Skull and Crossbones picture

I thought I’d try putting a link of explication to here, see if that helps make the blog toward income-producing by having one here someone might notice and enjoy getting a “jump” out of. The little clip-art type picture was nice to be able to find because I can’t draw. In fact I can’t do much of anything because of this lifetime of the torture from these “Jomon” I’ve been figuring they’d originated as but I could be in error on any specific point or another just that wherever exactly these, as pictured next image below,

Man In Oriental Costume test 1

“Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” by Govaert Flink, Remrandt school, c. 1642 I guess.

wherever these “filthy, filthy monsters” came from, as I’ve been (near-) daily increasingly referring to them as being as this “Armageddon Program” seems all done by themselves and they are just missing human thinking, I can’t guess why; I wrote that piece in the left-hand corner of the footer toward trying to describe what’s wrong with their presumed “Autist buddies,” that had then somewhere, my thinking goes, picked up this primitive people from on Japan, etc., long ago. They made themselves into “judge of judges” as like their “job” on Earth, and they seem to just watch everybody and wear away the normal types of people to be replaced by their own “manufactured-people,” fertilized from putting ejaculate of sperm onto disembodied ovaries, creating this “United Nations” or their “Nasi-world” maybe it could be called as they largely seem descended from some character called Joseph Nasi. There’s a recent fiction novel about the character, and it seems they just went into ovary-stealing and fertilizing and “making” people for their brain-harvesting “magician” Limitless-selves of themselves, high on other people’s brains they are the megalomaniacs that invented the global-system for themselves and their buddies, and then, me from some fraudulent-family group in the Bronx got all lived on by themselves at the same time as this millennium, Y2K, came around, and they’ve just been first running their petroleum and cannibalism -based brain-“harvesting” system off of secretly manipulating and following my life around and then doing the millennial “Armageddon Show/Program/-making” off of me these past few decades, and they’re all inside my brain partying-hearty today for not any particular real reason except their general (“Armageddon”) world-takeover for themselves, ostensibly and all their dangerous buddy-stereotypes, etc. — I have to get myself out of this horror, but that’s what like prime-moves the “show” and the system-goons, as this “magic” head brain-eater spies/spy on everything and about always know in advance which way someone with as few options as me could only turn and the goons “think up” ways to sabotage that, like threatening and intimidating or disappearing people, etc.