The de-evolution bk-up copy

The De-evolution, back-up copy

The War of Devolution (1667–68) saw the French armies of Louis XIV overrun the Habsburg-controlled Spanish Netherlands and the Free County of Burgundy, only to be pressured to give most of it back by a Triple Alliance of England, Sweden and the Dutch Republic, in the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.File:LeBrun Louis XIV at Douai in the War of Devolution 1667.jpgLouis XIV visiting a trench during the war. Painting by Charles Le Brun. (during the siege of Douai, circa 1667-90;) Author: Beaudrin Yvart, d’après Adam Frans Van der Meulen, d’après Charles Le Brun; Date, 24 May 1667 – 2 May 1668, Location: Spanish Netherlands, Franche-Comte, Northern Catalonia; Result: Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668;) Territorial changes: Armentieres, Bergues, Charleroi, Courtrai, Douai, Furnes, Lille, Oudenarde and Tournai to France. From the Palace of Versailles Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata: Q2946This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for … (its age.)File:E coli at 10000x, original.jpgA cluster of Escherichia colibacteria magnified 10,000 times. In the early modern period, Leeuwenhoek’s discovery and study of the microscopic world, like the Dutch discovery and mapping of largely unknown lands and skies, is considered one of the most notable achievements of the Golden Age of Dutch exploration and discovery (c. 1590s–1720s). This image is in the public domain because it…  (came from the USDA.); I believe that’s from the front gate at Versailles, that Louis XIV had built/built up when he had trouble in Paris, 13 miles away. It’s said that he called himself the Sun King because France revolved around him the way the planets revolve around the sun. Born 1638, outside of Paris Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, to 1715 at Versailles, the similar distance outside of Paris. I’ll send a copy of that virtually the same thing/face is on the outside of the drugstores here.(sent 7/15/18)

File:Testelin, Henri - Colbert Presenting the Members of the Royal Academy of Sciences to Louis XIV in 1667.jpgLouis XIV establishing the Royal Academy of Sciences, by Henri Testelin, 1666 or 1667, painted 1675-80, in Versailles; that’s Colbert in the blue in the left front, presenting. You’d have to view this in Wikimedia Commons where it describes the details. My point is that Louis XIV was “whacked” and that “Devolution” was that there’d been a big scare when microscopes showed that we have things moving inside of our bodies and blood, the cells and those, as above, those E. coli, that even today nobody seems to be sure that those aren’t simply natural, and I think that’s because Louis XIV thought they were disease spread from anal sex’s involvement in the fertilizing of disembodied ovae in the early experimenting with this days. I go on only wisps of details like that the War of Devolution was around the same time that microscopes were showing those little things and the Treaty of Breda right in that area too in 1667, I get the impression that paranoia had hit Louis XIV that they were spreading those E. Coli and syphillis spirochetes and what they were just learning about were little things moving inside of us and I think he got the concept, (brain-eating/LSD effects are different than other forms of getting high,) that all the people with those “animalcules” have to be replaced by clean people, clean-made people, germ-free and animalcule-free people-growths instead, that everybody must go and be replaced by new people, new-made people, is alot of how we got into this global-system way that we are living in while they’re still in that mind-set of that everyone is unclean inside (because of their foul activities in their Autist-ways heydays with each other,) and must go, and go into the goo, becoming the goo, maybe like up at the ha-gue. I’ll try to see if there’s any connection between that location and the royal shell company. — It looks like they might even be the same thing. (Recall that the Suez Canal was important to trade; Disraeli et al.) “The Tank Syndicate” was renamed to Shell Transporting and Trading Company, into the Asiatic Petroleum Company in Texas. The mussel shell logo was replaced by the scallop or pecten shell. (

This sort of goes along with my new thought that all the religions and all the oil companies originated from these friends of Autists “Jomon” unknown-about people evolving on Japan and delighted to be befriended by anyone and were then, to my thinking, misled by the Autists’ fabrications of reality about everything and the other types of people, that a “consortium” had been formed with the Jomon championing for the congenitally-fabricating and longlost Autists, etc. Besides this I’m looking at 2 graphic novels by well-known cartoonist Roy Thomas, the one on Moby Dick I finally located in a Young Adult section is why I couldn’t find it yet and it looks very helpful for trying to figure out what Moby Dick says except that then next to that book there’s also his graphic novel on the Iliad so I have to try to look at that one also now while this place is still open today and I’ll try to go do that now. — There isn’t a particular illustration of the Briseis character, just a slave-girl in those few scenes, being given as a war booty prize, being taken as a substitute-prize and then given back and finding Patroclus dead but I’m saying that Patroclus was faking the death and everything else about that “Iliad” is Autism-hallucino invented, that things aren’t ever like the system claims, everything is a cover-up.

1/8/18, Monday and everything’s gone wrong today, the doo-doo boys all over me, the Ainu-Babar and Jomon “Jew” Program runners. They sent some dupe to sit across, kitty–across to bother me too now. — I signed off and changed computers. There isn’t anything except doo-doo that this global-system is about. And fellatio, about that “The Iliad” business, that about the alleged Helen of Troy character, that that’s what that was about and it probably wasn’t really connected to the invasion on Troy but got tacked-on later as a cover-excuse for the why of the waging of that invasion-war, because they had something, and “Helen” was a special weapon. Let me see if I can find a copy of that “Ransom of Hector” pottery-painting, that that “gorgon” shield-picture on the wall is a big part of the the whole “war” industry. I stayed in that shelter instead of going out because it was Sunday and nobody was out unnecessarily and I didn’t have anywhere to go Sunday morning except that I wanted to try to shop around for one of those “pulse-oximeters” because my oxygen level is like the major medical difficulty I’ve got and I’ve therefore been wanting to get one for years now but I finally just now got ready to purchase one and can’t find the 40% off coupon I’d had! And that was right after my gloves disappeared, I’d walked back and forth in these streets near the library and finally gave up and went to buy the oximeter and the coupon was gone. This is just the “Armageddon-making Program,” but really it’s the same way the Trojan “war” has been being done ever since back then. The bums’ invisible torture wore me out and then woke me around 3 a.m. so that I’m in really bad shape. While that horror insomnia was going on  all I could do was think on all these sorts of subjects and I’ll have to see if I can use that graphic novel to some extent or another as a visual aid for what I’m trying to describe and describe that they haven’t changed much in these thousands or whatever of the years, that that’s what they’re still doing and they’re doing it because they’re these Paleo-American mass-migrants with developmental disability Autism and drug dependence and all kinds of the “umbrella” of medical problems that go with the Autism, runny noses all the time in addition to the nonstop Autism traits of nonstop making trouble and demanding to be fed by the invaded strangers, and as voyeurs they’d seen oral sex and went to war to have that also, it’s the system’s basis practically, is all that we’re going to lose the planet over (and human race) instead of taking advantage of these advanced times, getting over the childhood Autism; instead everything is a cover-up because they don’t want to admit to having been the runny-nosed retards that killed everyone in Prehistory days. By the time I got to the library, 2 p.m. now, I am a wreck and this file is getting wrecked by this complaining writing instead of all the useful subjects I’m dealing with that have to get continued with and not this controversial complaining that only gives them their warmongering excuses, as with that lie-story about Helen of Troy. In reality there was the LURE and secrecy of the “partying” with the little ones that would do that, that that was all involved in the invasion of Troy, that fellatio is an obsession for the Autists and they’ve practically made it the base of their system. Etc. Similarly while I had this insomnia I figured out that the reason I haven’t been able to get a bed in a different room at the shelter is that I’m in the room next to the big shower/toilet room and it must be connected to the underground-system’s similar sort of a “doppel” set up, in the process of people’s bodies’ being decomposed into the goo petroleum, that that’s the point of keeping me in that room and I can’t complain because I’m really a prisoner, a “ghost prisoner” that can’t say anything for fear of its being made a more official locked-in ghost prisonership. I’ve just asked about 8 times in the past year to be switched to a room across the hall that looks wide open and airy so that my breathing would get improved and I asked again on Friday morning and instead it’s just a changed-around set of the same “Armageddon” -doing tricks, to match this cold-weather spate, that the system is being ferocious to get bodies for its purposes, so I was thinking about this bringing up Louis XIV finally and how insane-insane he must have been and all these inter-connected subjects and I’m just the worst-off person that’s ever lived, can’t and didn’t want to try to describe it, just wanted to get back to these few subjects and expand them but this graphic novel on the Iliad, I’m not at a library that doesn’t have a copy of it because it was important to get the oxygen-level little finger machine and then I haven’t any idea, it’s possible that I’d thrown the coupon away yesterday while I’m trying to get rid of extraneous papers and have all these invisible-boys crawling and directing the people around me all over me for this “program” that’s unprovable, etc.

