World’s Fair 1964

File:Unisphere, 1960.pngA crane eases the last segment of the Unisphere into place to complete the structure, which served as a symbol of the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadow in 1960. Constructed of stainless steel, the job took 110 days. — to Wikipedia from Khan.saqib01, taken 13 July 1960, I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. File:Unisphere in summer.jpg

The Unisphere, built for the 1964 New York World’s Fair, in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York City; to Wikipedia from Beyond My Ken, 28 August 2010, I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following licenses: Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International3.0 Unported2.5 Generic2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

— See how the Earth is actually “crooked” or askew, tilted; I’m trying to explain that that’s from the original Prehistoric accident sets, first the “disobedient” ignoring nature’s “signs” not to try to go east and north and east to fruitlessly try to catch the sun, but the early group wouldn’t be stopped and wound up snow-bound. The cold parts of this living planet are required for all the chemistry that goes into evolving a living planet, they’re a necessitated fact of life and these new-walking early humans insisted on trying to get to where the sun can be touched and owned! and they wound up nearly dying off but made it, I figure, to the safety of dinosaur nests along the Missouri River somehow but then the 2nd accident-set started when they wouldn’t get out of those dinosaur nests after healing, they’d become addicted to being fed that dinosaur-baby food gotten by the adults from the nearby plants and whatever all contained evolving psychotropic hallucinogenic chemicals. Then they went to war so they’d be the ones instead of the dinosaur young to be being fed and way down the line then they went to war against the humans also, passing down their genes since the first accident-set of getting snowbound, which is when I figure the brain damage had easily occurred to newborns. But the Earth had been set askew, maybe by trying to keep them warm and alive or how precisely the dramas had worked out to where the planet had had to be tilted, possibly to try to get them to quit setting fire to women and children after they’d met the Old World peoples and started trying to replicate the cooking of normal animal meat-food but had this Autism brain-damage and everything became wildfires and then pyromania and terrorisms through to now, — small humor, through to this morning and stuffing the toilet just to cause me any sort of difficulties so I can’t think straight or get my necessities accomplished so I could try to keep up this “mission” to try to reach a responsible adult to assist first little me and then perhaps eternity out of this “pointless” horror, that’ll wind up in TOTAL PLANET EARTH EXTINCTION and there’s nowhere else to go but they won’t quit making believe and doing this “virtual reality” like this “Limitless” novel describes alot of. The biggest point of the “Limitless” novel is that the “users” are primarily addicts who will do anything to keep getting their supply but the secret is that their “smart drug” -supply comes from the same sort of sadism that had caused this tilting of the planet, and they ignore that obvious “sign” that something is wrong, as with the recent 1947 breaking of the “sound barrier” sonic barrier they’d early called it, that that was really the seal around our atmosphere and instead of responsibly facing these errors of the past they’re doing this idiocy with this oxygen business to me and to lots of other people that they don’t like because we wouldn’t approve of their brain-eating or the unnatural “growing” of people from disembodied reproductive parts, like the examples in this “Jadwiga” painting, where those little characters grew into big brutes that are all over the place, and little “goon” characters in the way of our being able to responsibly see reality.

Ms. Kitty Genovese, 1964 victim; compare to A.M. Rosenthal’s friend K. Balfour and the narcotics agent

