Pearl Bailey, 12th and U Streets, NW


Trying to conserve some room I’m putting this practice area into this file because it’s largely around this picture “anyway:”


Autists_ Jobs, this is from the back of the simon and schuster isaacson biography, 2011, with the standard all rights reserved blurb that seems a little ambiguous, that they know they have no right to withhold all use of published materials like the system’s been making to get away with, but at the Shaw there’s also a graphic novel but it has one of the scary copyright notices, no parts therein and stuff without permission of the publisher, and I never have time for extra things like trying to contact places for permission in advance so I’m going to try to put the address here for safekeeping because it seems that it’s really obvious that they’re sotto voce-saying that Jobs was a bunch of different people who’d gotten the name after the original one went underworld. The title is Steve Jobs, Genius by Deesign, — check also the Bob Dylan Music Company, rights on his lyrics they’d gotten, — 2012, published by Kalyani Navyug Media Pvt., Ltd, 101 C, Shiv House, Hari Nagar Ashram, New Delhi 110014, India, their Campfire imprint, 2012, isbn: 978-93-80028-76-7 .pdfautists jobs – it didn’t work. I’m sure to lose this address and I’d really like to get a permission from them because he’s like THEE figurehead-Autist for our time just about I guess. I’ll have to try to think what to do to get that above address to somewhere I won’t lose it till I have a chance to write to them, — I won’t even be able to read the graphic novel because just from the first few pages it seems obvious that they know all about, and more, what I’m trying to get to about, to discuss here with this entire TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION reality off of the Autists. img 20170718 083806 ” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ class=”size-medium wp-image-4520″ src=”″ alt=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ srcset=” 300w, 150w, 512w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” style=”box-sizing: border-box; height: auto; max-width: 100%; border: 0px; display: block; margin: 0px auto;”>
Please see post #290, Pearl and Lou, for explication about the Autism here!

Bruce and Berton

Lenny Bruce and Pierre Berton in Los Angeles in early 1966.
img 20170622 100505
This is the 1962 “French Connection” photo, taken in the Bronx near where I d been 6 years old and played with those suitcases for some part of the “hallucino-superstition” that goes into all this system we have. The author Robin Moore s, , cation describes the alleged identities of those guys and then I write to people that tha t is actually my “fraud-parent” there on the far-right and that the guy on the far-left is an example of what I call high-functioning” Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence from the brains of other people, and that that is taking us to ….

The first and probably this second Pearl Bailey photo was taken/is from the nearby (Addison) Scurlock photo studio, 9th and U Streets, NW. Louis Bellson in that first picture that had caused me to really desire to get a camera to get a copy of it because I know that only they’re really at the bottom of this entire cannibalism-system we’ve got, etc., looks about the same as the darker guy sitting next to Bailey in this actually earlier-days’ photo, about 1950 because she’d married Bellson by 1953 or 1952, married to a guy named John Randolph Pinkett the II, the second, I think, from 1948-1952, and that might be him sitting next to her in this U Street photo. That would mean, to me at least, that she was “made a fool of” because the first guy and then Bellson were more or less actual-spawn brothers or however you could call it, from the same spawn of disembodied-ovary fertilizations but with one getting, probably, some dye put into the egg-mix, if you would.,, etc., etc. Then Addison Scurlock was very similar looking also, that I’d have to check the birthdates, Bruce, Lenny Bruce, born 1925 on Long Island, Mineola, and Bellson born in Illinois toward the Mississippi maybe out that way somewhere in 1924, just passed in 2009 (to my offhand recollection, not any good fact-checking abilities right now, etc.) The Pinkett’s were a big real estate family here but I haven’t been able to find much information except that they’re still around probably or possibly. The guy behind the group is really why I’d gone back to get the picture of the photo, with that thing on his tongue that I would guess is symbolism….

Barry w lb? (meaning, Is that Lenny Bruce, but it’s more likely Louis Bellson?

I’ll try to crop any of these copies of this “standard” photo of that so-called “French Connection” that I’d found in a book one day, the book titled that, and recognized that I’d used to play with those suitcases

and so took a closer look at the males and realized that that was the male “parent” I’d had and that he’d actually been a stranger working with this brain-serum underworld all along, etc., but right now I have alot in this rest of this blogsite to try to get to and only an hour to do it in today, but the guy on the far right in that photo might be Louis Bellson or Lenny Bruce, etc. What I mean by that they’re at the bottom of it is that it’s my guess that the “classic Autists” aren’t bright enough to keep this unsustainable horror going so smoothly like it appears to be, so these “helpers” to everyone, fence-riders, are really the high-functioning Autists that assume that they’ll inherit this from the slower-minded Autists no matter what happens because they’re smarter, they have the win-win thing that’s leading to loss of everything for eternity going for themelves in their playing stupid or whatever and forcing this system onto everywhere. They work both and all sides.

