the Autism “difficulty” ……..

I’ve stuck all the gory illustrations of where I guess the “difficulty” comes from inside of the brain, and I have to add this warning because for most people we know the insides of the body were meant to stay that way, inside, and not be all exposed like this and we cringe at the sight of blood and all that normal-people way while the Autism isn’t affected by too much. I figure it’s all due to the separated evolution and the damages from the premature trip across Beringia. I’m always trying to get back to this thrown-together materials to make neat files of them and will try to get to here soon and do that. (Feb. 2019 now, and earlier … ):
I haven’t chexked this website but thought the print would look better than the illustrations for once:
 Copyright Information: BrainInfo consists of three basic contents: NeuroNames, a semantic network of neuroanatomical nomenclature; the Template Atlas of the Primate Brain, a stereotaxic atlas of Macaca fascicularis; and NeuroMaps, a soon to be posted collection of overlays to Atlas templates showing the location of many kinds of neuroscientific data in the standard framework of the Template Atlas. Contents of this work may be downloaded, copied, and cited for educational and research purposes provided that proper attribution is given: BrainInfo (2007), Neuroscience Division, National Primate Research Center, University of Washington, All Rights Reserved. Incorporation of these works in whole or in part for commercial use or distribution requires the written permission of the University of Washington. Contact
Anatomy. The corpus callosum gets its name from the Latin for “tough body”. … The corpus callosum gives rise to white matter fibres that project to a number of regions within the cerebral cortex. The corpus callosum is divided into four parts: rostrum, genu, body/trunk and splenium.



Corpus callosum from above. (Anterior portion is at the top of the image.)

Gray720.pngMedian sagittal section of brain (person faces to the left.) Corpus callosum visible at center, in light gray.

BVM_ch2.pdf (I can’t check what these are right now.)

neuromorphogenesis: Scans that prove Leonardo da Vinci was right all along: New show reveals ‘startling accuracy’ of anatomical sketches wh...

AARP’s latest survey on brain health reveals an enduring problem: few of the survey respondents actually make the required behavior changes that are needed to protect their brains.

Language areas, left lateral sulcus, Sylvian f.

7/28, this isn’t supposed to be the biggest subject to this Universe Rescue-attempt, Spirit Development is the actual point of the blogsite-attempt. The system gimmicks off of my continuously having to argue about anything and so it’d come up that I’d noticed this brain-scar while in this process of trying to defend myself from all this invisible-torture, and for the arguing against the system then yes this would be the “main” subject-file, that the brain is hardware-damaged and that has to get “straightened out” I say instead of “fixed” because “fix” is junkie-slang for running brain or anything else that keeps them high. Nature had meant for us to be able to get high and party but these brain-damaged parasites have been all over the planet scarfing anything they could get high off of and then they don’t want other people to be able to get high so what plants are left they keep hidden to themselves in place of teaching the normal people how the plants could be grown. It’s the same with the coffee plant and just the cherry-fruit-plant, those are too good for normal people they’re copyrighted to belong to the approved-of Autist-group people, and then I’m learning about that computers are the same thing, trying to gather the evidences for that but it’s become “clear” since I got this new camera-cell phone.

https:///2017/06/20/me/ (add the Kanner photo-picture.)

(re-typed into here:) Black Hair = A Bruise “Sign” of the Brain Damage From the Too-Prehistory Trip Across Beringia

I don’t seem to make any progress and look up and see the sabotage to the blogsite and so thought I should put this “bottom-line” of the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION situation anywhere so it could be seen if these monsters in contempo-underworld get to be too much for little me anymore.

(kanner-Autism pic.) that’s a copy of the little page I’ve been sending out with my letters for help about this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION situation, that it merely comes from the evolutionary developmental problem of getting snow-trapped while forcing the way over Beringia in futile attempt to catch the sun before it seems to “rise” in the mornings, etc. I don’t have much time for trying to get everything onto this blogsite yet but am always trying to reach anyone that everything could easily be straightened out if I could get safety from this “Armageddon Program” and the fraud-family product-creation monsters like it sitting near “not doing anything” provable to me right now, forcing the Armageddon-script sabotage onto the planet in this typical instance of this sneak-Armageddon, me assuming that the Revelation was authored by the “St/e. Foy” type of a model for that little gold statue I’m also trying to make a file on.