6130 (Iliad, Homer’s account of the war against Troy, 838 pages from the Gutenburg Project -pdf– 838-page copy of Homer’s Iliad from the Gutenburg Project I just found. I’m trying to find — I did find one email address attempt.

Louis XIV (of France,) -Rama III (of Siam)

from the first underground sewer was build in Paris in 1370 under the Rue Montmarte, and drained into a tributary of the River Seine, then they expanded slowly over the next 400 years and started in again in 1805 and 1850. Around 1200 they’d been troughs down the center of cobblestone roads.

The Ransom of Hector, famous “Attic” pottery piece. That’s Hector laying by the white circle with a page # on it. Above right isn’t ever specified but I believe it’s Patroclos, that he’d faked his death and was maybe being discovered alive now by the group on the left, the “King” Priam and his household bringing ransom gifts for getting Hector’s body back after he was killed by Achilles on the couch there because Achilles thought Hector had killed Patroclos, and that’s what’d caused the downfall of Troy.

My point is always that it wasn’t a war but an invasion by the Paleo-American developmentally disabled Autists who just wanted to be fed and have everything equally. I’ll try to get to a library with a copy of that book or figure how I can use the Fair Use for real for published materials. It isn’t Roy Thomas’ fault that the whole Iliad account is all untrue, is based on a Patroclos’ allegations, to the new “Jomon” friends. I’m trying to get across that Patroclos and the other Autists were fellatio obsessed and the isolated on an island Jomon loved their new fellatio-obsessed friends and believed anything they said but it was all false.

1/9/18, (Tues.,) when I press to save what I’ve got so far the first time on a new file it’s what is officially “published” and I haven’t even started with it yet, so I’m trying to work around that a little by working on the next file at the bottom of the previous file, like Louis XIV I didn’t get to about his Louis XVI yet, that that’s the French Revolution -Louis and I’m thinking that he was of a major Autist line or type for a stereotype of himself…. Then my subject I’m going to try to get into next is this with the graphic novel on the big propaganda piece called Homer’s Iliad account of the so-called war on Troy, etc, that that’s taught in all the “rich boys’” schools, not just the ivy league colleges/universities but in their preparatory schools also probably. The account is like the 883 or 838 page translation I found and put here yesterday and that’s a huge amount of reading and the whole thing is like all violence so that it isn’t interesting at all in general to a female but I’d managed to get through it one time and it’s extremely obscure who is who or what is what but it’s extremely important because all the “rich boys” have to read it and I’m sure it’s only system-propaganda where reality is the diametric () opposite of all that. Really. But like all this Armageddon all over me the stuff is nearly impossible to describe and “prove” and then they have the world always “flooded” to distract from reality’s getting any attention beyond that the Autists love to sit and be entertained by people, you can try till you drop and then I get up again each day and try and try and try and they have Autism and just like to be entertained, is all other people ever are to them, so that I found this cartoon-interpretation of the 883 pages of b.s. should be very useful for trying to explain that all those warmongers are the people with the Autism trekked over from their wrecking the New World over where I am now, they took themselves from the west coast here up over Alaska and into Siberia and down to get the food from those other people. Plus everything else. The graphic novel could help interpret that Homer’s account that hardly anyone can figure out so I feel like I have to try giving that a try and I sent an email to the only address I could find on the copyright holder and there’s an address for the Marvel Comics, Marvel Entertainment LLC I think they’re called now and I wouldn’t be using more than the “Fair Use” of published materials anyway and I don’t especially enjoy the subject and have many other things to get to so that I wouldn’t be using a whole lot of those frames  or pages but some of them would be super-helpful toward trying to get out of these warmongering Autists’ Armageddon and they are doing using these computers as in their weaponry nowadays so it’s all unexplainably difficult, they twist anything to their weapons-use, distort reality like it’s water. That little “Gorgon” in this “Ransom of Hector” is one of the important subjects too I’ll mention before I save/first “Publish” this file now and then I’ll try to keep working on this with the insane Louis XIV’s de-evolution plan for the earth while trying to pull together Iliad materials, which is dangerous because if I even mention that 2003-04 Abu Grahib scandal part of all this the system already gets like war-mongering bonkers all over off of me out here, way these brain-eaters’ scamming works.

Then I was able finally to find the coupon last night and get this personal oxygen-level reading instrument from the chain-store pharmacy and the system twists that to having anything to do with people-types as being oxes or oxen and nothing I do has anything to do with how these system-people twist reality words into their world takeover obsession but they do that to anything all the time year and decade after decade anymore off of me, so I’ll mention to keep their dirty thoughts off of this new to me apparatus and anything else I think or do or have please, as I have to try to sort myself out a little here and reach into my purse to find a the beverage and other things I’d have to have toward continuance of myself. If I didn’t try to keep a list of subjects to try to look up each day this invisible torture would have me do nothing except sit here and complain about itself/themselves so they have “manufactured” excuses for seeking revenge off of everybody of my kind, like in that chapter 12 of the 22 chapters of the book of Revelation, honestly, that that’s how it works, anything twistable off of me they take for use as revenge against anyone who isn’t themselves, the way the war-mongering thief as in the night and what it’s called is pulled off all these years off of me. I’d just sit here and go on about that that’s totally ignored like it’s an off-limits subjects for any real-time consideration, the book of Revelations is and especially anything then that I’d try to say about it which is only that it war written by someone with some sort of a big problem and I’ve traced it to this Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen-dependence, etc. — I’m putting this photo of Union Station here because I have to “drag” this Armageddon-circus through there alot of these mornings like today and I’ve been there on and off all millennium. I’ll try to put a close-up of what seems to me a representation of how I’m pulling this Armageddon-crew, the 4 horses of the Apocalypse or what all got me tied around the torso like the prow of that ship that that “Columbus Memorial” fountain looks to me to be like, by Lorado Taft around 1890, there behind the street light on the right front here:

The 666 is really more like sucksucksuck
JohnSteinbeck_TheMoonIsDown.jpg ‎(250 × 391 pixels, file size: 43 KB, MIME type: image/jpegFile_JohnSteinbeck TheMoonIsDown= the permission explication from Wikimedia. I’m going to look for a copy of the other good cover. I think it’s more a universal allegory story than about World War II in Norway explication generally given for it, that that could be Cappadocia or maybe even Troy, it’s the Autists’ general modus operandi to sneak in and take over a town. I think they headquarter somewhere like the mayor’s house and get everyone called in separately, one at a time and nobody knows if the person walked out the exit, only see the people walk in and maybe they exit or maybe they were disappeared, and the system’s been doing that “since Troy,” more or less, is their general “thief as in the night” way.