Related image

img 20170718 1557091

John W. Cromwell.png

  Bishop Grace

img 20170817 143643
Bishop Charles Manuel Sweet Daddy Grace.

https://goo.glimages/qJ7rLK — this first attempt didn’t work because I don’t have anyone to talk with is all, that it’s terribly simple to move images into your material, but I’m on the outside of everything. I found that “they” sell those “USB” cables for one dollar, simple as pie all this time and nobody assists me with anything. My main thought from the other day is they have this Images widget and I could put universe-type images down in the emply space of the footer so far on this blogsite, that first column where the log-in is, i could fill all that space with nice pictures of what i’m trying to explain but this system steals everything and figure they can steal the new world and steal the universe/space and steal my blogsite after already having stolen my life, etc. So it’ll take just some little time till I can “pack-mule” -style figure out how to down- and upload pictures, little by little I’m trying to forge ahead despite all this torture and they know that i’m still serious about what i’m trying to talk about so the system rides off of my sincerity while stealing my whole life all the time. This’s been 25 years of this gutter-circus and they now have these “fraud-family” and brain-eating goons all over me, stealing while torturing and turning my work to crap like this complaining about the system only begets.

8/18/17, Friday, I’m under real bad “Armageddon-making Program” invisible-tortures all over me usual horror, and with yesterday running errands I’ve got all kinds of “backlog” on material I want to get covered and things to do. I’ll try to make this file-start nice and go do those things.

— Don’t let it be said that anyone has assisted me with anything, I’ve been trying to learn about Bishop Grace since I’d noticed that “Pearl and Lou” photo and that was probably in April, learning that Pearl Bailey was with a “French Connection” -type face and that her father-parent had lived around the corner from there and that her father had worked for Bishop Grace, and now yesterday I’d nearly missed finding this picture right out in fron of that church merely because I generally don’t walk in front of churches with all this Armageddon-making racket all over me and I guess I don’t read maps well or what that I didn’t realize there was a Cultural Tourism DC signboard right in front of the church, and I walked the other side of the street and double-checked that the signboard on 7th St. is white-washed on both sides (still) and kept going toward and through to the other side of the Convention Center to the next signboard and looked more closely at the map and saw I hadn’t realized there was a signboard near the church on that side of the street and the weather is said to be thunderstorming and it started to rain but I “walked,” pack-muled, back anyway and there’s this signboard with that scene on it. For good or ill Bishop Grace was a major 20th-century force for where we are today and thence where we’re going. Then just before walking into this library I’d sent the other picture of “Lou” that was why I was on that path and it didn’t arrive yet. Maybe I’ll try while sitting here, things are usually real horrible for me, I’m all encrusted with this parasitic LURE and Armageddon-making Program that is behind the LURE, and I guess that I’d be caught up with things by tomorrow. I’ve been trying to learn about Bishop Grace all these months but it’s inter-connected to all these other Armageddon-difficulties that I have and I wander in a vacuum and was only lucky that I went back to see this, it’s a pretty p[cture. I suspect that he looks like Graham Saxby, that maybe their birthdates are similar. There’s a bibliographic book on Bishop Grace that I’ve been trying to read but haven’t been able to visit the Library of Congress since I’d learned about “Pearl and Lou” and read her 3 books, skimmed them real quickly, and it’s just been gutter-circus and then yesterday I made it to this new gimmick for the system to make Armageddon off of me, the age-62 social security business paperwork got done, 9 weeks to wait to see if i can get out of this hole and be safe anywhere somehow eventually in order to be able to try to work on the real universe-rescue attempt i’m really trying to work on that this circus is ever-sucking from me, and when i left the office and try to figure how i’m going to try to run my life of course it had occurred to me that i could use the time for quick-reading at the library of congress and the “inferno-shelter” has got this toilet-bowl hole girl character that’s all over my mornings on purpose especially lately again and that toilet-bowl girl is “indirectly” connected to the library in a way that i haven’t any responsible adult ever anywhere around me to discuss things with and can’t blab on here right now, but all these Armageddon-Plan things are interconnected, bothering me with this bizarre that “hogs” the toilet stall like choreographedly when I have to get into that room eventually in mornings, waiting there with its routine like that and that’s connected to the “loc” and that’s connected to having been unable to learn anything further about Bishop Grace, and there I’d nearly missed this picture yesterday, was just lucky to find this. He, passing in 1960, was from the Portuguese (Catholic) slave-trading island of Cape Verde and recall that that 1492 Line of Demarcation/Treaty of Tordesillas was dividing up this New World between Spain and Portugal. That’s because those Ghent Altarpiece people were walking people out to the cliffs of Spain and Portugal, the system had stationed itself by the cliffs of those for the Autists, like that Pilgrim-boy represents, them headed to Santiago de Compostella by way of Conques, France especially, that being one of about 4 routes to that “end of the earth” till the New World was discovered and they divvied it up between Spain and Portugal and nothing has changed. Except that Portugal and Spain had expanded to other places and the all kinds of guises that we have today but it’s only the cliff-pushing Autists’ Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy, with hallucinogen-dependence, and they are all over my anything. — I’m not having any luck and it’s all just easy stuff I can’t figure out yet. I want to put it somewhere but not to be lost in this morass of words that that 1929 guy in Minneapolis, Wilbur Foshay of that Foshay Tower that’s still there and everyone had lost their move-in to the building money and the Great Depression on that, that Foshay used the Joseph Fouche family in France/Paris’ coat of arms for himself, his name, that there might be a link there via this system, and Fouche was the chief of police and I quick-read that he was like the beginning of the police state, which makes Foshay and police state possibly connected and I just have this Armageddon-making all over me with these fraud-family people as system-enforcers and “shadows” above and under the ground all over. When the system wants trouble, as with this morning’s entry into this library-branch and about anything else I try to go do, they bother me with these strangers with that fraud-family face, fraud-parent face of the whole bunch of bio-unrelated people. A similar “little” thing I’m trying to get coordinated into all this disorganized mess that I personally am being drowned by and whatnot, is that as far as that “Blame Game” Adam and Eve and Counselor cartoon goes, a figure for that Eve type that the boy is arguing with is like in that Parnassus painting and the same with the “Pallas Chasing the Vices” painting, that the being-cursed female and the one chasing everyone from the fire, the Pallas and 2 other names I’ve seen it called by, Minerva in one write-up and another name somewhere else, that figure is based on the historical chanacter of Isabella d’Este and I’m trying also to get that picture of her that’s painted by that Leonardo da Vince because Alexander Graham Bell’s partner Thomas Watson seems to be the type  descended from da Vinci and then to what’s in that “Ente…” file I’ve been trying to get going on that type and this pursuit off of poor little myself, that if you figure that that stereotype comes from da Vinci (who is said to have been a slave to someone whose name I can’t recall in the south of France down around there, a Francis I think,) and that da Vinci had drawn that picture of Isabella because she was an enemy the same way that I’m in that same position with those “Vice” characters, the same stereotypes are all over the mass-reproduced from disembodied ovaries “system.” I’m trying to explain that behind that painting is all this same Prehistoric-descended Autist-psychopath boys that is all I’m really talking about, that that Autism is behind the Revelation-Armageddon Plan, and those boys don’t like Isabella d’Este’s type but use her for everything too, live off of making fun of her from the underground, that that da Vinci painting I think is about that Isabella had said that that “Avaricia” Vice-character type, couldn’t breastfeed off of her, is why her arms are crossed in that drawing and why it’s in that red-maroon color and why I’ve still got this “Watson-type” that’s from da Vinci plauguing virtually all my life, along with the whole lot of the Bell type and I guess the whole generational-slave #2 type that I’m foolishly naively etc. always trying to assist, more or less, that I’m just a neutral party and I’m being plagued the way Isabella was plagued and the whole thing is also phony as all get out when you realize that Isabella had come from this “people-growing” problem of the disembodied-ovaries “method” in the first place, that she and the others were all owned by the growers and the growers had these play-acting things staged all over the place for the purpose of getting rid of the native peoples all over the place, and then it’s come down to just continuing these patterns, and the excuse for picking Isabella as some target-victim for the autist-psychopaths is that she wouldn’t let them drink the baby-milk, — get the way off of me! that’s for the baby, you can’t have it. Well they’ve turned the whole world to growing off of milk, the whole food or what that they call it and cheese everywhere, they got their milk, the boys did.

