A.G. Bell, 1847-1922

Black and white portrait of bearded young-ish man from shoulders up, looking left.
Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Smithsonian Institution Archives, local number SIA2012-1090.
(I didn’t send this next part but it arrived here before I pasted the photo:)
Black and white portrait of bearded young-ish man from shoulders up, looking left.
Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Smithsonian Institution Archives, local number SIA2012-1090.
  It doesn’t really seem to look like Bell, more like Laurence Brumidi maybe.

Hand-drawn map of 7-9 streets in Washington, DC

Bell drew this map of Scott Circle himself for an experiment in improving telephone transmissions over longer distances. See that letter A marked in a square off of Connecticut Avenue, toward the upper left half of the map? That’s where he had his lab. We know it was located at 1221 Connecticut Avenue because he announces the address in one of his experimental recordings. Courtesy of Library of Congress.
— me again; that that’s where that Samuel Hahnemann Monumnet is too, just north of Bell’s house and that’s all slightly north, about 2-1/4 blocks, of where I’ve been most of the time since the car-hit, since May 2016 then I’d gotten stranded near that area and the “motif” that I was trying to get photographed the other day that didn’t show up in the photos is an X-design similar to that, like 2 rows of long X’s like that, so 4 of those but stacked in 2 columns it looked like offhand, way up over the figure on the right side at the top, stirring that brouhaha In fact HE did look both like Bell and like an older version of this boy pictured above there, more or less. People have been playing “lookalikes” games on me since I got here in 2005 and so I don’t even like to think too closely on all this stereotypy, just trying to get real about a future for the planet and biology because Bell’s people, who I guess were the anonymous old Jomon culture, had merely been misled by people with Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy who look and seem real innocent and Bell’s type “championed” them against what he was told were mean normal people and it’s just that the Jomon were isolated from the millennia of invasions that eventually everyone learns you can’t get the Autists to quit bothering you, throwing doo-doo at you, they won’t quit, it’s everywhere today and everyone makes like nothing unusual is going on and I call that the Autists’ “haze” that they disseminate with this brain-damaged perspective they’ve got, what I’d thought of as being “dyslexia of thinking” and then led to noticing the big fat scar called the Sylvian fissure on the left side of all of our brains, and that that was the healing scar from the brain injury that’d led to this “Autism,” etc. I sent more copies of this picture because I’m also looking into that Bell’s father, the real brain of the family I think, and he had had houses on 35th Street, NW, and I’m thinking that there might be patterns that’d led to these computers and there are so many “twisted” uses of these, that they’ve gone from the original trying to signal for help to get away from the psychopaths to being belonging to the psychopaths, have been twisted into weapon-use just like everything else and etc. for my specific having everything twisted on me. I have to figure what to do with the new– I recall now, I’d taken pictures of this so I could try to make little blue-paint ink marks where Bell’s house was/is (now the Hungarian Embassy,) and where the Hahnemann statue is. The thing of course with homeopathy is that it’s an excuse for giving brain-chemical “medicine” to Autists with headaches, in place of tracing the real situation that the cause of the headaches comes from the Prehistory-descended old injury-set.

I have to sign off., it’s looking like Herman Melville is interconnected-into all this like Alexander Graham Bell and his father are, then Melville spent lots of free time up in Pittsfield Massachusetts where most of the plastics industry seems to me to have then come from circa this space race that didn’t pan out.

File:PSM V63 D084 Helen keller and alexander graham bell.pngPublic domain, 1903 photo from Popular Science Monthly, v. 63, from Wikimedia Commons.

ck Perkins School for the Blind and photo with Bell.

What I’m suspecting I found was that it looks like Helen Keller was actually possibly the “ovae-daughter/offspring-descendant” of that Annie (Macy) Sullivan teacher I’m thinking as I was looking through for a copy of this well-known picture, and then it looks like perhaps Mark Twain is involved in that genealogy some way or another, and it connected up to other things. There’s a letter from Helen Keller asking Florence Sabin for an interview for an article Keller was doing but there’s no indication of Ms. Keller’s deaf and blind situation so I’m suspicious that the whole Keller thing was a hoax and then it really looks like that when you notice that in the pictures Ms. Macy-Sullivan looks like maybe the actual parent of the growing girl, compare their photos at the different ages.

[from 2017 probably,](8 July) Whatever this inability to breathe/”magic” bell jar business is it likely came from Alexander Graham Bell’s work. I’ll try to type in some of his handwriting in a little while…. From Kendall F. Haven’s 2003 “Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor and Visionary;”March 10th 1876

Transmitting Inst.

The improved instrument shown in Fig. I was constructed this morning and tried this evening.

P is a brass pipe and

W the platinum wire

M The mouthpiece and

S The armature of The Receiving Instrument.

(Mr?) Watson was stationed in one room with the Receiving Instrument. He pressed one ear closely against S and closed his other … (and I don’t have the rest of the page) I think the kiddie-level book had said that Bell had accidentally spilled some acid on himself and had had to say or shout words to the effect of Watson come quickly I need you and that that had gotten through, but I don’t recall if it’s on this handwritten example page but might have the copy in the media file background here if it was an emergency to find that out. (I think that’s the only facetiousness or even humor I’ve gotten into this blog so far.)

The “P” is in where the Instrument looks like a bathtub and that his beard-line in it, there on the left side just over the beardline. The “W” platinum wire goes from the “P” brass rod to the Receiving Instrument but then also so does what looks like the same type of wire on the right side. “Armature” is a complicated word but means outer shell more or less; I guess it comes from sculpture terminology and then into electrical engineering.

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