Michelangelo – da Vinci

 Peter Paul Rubens‘s copy of The Battle of Anghiari. Purportedly, from left to right are Francesco PiccininoNiccolò PiccininoLudovico TrevisanGiovanni Antonio Del Balzo Orsini.

— I have to put a Continue Reading marker here also because the file is so disorganized yet, but the material is okay if anyone would like to try to figure to put the pieces together, me having to stick the “1st They (long ago) Stole the Vatican” file into here temporarily at the already far away bottom of this disorganized business on this “generational slave made good partnership and consortium these guys seem to have all evolved together, —

While da Vinci was making this piece I just read, behind him they, through Machiavelli, had Michelangelo working on a similar war-depiction piece, which I’d never heard of and will try to go find a copyright-okay copy of, the Battle of Cascina.