and trying to state it this quickly makes it libel-territory, but Dr. Feynman might have been trying to trick smart people to go get disappeared there near but not in the system’s base. “Breaking” the Rockefeller oil business was a premeditated and not a coincidental or happenstance thing but to get the money closer to the Autists’ base, where they used those northern waters as their to-and-from roads.