misc. .pdf , I don’t know what to say about this, I’m a real person in an unreal world.  I sent this file, finally, to the blogsite in attempt to show how it’s so easy to tell me just anything because I’m in a ghost-prisoner communication-silence-vacuum — and now they turn the rug vacuum on here where I am, making a liar out of me, haha, that it’s a noisy not a silent vacuum. First, I’d done this EIC paperwork a few times way back when and it didn’t work like that. If you make under ten thousand dollars I think it goes is that you don’t owe any tax so you subtract what was taken from their EIC-chart figure for your bracket. I’ve got all these — time’s up, so then I sent this and even though there were computers open there was a half hour delay and now all the papers have those lines through them somehow…. I’m back now. The first 2 of the 12 pages is this about I’m supposed to figure out this now and I’m worried there’s a time limit on it and sort of had to share it with anyone before being about to settle down and try to figure it out. Then that usual page of the letter from Cincinnati Insurance I hadn’t been looking to include but maybe because the next page is only 1/2-printed, that the right side is all off of the print-out, is incomplete, maybe that’s why I’d added this usual page to try to make better background for the Gmail that they hope that the explication is of some assistance to me. Similarly they’d sent 3 medical forms after sending the police report and in putting this together I’d noticed that this medical form has a logo similar to the logo used by the day-shelter I’ve been stranded at since getting out of the nursing-places so I put papers from them into pages 5 and 6. The wording changed in the year or whatever between the first address-verification note and the 2nd one and I think that’s because the “goons” that live off the Armageddon invisible-torture to me want that “Inferno-area shelter” to be given around as being my address to get unawares normals LURED out to that area, — my time is up again, have to sign off.