File:Louis XVI Receives the Ambassadors of Tipu Sultan 1788 Voyer after Emile Wattier 19th century.jpg

Louis XVI Receives the Ambassadors of Tipu Sultan in 1788, 19th century (before 1863), line engraving, for a illustration. During the captivity of Mangalorean Catholics at Seringapatam, Tipu’s embassy visited the court of the French King Louis XVI in 1788. Pope Clement XIV‘s representative conveyed the appeal to the embassy to allow the priests in Seringapatam. Date1 9th century; Voyer after Charles Emile Wattier (French, 1800-1868)

I haven’t had a chance to explain that I included this because there’s a big theme with the “Tippoo Tip” or Tippoo Tup historical person that goes to those years in the homeless shelter near the Capitol. He and his banker-friend were like ancestors of everyday characters in this all over me so that when I ran across this picture I figured I’d better stick it in here, me thinking that the African Tippoo Tup character had been descended from this one in southern India.

Portrait of an Uzbek Prisoner in a Yoke, Turkey, late 16th century. Ink with gold and opaque watercolor on paper. Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Gift of Edwin Binney 3rd. Collection of Turkish Art, M.85.237.28; from the Baburnama, memoirs of Babus, Prince and Emperor, copyright 1996 Smithsonian Institute, Oxford University Press, Freer Gallery of Art, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washigton, DC, ed. Jane McAllister from trans. ed. (annotation) by Wheeler M. Thackston.

This little picture is an example of the “yoked” story that’s important in the biographies on Genghis Khan, like a childhood trauma. What I’m saying is that the Old World people did all they could for the invading small-sized Autists from over Beringia from the New World and eventually all one could think of was to tie a hand or a leg so they wouldn’t run around and do the things that they could only do as the feral people they’d become from being “lost” over in the New World for millennium. I’d had a little collection of these “yoke” images but this is the only one that’s left. It’s merely like a restraint to try to keep them from doing the Autist behaviors onto the “normal” or non-Autist invaded people. “Yoking” the boys is the sort of thing that became war-revenged as they only had feral behaviors from the war against the dinosaurs by breaking the baby-eggs, only anger and confusion from being lost and in pain and then enjoying the high from the New World naturally-evolving drug plants fed to them as dinosaur babymash, then they’d gotten to the Old World and saw cooked food and it’s been war for more since then. People couldn’t do much with that Autism and resorted to the restraint and then it’s been revenge for that trauma as the “gimmick” to do what they want as Autists, ever since. There is a big correlation with the Abu Grahib scandal too, where that was the same sort of a “restraint” or “cargo strap” that nurse’s aides use in moving patients who can’t by themselves, and that had slipped and then that fated photo was taken by putting the “leash” restraint into the girl like me’s hands and blaming her for all the sadism. It’s always the same patterns it seems.

french connections bits = louis xiv, 1/11, (Thursday,) I didn’t get to too much today except looked through a copy of the 2009 Marvel comic by Roy Thomas and didn’t especially find anything specific that I can’t wait to use as an example after all, which I though there’d be some few useful right off but it would take more time to look at them if I survive this. Calling Louis XIV insane all the time to myself hasn’t lessened any of the invisible torture yet. They love the begging for them to quit being sadistic because it makes them feel powerful.

1/12/18, (Friday,) I thought I’d try to straighten out some of the paperwork from the car-hit hospitalization today and I got to page 6 of the 2000 pages and it says the car-hit was a suicide-attempt on my part! and I’m upset about that on top of all the usual Armageddon-world personal tortures being perpetrated, so I’m having difficulty figuring how to proceed with this time of my day. They make like it’s all an amusing joke, their war-tactics. That gorgon-face all the time:

on that shield or plate there. The tactics are horrible. There’s a good chance that all those figures are part of an acting crew, the “All the world’s a stage” mentality, they go around the world staging war-scenes amongst each other just to get the uninvolved “other” people snared in and robbed and disappeared.

“Kindergarten” — There are alot of the little details about how this picture was wrongfully taken and then wrongfully captioned, but I’m trying to point out that the photo-credit is to the Young Men’s Hebrew Association, which I didn’t learn what YMHA means until 2005, I thought it’d had something to do with Housing Authority because it’d turned out that that’s where the photo had been wrongfully taken but I have to sign off right now.

old "Kindergarten" encyclopedia article with my photo wrongfully there and captioned.

Kindergarten article

Kindergarten article with the wrongful photo of me

Kindergarten wrongful photo article

lie-photo of me….

old photo; in the “Washington melange” post.

This little girl is just to reiterate that the system’s trying to drive me crazy with people who look like they might could have been made from ovae/ovaries stolen from me but this maybe circa 1930s photo from near here in Washington shows that they had someone of my “type,” who might even have been the parent the ova for me might have come from, whose eggs appear to have been owned by the cleric in the uncropped photo, in that “Washington melange” post but not too many details in there either because I’m always stuck with emergency-survival thinking and not leisure to pull together the various subjects I manage to at least get brought up so far. I’m going to try this medical chart again because the torture has me all wrapped up out here, just a go-nowhere horror. — I did that and there’s hardly anything interesting in it except the 3-page FireRescue report where that wasn’t me. It was some later than when I was hit a block south of there too, maybe half an hour. I’d gotten hit by 6:20 p.m. I’d guess at the latest, maybe a little earlier because I tend to try to get to places too early so I won’t be late and I was trying to get to nearby for 7 p.m. by a bus ride, and this was directly in front of the volunteer fire dept. there, not between the 2 bus stops like I was between, heading south down Connecticut slowly like I can only (barely) walk but not dawdling either, about a normal pace, and the person had just purposely let the car hit me enough to knock me down which takes about nothing, I’ll fall in self-defense and that’s pretty much what’d happened; it was odd, but the ambulance in the hospital report had picked up someone that wasn’t me but had my name somehow. Printing isn’t available today or I’d print a copy that someone had had the decency to get into my chart of these flyers that I used to hand out looking for help that I’d give anyone interested back then but can’t anymore because the LURE is so overwhelming. The global-system runs off of this all this time, that’s how phony it all is, the whole system. Drug addicts for other people’s brains and I guess the fear of getting caught is what propels the drive to keep torturing me for no particular reason, living off of the same Briseis character like from the so-called Trojan “war” days, where they’re just developmentally disabled people and then they’d learned to self-mass-reproduce themselves and they all want to be fed. But getting the medical record looked over helps me feel a little more productive than the day’d been going, but I couldn’t do the other part yet because the day’s so “topsy-turvy” or what with all this personal horror; I never really have any idea what anything’s like for anyone else, am just forced into like a cocoon where I keep trying to find assistance and now I can’t even do that, I just have to extricate myself from this situation somehow now that the ssfund is available, but it’s always scary that I never know what the anonymous “boys” might spring on me at any given time. Sitting in a morgue is ridiculous but so is trying to relocate for the winter to Florida till I can take myself up to Massachusetts for the important thing I’m trying to do, show how the same sorts of “Jomon” people had used Florence Sabin for a predecessor to this same sort of the “‘magic’ show” that this Armageddon Show/Program is, that the system is only founded on garbage. Another person they seem to have practiced their way up on was Jack Parsons wife Candy Cameron, Marjorie Cameron.

