letter to The Barac Co.

(on the usual letterhead i guess) The Barac Co/6901 4thstnewdc20012 24 march 2016

Dear Barac Company,

I’d rented once from you, 8/2001 to 19/2002 at 1307 12th Street, NW, the Tremont Apartments.

Now I have a dcha housing-choice boucher and am hoping you’d be interested in helping me to find a safe-from-LUREs 1-bedroom apartment per that voucher.

I have all kinds of little-seeming personal difficulties related to my problem with being used as a LURE-bait gimmick. Right now I’m also in a bad situation and should find a plalce as soon as possible but have essentially no cash or wherewithal yet outside of the voucher and am stranded in a location that would like me to move asap.

I’m 60 years old now and have all kinds of breathing difficulties so I’m looking for a groundfloor place. i guess all utilities paid and an electric stove would be best. i’m looking for say an “in-law” apt. near the 83 busline, in Woodbridge or north of Rhode Island Avenue by the Maryland border.

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I’m out of clean paper and use this Autism-puzzle page to try to explain that all the world’s troubles come from a long-lost group on the other side of the world with what I call “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with an hallucinogen-dependence, writing hundreds of letters on this since 2005, but then in 2014 I found out that i’d been raised by a “hallucinogen-running” fraudulent-family and that’s largely where my world-destroying LURE problem comes from. I’ll never be able to find out what went on underneath the Tremont Apartments but as an example the beautiful tree or trees in front of the building were chopped down and the whole atmosphere changed, and this LURE follows underneath me like a travelling circus and deestates sneakily wherever i go. I’d left washington in 2002 but had to come back here in 2005 and try to get help getting rid of this horror-problem from the government and ther’s been no attempt to get the system/global-system straightened out by letting me write to explain the Prehistory problems yet, but i’m still working on that.

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And this on the back is an example of a hand-out flyer i was using for trying to get assistance by when i got hit by a car last november and am still in “nursing-care” from but it’s all really a big scam that i’m stranded alone at the bottom of with. the fiure in the small example from the book on “The French Connection,” on the far-right marked #6 is my very dangerous to me “fraud-parent,” and there are “science fiction” -type “real” offspring-descendants of that person’s all over the place, acting as though they are charming people so please don’t get too involved  but keep me in mind and i’ll be trying to get to your office as soon as i secure the extension on the dcha voucher if i can get around again better. the girl in the abu grahib picture i hadn’t realized must have also gotten tricked into getting big ugly tatooes all up her arms that i’d only noticed in a color copy of that letter, and the generational-slave #3 type i’m just now learning is a big cult figure too. i hope we can find me a safe, quiet 1-bedroom. Thanks, Sincerely, kathy foshay