June 17, (2017) again a big assault just before sitting down to type after the nonstop barrage no matter what I try to do to damage-control. After I signed off yesterday I realized how to do where I’d send a pdf and then onto that post I could add these pictures and I got an Express computer for a few minutes to do that in, and then I could write text in onto the pdf but also the pictures, which I’m looking forward to getting started trying but now it’s today’s ordeal with me sitting down at computer and I had to ask for assistance and this “Thunderville” at the next computer started conspicuously packing-up as I got this full-page on the above Gmail, where the right side of the sentences are cut off, the librarian showed me how to do that and she walked away and one of these of the fraud-parent’s’ offspring-descendants went into that packing up scene, like it was connected to this Gmail that I have to have for trying to write-discuss about that whole car-hit about. The fraud-parent’s offspring-descendants seem to have been majorly involved with what happened to me or what it is I never had any idea but I get underground-attacked to exacerbate any anxieties I might feel as a standard practice at least since I was 9 and was always late for school, it’s just a standard underground practice to make my head and stomach be sneakily started to get me upset and worried and I have no self-defense as then there was another of these fraud-family or strangeo-circus performer types around, and 2 of the shelter-girls are here with one doing a “gossiping” routine, which to the undergrounders gossip and “sipping” on the fruits of the brain-serum harvesting are ritually-connected and then I’ve been in this town and its libraries nearly daily all millennium so when 2 of their Library Police walk in as though nothing’s unusual I know they’re up to something! and that was just before I’d requested the librarian’s assistance with getting this Gmail finally printed out so I can write to the State Attorney now for instance and show that everything about that car-hit was some kind of a hoax and I’m here destitute and writing fruitlessly this past year to all you groups and — could anyone please, real me real assist real alone out here, that I have bus fare to be able to get to Maryland, — the Armageddon Show/Program gimmick is for these bums to follow where my letters go to and intercept and extort and profit off of instead of to me any assistance people might have felt like making since 2005 or 2006 or way to maybe 1979 for that matter. The “Program” kept me awake, insomnia-torture last night so that then the next day I’m more easy to manipulate to how they want their “Program” to go. Tomorrow’s one of the phony system’s “holidays” and the LURE-tortures are always twice as bad. What was that last little holiday-excuse, Flag Day I think it was that they’d similarly just torn me up invisibly for that too, any excuse is twice as much party as usual, so that’s what they’re doing today now, as now I have to broach this insane subject of that all these beasts are going around behind my back all these years claiming that you can get away with doing anything to me practically because some one of their system-people had put that label onto me. The word is so odious I can’t even look at it without getting the heebie-jeebies more or less, of that problem I say Emil Kraepelin had disseminated around as a murder-weapon for the Autists, using the phony psychiatric field for the brain-damaged brain-eaters’ way to take over the planet, by playing tricks on people out here and if the people report the tricks the people get labelled as though they have a “psychiatric” problem, and that’s what those next three pieces of paper slipped onto me are about, that that horror-place and set of them here that I’m stranded in have that label onto me and nobody will assist me in getting it off of me. So now I’m supposed to save this and quick try to go look at pictures of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and see if that’s possibly the bio-parent of the phonied-up doctor that put that odious trick onto me merely based on my being alone and impoverished out here and those underworld trick-games got put onto me out in San Francisco by some of the Aldous Huxley-looking types and what all I’d have to be able to sit down and try to recall about as it was a big deal, the frame-up for the Revelation-time always following my life toward their big world-takeover and I’d been working for the court system and got not-hired after probation but then this underworld-trick set had started of trying to drive me out of house and home and it worked and I’d wound up applying for state disability because I couldn’t keep an apartment and find a job to live off of and had no realization that everyone is really underground and I’d applied for that but got sent to a psychiatrist and didn’t realize that that stranger’s say-so was the only important thing, I’d thought it was just an opinion, not something that would wash away my whole life. — No, that “Ralph Carfagni” didn’t look like young Ratzinger, but not too too different. The “Ralph” part is just from my recollection that that’s what the first name is. Looking it up on computer the Carfagnis seem to be a big name in that field out there but they don’t look anything like the Carfagni I’d seen a few times. He’d just sat there and barely said anything and it was a big nothing, where I’d have terrible ordeals but he wasn’t available to speak with, maybe there were cancelled appointments or such and I’d only seen him about 6 times altogether. He liked to collect sports cars was about the only thing he’d ever mentioned about anything, I was just being railroaded in general, an easy prey. He was of some general stereotype I see around occasionally and could point out, like checking Ratzinger’s pictures now and not too difficult to see that they don’t match. I’d thought of him because he’d visited here in 2006 and it’s like the invisible warfare LURE just had carte blanche off of me, me trapped in this Catholic Charities trap like this. Page 10 here is a part of this, that since 2009 I’ve been having to take one of those pills, generic Claritins, every day or else I get that “slug pneumonia” illness that can last as long as a month, renders me barely able to get through necessary motions of a day each day, but I take the pill because it’s like blackmail that if I don’t take them I’ll get that illness again, as it’s connected to the LURE, that the people who “work” the LURE come back up here with the bio-warfare of that slug-pneumonia on their breath and whatever and an unawares person breathes it in and gets sick, so I have to take those “loratadine” prophylactically.  Page 11 is about that www. address, that if you look that up then it’s really weird=bad. That place, the sfn, is right on the other side of the Thomas Circle from where the women’s day-shelter is behind that big red-brick church, so I went to try to discuss this about the Sylvian fissure and you’d have to have an appointment to see the place but the receptionist points out this brochure and it’s only about their artwork and that artist has an interest in epigenetics, which is what I’m saying the Slyvian fissure came from, the effects of environment onto the brain, so I looked up his website but then that is something that isn’t his website but is peculiar, and I included it in this file where I really have to figure out that peculiar EIC business and that’s connected then to the peculiar car-hit insurance-company business and then I noticed the logos where I was going to include those 3 medical pages that they just did, that those people have me down on paper as stereotyped for that psychiatric lie murder-trick by the Autists/Kraepelin type as their system has moved out of Siber-Mongolia to east and west Europe and is now all over here in their world-takeover, that I’m at the bottom of here alone all these years because I have this bizarre “fraud-family” situation, all alone with all this system working off of me as a front-gimmick. The last page is about this place and this whole problem highlighted now by the jury service situation I’m in where the courthouse is easy-enough walking distance to the Capitol right there, is very close and I’m covered with this petroleum “theme” more than usual lately, in addition to the brain serum and the meat-food horrors, all from these Autist people whose ancestors had errantly walked over Beringia prematurely, that there’d be like nothing to getting that straightened out rather than losing the planet and human race, and I can only always add and that theyre doing that off of me, off of lying about me all the time, like every step I take, this “Shylock” Merchant of Venice generational-slave or generational-perpetrator for all I know is invisibly hovering to find ways of getting this Armageddon done for the Autists’ system. That guy in the big red cloak in the Ghent Altarpiece Pilgrims panel, do you see what he’s doing, that he’s teaching people how to ejaculate. Then I have to, like today, try to walk to the library with that secret-circus going on with me as a secret-gimmick all the time. It’s been 600 years since the Ghent Altarpiece was painted (allegedly) and I can’t get through to anyone that that was how we got here but you can’t then just stay wallowing in doing that as your way of living, that was an emergency back then, because of an emergency they were doing that and that was six hundred years ago and nobody will deal with getting the situation straightened out, they just did a “trick” to me now, passing earphone behind my back — can’t you do that before you sit down — no, they get one on each side of me and pretend that that’s perfectly normal and start talking through me and now swearing. All millennium I’ve been in this horrible situation. And then, trying to get out of this, I’d sent a new picture for this morning and it didn’t arrive here and I have to try to figure out what had happened to the photo-send because it is related to what I’m trying to explain, that I’m in the neighborhood of the Navy Yard and there’s one of those Cultural Tourism signboards outside near here so I’d sent a little photo because personally I suspect that that was really where was planned for the Inferno-explosion but that as the centuries have gone by it hadn’t turned out to be feasible to set it off right here like had been planned, just a personal suspicion that I’d like to try to look into a little bit today because I’d had a copy of a Good New Bible that had had a “good” illustration of the burning Babylon, O Babylon wharf and I’m thinking it was this waterfront here that had been planned for being the stage-set for that from back not long after Rubens’ and Captain John Smith’s day as those generational-slaves had been running around setting all this up for the Autists’ takeover instead of just sitting there and letting themselves be killed off as being “home-grown” captives.