— Now I find a small black and white of a nice picture of old Florence Sabin I’ll send to here after this time is up, and now I’m going to have to do something really disorganized-appearing, like this uncropped photos, but I’d like to find the picture from the Graham Saxby “Practical Holography” book to put up here so I’ll have to “throw” that set of the 5 I managed to get on onto here and then try to straighten it out tomorrow probably, “God willing.” — 7/20, that picture disappeared because the machine deletes if it isn’t claimed in 2 hours I hope is what’d happened to it, I’ll try to get it in color this time now.

saxby holography5This is the copyright on Graham Saxby’s (now deceased not too long ago,) book, Practical Holography. I feel that I’m not doing commercial but real-world emergency use of anything I can find that might move anyone to assist me to get out from underneath this Armageddon Plan, plus there’s generally Fair Use that I don’t abuse anyway.

saxby holography4

saxby holography3

saxby holography2 This is the one I’m comparing to those gold medals under here. There’s another picture of Saxby in one of these, #3 I think.

saxby holography1

saxby holography This subject looks like one of the high-functioning Autist-types to me.

— I forgot they were only in pdf. I can’t even look at them unless I close the file and call it up differently. Lighthearted-style I’ll send this little picture that maybe looks like Saxby that I’ve been meaning to compare but haven’t been able to get the 2 side by side yet: img 20170705 214557

I’m trying to figure if this looks like the holographer Saxby in the photo/s above.