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This is a teeny bit difficult to pull the pieces together for but I’ll try to do it better soon, that the difficulty is that say in and before Jefferson’s day it was pre-decided to have this working for or with the Autists who’d claimed the New World for themselves by Columbus’ “discovery.” Then Jefferson was connected to Alexander von Humboldt who was connected to James Smithson that gave the Smithsonian-fund and then there was an 1846 Mallarino-Bidlack Treaty and maybe at that time a trade of this small area for the Panama isthmus was firmed-up, and what other people think is going on in this world is just ignored while the Autists, the brain-damaged, brain-eating underworld “savages” or sadists because of the Autism or what, go about this world-ownership Plan, like represented in that book of the Revelation, and wherever else there are such promise/threats.

I’m adding the example of system-Rituals to here to save a little room: (I was trying to use this as an example of the mentally-ill Rituals that the bums do while invisibly-torturing me. It’s down in the blogroll somewhere and this photo’s here by accident probably.)– I cannot find where I thought I’d posted what I could about this, that I’m not very good at technology and am continually/continuously sabotaged, — it’s likely under a Continue Reading sign somewhere back in May but I can’t find it yet, and yet it’s real so I’d like to get it mentioned but can’t relax to recall all the little details that go into any of these details on how these system-types have used me for their “Armageddon” planet-takeover. Briefly, I was in a homeless shelter comprised of 8 or 9 trailers in the “v” between that red sign and the building-set back in 2000-2001 before that building-set was built, back when the concept of making it probably occurred to these things that sit watching my skull or hologram-self’s skull or however specifically this horror-“magic” mindreading by the “brain-eater” narcotics-addicts is done. I’m trying to describe how the “lounge lizards” running this Armageddon thought-up that building-set in their spare time of spying all over my every nanosecond as I’d lived in that trailer homeless shelter for 8-1/2 months after I’d gotten to DC, that they’d thought up this “sandwiched” way of doing buildings and the little process that I’d noticed over the 18 years from that’s all being an undeveloped area to that and all these other big buildings of housing they have down there now, in the 4th and L Streets, NW area. I’ll describe this better later or find one of the earlier write-ups. There should be a slightly better photo that is on the blog somewhere. The ritual part is that while I was there they’d built a set of 3 little brick row houses, 3 attached houses, which had looked to me like a big waste of the area, then over time I’d noticed a guard shack to the side like there was a lot of constructing-traffic or something behind the little set and then around these 10 years later it’s this and alot of other nearby big buildings, but this “sandwiched” set is like what the 3 attached houses ritually-grew into being then, and while construction’s been going on the whole area was pretty scary for me because there were the fraud-parent-type’s working around there and around one of the Metro stops that I’d early-on gone to, out on Rhode Island Avenue, that’s become like some town onto itself out there now, etc. — It’s under the Continue reading sign on the file just below called so far 21 July 2018. (It’s gone again somehow.)

8/1/17, This might sound odd but I’m really serious about it, I’ve been here a long time and haven’t found any other explanation and really think that the “powers that be” here come from the narcotics-area/s of South America, they rule through the underground, that people like Alexander Graham Bell had helped to set up, him close to Brazil for instance, and that the narcotics-money runs the global-system, narcotics-economy they’ve grown and that I’d been stuck into like for a good-luck charm for the underworld-/global-system people. Etc. I’m only trying to figure if putting that little map I use here as a “featured image” I’ve just noticed the blogsite has a place for, might work. I could just add it as a regular image but I’m really talking about the early days, like when Captain John Smith had discovered this area and then how it went to von Humboldt’s part of the set-up and then to that Mallarino-Bidlack Treaty and the Panama Canal days. Then the narcotic/drug industry took off and they did their space race and now they’re just enjoying themselves, off of this invisible-torture to me here all these years like a ghost-prisoner to the homeless-shelter system that appears to have been started by the 1570 Portuguese-Turkish “Lepanto” figure Joseph Nasi, like a Merchant of Venice-originator.

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I’ll be trying to get better photocopy-photos.

Re-type the small “Mr. Uribe/Mr. Botticelli?” file, (9/16/16) — Botticelli was/is the director of the Office on National Drug Control Policy, where I ought to be getting some Witness Protection from. I was afraid to write to him but got desperate and finally started sending a few of these pdf-emails but the address is to their clearinghouse in Rockville and there’s been no response from anyone. In fact I’m thinking that some fraud-family member said they’d contacted the FBI around 1986 to say that I hadn’t been seen or heard from in years and therefore maybe I was put into an “MIA” status so that the “Kathy Foshay” that’s been in Washington since October 2000 doesn’t really count as though I’m an identity-replacement out here so that all my letters are treated as though I’m not really this person, me, just because some sabotage-relative-fraud had used my name with that group. That relative was a lady that I think might have come from Aldous Huxley and then has “offspring-descendants” out on the prowl for innocents like me for causing us “disappearances,” that one of those was involved in this car-hit problem and such that I’ve got, so that in addition to everything I can’t get around to, even though I’ve written them six-eight times and been ignored maybe I should write to the FBI and mention that relatives “concern” for myself, that I’d simply been out of touch because they were lousy-seeming “relatives,” then finding out that they were /are all fake-family and this is how that “Armageddon” is being pulled off right under everyone’s noses, etc.

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I guess I should have taken a photo of the piece of paper, so a (potential) reader could see what’s in the pdf, as encouragement.

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear that it looks like that  when the United States was formed the States were voluntarily-represented by these guys who were in this Autists-are-smarter-because-they-eat-brains Club, so that the pattern was set for the different States to send people/guys they didn’t like to Washington and under Washington is this “people-growing” industry of schools, orphanages and the churches, the under-populace figuring ways to “delete” the disliked people who were went to Washington for this or that reason but really to be spotted, blacklisted by the underworld into oblivion, so that there would be only the Autists-are-smarter-because-they-eat-brains Club people left as populace someday and we are the someday. There’s more to it in the South American aspect of all this too, where setting up how this was a central place for the states went hand in hand with setting up that the underworld is like a piece of that 1492 Line of Demarcation and that subsequent Treaty of Tordesillas, that those “divviers,” dividing-up of the New World, groups wanted a piece of this section up here and arranged for there to be a trade desired of a small piece of up here by which to siphon-out the normal people from the Autists’-group types in exchange for that narrow part of the southern Americas, “Panama” it got named maybe only a hundred years ago and had previously had other names like Greater Colombia and something about Granada, Santa Fe of Bogota being the capital of the area, Santa Fe a translation of Saint/e Foy from southern France and then into Spain and then across to here… the system wanted the exchange of those 2 small areas for its purposes, wanting the shortcut into the Pacific because they’re based way over under eastern Siberia. This place is/was traditionally, ruled from say Brazil therefore, the patterns they have underneath here and underground railroad world-thinking are set up for the world-divviers who’d New World-based around down in that area around and beneath what is today Panama. The system got its way in both of those pieces of land’s being secret-exchanged by the secret know-it-all narcotic-brain-abusers, is how this place got to be so bad that I’m stranded like this so horribly.

 (put this with the Central Union Mission letters)