illustration — Posted on May 24, 2017

illustration – this should be the ashley p. halsey one, i’d written but not heard back about using it: 10 June 2017, Dear Ms. Halsey, I’d like to use these illustrations from the Suzuki recent book for trying to describe this Prehistoric-descended brain damage I think we’ve all inherited and had led to developmental disability including what I call “Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence that has us headed for total extinction, the planet, the whole species of ourselves due to this unrecognized early accident-set that had left a big “hole” from freeze-burns to infants heads during a too-premature insistence on crossing Beringia from west to east, from Siberia to Alaska and Canada, getting lost for no guessing how long in the process. I’m completely serious about this and hope it will be okay if I use the picture on the right side and probably also then the one on the left a little toward trying to illustrate all this and the way that that Sylvian fissure/left-side lateral sulcus is actually a big scar from the healed-over hole that obstructs normal circuitry and has gotten misused into wrongful manipulation of our brain processes, and such, if you could look through the blogsite, which I think is easy by clicking-on the highlighted “kathyfoshay” that’s right under the first line of this note and above the Read more highlight that only shows this note and maybe a few of the other posts. Here’s what I’ve only written about it so far, and there are 2 on the Sylvian fissure right in the same area, #260 and #266, and a couple from the Rough Guide to the Brain. Sincerely, K. Foshay

illustration .pdf, this is by Ashley P. Halsey,  in the 2017 Dey Books, HarperCollins, by Dr. Wendy Suzuki and I’m trying to figure where Ms. Halsey got the whirly there from, as it’s my image of how the circuitry had gotten severed and resulted in that going around in small circles alternative to completion of the circuit-ways. But I found Ms. Halsey’s mention on her website and don’t see any further details on this so I’ll probably delete this file soon.

mind reading error-Ghent Altarpiece outside

The lady on the left is like my “play-character” in this Armageddon-making Program and the lady on the right is like the competition “Julie-queen” character, with the prophets, the generational-slave #2 types, saying that the lady’s mind/brain is clear because her word-ribbon banner isn’t twisted like the lady on the left’s. I’m trying to say that this is too murky a long-running horror-problem for people back then to be able to follow what was what, even language wasn’t nailed down that well back then, that her ribbon is twisted because the situation was/is more complicated than she could positively, definitely, without a doubt in mind, explain, that that’s why her ribbon is twisted, not that she’s guilty of anything. I’d guess after all this that there was a running-controversial to-do, wars, over written materials, that the Autists wanted the papers the girl had written about their Autist invasions of the Old World, them invading from being long-separated over here in what was back then Paleo-America. Those prophets could only see those letter/syllables because they’d been eating brain, they ate brain almost surely because that’s what the Autists did and if you’re prisoner and can’t beat them, join them, so then, high on brain fluids, they could see the letters, and had what’s called synesthesia, which is likely not describable to anyone unfamiliar with hallucinogens or LSD in particular, where everything is different than for when you’re sober or high on non-hallucinogens.

“frazzled “brain. image off of the Rough Guide, Barry Gibb, 2012, pdf, this is my image of the frazzled circuitry that we’ve actually got even though things seem really super up there to us because we don’t have much to compare life as it is


I have to store this here for now because I thought I’d already done this, moved the relevant parts to here:


(from the 2012 Rough Guide by Barry James Gibb/s,) I of course am covered by these “brain-eaters” without the quote marks, just that it’s difficult terminology in any day and age, and so I can’t really spend much or any much time trying to figure out how brains are put together because it just makes my invisible-warfare torturers and Armageddon et al. salivate or what, but I’d noticed this page-copy I’d gotten from this book and have been trying to figure, ponder, how this all works and I think that the Sylvian fissure is the scar from the Prehistory accident-set I’m talking about caused the “Autism” because it’s like frozen-repetition for self-ism, and that it had caused a freeze-burn that caused a hole that the fissure covered up but then I got this with that the way there’s no recognition, the way that there seems to be a “dyslexia of thinking” that things go through without being absorbed by the thought-area, I’d figured the corpus callosum is involved in that old-days’ damage and then I ran across this copy and realized that this ventricle is the receptacle where the fluid, the lubricant, that enables the corpus callosum fibres to transmit the thought-bit process, that that fluid is likely from that ventricle-area and it “greases” the fibres, but now it’s becoming more clear that the receptacle that the ventricle is had become stagnant and the fluid turned dark and this became congenital because the “lost” in the New World dinosaur-extinctors had largely sat around in the Missouri River area morosely, dark, stagnant, not moving swiftly turned the ventricle-fluid to dark instead of light.10/13, I finally managed to “scarf” this out of the Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 24. I’ll have to send a better-cropped copy soon. Volume 3 under Cerebrospinal fluid entry says that the CSF (somehow) originates in the Ventricle. I’ll have to try to send a copy from the cellphone camera where I mark in a blue line where that straight diagonal line is from the lower-central left to the upper-central right, that slash there, what on earth is that. I guess it’s some representation of the Sylvian fissure, because it’s so straight that it looks unnatural, and then those fume-like white wispy things going up like vapors from the Ventricle into what I guess is the gray matter are odd also.

detail from Alexander Graham Bell’s notebook on the day he and Watson first voice-transmitted; 1879 I think it was, in Boston, but then his father was living here and was the one who’d developed the “Visible Speech” I think led to computers.

 I call this “Frazzled” as though it’s a piece of artwork and would like it without its caption explaining what it is, to just have it as though it’s what I feel like inside, but I’d have to check that first with whoever made the illustration. This next goes back to Dr. Kanner and the Autism “discovery” and odds and ends off of this specific subject:


Coincidentally the Autism “mystery” illustration I use was nearby so I put it in this “Ventricle” post, and then the Autism-expert Dr. Kanner had first worked in the U.S. in what might have been exactly on the Missouri River, 1924+ in an asylum at Yanktown, South Dakota. I’m saying that he was big sabotage, coming from Berlin when the Autists were in a heyday there, between their 2 world wars in the belief they’d soon be ruling the Earth from Mars. I’ll try to pick up with this on the Ventricle as I learn more but so far it looks like it’s connected to the main brain-connection area, and I guess-at that when the hole had been burned into the brain by the Prehistory-people’s trek across snow-bound Beringia, accidentally laying newborns in the snow had caused that, that in some instances the hole had been burned-in so deeply that fluid had leaked out and when it healed-over the normal balance hasn’t yet been able to be restored due to the unnatural self-propagation from the disembodied-ovaries “method” of “growing” humans, that have become like corporation-product armies now today, used toward perpetrating-through those Armageddon prophecies, with me alone at the bottom used as a LURE for attracting unawares people to disappearance, a big kill-and-replace sneak-holocaust going on off of me most of my life and I’m over sixty now, things are real bad.

