von Humboldts

— I didn’t get much further with this yet. The brother Wilhelm von Humboldt has that Berlin university named for him, had probably started it, and then that’s where the “Autism expert” Dr. Kanner had graduated from. I lost track of a copy of the book that had alot on Kanner, “Unstrange Minds” I think is the title and think author’s name is Roy Grinker, works at George Washington University Hospital and wrote a book about his daughter’s autism with a good section of background on Kanner.

(Previously written:)    dc.pdf, I (just) deleted 5 pictures of Alexander von Humboldt all from Andrea Wulf’s recent book on him, “The Invention of Nature,” figuring I could find a more condensed way of getting those back onto here sometime because he’s so important to all of this. I suspect that his work had led to this “District of Columbia” but it’s really “District of Colombia” and back then I think it was called New Granada or Grenada, with the capital Santa Fe de Bogota, same as Saint/e Foy of Conques, southwest France. I can’t figure what his brother Wilhelm looked like, either the same type or a completely different one like is in the Encyclopedia Britannica that I just deleted along with the king Georges of England that I’ll put back on here when I get a better handle on “things” out here/in my life, etc, but Alexander might’ve been that baby bought by the Chancellor Rolin.

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I just ran into this in the file background and am starting this file but most all the pdfs are from one book, andrea wulf’s “The Invention of Nature,” published recently and very popular.  My biggest problem is that she didn’t mention that Alexander was friends with James Smithson who left the money for what became this massive Smithsonian Institution that seems must be most influential in all this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION  that’s completing its Plan by living off of me, barely alive and always struggling to get out of this vacuum they have me in no matter what. And then Alexander Graham Bell was connected with the Smithsonian and where I am up the hill from there and what I’m looking into today. There’s a map on a tourist signboard across the street from here that they’d gotten from a 1948 National Geographic, and Bell was a founder of that, and I’d typed that “error” it seems so far that the Smithsonian’s Joseph Henry had been friends with von Humboldt, don’t know where that came from unless it was a “magic” -done sabotage from the Bell types, that direct this, “Armageddon Program.”