“King” Rene

Book of Love.pdf

I have to write to George Brazziler Inc. publisher for permission to use examples from this book of folios but anything I do is connected to all this everthing-emergency and I figure it’s “important” to get noted that these 3 characters, Rene d’Anjou and the Page in white and the helper are “like” the same as the trio in the Raphael of Pope Leo X and the 2 de Medici cardinals, that they’re a standard Autist-Neanderthal-and “Christ”-captive “team” set for this world-takeover by the Autists, Rene being the Neanderthal and the Page in white being the standard Autist whose face should more or less be recognizable as being around everywhere today. This King Rene’s Book of Love little 14 folios out of maybe 50 folios comes from the fancy museum in Vienna that has alot of other pieces that come into all of this.