10/8, I was trying to figure how to fill the 6 lines on that open area on the header where the “Rescue-God-attempt” little sign is now and in describing this Prehistory accident-set the word “infection” had occurred to mind and it seems to fit the circumstances really well, that it is possible that before the “burn-hole” healed an infection might would have set in, but, then I lose all credence to the subject likely when it would then follow that the freezing people might possibly have applied some-, something in trying to pack the infection to keep the innards from oozing out, possibly pus, and maybe the materiel for the packing might have come directly from a parent themselves and accidentally further infected the area. It sounds peculiar but it is the pattern, the modus operandi and so it is some possibility…. — this site isn’t for tourists, the underworld just disappeared a nice explanation I tapped out — because they are running the big LURE, –10/9/17There’s some little chore on this blogsite I wanted to try to do in preparation for maybe trying to change the format again because I can’t get this to give me print-outs that use the full sheet of paper, type that goes all the way across the line is what I’m looking for. The thing, I recall now, is to try to get pictures as a heading for each of these blogroll posts, that I’d had some difficulty with that is why I’d wound up with this format. The “invisible torture” won’t let me do certain things, it won’t update certain files if there’s something in there some anonymousness or another doesn’t like, and it wouldn’t let me add a “featured image” for the other format onto the “You Were Wrong” post that’s down here somewhere and is in a regular-menu page also, but here on the blogroll I wanted that 26′ cor-ten sculpture of the “Everyman” by Borofsky as the featured image and this system would not stick that picture up there for anything, perhaps on the excuse that I don’t have borofsky’s copyright permission but I’ve only got 2 hands for doing everything and the thing is a blight in 24/7 public view, on one of the busiest streets here– to me it’s a blight because I’m trapped under its type’s Armageddon-making horror off of myself, that that’s the sort of person that worked that Bathgate Avenue Market where the fraud-family I later got put into had likely picked up this curse that’s led to my being victimized like this; I’m not using that image because I’ve got nothing better to do, I’m using it because they’re bringing the end of the planet Earth, it’s just a mistake, and I’m alone in trying to get this entire disaster “straightened out.” I don’t do anything that isn’t under this real-life horror situation of the end of the planet and all of biology for nothing, and when I try to save the file this invisible torture is running these computers and the little cell phone lately, so that I’d wound up with this format but I’ve got this little difficulty with it. Below here are the postcard stamps that I’ve been having these little difficulties with also, and I’ll try to take and send a picture that matches them of the regular postcard, that I can’t send these things to brain-obsessed people.10/10/17, these monsters have got me all sick-feeling. When I thought of the description of “infection” it clicked into place that that had likely been the problem, the open, oozing wound had inadvertently been packed with the wrong, warm, substance, that in the snowy northern areas there isn’t much that has any pleasant or any much odor and the lost group lost track of things and used some of the warm substance from their own bodies for packing the oozing head-wound, and that’s why I can’t get through to anyone and I had to live with this all day alone yesterday in these seas of strangers who are never ever doing anything but one of those threatened to call police on me this morning for walking to this particular quiet-seeming library branch, that there’s nothing but difficulty no matter what I try to do from all of these “doo-dooheads” who all live off of this “Armageddon’s” being made off of bothering me all of my life. I tried to make some 6-line sign to go up at the top of this blogsite but you could imagine how this is going to go over in doo-doohead land I and we all live in anymore. It was an accident and all the system does is keep it covered over and etc. I’ll try to send some of those hand-printed 6-line things I’m working on tonight but the cell phone ran out of battery, everything is sucked from me. I’m hardly able to get anything done and then I have to leave the libraries and there’s nothing but being sucked to death till my next opportunity to do this again for a little while and it’s back to all the horror-invisible-tortures and there’s nothing to any of this, they have childhood Autism-psychopathy from an infection from premature crossing of Beringia. It probably happened at least 40,000 years ago. There’s something wrong with people with black hair and eyes, maybe there’s some inborn oblivion-wish, a self-death-wish that isn’t acknowledged but works on an automatic pilot, and Kathy Foshay gets the brunt of all this world of “doo-doo.” They’re going to keep this going, heading us for extinction and making a 24/7 exhibition off of anything I try to do.

