p. 308, MK-Ultra

I’m going to try to work this mention of the MK-Ultra up to suggest that Dr. Gottlieb, (1918-1999,) from the Bronx allegedly but I can’t find out where in the Bronx yet, might have been “from” or “offspring-descendant of” Henri Deterding (1866-1939) who I suspect had bought property in the Bronx around that Bathgate Avenue Market and that’s descended to this curse all over myself. On that subject though and in consideration for the Hale brothers mentioned in “Limitless” also I’m wondering if one/both of the Dulles brothers might also have been from Sir Henri. Then there’s the aspect of E.L. Doctorow’s (from the Bronx also and looks like the general “Allen Ginsberg-type” that’s all over me) novel “Billy Bathgate.” That novel is allegedly about Dutch Schultz, but I’m thinking that that nickname (onto Arthur Fleigenheimer (1901-1935) might be system-code for the Royal Dutch Shell petroleum company that Sir Henri, “An International Oilman,” had run. Also page 308 mentions the link that the MK-Ultra, besides all the other doings, had been funding pharmaceutical or drug companies.