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Similia, Similibus, Curentur “Like Cures Like,” Samuel Hahnemann, 1755-1843, Monument near AG Bell’s home at Scott Circle, confluence of  N and 15th and 16th Streets and Rhode Island and Massachusetts Avenues, NW, here, Washington, DC.)

http://www.homeoint.org/photo/hahnema1.htmFile:Samuel Hahnemann 1841.jpg1841 daguerrotype of S.Hahnemann. There are more pictures and details at that site; Wikimedia C.

12/4/17, now I’m finding out that Napoleon and the Bonapartes were friends with the Hahnemann’s or his wife “Melanie” in particular or homeopathic brain-drug what. It’s particularly relevant to me because of the “Merchant” -type in that panel to the right of that “Non Inutilis Vixi” carving, Not lived in vain, but I’ve got this difficulty with being unable to make decisions about photographs and have a dozen of the huge=sized ones I just took and sent to here yesterday where maybe I can fit in the small-sized ones instead:

This is the back of the Hahnemann Monument, that Hahnemann is sitting in the front of that space with that colored part over his head.

img 20171203 104334

img 20171203 104401

img 20171203 104413

img 20171203 104434

img 20171203 104454

img 20171203 104508

That’s Hahnemann’s death date, me photographing to be able to recall to compare it to the Napoleon III’s empire, then learning that Napoleon I was close with this “homeopathy.”

img 20171203 104920

Non Utilis Vixi – Not Lived in Vain

Hahnemann teaching

The matching column on the other side of Hahnemann’s figure has 2 place names also, Dessau and Erlangen.

That protruberance really looks like a disembodied lion’s mouth/snout, slightly open with teeth bared. Like it was cut off and stuck onto the flat surface for some reason.

Leipzig and Coethen, but I’m trying to show that that protruberance looks like a disembodied lion’s whole open mouth.

That’s what it looks like from tha back.

That’s a bird’s nest at the top of that tree (I don’t really know one type of a tree from another hardly except for the pine trees of course,) and where that red sign is in the left center is the Australian Embassy, which proximity could be or might have been significant.

I was nearby again and got a picture of the back of the Monument to Homeopath Samuel Hahnemann because I suspect that that’s some idea-of-reference to a toilet there. That weird-looking head over it looks like one of the breeds of goldfish; there are close-ups in the Joseph Carroll file below here but way at the end of it after the Continue reading sign and all the Hahnemann Monument photos should be in a file somewhere behind the Navigation bar but I’m having some bizarre trouble over my trying to make a back-up copy of these files so that I can edit-out some of this without losing anything. (And then 2 of my big files were somehow sneak-deleted so now I’ve been a wreck trying to straighten out that and can’t do the editing I’d had the energy for when I’d started the back-up copy little project someone took advantage of.) The 2 guys up at the top are the question here:

They might be father and son but that might be a younger Autist on the left with then a profile-sculpture in that circle to its upper left over him, and this is a Jomon-type on the right side here with also a profile-sculpture like on a coin over his head here, and then there’s that top row of that flower-design. To me that type of flower recalls to my mind the “Rosebud,” way of depicting behind-hole. There’s some other motif over this right side figure’s hand, stirring some heating “brew” it looks like he’s doing, but I didn’t get a good picture of the background-design to try to discuss it right now. I couldn’t figure what the figure on the left was actually doing but it looks like his left arm is to the middle of his low back area. I’m putting the “spirits” quote or information-bit here because it seems like these guys are doing some weird stuff and I’m linking that to why they’ve got this “hang up” about spirit-life, that they don’t want anyone watching what they’re doing because it IS weird and wrongful and has us heading to planet-extinction. They don’t like normal nature. They’re doing whatever those things were back then, the Monument placed in 1900 here, because the Autists had “thrown away,” extincted that way, the food for the future we’re in, but they’re covering up everything with their secrecy instead of letting the situations get taken care of by “the others,” the “normal” people.