10/11/17, the system-bums are playing all kinds of games to live off of horrifying me, making my life impossible right now and in this meantime before i could reach the relief of the old-age, age-62, social security, by which i could support this blogsite a bit finally, let alone myself. They’re doing, did, a LURE yesterday that I figure is the LURE by which they provide the food for tempting more numbers of people to the bigger LURE disappearance planned for this weekend and then probably the next weekend and seems to be as much as they can “milk” off of this victimizing me before I might get some cash by which i could try to shield myself from this a little, or maybe ever reach a useful sane human specimen left. They keep doing this nonstop noise trick around me since yesterday, yak-yak-yak in my hearing and that causes this internal nervousness that keeps me typing just anything instead of good work on the overall blogsite, so I’ll mention this string of events that after they invisibly-molested me awake for this LURE scam’s probable murder-excuse time last night, during the insomnia hours I recalled that I’d reread recently that FDR had pardoned Wilbur Foshay of the Minneapolis Foshay Tower in 1937 so that he’d gotten out of jail or however that worked back then, but that coincides with this Bathgate Avenue Market “curse” that I’ve been postulating is how I’d wound up into this horror-situation I’m in, that a curse was put onto the Bronx fraud-family based on some piddly overlooked butcher’s expense bill, like some small sum that “the Merchant of Venice” then wants flesh in exchange for, is how I then got into this Armageddon-horror. Then it occurred to me, probably not for the first time but the way I’m invisibly thrashed and bashed around so that I can’t sit and think to accomplish anything I can’t keep good track of all these 10,000 or more of the details that go into describing exactly how we’ve gotten to this TOTAL PLANET/BIOLOGY EXTINCTION this underworld-system is bringing us to, that maybe the current chief executive might even look like FDR; and if so, then what might have been the ova that had been fertilized toward the result, who was around circa 1945 that in combination might be where we are today, etc. Now I recall that also there’s the aspect or detail of this horrifying business with the northern Korean personage, that trying to get to an explanation about that has been on my mind alot lately, and then during insomnia this new idea, and actually the two thoughts together in this “It’s a Small World After All” situation that the system comes from, that I have these things that I’d like to get across to anyone toward getting me away from all these LURE-goons, bad situation I’m engulfed in, where the old “Guelph” people are where I think the nowadays personage just mentioned comes from. There’s some idiot-seeming illustration, maybe there’s a copy in the media file I could find to call up to put here, but it goes with the whole King Casimir part of the “Merchant of Venice” that caught the fraud-family into this curse, interconnected horror on top of that all these people with black hair seem to have this infected-evolution of that black hair real disassociation from anything I’m trying to get discussed about, this hypersensitivity to criticism obsession that might get me gotten de-blogged, so to try to describe, as this computer business seems tailored to that infectedness specifically. I.e., Lucy and Ricky aren’t super-safe territory for discussion either but have alot to do with how the global-system was put together, Ricky seeming to me like having comes from the Siamese predecessor-to-the King and I-king, called Rama III and then IV, and me thinking the fraud-parent comes from Rama VI and I don’t know why I can’t quietly just read and translate to explain the human race’s way out of this dead-end we’re in, where the problems just come from the “original disobedience” of crossing Beringia despite nature’s pleas to stay back, and then they got snowbound and babies got hurt and someone thought that warm doo-doo would be a good salve to keep the brain-juices from oozing out and now we’ve got a planet full of black-haired and -eyed people that live off of these LUREs in place of normal life-ways. I suspect the difficulty might be connected to that then the “Merchant” of Venice-stereotype might have originated from an island, from off of Japan. It’s probably true that things on islands grow to smaller sizes than on mainland because the size is more restricted. So there were the “discovered” islanders who evolved to think in smaller terms’ being discovered by the Autists who’d evolved alone in the wide-open Americas by themselves, lots of room for expansive thinking and then they ran all the animals off into the Pacific and Mississippi so there was even more room for themselves and their big thoughts for themselves, then they met the islanders and partnered for this world-clearance of the other peoples but the world turned out not to be flat, and there’s been no re-assessment of the situation, that the world wasn’t meant to be owned by just the ones who want to be alone with themselves on it, so schools are all over the place and hospitals and jails but there’s just me alone trying to explain for 24 years that a re-assessment has to get taken into consideration because this “psychopathy” has us going to extinction but we’re the only biological planet, we don’t have a right to just blithely go do that.

10/12/17, this only gets worse and worse but remains the same of me being alone with all this and just being “thrashed and bashed” about in the gutters with most of my time while the “feces” piles up from that thrashing and bashing. Yesterday I finally got a chance to look up about this girl I’d heard had committed suicide after being some girlfriend of Allen Ginsberg’s and then last night I checked the date of her suicide against that French Connection-bust near where I’d been living, as a 6-year old but indirectly involved by all this “invisible warfare” into that French Connection business, and the 2 incidents were 2 days apart so I’m suspicious that Allen Ginsberg was connected somehow to the French Connection hiding-brain-serum-behind-the-conspicuous-white-powder-of the cover-up-“heroin” scam that the French Connection was really actually for, as far as I can figure, me saddled with that millennial “Armageddon” business and only learning about this brain-serum specific scam in 2014. So today I have to try to learn more about his former-girlfriend but from looking at the pictures you can already see that they were more like brother and sister so now I’m suspecting it was a people-growing scam the 2 had going, that they were partners in raising and mass-reproducing their own kind, own family that’s largely then behind all this world-taking over business off of Kathy Foshay’s nonstop-invisible-torture victimization, and doing that to me especially since it’s so exciting for themselves that I’ll be trying to look up about themselves today, that the racket is all unlivable, the different number of the scams all living off of this to  me. Ginsberg had used to go around (high) saying that he was “God” and I’ve been guessing that that comes from the Ghent Altarpiece’s “God” business, labeling some individual as being that. The torture is doing that “revulsive” torture to me alot lately that I’ll have to try to describe, which I might have to take to the “Armageddon Show” Program file under the WARNING/S menu, subject-set.

10/22, Sunday, everything is the same horror-perpetration that forces the “doo-doohead” Armageddon threats through despite all contrariness to the direction of physics, etc. //11/11 I still haven’t gotten back here to do these little bits I’d thrown in but have to leave them for in case I do get a chance.

(I’m having one of the odd difficulties with the way the spacing is working and have to leave it like this for now.)