Sabin 1937-1941 — I checked the email and these were there so I was able to mail off for a next set this morning before the mail is closed down for sunday and the holiday. This is progressing nicely. I’d read somewhere offhand that she’d retired in 1936 and been misled by that small error and don’t offhand recall when she’d retired, previously having thought it was later but it’s been a long time since I’d first been learning about her, that I’d thought it was around WWII sometime and there isn’t any sign of it yet, I should re-check the Wikipedia to see if they specify because then the letters would change from this type, mostly on her company letterhead. This set ends with something about her Museums membership card and this morning I’d been reflecting on museums and thinking that that is an underworld strategy-tactic, to form muse-ee-ums, where people who muse on the “ee” -um people sit underneath and watch the “ees” look at the offerings, convoluted like that the underworld is. It might have seemed like a great idea and get-over hundreds of years ago but in 1969 the final result was in and they refuse to change. I think the whole concept of living underground was first stolen from the normal people like might have originally dug Cappadocia, but then the New World-Autist invaders they were having to hide from took over that underground and they’ve been obsessing on that idea in the Autist way of repetition, obsessive-compulsive repetition, and they can’t help themselves out of the broken-record style groove-rut repetition for repeating the same mistake/s.

2015 flyer — this I’m going to try to take a photo of and send that.– This came out terribly but I generally have to settle for whatever I’m lucky enough to be able to get at all. They only put 3 or 4 of the papers I’d distributed into my chart, not the 24-page one with Joe Fuca on the first page like they’d said they had, but someone did bother to make a reduced-size copy of this page and put it on hospital letterhead and punch holes to get it into the chart. It says, My name is Kathy Foshay. If anyone was allowed to help me write letters it could rescue the Universe from the unnecessary TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION the “top secret” system is actually bringing us to, but it keeps me like a ghost-prisoner in a communication vacuum, lieftime-used as a people-disappearance LURE-gimmick, so please be careful not to be conned. No one will listen to my evidence that the 1962 real-life “French Connection” was a ritual to hode see-through “LSD” behind the white powder, which I suspect came from nuclearly pulverizing* normal men and now anybody. The system claims I have schizophrenia, but that’s really about the ax-murdering brain-chemical addicts everyone’s afraid of. I think I could explain to this girl -> because her frame-up has alot of parallels that could get her started to following all this and then she has the inner-energy to help translate and do the letter-writing, but the system-addicts, sic, squash all my communication attempts, do the Revelation’s Armageddon-making this way. Gus the prisoner and those guys come from the system’s #3 generational-slave type. 10%+ of future-profit if you get me a helper.

* The “pulverizing” I think had started with fabric washing and dyeing, figuring a way to extract water, like became the spin cycle of washing machines, extractadores/extractor-a centrifuge for spinning wet laundry so as to remove excess water, but that became turning bones to rubble for say Portland cement-type uses when all those dinosaur bones tons and tons were found out west. At first they were shipped to colleges and museums in the east, especially by George Peabody to my recollection of looking into this a bit, but I think there were too many tons of the bones and it became obvious that there was some disconnect somewhere, some guilt as to how all those animals had gone extinct, and the centrifuges were worked to grind the bone to powder that became used for cement for big projects like maybe the Erie Canal building and then on, hiding the evidence that something was wrong with there’s being that many dead skeletons but then I think that the method became used on in disappearing human other males, sticking “heroes” into the centrifuges, and that became used for inventing “hero-in” which gave the Autists, like Lenny Bruce who’d allegedly died of an overdose of that in 1966, a warm feeling, and I think that the enjoyment of that heroin was from the having killed normal men and being hiding the evidence of that by using the heroin, is why I included that about the pulverized powder, that I think the “French Connection” was largely a ritual for covering up the see-through brain serum with the conspicuous white powder called heroin so they could continue with their business “in-does-try” of selling brain serum even though people had begun to catch onto that the “LSD” did not really come from the mold called ergot and were becoming suspicious about LSD’s real source.

–#3 generational-doo-doo-heads I’m thinking all this day as they seem as attached to any of this ssfund. It’s a very similar situation to what I’d tried to write about in that 24-page letter and then all the pages that followed that to 500-600 while I was at the Suburban, following that car-hit, finding this page someone’d been useful enough to get into that 2000-page otherwise chart on me that claims I’d been hit because I’d jumped in front of that car, going against all reality the system-people just keep plugging away at what the system wants them to do. That was written about 5 weeks before the car-hit and maybe it was part of the decision to get me into that car-hit position, but I can’t figure it out. I’d thought finally to ask what time I’d been admitted to the E.R. and one of the nurses checked and told me it was 6:21 in the evening, on 11/19/15, a Thursday evening I’d been hit on one of the major streets in this area, Connecticut Avenue. Then I’ll have to go back and compare that to the few pages the FireRescue people wrote but they clearly stated that they’d picked “me” up up a block from the actual accident site and the time is probably off too because I was already in the E.R. before they got to that scene it seems. I still can’t figure a way to get in touch with Lynndie England in this belief that she’d have the energy to be able to assist with the actual Rescue situation reality is in, etc., but I did notice she’d put some updated photo in the social media, I just don’t know how to get through to her and then if I did really it’s too dangerous and offlimits, that outside of my being used as the LURE-gimmick I’m “wildly unpopular” by the system and its people that no one would care to get involved with me except convolutedly the same system-people use me as an underworld LURE-gimmick for the worst things, the oil/petroleum, meat and narcotics abuse of ourselves, our species, the bums just sit and supervise “growing” people from disembodied ovae and then use the bodies to fulfill those desires and I’m saying that the moon-landing showed that the system’s thinking is way out of perspective from reality, that there isn’t anything there and everything they go on has to get re-assessed but I’ve been saying that for 25 years now and they just do the same things every day to sabotage my life out here, etc. They’re doing terrible medical-curses to my torso again and like in 2015 I can’t really trace the sources of where the tortures come from or otherwise be able to trace to get this “invisible torture” -set curbed. And I’m still trying to get a little time to look at this Marvel graphic novel on The Iliad for how to make it useful for explaining that those boys were invaders from the New World with their Consortium much the same as I have it on me now, that there isn’t anything that’s actually real about the Autists’ story of that war on Troy, they’re just developmentally disabled boys that want to be fed fed fed and don’t understand because there is a real brain damage at the bottom of their inability to understand, with the Sylvian fissure as the scar from the healing of the Prehistory original accident-set that’d caused the brain damage and the circuits just go round and round without getting anywhere but the same old thing every day and millennium, they want everything done for themselves and they aren’t adult-level for working on the Universe’s architecture, for terraforming planets into habitable places, they just want to own this first place that other people had gotten growing. I have to quit because there’s another bad-weather binge coming up but they say a bunch of the libraries will be open Monday so maybe that will be a normal day. — That’s now, 1/15/18. They showed that “Purple Rain” film of (the recently departed,) Prince’s at this “morgue-shelter” again this weekend and I noticed that maybe he looks like Juan Ponce de Leon some, and then it’s on and on from there with all the similarities and interconnections till Prince seems like a figurehead for what I’m talking about that the system’s taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.

This is from, free download. It makes me nervous to try to get illustrations that aren’t totally clearly public domain available, because these people are so nuts. They wouldn’t complain to me in the open out here if they didn’t like some use I’d made of something they’d made, and the system-people don’t contribute anything to the common planet good, just the opposite. What they do is they “charge” me underground where I don’t know anything about it, same as the car-hit, that that’s likely my punishment for things they wouldn’t just openly complain about and they do it that way because everything they do is contorted, is based on the criminal system from the people who’d disobeyed nature and crossed Beringia then started killing the dinosaur babies in competition for the drug-laced babyfoods that grew naturally, then way later they started killing people and then way later this Trojan “war” from their in-force invasion Consortium of their developmentally disabled groups of themselves. The sects were developmentally disabled because the Autists’ turning to cannibalism in attempt to imitate Old World cooking of meat and they couldn’t hunt so grabbing women and children worked for the imitation to get the cooked meat, had caused cataclysm that upset the geography and drove one type into caves and cut-off  other types by flooding them to island-survival areas, like Japan I’m figuring, that Prince’s “Jomon” type had then been discovered on and incorporated into that Trojan “war” consortium of the gathered types.

