p.259, location in NYC

p.259, 10th Street and Avenue A (NYC)

Allen Ginsberg and the East Village | The New York Public Library – https://www.nypl.org/blog/2010/02/01/allen-ginsberg-and-east-village

I think the “Limitless” protagonist Eddie Spinola had lived on the street above the “V” in East Village, 10th St. and Avenue A, but I’ll have to go over the book more carefully yet.

Again I’d written some explication-blurb through the cellphone and it didn’t make it across, whatever all it was, that I’d mentioned Tsiolkovsky and so had included a photo of him but the real point was the Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, old WPA photograph, as I’d finally come across a little that might be connected to which group it was that had moved from the Lower East Side, which was what the East Village and now “Alphabet City” had used to be called before about the 1960s, BAM, Bronx, being where I figure these or this curse all over me and the fraud-family had emanated from and so I’m trying to trace its roots. In looking into where the “Limitless” protagonist lived I’d come across little indications that that might be where the group that had moved up to the Bronx and opened that BAM might have come from, around the protagonist’s “East Village” now area, and then also that I’ve got this severe “Allen Ginsberg-parasite-criminal” invisible-torture all over me and that he’d lived near the protagonist’s area, — I’d done some write-up on that this might be too coincidental. Now I’ll try to find a link to a little about the BAM, but the photograph might as well go here because it’s like a visual thing to get the point of its being a meat market.


Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, c. 1930s; WPA.

At a quick glance “CUT RATE” there could look like “cut throat” is what I mean by visual. To the left of that is the word kosher in Hebrew. To the right along the side are the Library of Congress filing numbers I guess, me just bombarded with too much I’m trying to get to. Since I sat down here the whole NYPL/Allen Ginsberg pdf changed. Try clicking the various buttons but the point is that Limitless was written right after Ginsberg had allegedly died somewhere right around there, it’s a little ambiguous because it says he’d lived on 7th St. until 1996 and somewhere else I’d read he’d died in his loft and his death was in April 1997, but there are details I’m too disorganized to be able to include yet. Tsiolkovsky is here because the write-up I’d sent mentioned that Ginsberg was part of a large stereotype and that perhaps they’d mostly all come from Tsiolkovsky, who’d lived outside of Moscow and whole people were said to be from Bialystok, Poland.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, (1857-1935,) rocket science prime-mover


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