French Connection


iThe Bronx  “French Connection” – This is the 1962 “French Connection” photo, taken in the Bronx near where I d been 6 years old and played with those suitcases for some part of the “hallucino-superstition” that goes into all this system we have. The author Robin Moore’s caption describes the alleged identities of those guys and then I write to people that tha t is actually my “fraud-parent” there on the far-right and that the guy on the far-left is an example of what I call high-functioning” Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence from the brains of other people, and that that is taking us to ….





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french connection bronx

french connection barbara fuca and robin moore

french connection strength of wolf5

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french connection strength of wolf

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french connection

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french connection biggie rene dubos rimr to garrison ny

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0263 -Dutch Schultz, French Connection, Suzy Wetlaufer’s “Judgment Call”

french connection also, “Mafia Wife,” by Mrs. Barbara Fuca, Chapter 1 = page 3

french connection also, page 4

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french connection also= p. 5

french connection also= p. 7

french connection also= p. 8

french connection also= p. 9

french connection also=p. 27, Cartier

french connection also= p. 29, diamonds

french connection also= note

I thought I had a photo of this page but I don’t and will have to fix this also later: bronx french connection

french connection

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French Connection overload .pdf,

I’m only trying to figure if the Tony Fuca below here but not the Tony Fuca in the above line-up picture might or might not actually be either Mr. Bellson or possibly Lenny Bruce or possibly someone that’s closely-related, like a spawn-brother, to them, so I have to leave this here for now in trying to compare the photos and find out whatever more I can, while trying to find personal assistance out of this being-alone-with-the-end-of-the-planet-Earth and species situation. I could be doing other or more-useful things than keep going over the early 1960s when these guys were borrowing on that they’d soon be space-rich for covering loans for expenses.