Etc. I’m thinking that Prince’s likely descendence more or less from Ponce (prince) de Leon would make a good “argument” God help me all these words and always this invisible “competition” to try to find an adult to assist me out of this feces-swamp, — that doesn’t even exist because everything’s top secret, — but that Prince makes a good example of that this system is designed by people “types” like himself and that there are things wrong that we could see by looking into that subject. Today though I’m trying to get a look into this “MyChart” thing on internet that the hospital has and I hadn’t been able to do the password-entry into it when I got out of the hospital and when I went back they gave me a new password-set but I’m all “discombobulated” for trying to sit down and get into that medical file again yet, that that’s what today is supposed to get accomplished. Once I get into it the first time it would be okay for repeating the steps but I have to get it done correctly the first time or else might have to keep making trips out to there till it’s done or whatever other horrors while while I do anything I’ve always got horrors going on internally and externally to try to keep back off of me so I can function, so I’m trying to relax by doing other things like looking for examples via this new Prince the artist subject and whatever else, and this particular library does have that copy of that The Iliad Marvel graphic novel. While it costs about twenty dollars in hard copy I think I saw that you can get it for computer-reading for only three dollars, but neither of those are relaxing subjects, really I’m just typing alot to try to fend off whatever might be going on around me that’s been more and more of a set-up lately, like the All the World’s a Stage goony-boys’ getting worse and worse. Ponce de Leon had some belief that it’s okay to mass-reproduce by disembodied ovaries and that’s all that’s everywhere now so that I can barely stand to look at any faces anymore for seeing that it’s some type of a stereotyped person or another in this unnatural world. Maybe the only good thing out of this so far is that I figured out what these “opioids” are, that that’s what he’d passed because of allegedly, from too much of something called fentanyl. Like airplane glue, I think that the Autists just don’t like being sober and anything that’s an altered state is preferred no matter what it is, that reality just bothers them because they’d gotten off to that wrong start with forcing their way over Beringia and they can’t deal with the uncatchability of the sun so they just like to get high because it’s a diversion from that overly-simple maybe reality and facing up to the childhood-era errors the inherited brain knows about. But they live off of me so I’m forced to complain and all they want to do is waste my lifetime with complaining about themselves and obsessing on themselves, like with this new subject of Prince. When I recognized that he looks alot like Ponce de Leon, it’s really the 3rd time that I’ve seen all or part of that film now, 1983 or 1984 it was made, and this time I saw all that Autism that I’m talking about whereas the first time it was a good film and the second time it was a little annoying with the sexism against that Appollonia actress’s character and this week I saw the second half of that and saw that his character had alot of the regular Autism traits, especially that it seem like his view is that the world sort of revolves around his music like it’s the biggest most momentous deal in the world, but also I noticed that the band is called Revolution and his outfit was like French Revolution-referencing. 1984 was a big target-year for the Autists-system, like then 1999-2000, like they have takeover-goals set, deadlines for their accomplishing that overall goal all the time.

ck Edward Everett, unitarian here in congress speeches, Joseph Priestly, 1820, Robert Little, 1821, c st between 4th and 6th sts, nw, tt little deeds bldg area, j. quincy adams, bulfinch, Calhoun, Gales Sr. and Jr., seth hyatt, (wm?) seaton and gales, =the national intelligencer paper, seaton mayor and friend with daniel webster, etc = journal articles library; Harvard and 16th =all souls now– notes on the Unitarian church aspect of all this system. All around the Union Station the street signs have the word Unit in small print on themselves and it’s never been real clear what that’s like that for except I’m increasingly noticing the Unitarian church since they’d built across the street from where “doofy” like me Florence Sabin had been living, long ago in NY, in the 1930s. All my timing seems to be off that now I’m trying to pass a few minutes till I can take a break to get some water that won’t interfere with this terminal’s timing, and I notice that Prince’s first wife has a book out and there’s a copy here so I’ll try to locate it but I already know I don’t have time to do much reading into it, just want the water so I’m not “torn” discombobulated when I start that MyChart sign-up attempt. — I couldn’t do it, I don’t know what they want, same thing more or less that had happened two years ago. I found the biography on her life with Prince but the author’s picture makes her look like Valerie Bertinelli and she seems too young so then I was checking Jaclyn Smith and it got too confusing, very similar to trying to check into this medical file, round and round in a similar-seeming circle that I couldn’t figure. I guess I could correlate that to that the earth is stuck going around and around like this with this impossible situation on it like no way out of this whirl about nothing going nowhere. What can I think about or do with myself today then since things aren’t working out. I’m nearly afraid to look into this Iliad business anymore because it’s so real-life hidden underground all around me and off of whatever I try to do. Prince’s last 2 of the 39 albums were about Hit n Run. — Now I read that Marvel’s 95-year old Stan Lee is in some hospital with the nurses charging MeToo misconduct. It sounds like a British newspaper article though. His wife passed last year Wikipedia mentions.

I had something bad happen the other evening, a typical “stupid crosseyed girl” error that I figured was some sort of a trick but I can’t be paranoid about many things so I just proceeded to try to put alot of coin-change onto my buspass/Metro card and I made some error while doing that and the machine just absorbed the six dollars in change because the delay was too long when I went to reach for another container of the loose change. I went to the underground kiosk or station manager and the guy put $21 on my card. I explained I’d only lost $6 but with all the typical set-up “magic” all over me all the time I couldn’t do much but say that that means I owe the Metro $15 and I had to leave it at that because it was naturally a busy time of day that I did this in. This would seem like nothing at all except that the “magic” that runs the global-system we’re all in/under runs off of garbage and toilet really and to them there’s no telling what they figure that owing is worth this time. I figure it was a set-up because I’d seen one of the “regular character-stereotypes” doing a scene of putting change into the same machine a week before like that that’s what had given me the idea to follow suit and thence the trouble. There’s the peculiarity that fifteen dollars is also the amount that one would get refunded for when you finish using the cards and go to leave town except that I couldn’t get the $5 back then refundable amount back and this time the card is actually from like a “gift” from one of the horror-groups around me so there won’t be any refund on it for me or for them, that those things are real small-time to people who don’t have the bizarre difficulties that target-types like myself get. Then I notice that this weekend’s activities since then are all target-terrible “holiday” usual for this Armageddon Program and I’m figuring there’s a connection.