There’s a good chance the global-underworld system is repeating the Kitty Genovese modus operandi pattern off of me but I can’t explain it yet because it would be using living people who are rich’s names. I’ll have to look up these books’ credit details: From a 2012-ish book on the Kitty Genovese murder-scandal, the caption reads, “The best-known photo of Kitty Genoveseis from 1961 (it looks like it says,) from a mugshot over some gambling misdemeanor to my recollection, it says.) The immediate point here is that I’m researching the Krakow “staircase gnomes” and her murder had been turned into the big Apathy scandal by A.M. Rosenthal of the NY Times and I’m saying that Rosenthal was one of the sabotaging “gnomes” from “King” Casimir III the Great of Krakow, and that the whole Kitty Genovese murder and scandal seems to me to have been a substituted-body hoax, which also the “Limitless” novel seems to have alot of, and had happened to me in that 2015 car-hit horror, that there’d been some similar-looking girl, maybe from my ovaries or probably so, that had been hit and substituted for me, which I could still use assistance for toward getting that straightened out. I got this photo from either the write-up by Kevin Cook or by Catherine Pelonero, but looking up the authors names’ now I ran into another title published around the same time, “Fifty Years After Kitty Genovese” that I’d try to get to look into. I really suspect that the whole thing was a scam thought-up by Lenny Bruce and that Kitty had slipped into an assumed identity of a lady then said to be a girlfriend of A.M. Rosenthal’s, Katharine or Katherine Balfour, pictured below from a biography on the late Mr. Rosenthal called “Fit to Print.” However, the guy pictured in the middle between Kitty (Catherine) and Katharine was a narcotics agent from a 2004 book, “The Strength of the Wolf” by David Valentine* about the narcotics situation around the time of and mentioning the “French Connection” case. It is always “Fair Use” to use a little material from anything made public by publishing it. I didn’t put the caption giving the agent’s name because I try to stay away from any controversy with anyone about anything and what I’m trying to point out is that he and Ms. Genovese appear to have been what I’ve been calling or thinking of as being “spawn-siblings,” being from the same ovary or ovae-set (mass-reproductions strewn all over the place into different lives.) — Also this subject arose mostly because the NY World’s Fairs figure prominently in the “Limitless” protagonist’s work-assignment, page 28-29, and in the whole “The Great Gatsby” theme too, that area of Queens, NY does. I think the Genovese murder scandal had occurred because the system/underworld wanted a way to get more “security” for themselves to the World’s Fair location so a month before the 1964 Fair opened this had occurred nearby; and then the Corsican Mssr. Scaglia from the Brooklyn and Bronx real-life “French Connection” had gone to a new courthouse jail then just on the other side of Ms. Genovese’s Kew Gardens apartment, so I figure there was his type’s sort of a “‘magic’ show” for the underworld all going on in that area at the time also.

check “Fifty Years After Kitty Genovese,” (c. 2014,) by Albert A. Seedman and Peter Hillman, that I’d like to get a look at that book, hadn’t heard of it before. I don’t want to get off the subject of the “Limitless” book that I’m trying to do and get it over with, but I should fit in that after the first (2nd really but the first was some weird other thing,) forced-hospitalization over this “COPD” business, I’d gotten out of the hospital with nearly everything thrown away and I was dazedly looking over a branch library’s little shelf and it seemed my attention was specifically drawn to the Kitty Genovese book by Kevin Cook and because I’d heard alot about it while I was growing up in the “fraud-household” I’d started reading it and it developed into a regular research subject and I brought my write-up on it to the Secret Service because I’d thought the guy framed for the scandalous murder had looked alot like the current president and that my attention had been drawn to the book in order to cause me to feel anti-Obama, but I’d thought Mr. Moseley had been framed for something masterminded by Lenny Bruce and that A.M. Rosenthal, and lately, due to details about this same “COPD” invisible-torture phony-done illness of low oxygen/difficulty breathing something has come up that’s making me think it’s possible that Mr. Moseley might come from (I last heard he was still in prison,) a line of the “Jomon,” pointy-cheeked, people that had Renaissance-era specialized in “stiletto” work, since I’d objected to having “Symbicort” prescribed for me and got it switched to one called “Stiolto” and some odd-and-end other details like the scene when I’d gone homeless to San Francisco in March 1994, that I’d just started describing somewhere else, will try to link these subjects together. Last year I think I’d started learning to make these “links” from one file to another and there was some typical system “curse” so that it was fulfilled by knocking me off computers and the experimenting ability for awhile and I’m just trying to get back to learning how to do it now. If anyone’s interested, if I could get on with actually getting this “Limitless” novel’s notes over with then maybe I could try to use the same process for going over and writing out how this “Book of Revelation” was authored by the ancestors of the same “brains” descended down to all around everywhere today, that they’d felt “Limitless!” and like having the world to theirselves alone, sic for the “theirselves” I use sometimes, because they were eating other people’s brains and wanted to make money by selling brain. and then they’ve carried that down to today and all these years to right now off of me. Similarly, I’d given a copy of all the writing I’d done on this subject in 1992 to some employers at a pharmacy in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, trying to get assistance about this same Armageddon business.

