p.292, Witness Protection

Pete Earley 2002 “WITSEC” book says that both these guys are Gerald Shur, an early maker of the federal witness protection program, yet the 1st one is made to look like the fraud-parent and is likely one of the “offspring-descendants” of the fraud-parent and I’d been “plagued” by seeing one or two of them around 2012. I cropped the bottom “Gerald Shur” photo, which looks to me like Albert Anastasio, assassinated 1959 in NY, because I’m wanting to use the photo as an example to go with this “staircase” group that had come from Krakow and the artist Jan Matejko. Both those in the picture are I believe examples of the one at the very top of the staircase. Dallas’ Jesse Curry would be another example of that type and Mrs. Marguerite Oswald, me trying to make files on the stereotype-types like this but run ragged all the time by this Armageddon, and witness protection wouldn’t return my calls back 10 years ago and I gave up trying when I’d then found this Pete Earley book and researched to figure that that 2nd “Shur” might actually have been Anastasio and the program had been early infiltrated by this “mob” type of the underworlders out of Krakow or Mongol-Siberia and then to all around the planet. I don’t like to repeat the same things over and over but it’s never occurred to me that the staircase beings might actually be from the “Myrmidons” of the Trojan “war” invasion of the Old War, I’ve always thought that those pictured were early basement-laboratory creations of King Casimir III the Great but I could be mistaken and maybe they were from the original Autists from Paleo-America, etc.