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I am currently out of the office and will return on Wedneday, November 9. I will reply to your message at that time.

Kathleen Foshay <kathyfoshay2@gmail.com>

to Toni

I’d tried to contact the publisher-group for the Edwin Laurentine Drake book for permission to put a little from there only my (little) blogsite but I only get a few minutes once in awhile to use a computer and had run out of time, plus it’s all a highly controversial-flammable subject-set so I’m unsure about giving you the blogsite URL, but please be careful with it, http://www.UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.com.

I’m all by myself at the bottom of a major way the system’s been bringing about those book of Revelation promise-threats and the author seems linked then to this whole petroleum and other industries, the global-system in general and I figure the author had what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy, with dependence on “narcotics” from other people’s brains and that unless I can get these things across to someone somehow we’re ultimately headed for TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION all over nothing except unrecognized mere childhood Autism developmental disability, that concocted this global-system by slave- and hostage-taking, and that Col. Drake comes from the main generational-slaves forced to build this system for this Autist-core that’s long been under the OTHER side of the world and have long been looking forward to blowing up this side of the world and hasn’t reassessed since their space-race panned out that there’s little out there for mortals. It takes alot for me to explain all this so I’m trying to get it onto this blogsite and I’m reading on and thinking that the oil industry had largely supported all this phony “royalty” around the planet and worked up to what we have today and it is doomed and taking everything with it, so I was looking for a good example-picture of Col. Drake and I’ve posted the cover and then that inside picture but also because I only had a short time with the book I’d sent about 28 pages to my email to study later. Have to sign off now, Sincerely, kfoshay