*I’d visited that 1962 old Bronx neighborhood in April 2004, that that might have something to do with this book’s 2004 publication as this is where I’d found 2 photographs captioned as being of the agent that I’m saying is my fraud-parent. Finding the photographs made me doubt that belief for a little while while I was in Kensington, Maryland, about 2 months before the car-hit. I came to believe that the 2 people only looked similar and the clothing was purposely replicated for the staged-photo. I have the “The Strength of the Wolf” photos with me right now but it’s really a non-subject to take time away from the “Limitless” explicating in order to re-send the photos and try to side-by-side compare them right now. They’re in that “French Connection” area on the Navigation bar, which reminds me that I’m going to try to move the “Subjects” area that the “Limitless” book is under over to that right end of the Navigation bar because it’s so time-consuming to try to keep calling up these files from the middle of the Navigation bar’s Pages files, so I can quick-jump to the last page if this move works, to try to do that now instead. The 2 guys just look similar. The agent had had meetings with Nixon in the early 1970s and there might be some other photos of him around but so far the Valentine account of the narcotics situation in general back then, which I only got a few hours to go through in a library, has the only photos of the (federal) agent I could find so far, to further exemplify all this by, etc., his name being Benjamin Fitzgerald, Federal Bureau of Narcotics I think he’d been with, under Harry Anslinger, Jr., who was a son-in-law to Andrew Mellon, U.S. Treasury, and donor of the Washington National Gallery of Art and this portrait with it, that seems like the “Armageddon Program” director to me:

The link doesn’t work because it links back to another post, #6, Man In Oriental Costume, but that file includes a little cartoon that I’d since learned was by one of these “Shahan/Crowley-666/Baldwin-Allen/Pill-grim boy/etc.” types so that’s too controversial, too awful to try to get straightened out today either right now, etc. Andrew Mellon had bought this from Leningrad’s museum and donated it to the NGA he’d financed in or about 1932-34, and later on his son-in-law became head of Narcotics here and left I think shortly after the “French Connection” scam that had used me like a ritual lucky charm. This morning I’d noticed that that old Shirley Temple movie “The Little Princess” has Shirley finding her black-haired male parent through his voice and then the scene of saluting Queen Victoria, that that has to do with getting Victoria’s ovae and making all kinds of girls like her like me all over the place, that Victoria must have been how the underworld Autists had taken over England and advanced the same modus operandi to over here and through gullible girls like Victoria and then me, where I’m figuring we’d all come from ovaries stolen by that Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi, 1521-79, and after all these centuries we all tend to gullibly think of this type as being a father-figure and don’t get scared of the “voice,” without of course any awareness of its Autist boyfriends and the brain-eating system they’ve concocted that works by deceit and sadism and addiction to brain-eating:

http://Man In Oriental Costume

Mssr. Scaglia from Corsica in the line-up photo from a “French Connection” bust, I don’t recall which of the 2 (busts, January in Brooklyn, then the Bronx stake-out in February,) right now.

File:1964 New York World Fair Stamp.jpg1964-1965 New York World’s Fair U.S. postage stamp – issued 145,700,000 on April 22, 1964 New York, NY – U.S. postage stamp illustrates the fair’s main mall, including the Unisphere and “Rocket Thrower” – Designer: Robert J. Jones – Engraver: A. W. Dintaman, Bureau of Engraving and Printing; Imaging by Jphill19; U.S. Post Office, 22 April 1964; from — has a nice copy of President Johnson’s 1-page speech at the opening/dedication of that World’s Fair. has a printed copy of it but I can never figure about these newspapers and their copyright obsessions; I have the invisible “Armageddon Program” brain-eaters’ torture all over my skull disapproving of anything I think or do and the NY Times articles the torture always bothers me about making copies of, but it’s a nice speech and is probably only otherwise available through the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library’s website. Then, I almost never have time to watch anything on the YouTube but I think their material is like Wikipedia’s okay for distribution for normal purposes so here’s Pres. Johnson’s speech which I’d seen on TV because the fraud-sister and I were home sick with chicken pox but don’t have time to watch this copy of it myself yet: (=Pres. Johnson’s speech.)

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I found this on, — I hope it is the 1964 fair and not a Disneyworld photo. I don’t recall anything that big and bright, just those little ones going around and around but I can’t find a copyright-free picture of one of those and nor can I spend all day on all these details, etc.