p. 6, “Spinola” name, Breda

I can’t get those “bullets” off of there once they’re on. The name Spinola was connected to the Netherlands in a big way and that’s too big for me to describe if I did understand it right now already, the LURE just so disgusting all over me. 12/14/18, a Friday. I’m trying to make the footer a little bit more presentable because I’m not getting time to work on it so I have to store some of the excess away sloppily:


  •   This business about Breda is enormous and I’d guess that that was why the character got that name. There was also a Spinola in the U.S. “Civil War” but the Ambrogio Spinola, 1569-1630, takes in all kinds of the global-system/Autists-Jomon-system businesses, like too many for me to be able to get into and keep straight, them going “Odyssey”-style all around the world claiming every nice part that they could, this being shortly after the Joseph Nasi era, d. 1579. This Velazquez painting, I’d “wonder” (a word I’m afraid to use since the system seems to translate it as “one door” that you go in and maybe get death-trapped in, like they’re doing a LURE off of me right now,) if that thing being handed to Italian-Spanish mercenary or what Spinola isn’t a magnifying glass, just because then “Baruch” Spinoza was also involved in that Breda area, along with cronies like Descartes. Then I’m “pondering/mulling/trying to figure,” if in the background behind the horses that isn’t a pyre a (decapitated already maybe) female isn’t on and the glass isn’t for getting a fire started off of itself. The Jomon were “Odyssey” and all very active in setting all this up back then, all kinds of links to this “Breda” subject, including that from Dutch portraits it looks like the males had had fertilized eggs sewn into their bodies to gestate the embryos alot back then, were “breeding” people that way as one of the ways, as with the harems, of filling the planet with their own “creations” for to claim the planet by, that they’re still perpetrating by this “Armageddon Show” LURE off of me the past 25 years and then back to the Bronx “French Connection” early 1960s and I guess they’d gotten the ovaries for my “kind” back in the circa 1550 Nasi days. I am not positive that a specific J. Nasi 1521-79 was actually a real and not a made-up person, but it is likely that that Ghent “St. Christopher” red-cloaked large figure tricking people to the cliffs of Compostela de Santiago and then descending to be Nasi and went back east via Antwerp is very likely to be true. Then they’ve just been very active and this “Spinola” business is connected through all those active “Jomon” back then and down to today’s situation and me sitting here doing this.
    (I had to delete this for today, 11/21/16, on account of this LURE is tearing me up. They did a big clue that they’re LURING for people to turn into petroleum too, it’s connected to last Sunday when I was trick-forced to buy a new umbrella and it was an odd scene and afterward I realized one of the Nasi-types had said that it was a swirl pattern but at the time I didn’t hear that word, and the only other choice was a similar brownish design but leopard spots so I didn’t think of it as being a petroleum fetish and bought it because practically speaking I could get real sick getting caught in that kind of weather, (like it’s been doing while I’m in the library and I thought I was bad off without the umbrella, but…) and then my cellphone wasn’t available because they do this odd AMBER Alert and I thought it was a missing child they wanted me to click OK on and I couldn’t use the cellphone unless I clicked OK so I didn’t and it turns out that that means it’s a weather alert but I didn’t know that and left without that cursed umbrella now thank goodness, as there’s also another “sign” or clue, because this “Julie-queen” character the secret “Armageddon Program” uses seems to always be connected to petroleum subjects, like they are a stereotype all involved in that and there was a bizarre bathroom-scene with one of them just now as it’s nearly the end of the day and then 4 days without being able to work on the blog, etc., that I’m a wreck and they wouldn’t let these (3) Breda pictures comes through so that the only one I had was enormous and blanked-out alot of the text here for not much return so I just deleted it and will insert that Dutch business next week I guess — (deleted image here.)

    Contemporary engraving showing the Peace conference of Breda between England and United Netherlands in 1667 [detail], circa 1667,Stichting Atlas , Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708), see the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Objectnumber: RP-P-OB-55.169, This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less.

  • I lost the title over the overly-long “holiday” weekend, tapestry about that Treaty of or Conference at Breada in the 1600s

  • left side of tapestry about Breda

  • right side of the Breda tapestry. I’ll try to collect other instances where makes in the Netherlands look to have been “pg,” pregnant, having lost all my research paperwork in 2014, I’ll try to re-collect some of those other pieces for this subject of what the system’s been doing to do this “Armageddon,” Har Migdal or however exactly it’d originally been spelled.

  • Notice how especially the guy on the far right looks like he might be pregnant or “carrying,” then the guys on the left. There are alot of Dutch pictures like that. Then as though there was an uprising rebellion against being forced to carry gestating embryos by the normal, captive, populace later on. Also, there were 2 treaties at Breda, the first with England mostly and the second with Spain and most all was about global-properties’ ownerships, trading those around. Very similar to the 1492 Treaty of Tordesillas and then the 1523 (I think is the date) Treaty of Saragoza/Saragossa where Spain and Italy divided up first the New World Americas and then Asia when they learned the world is round. — Here’s some pdf I’d quick-made if anyone wanted it for a better look at the art or what: https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/categories/books/the-dark-fields-limitless-novel-film-tv-show/limitless-notes-index/notes-practice/delete-this-practice-print-out/breda-tapestry/