disaster pdfs, 3/20/19

I accidentally erased a bunch of the pdfs in the media background, real confused about what is and isn’t on a USB flash drive, thought it was a disk even though I’d just gone over that it’s attached to the wordpress site to get the material, I still deleted all those files, now I’m trying to see if I could at least get the little notes restored.



20160418154211508 3p, nga/schiz

20160418154024331– 12p, not on pdf

20160418153736691– p1, freddie gray/notebook

20160418141147471– 20p, tt crawfo copy guy

20160418134205717– 37p narcs list to mickey cohen pic

20160418133257669– 8p stormvl ltr

20160418123701861– 44p- not on pdf

20160418123440798– 1pletterhand

20160418123409588– 1p narc addrsss

I didn’t find a single usable thing.



Kathleen J. Foshay RESUME

Kathleen J. Foshay, resume

Kathy Foshay sending to Ms. Evelyn Parker on Florence Sabin papers request– (1)

Testing-kathy– this is a 1p microsoft word typing of journal-crap from the mo t’s, cote d’ivory soap

Misc. notes: 10/7/15, wed., tweet from Scott Kelly=the daily morning dose of # aurora to help wake you up. # Good morning from @Space_Station! #Year/Space; but there are all city lights under the so-called aurora=? = 1/7/18, trying g to type loose notes in the message app. and realize I can’t use returns to separate subjects plus “the demons in the machine” cause odd difficulties so I’ll likely have to switch to the email/gmail later; ck borough of Maidstone, wiki, goistelin/ goistalin Decrombecque c. 1850, Loos-en-Gohelle, se of st. omer near lens, France, 1895 sold to Marcus Samuel, 1st viscount bearsted, 1929 son sold to Maidstone, to orphanage, Daniel asher Alexander architect river Len dammed to lake, 16th earl of Warwick= Richard Neville, woodville, 1st earl rivers daughter / “news of Victoria’s accessn 1837-(1819-1901) the lord chamberlain, lord conyngham, kneeling and kissing, ck Frederick p. shuckard qv recg the news 1909?, sir David Wilkie, qv’s first council/ tagital 10.1″ quadcore 16g android 4.4 KitKat tablet pca33 10” bundle keyboard 79.99 eBay/51.13 right now, chesterbrook pa= 10/22/15/ Mort lewis MN duke Ellington Lenny Bruce simon & Garfunkel Judith piepe, Ariel Bruce, Lorne Michaels, mike Nichols/ hidden history of Alexandria 975.5296 p826 pope, Michael Lee, 2013 brumidi GPO 759.13 b894/ UDC David a. Clark school of law/ funeral 4/5/1997 Clarke, 5/18/84 w. post on China trip, 6/7/84

Clarke/ Barry, 5/18/84 wpost, 6/7/84, 11/16/96, funeral 4/5/97ck Lindbergh in Germany
Rufus pubs
Flagler and Seminoles Miami tribe turtle Julia sturtevant Tuttle’s forehead Christof/ Hans. much to wright Charcot pic?
these swine think they’re a travelling exhibition till I’m dead and they capture and “disappear” anyone tt’s tried to assist me out here, 10/4/17 trying to get dressed, sadistic garbage crawling all over me every morning, then about the “new furniture” worrying
judge chas Edward Forbes ,1802-94 20 west st 01060, 5/26/17, Fri, 1888 Alfred lilly, village of florence
McBeal thy families’ health plans 1111 14th stnw suite 620 20005
11/8/15 Sunday 425pm MD license# censored there’s a guy w an unmarked truck changing the kenGar sign by summit avenue just before the end of this players mill road, just working by himself, installing a taller signpost I think, and there’s a tiny light green ken.gar.org kenGar online little sign down below it I haven’t seen or noticed before, him halfway through this installation I guess and that new girl “Brenda” walking here a little before I got here.
( type WARNINGS to the Search box below 1st though, please! that,’s on the back of the easter seals visit paper wmiller after you get a job call him before you start work / the system dies a lie-” entertainment” behind my back.
Charles lyman Stewart ( formed?) dunnington, barthlow? and miller, stroke 3/7 at nyh 3/4/86; 1959-79 partner at dunnington and recently w illegible wilds, einnds, Marx?, obit 3/10/86 nyt 1970 Sharon p. Campbell, bank aide, fiancee
5/23/17 515 pm, fire engine #51 screaming out of the 8th st se station as I approach the intersection, after one of them had already done TT as I pulled out the library door, another shit-morgue day. one thing I did find out is TT I could send the whole blogsite as a copy. 5/26/17, Friday ,655 pm, a shahan has a homeland security, sic, for space / as a HS/ has on a HS uniform, and a vehicle.
10/20/15, Tues., autism isn’t complicated; it’s mass-reproduced congenitally by people w black hair usi g their disembodied-ovaries method of baby making!
10/21/15, wed. 1 pm, horror-scene outside if library, roundhead boy showing elderly lady a water bottle and going on and on like he’s available to toilet all over her ovaries, and it had me muttering about toilet-biwl ejaculation garbage-people as one of the stormville-goons they planted here came up the same path behind me heard that. 4 pm, wretched animal day and visit to the library and walking on the players mill road now and the animals have started a new torture of vibrating to destroy me.
encyc Brit v. 25 p. 354 pl 7, cuer reading the inscription on the magic fountain, 1465, LA lived due coeur d’amours espris
11/6/15, Friday, w Genevieve, ck Avery road and Ruth w.
10 am? incident w ( paper torn. w tt June coming up behind me on the way to the Safeway, etc., I wonder if in () yak-yak unintelligibility-trick set she might be referring to “sleep group” as help for my breathing in tt my breathing is from all kinds of stormville underground garbage’s laying all over the hologram image of me.
11/4/27 sat. was the Ainu research on Bachelor; I think his predecessor was
Walter croggon denying, w. victoria 1838-4 Aug. 1889
bath, somerset age 31 in 1870, 1874 Hakodate, 1876 sapporo, Dr wm s Clark, Feb 1883 p. 183, “conditional immorality” espouse in the missionary intelligence record by Seeley, Jackson and halliday
rlw squiers of the methodist episcopal church mission at Hakodate; his books 1888-90, 1870, Madagascar, Nagasaki in 1873, 1874 Hakodate, 1883 he resigned, taught English in tokyo, tokyo, Yokohama, the Japan gazette, illegible m. and offspring 1892 Australia, 12/5/1913 d. Sendai, col. basil crammer dening, wife Lydia’s children
18056377243/7233/press 1 and hold or 123, O=help, *back, #ahead, 7=,delete, 9=save


Below are all gone except the 2 I’d made markings on, but the above, I figured out how to do revisions and the list before I’d deleted all those regular jottoes and notes is restored into its own file, just that all those will flash a 404 File not Found sign if I try to call them up. The above is the abortion I’d wound up with without realizing this deletion-error, so that it’s the same set as is now under either pdfsearch or pdfsearch2 or some such. All those 2016 files are gone except those above i guess.










jottoes22017 183

jottoes22017 182- paying for the Suburban Hosp. dvd, ciox medical

jottoes22017 181

jottoes22017 18

jottoes2017 184

jottoes2017 183– Miss Theiss is replacing Miss Knight, 1934

jottoes2017 182

jottoes2017 181

jottoes2017 18