Dubos for some reason

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I couldn’t get to read the 2005 biography on Rene Dubos because I woke up with this “slug-pneumonia” illness a little bit relapsed. One of the main gimmicks on me over the years has been to infect me with this illness and then since I’m homeless I have to be out in public and the system claims I go around infecting everyone and thence they should be like destroyed, so to try to put how some of this “invisible warfare” goes, so I had to cancel my plan and try to get there the next opportunity but, again, I’m totally by myself with all this horror “Armageddon” real end of the real Earth and real Creation and, leaving eternity with this planet as flying smithereen-garbage for ever and ever, etc. We are the only biology that’d gotten started and it’s nothing except childhood Autism that’s caused everything to go awry, so I’m in this ridiculous situation all the time, and I feel bad when I say I’m going to do something and then couldn’t go do it. I picked back up where I’d left off yesterday and that was trying to double-check that my recollection was correct on Dubos’ living in Garrison, NY and I checked now this morning, thanks be to goodness that I’m even able to do that, because I’ve got all these horrors like closing in on me all the time, only because I’m kept totally isolated from actual contact with other people, where no one around me ever lets me speak or says anything to speak of. The Internet is supposed to be an infinite place like the Universe is infinite and likely is expandable, but life is stuck in this dead-end business. The system just never wants me to have or be anything and doesn’t want me on computers, so it’s like extremely lucky that they don’t, God help, have me locked into a hospital like after the car-hit for five months and such, is like what they’re, it’s, idea of referencing around me lately. Etc., sign off and back on to explain this. — This goes on and on with the interconnections just for this part of the whole Armageddon reality problem. Rene Dubos must have been born into this “Louis XIV”-paradigm, Louis’ beliefs that were born of their own horrifying captivity to these underground-sneak Autists and their “serotonin-abusing” partners, this mania that “the others,” the other people on Earth, must go, everyone’s infected and we must be started over, with the Autist-types and their partners in charge, the slaves like Louis having to get that job done for the Autists or face decapitation of themselves and anyone they know, knew. Rene seems to me to have been extremely good-looking circa 1930 and there’s some good chance that he’d come from the “Jesus” line of people’s genes, was born into that situation-set type of a life and the boy studied agronomy and met Dr. Waksman in Rome informally and then on the boat to over here and started working at Rutgers with him, so now I happen to be in this typical position of where little me thinks it required that I now learn all I can about Dr. Waksman and his papers actually happen to be right here just as I’m looking for someone whose papers I’d be able to read in order to get practice for what I really want to do which is to get myself up into Smith College, all girls, and hide for awhile, to read the papers, the daily letters to her sister Mary that co-worker of Rene Florence Sabin had written, so I’d thought that reading some papers here would be like a recommendation to Smith that they’d let me read Sabin’s papers because that’s extremely important to me where none of this other stuff really is, but it is part and parcel of how we’re really heading for TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION merely because of the Autism nobody will let me write letters toward getting straightened out, etc. — I used to have a picture of Dr. Waksman in his lab like this one below except conspicuously surrounded by like a hundred cottom-stuff topped test tubes or decanters or such like they use, and it sort of idea of references the way test-tube babies are grown, is the idea I’ve got of him and so then that Rene had gotten into that and then Robin/Robert L. Moore the French Connection-title author was born, in Massachusetts, about a year after Rene had gotten to NJ, and I suspect that Rene’s genes had been used for all kinds of people walking around today and large-part run this whole “serotonin-way of living,” which the system insists is not drug “addiction,” always swearing to that “LSD” is not the same thing as debilitating drugs, they believe that eating brain makes them more intelligent than ordinary people, they’re all superior and the rest of the people, us “others” just take up space on their planet but it’s from the captivity that goes back centuries and centuries that, it seems from what I can gather of all this, that the Rene-type have got that belief-set from. In fact, the “Jesus-types” seem to be like “ingrates” toward the rest of us because they know what they’ve suffered and the rest of us don’t and are fed by them and can just go get lost. I’m trying to say that all that comes from pre-lunar-landing times thinking and that belief-set was all incorrect, though of course the slaves had just had to tell the Autists and their buddies anything to appease them, like, wait till we get you up into the sky where the stars are, then you’ll have all the big diamonds and the others will be begging at your door instead of the other way around like this, just wait, and 1969 came and went and this re-assessment of the global situation hasn’t been taken into consideration and, Kathy Foshay is just stuck with this pre-moon-landing mentality still doing those Biblical-age threats. But don’t try to get in touch with me please because they’re really all cannibals and profiteers around me. — Maybe the best reason for reading Dr. Sabin’s letters is I might be able to describe how all this “vision and voices” had gotten hooked up because she’d basically known most everyone in medical-science here and in Europe and a little in Asia and I think she was like a prototype for then this “Armageddon-making Show” onto me. She was like the then- laughingstock of everyone behind her back like this unprovable “show” is for me. And I guess she’d come from Queen Victoria of England’s ovaries, purloined ovae, where this same “magic” was all worked-up off of using her as the laughingstock, under and behind her back, from Victoria to Florence to me the same “magicians” doing the same tricks, so that this poor lady Dr. Sabin had had such a boring life that she’s said to have written to her sister in Denver, also a spinster, just about every evening, and I think I might be able to piece together alot by reading those. She might even have known Kraepelin over in Munich and he’s the worst “character” medical-scientist, that I’m aware of, for perpetrating say this visions and voices business, trick. I think some real-time good could come of me getting up to read those is the point of this, that that vision and voices business is horrifying for me because it seems that if you try to discuss it with anyone the system automatically wants you locked up and drugged and that’s about my biggest personal fear, etc. I’m going to try to get some letter together for this Franklin & Prokopic business, but this is just more of the same “Armageddon Show” scam onto me I’m sure from the various teeny signs or clues I can only go by. I found a photo of “French Connection” author Robin Moore taken not long before he’d passed in 2008 and it’s possible that he might even look a little similar to Mr. Prokopic for instance for some of these difficulties that I’m all alone with.  –30- back, and the 2005, and the only, Rene Dubos biography isn’t on the shelf there, so I’d’ve wasted my time getting there, which is a really debilitating trip for me because there’s no food anywhere around the place unless you have money, you can’t bring your lunch with you, and even if you have money the main place is closed on Saturday, it’s a real ordeal to try to read a book in the broke shape that I’m in. It might even be online but I can almost never get online and mostly just try to explain why I send the little pictures that I can and the rest of the time is always the same trying to figure who would take what I’m saying to interest and not be bothered by the cannibal goons that “shadow” anything I think or try to do, is how this “Armageddon Show” does the Armageddon, that lots of people would like to help me but they’re waylaid by the goons and smiley system-people and all I can’t guess at, etc. It’s been like this for decades. So I can relax about trying to make that trip, and feel pretty sure that it’s only worse and worse about what I’d find in looking into Rene’s doings, and I noticed just now that there’s a P.S. 178 Dr. Selman Waksman school on Baychester Avenue in the Bronx, where I’d used to live nearby in Baychester Project, 1963-73, and then I’d joined the Army, and should be able to sit down and figure how to write to the new VA Secretary about all