Phineas Gage .pdf, I’m wondering, based on page 347 of Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff” on the space program if Chuck Yeager wasn’t an underworld-made descendant of Phineas Gage. An important detail is that the owner of “The Happy Bottom Riding Club” that Yeager was a regular at was the daughter of Thaddeus Lowe from New Hampshire and Gage was from New Hampshire. In fact Gage’s accident happened in Cavendish, Vermont and “The Father of Petroleum” Edwin Drake was around in Vermont alot, as then so was the Florence Sabin whose papers I’m trying to get the fund to go up north and read because it might be real-time useful work that I could do instead of this gutter Armageddon-making circus the system has all over my every moment. I was trying to send a practice copy of my attempt to write to P&G and then I could send them an email with this URL to alert them that a practice-copy was available if they could get someone to start looking at this material and then I’d be finishing the letter God assist in maybe a week or two but I have all kinds of odds and ends and big real things I should be getting done toward getting the letter-attempt sent. And instead the gutter-Program is wasting my time. God help, as soon as I go this library card so that I could spend an hour intead of fifteen minutes on a computer session they sent off a virus last weekend, after a big unspeaking scene with one of the “shelter girls” here, a Chinese girl I saw here for the first time and then all that virus and nobody knows my situation, that in — in fact that’s probably how they got this “world-wide web” through onto us, all over me and using me as an excuse-gimmick, saying that I spread computer viruses back in 1992. But explaining that would take explaining that “the first Steve Jobs” was an Autist-, who’d faked his death* to go over to probably CERN and work-up that web because they don’t want normal people to have anything. The “internet” is supposed to be some infinite, limitless open space and they made this “web” so regular people wouldn’t figure how to get too far, now all of a sudden after all these years I’m crawling to try to be doing the same “Shareware” -type thing I was trying to do back in 1992 and then there was this virus and today the scanning is allegedly down so I couldn’t get the Practice on that letter started so I could send the company an email to try to get them started looking into this, and in these 2 weeks I haven’t had any chance to look further into this Sylvian fissure brain-damage evidence whole big real-life subject because this gutter-circus is on me so permeatedly; no one could live through it. A little similar to gunpowder-Gage’s railroad-building accident. Also he looks alot like Sean Barron of this Ohio Autism memoir I go by alot. — 5/18/17, not that I’m not slow or anything but it just occurred to me to get around to checking to see if there’s any relation between the face of John D. Rockefeller (Senior, b. 1839 and passed around 1939,) and “Rama IV” Mongkut, the King from The King and I. I went through contortions to compare Mongkut’s face to those Siamese twins from back around that time, Eng and Chang I think were their names and it somehow didn’t get looked into if JDR resembled big-deal Mongkut, Anna’s employer, the King whose multi-children Anna (Leonowens) had tutored, with Jodie Foster in the film recently but mostly recalled as being Yul Brynner’s big role on Broadway, and they do look alike! I finally got around to it because it occurred to me, dealing with Cincinnati and Louisville, Kentucky is just down the Ohio River from there, to compare Muhammad Ali to Rama III, who’d passed back in 1850 I think, and they likely are connected, as would be Elvis Presley and Desi Arnaz for instance and probably the likes of Josef Stalin. Rama III appears to have been a big-deal Autist, and this fraud-parent I think had come from Rama VI but now it’s possible that Rama VI had come from John Philip Sousa who was from near where I’m in the shelter at right now, the “Inferno-shelter,” Inferno-making shelter I think of it as. Keep in mind that the book of Revelation was written long ago by something-wrong-with-them authors and now I’ve noticed the scar from the brain damage that’d come up with this idea to have the planet to themselves, etc. It’s a big deal that Rockefeller and Anna’s King were likely bio-related. Mongkut was 1804-1868, with JDR born 1839 in that weird Western New York area, south end of one of the Finger Lakes, not far from the 1825 Erie Canal.


  • I meant “slipped out of his life” and into some new life under some other name without anyone except a few aware of anything. I made that mistake of saying “faked his death” somewhere else about probably someone else, like that guy that was probably really Einstein’s 2nd son and become Carl Seelig or some such, had traded lives with some hungry Swiss guy who took his place in that asylum I’ll go check the spelling on now, Burgholzi I always call it, seeing it as Burghozli somwhere lately. (It’s Burgholzli.)


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Good view of the Sylvian fissure/lateral sulcus.


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English: Depiction of Leon Czolgosz’s brain
Source MacDonald CF, Spitzka EA. The trial, execution, autopsy, and mental status of Leon F. Czolgosz, alias Fred Nieman, assassin of President McKinley, With a report of the post-mortem examination. Journal of Mental Pathology, 1 ss. 179-209 (1902)
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