Sabin letters typed, 1933



Dear Mary,

I slept late this morning — for me — but the time had changed so it was only 7:30.

The drought is clear enough, — the corn is all dried up and one can’t see an ear on it. So nature has later on and cutting down on production and done it generously and completely.

I started the Alcibiades which Dr. Flint had recommended to me because it has no quotations and to my amusement it has quotations on every single page. I shall enjoy writing him about it.

The Missouri is as muddy as the Cherry Creek Flow but very low. There are wide (expanse in marsh bars) along the Eastern border-

I was changed back to Berth 6 this morning and no one has the upper, which is very comfortable.

Have started the book Mrs. Bismarck gave me and its (awslip.)

Will send this air mail from Chicago. With love – Florence