Juan Ponce de Leon

1/16/18, Tuesday, I’m here but they’re doing something different with the computer sign-up today and so I feel pressured not to hog the machine, it’s always some gimmick after another as I try to live through each day, really disgusting doo-doo boys all living off of this invisible torture circus. There is some small recollecting that there’s something wrong with some powerful business called CACI. They were founded a month before Marilyn Monroe passed but I thought I’d run across something about that the California RAND types had founded CACI originally somehow in New York, like around Herman Kahn’s area of Croton-on-Hudson somehow, some correlation somehow but they are super “mainstream normal” or some such and it’s about impossible for a teeny thing like me to prove that what’s odd about them and maybe all companies like them is that they’re primarily founded on however having begottten ovaries for people-manufacturing for the real way that their company supports itself, feeds the employees. They’re right near here so I shouldn’t be taking such a chance like this, but they were involved in the Abu Grahib I guess is how I’d noticed them and “Kaki/Kakees” is some sort of a nickname for myself that I’ve been called by so I’d noticed the group’s name and looked into the newspaper mentions from when the company was founded and it was in New York somehow, the first mentions of it back in 1962/1963. Then the California group had moved to here and has been established around here. I’ll take a look at their website now but then will likely have to sign off right away. (I’m back, 1/20/18:)

File:Gustave Doré - Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote - Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Plate 1 "A world of disorderly notions, picked out of his books, crowded into his imagination".jpg1863, 1906 edition of Cervantes’ Don Quixote’s illustration by Gustave Dore, (1832-1883, ) Héliodore-Joseph Pisan (assistant, 1822-1890) PD from Wikimedia Commons. I’m putting this here because I’m so fraught to get these monsters off of me that during last night’s insomnia torture to make me weak for today’s LURE “abuse” to describe the least, it occurred to me that Cervantes had been in and lost one of his hands or arms in that Battle of Lepanto in 1571 and that perhaps his then becoming a writer is closely connected to Homer and The Iliad because the Battle of Lepanto was engineered by the “semi-mythical” I call it because there’s so very little information that what there is could-might be fabricated for all I can figure, character called Joseph Nasi that seems closely connected to this torture-abuse for the Armageddon to come true that’s long been going on off of me. Nasi is said to have been born in Lisbon, Portugal into a merchant-banking household-family or such and gone mostly to Amsterdam and then down through Europe, especially to Lyon, and then made his home in Istanbul, doing all kinds of international setting up, and then his big thing was this fiasco called the Battle of Lepanto, that I can’t draw enough attention to. There was some Briseis-like incident involving a girl whose ovaries were gotten through a trick-marriage and I keep saying that I suspect all this acting-crew came from the “people-breeding” off of those disembodied ovaries, raising people in like platoons that go around and figure how to (more or less) fulfill those Revelation prophecies. I tried to gather some illustrations, this being an example of what seems to me to be one of these “platoons” of the wrongfully “grown” from disembodied ovaries then people, like a “spawn” in the same age-group that didn’t have normal lives and so were doing this learning to LURE people by putting on “entertainments” that I suspect I had come from. The nude lady on the top of that arch is said to have represented or been Isabella d’Este, (of that da Vinci sketch.)

Mantegnas "Parnassus," Louvre

Mantegnas “Parnassus”

The character in the middle left appears to be cursing her on the arch and this is an acting-crew that’s descended to me and now

It’s possible that this “Turk” is Joseph “Battle of Lepanto” Nasi.

I think they’re sitting on the truth of the dinosaur-food extinctions.

Nat. Graph. Mr. and Mrs. AG Bell

Natl. Graph. Mr. and Mrs. AG Bell. I have to write to Natl Geographic for permission on this photograph that I’ve used for showing the similarity between Mrs. Bell’s type and the Biblical “David” character, that The Lord is their shepherd.

Same thing with Rubens.

Ghent Altarpiece Pilgrims panel

Ghent Altarpiece’s Pilgrims panel

Then this is the usual illustration for the system-partnership, Revelation-, Armageddon-partnership that I’ve been using for many years, that the boy to the lower right of that blue “shell” symbol from the pilgrimage out to Santiago de Compostela, La Finisterre/Fisterrea now I think it’s being called and the large figure in the red cloak had been the Revelation-workers that led to me being invisibly imprisoned to it like this. I.e.; these pilgrims made a scam-LURE out to the cliffs of Spain and Portugal, getting rid of the other people. I think that that is when the effects of the missing food from the dinosaurs’ having been extincted by the small boy’s type of the “lost” New World feral then people had begun to dig into the Old World, the food was disappeared and the invaders just walked and ran all the weakened peoples they could off of cliffs into the drowning extincion then. Then during this insomnia-torture it occurred to me that the Inquisition and Torquemada might have been the normal people’s catching on and inquiring what all these strangers were doing. Torque I think means twist and everything they do is twisted because that’s how they get the drugs out of the brains of their victims, the secreted serotonin and what, they think twisted and that might have to do with the name Torque and then ma and da added to that might have to do with their people-growing, that they twist ma and da by doing this bizarre underground disembodied ovaries growing of people that’s become our today’s “Brave New World” of like factory-made mass reproductions like specifically off of this group of “fraud-family” I’d been born into in 1955 that’s now like populace-replacements and all those “Babar-Ainu/robo-boys” and other stereotyped people and everything’s top secret because it’s all because these people-growers do it for the drugs from our brains and we’re going to wind up with no biology left one of these days and they don’t care because they’re primarily narcotics-addicts, brain-addicts, serotonin-addicts and they just want to stay high and hallucinating like in this above illustration from the Don Quixote. Also I have to add in that just after the (1492-ish) Inquisition then Joseph Nasi was born out there around 1520, allegedly then passing outside of Istanbul in 1575. I suspect that Cervantes might have been one of Nasi’s “grown” offspring-descendants and trying to look into the writing attributed to himself for comparing it to the work of Homer I see that he did a huge amount of writing. My point is that I suspect that that The Iliad was fabricated around the Joseph Nasi time as the “race” of themselves doesn’t live in the same “plane” that the other people do, they just want to stay high and the writing serves as a cover for their developmental disabilities and drug/narcotic-addiction, and I suspect that The Iliad and then all Cervantes and lots of the other “classics” came from lack of interest in participating in the general culture and instead “conspiring” with the Autist-boys against the other peoples. Nasi had had an early printing press there in Istanbul and the “war account” by Homer could have been a cover story for what they were doing there acting like they owned the place after they’d been all-infiltrating for centuries and millennia. I’m going to try to look and see if there are similarities that Cervantes’ work came from the same source, but the invisible-torture is always the same thrashing and bashing to keep me in the gutters and all lied-about for the LURE uses no matter what I and reality are doing or try to do. Today is especially bad because they’re having that women’s march again and it’s any-any “holiday” or event or excuse for using me as a LURE on top of the usual daily torture for that, that the bums pulled a big lot of trick all over me today to put me into their unprovable underground LURE trap situation, conning these unsuspecting “other peoples” or remnants of whatever is left of normal people, out to that area I’ve been stranded in plus I’ve got 2 other main difficulties, that they are forcing me to have to try to “escape” prematurely for what I’d be likely to be able to survive, that someone alone as I am can’t just traipse down to Florida and be able to manage through all this sneaky Armageddon “invisible” underground-world torture-traps set, and then I got a piece of mail with bad news yesterday, and yesterday I couldn’t get to any library because they were thrashing and bashing me invisibly around unprovably over that annual anti-abortion or pro-life march they do here. Look, I always have to think to myself as though I can talk out loud to anyone, I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my having been able to get an abortion in late 1971, that that was part of the destroying me that was going on toward this Armageddon, and only in 2008 did I realize that the system’s been “creeping” pre-fertilized ovae into females and I would have spent my whole life agonizing and in mental hospitals over games about that aborted thank goodness “kid,” that these guys have been doing this “creeping” those things into us for centuries and they’re super-sneaky covered-up about everything, etc., and I’d have been thrashed and bashed all over the place psychologically about tricks around that child and it was never from me, and now I realize that it was probably something real spiteful, like an ovae from some neighborhood female that was fertilized by the fraud-parent and given to that guy to “creep” the egg/ova into me and as the decades go by you see it develop into those other people’s faces you’ve spent your whole life doing everything for that uninterested in you person, etc., hideous maliciousness of this whole brain eaters’ system. I’m going to go try the search engine but then you have to wade through translations to try to get to what the materials basically were like or were from, but it’s becoming clear that everything is a lie about this system and whatever it says. — I heard a big “snow job” on the TV yesterday, news story about a guy who was shown as though saint-like and in mulling over it afterward I realized that he’d done all that just to get the girl’s ovaries and I think he’s the type that Louis “the French Revolution” XVI and Siam’s Rama III had been, that they have some big inconspicuous stereotype-set that benefits from what all the torturers do, that they’re Autist-profiteers from what the more-conspicuous “Jomon and Ainu” I’ve been calling like Louis XIV and the “Babar-boys,” do, but the story left you feeling like the guy was saint-like except that the way the photographic pictures were put together you were snowed into one mind-set and then they snuck the more-real situation in inconspicuously without its disturbing the false impressions they’d created, and this sort of hallucino-work goes on in this system all day long every day, the whole system is made up of these people who won’t participate in normal human activities and have to be “artists” and bigshots in other ways and they all live off of this longtime LURE-abuse of me since that French Connection 1962 scam I’d been snuck into the bottom of. I finally forced myself to the LOC, the “big Library” on Thursday in case of the government shutdown and I found the specific thing I’d gone there for but I didn’t get a copy of it! I made some mistake that when I couldn’t get to a library yesterday I lost my copy I’d sent to email, that you only get 24 hours to retrieve it and I couldn’t get there and only found out today that I’d missed the copy, of Florence Sabin’s uncle Albert Sabin’s obituary with a good photo of himself but I don’t know what stereotype he was, and he wasn’t the Edwin Drake type. He worked in most of the high schools in Chicago getting them established from around 1880-1910 or so. Then I got another chance to look for the February 1962 story on Elise Cowen, and couldn’t find anything. All these years I hadn’t realized the LOC has back copies on microfilm of the New York Daily News and the Post as well as the usual easy-to-reach New York Times that I’d only used till yesterday I finally got to check the Daily News on Ms. Cowen and there wasn’t anything in the paper the day after she’d allegedly committed suicide; Allen Ginsberg’s former girlfriend is said to have jumped through her parent’s window to death not too far from where the French Connection scam had just happened so I wanted to see the write-up on that because of the big window-smashing theme back then as the system wanted to break through the “invisible ceiling” ozone-seal/atmosphere-seal to get into space, and I was leery about this locked window-jumping through business and the 3 newspapers had nothing though I didn’t get to check March 1st in the News and the Post yet. While looking for that though I did get a picture from the French Connection bust but you have to get copyright permissions even though it’s a public newspaper and the thing I think is still listed as being an unsolved crime, maybe because then the heroin had turned up missing or some such. I found a story on it and have to see about getting the permission but the little picture of Tony Fuca being arrested by Sal (Sonny) Grosso shows me at least that it’s a different Tony Fuca than had been arrested for the first batch of the “heroin” the 3 weeks earlier in Brooklyn, 2 different people, this picture being the same as the photo I always use because I’d recognized those particular little suitcases from having played some odd strange little game with fitting them together:

Usual French Connection photo I use for trying to explain everything.

“French Connection” in the Bronx really, usual photo by which I try to explain everything.

The Daily News photo I found, by Dan Farrell, only shows about the top half of his face, that it’s this short guy and not the one from the line-up photo taken from the Brooklyn arrests the in January 1962.

In the original “French Connection” arrest in Brooklyn in January that’s said to be Patsy Fuca on the left and then the French actor whose car it was and then that’s said to be Tony Fuca and I think it is the real Tony Fuca from the Bronx but then they set up some ritual around that second batch of the heroin, or a set of rituals, that I believe led to this TPE I’m warning that the human race is really going toward as these guys’ director/gods are just serotonin-addicted weirdos who do all the lying for the system. Note that Mr. Scaglia on the right is of the “Babar-Ainu/hallucino-robo boys” type I’m calling them

That kid might also be the model for the “Patroclos” character from The Iliad that I think was playing dead, which is what led to the fall of Troy/maybe Istanbul.

French Connection photo from a letter and photo of the Bronx basement.

French Connection photo and the Bronx basement the “heroin” was stored in.

Two days unable to get to here had gotten me overloaded and I hope tomorrow will somehow be a “normal” day for little me by myself like I’ve tried to turn today into. The underground and/or satellite boys all living off of me being used as a LURE had done the insomnia to cause me to oversleep so I’d get stuck into the situation of having to walk to and then back from the local-there branch library to shelter and it’s like a LURE-shuttle and they’ve got a big women’s march of “pigeons” to try to con into their LURE route and what they do is they do loud happy party-partying like there isn’t a problem in the world and they more or less rumor around or announce and jiggle and feed people and say come look we’ve got a female that’s trying to “save the world” or likely they’ve stolen my real thing, quiet-but-real is what I’ve 25 years been trying to get across but they just loud use me for luring people into petroleum-making prison-vats more or less, people decomposed into hydrocarbon petroleum all along “global-system” the brain eaters cooked up so they can just developmentally disabledly sit underground and stay high and feel like bigshots and magicians for, that I don’t know if they’ve “upgraded” this scam to this what I’m trying to get across is these bums are throwing eternity away, leaving the created universe without biology anymore because they’re parasites parasiting everything to death and for these 25 years I’ve begged to just leave me out of whatever this underground system and its phony magic and visions and voices is, that it, and its book of Revelation and other similar writings, are from people with something wrong with them or they wouldn’t be peering at other people’s brains for so long that they learned how to invade us, just leave me out of that so we can have, can build, perhaps some way out of this disaster of the brain parasites’.

1/21/18, Sun., quick notes; Add, that then they have Votes! and the Autism always refuses, the Devo boys’ 2005 concert here photo, add about the claws, fed to lions became machine-done claws, ck montmarte and a map, that they jump onto synapses, synaptic movements, change hiding to sit on above, pasadena rose parade mlk float looked like jdr2, joy siphoned to their narcotic high, that trick w the pope, that, you’re not a pope, you’re a priest silent screen look, tt dispute of st. catherine, ck tt amr company, ck nypresb. compared to genevieve, 1973 Return to Earth by buzz aldrin, ck john gribbin, astronomer, tt penguin supports copyr blurb, bloemfontein, anglo-australian observatory, geneva extrasolar planet search, marc kaufman, first contact, 2011, susan senator on autism.

it does look like cervantes is similar to Homer, like a chronology from homer to cervantes to shakespeare maybe. There’s a point I seldom get around to mentioning, that when this “Armageddon Show” had first visions and voices been sprung onto me there was a big theme of typing FOR one of the visions and voices in particular, like a ghost-writer for vanity press maybe was the point. I thought the whole thing was fiction and haven’t given the subject any thought but with all the artwork, around the Mantegna-type in particular, I’m wondering that alot of the portraits of the “Jomon” -type whose pictures seem to be everywhere lately, as with these I’ve been bringing up in these “You Were Wrong” complaint-type files, like with Don Quixote and Cervantes also then, all that — who’d painted that about the Funeral of that Count O.; I’d have to try to look it up. I’m wondering if these people did do that type of painting of themselves or had forced other/normal people to do the paintings of themselves, like I hadn’t taken seriously was being demanded of myself when this first started, am starting to think that alot of writing might have been like forced at knife- or gunpoint like they’d been “joke” doing to me, trying to force me to invent things for some not-here v&v, and thence the invisible-tortures got worse as I can’t do that sort of thing but if someone was here with a knife on me I might be able to wax prolific about how great and outstanding they are, and you should see the clothes and the love of family, etc. That funeral picture, Goya or Velasquez or what is that painter’s name, I’ll try to look it up next time, with a big spawn of lookalikes.

