Limitless Out-takes

I’m going to try to work up a section on this “The Dark Fields/Limitless” novel. Here’s an attempt to pdf the example of the original bookcover but I only got a bit of it accidentally when I’d gone to get a scan of the back of the book, which did come out: 201809261319  (“The Dark Fields'” original cover/s to what became the “Limitless” novel now.) — 10/4/18, I found this so far, on the search-engine from the publisher’s site and I’ll be trying to get that I’m trying to use the book cleared through them as soon as I can but so far I’m still always with immediate dire difficulties, without consistent opportunity to sit and work on this yet, hoping things would be different here (in Houston now,) etc. — … permission department inquiries, email (address here,) or mail: Attn: Permissions and Copyright Manager, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 18 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10010

10/2/18,  I’m trying to figure if possibly the novel is allegorical, and then I read a little about the 2015-16 season television program and that does sound similar to this situation around me with its characters perhaps, “Naz” for instance, and maybe I’d been hit with that car in November 2015 because the system was pulling off its Armageddon so well, and then something I haven’t been able to get a chance to explain had probably occurred while I was in the hospital.

— I’ll soon be trying to get these long blurbs off the footer and into those blue-type link-files but I’m always in a bad way, things taking me too long to be able to get around to as usual. Apologies, (hoping that isn’t a cursed or twisted word too, like most of the good ones seem to be, like even “Thanks,” or worse, “Thanks alot,” I’m afraid to say them anymore because this torture on my head twists anything to the system’s addictions and petroleum is one of those. Very Dracula, really.