File:El Greco - The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.JPGThe Burial of Count Orgaz, by El Greco, 1541-1614; courtesty Wikimedia Commons, PD, commissioned 1586 by Andres Nunez for Santo Tome, Toledo, Spain.

I don’t know why I have difficulty recalling El Greco’s name. I think he was from Crete. Joseph Nasi had owned one of those Greek islands, Naxos, and maybe some other small ones. All these guys at the burial have the same “type” of face, look like they were mass-reproduced from disembodied ovaries and “grown” in isolated or underground place/s. We are so naive. It’s like “taking candy from a baby” to snatch the world away to themselves; I believe they were working for that because they’d been misled by the longlost Autist (polite for brain damaged,) New World invaders, and they’re still working to make this a planet just for their Autist partner-friends. And with all the inter-breeding they’ve become the Autists as well. Maybe they really did learn to paint their faces so well but maybe they’d gotten other-people painters to make pictures of themselves; I can’t begin to guess, I’m not supposed to have to try to guess, there are supposed to be other people also doing things, but it seems like they sit on the world the same pattern as they sit on me and now there’s this scam with adding the “Babar-Ainu boys” fulltime onto me as well, like a people bred and groomed to be assassins toward inheriting the planet for their and the Consortium’s kinds. It’s first in the Ghent Altarpiece that there are the many of this type of people’s faces, as though they’d painted their own selves, but, since I’m seeing not any talent for anything but drug addiction and number-computating I’m starting to think that maybe other people had been forced to paint portraits of this type of people, which I’ve been calling of the anonymous “Jomon” culture of early early Japan.

File:John Wesley Hyatt, Jr.jpgJohn Wesley Hyatt, 1937-1920, inventor of celluloid, modern pool balls; PD from Wikimedia Commons.

For today I have to sign off now. I’d found a rentable motel room in St. Augustine but somehow accidentally just deleted it from the Craig’s List listing when I went back to get the contact-info, but the address was right there somehow when I’d spotted it yesterday. I’m always trying to figure the balance in how long I could last in a new place (with this horror-circus crime invisibly all over me behind my back, under my feet, from satellite “magic” and what,) and still have enough of my ssfund to be able to get up to do the Florence Sabin reading in Massachusetts when the weather’d be warm enough again for me to make that trip, that I don’t want to become “accidents happen” broke in Florida to find that that prevents doing what’s more important to me, etc., that this circus just thrashes and bashes without regard for anything except their anonymous’ profiteering off of me and I don’t think I can foresee more than 2 months of being able to survive intact, but the weather doesn’t really get warm enough for me till May, so that’d only be leaving here in March or late February and realistically speaking I’m sittine in a former-morgue that I think is a mammoth LURE trap underneath so what is the worst of evils all the time I’m trying to figure/weigh. Then there are details like that I think these bums would care to strand me up in Massachusetts because it’d be in the middle of a bunch of all-women’s colleges, in addition to their pushing me to leave so they can enjoy Florida off of me.

1/24/18, Wednesday, horrible day. I sent this last night after trying to get a good picture of that 26′ outdoor sculpture, Everyman, by Joseph Borofsky, while waiting for a bus that was detoured by that parade last week, at the stop a block away. That’s the sculpture just to the left of the green traffic light. I’d sent a bunch of cropped copies but none came out better than this first one. Then I fell asleep and then the lights went on sometime and some ill acting scene happened that worried me about it’s attachment to me today so that I didn’t want to bring it to a new branch of the library that I’ve been trying to get to see what it would be like for me trying to work in it till it’s a good time for me to try to get to Florida, so that I changed around all my plans but made an errand and after the errand there was some other sort of the scenes/scene-sets that are pulled around me that then “thrash and bashed” me to coming to this usual place I’ve been coming to until it was too controversial since after that first parade last week, that then there was the other parade and I try to stay away from being a LURE-circus act whereby the “regulars” divert tourist-types to go find out what this is about, but I’m hoping it’s quiet and stays quiet. I’ve got some same routine that had been here last time I was here doing it’s routine is all. It was real bad before that horrible acting scene had gone on, that I’d thought was maybe different because I was headed to a first time at a new library branch. They sprang some one of the old types of the standard tricks on me but I don’t have a soul to speak with about anything, am always all alone with everything just “bottled up inside” of me because you’d have to be familiar with alot of this material before you’d have the slightest belief or interest in what I’m trying to explain about this or that. In this case the girl with the trick I suspect is “Brave New World-made” from one of the French Connection people that had come from one of the workers at the old Rockefeller lab that Florence Sabin had also worked in; it was a big lab and they probably knew each other only distantly if at all. I don’t have anyone I can explain this 3-step business to whatsoever and yet it’s a terrible and an ongoing trick-set that’s all over me. In fact they’ve had this stereotyped type of girl on me since 2010 that I’ve been aware of, different people who have the same general face and characteristics, as a regular character-type in this “Armageddon-making Program.” I think that Rene Dubos was from a regular system-type that worked in people mass-reproduction and Mrs. (Barbara) Fuca might have “come from” him. Recall maybe that I’m thinking she might have been the role-model for the Holly Golightly character in Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I’ll go looking for the little author’s photo from her 1979-ish “Mafia Wife” that I can’t find a copy of anymore of yet, am trying to get the name of the restaurant they used to go to near the dock in Brooklyn. — This Borofsky sculpture; I found a picture of Allen Ginsberg in that stance from the early sixties in the book about his first amendment difficulties with his poem “Howl,” book about freedom of speech trial on that, but everything’s the opposite. The Autists only want freedoms for themselves and for everyone else to disappear. So I’m afraid to post a copy of that picture till I can get to sit down in one piece somehow somewhere and write for these permissions to use this or that. It’s like there is this dichotomy of worlds, the Autists world and then the “normals’” what’s left of the normals’ world. The copyright for the Autists means that you can’t use their work as evidence against themselves is really what the deal seems to be whereas they’d gotten the copyright laws made because they outright steal everything, anything, that they can so they’ll steal your book, baby, life unless there are specific laws so copyright laws got approved but by then they’ve got their books having replaced the normal world’s books and they don’t want you using their material to show what psychopaths they were/are.

Mrs. (Patsy) Barbara Fuca and author Robin Moore, circa 1978I’m thinking it’s possible that both of them might have come from Rene! That’d be terribly difficult to impossible to prove but there’s a good chance it’s true because that’s just how the system works in order to be able to control everyone, they mass-manufactured their most useful types to be like cogs in this big machine their system is and the types squeeze the “others,” other peoples out of existence. I’d finally located a copy of that group-photo in Oswald Avery’s lab where Rene has his arms around Frank H. Babers but then I haven’t been able to get to the LOC to see if I can learn anything about what Dr. Babers might have been up to, he might have been a major figure in producing these mass-reproduced “robo-boys” I call the Babar-Ainu type, but then there’s such horror around copyright rights that maybe I didn’t get a copy of the photo because the source is like a trouble-maker, but maybe I have it stuck away in here somewhere that I could/should go looking for because I’m thinking that Rene and Dr. Babers were like a team of mass-reproducers of their genes. Then Rene’s might have become people like Moore and Mrs. Fuca and then I”ve had this difficulty since I think early 2010 with this type that’d run the trick-set last night. And all this is really nothing to do with or shouldn’t be anything to do with this blogsite, that it’s just some inundation of crap I’m under that’s like suffocating me right now so that I can’t function/think productively, where it’s already 3 p.m. and it’ll be time to leave here soon.