Oswald Avery (187-1954ish)

(deleted) Mrs. (Patsy) Barbara Fuca and author Robin Moore, circa 1978 I’m thinking it’s possible that both of them might have come from Rene! That’d be terribly difficult to impossible to prove but there’s a good chance it’s true because that’s just how the system works in order to be able to control everyone, they mass-manufactured their most useful types to be like cogs in this big machine their system is and the types squeeze the “others,” other peoples out of existence. I’d finally located a copy of that group-photo in Oswald Avery’s lab where Rene has his arms around Frank H. Babers but then I haven’t been able to get to the LOC to see if I can learn anything about what Dr. Babers might have been up to, he might have been a major figure in producing these mass-reproduced “robo-boys” I call the Babar-Ainu type, but then there’s such horror around copyright rights that maybe I didn’t get a copy of the photo because the source is like a trouble-maker, but maybe I have it stuck away in here somewhere that I could/should go looking for because I’m thinking that Rene and Dr. Babers were like a team of mass-reproducers of their genes. Then Rene’s might have become people like Moore and Mrs. Fuca and then I”ve had this difficulty since I think early 2010 with this type that’d run the trick-set last night. And all this is really nothing to do with or shouldn’t be anything to do with this blogsite, that it’s just some inundation of crap I’m under that’s like suffocating me right now so that I can’t function/think productively, where it’s already 3 p.m. and it’ll be time to leave here soon.

Image result for images of oswald avery and rene dubosI found this on the search-engine under Abe’s Books, an advertisement for Rene (Dubos’) book about Oswald Avery and their work there, “The Professor, the Institute, and DNA.” I suspect that there might be millions of people made from the work of Rene and Dr. Babers. I also think I might “come from” Dr. Avery or one of his “offspring-descendants” like maybe even Lee “Harvey” Oswald might have been one of his and then Oswald was in the Bronx about a year and a half before I was born, and then for not any apparent reason the fraud-parents had traipsed down to Manhattan to have me birthed right next door to where this picture had been taken, in 1932. I read once where Rene had written that his eyes were turquoise-colored. His first wife had passed from tuberculosis and I think he’d met her through a place for single French women to stay when they came to live here, a regular flow of ladies through a shelter to stay in sort of a connection he was likely to have had in New York all those years, very active guy, lots of real estate dealing up in Westchester and things difficult to learn about, connections. That’s a basin on the table on the left. Now compare some “Babar boys” with Dr. Babers, at the bottom here:

(2015 flyer — this I’m going to try to take a photo of and send that.– This came out terribly but I generally have to settle for whatever I’m lucky enough to be able to get at all. They only put 3 or 4 of the papers I’d distributed into my chart, not the 24-page one with Joe Fuca on the first page like they’d said they had, but someone did bother to make a reduced-size copy of this page and put it on hospital letterhead and punch holes to get it into the chart. It says, My name is Kathy Foshay. If anyone was allowed to help me write letters it could rescue the Universe from the unnecessary TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION the “top secret” system is actually bringing us to, but it keeps me like a ghost-prisoner in a communication vacuum, lieftime-used as a people-disappearance LURE-gimmick, so please be careful not to be conned. No one will listen to my evidence that the 1962 real-life “French Connection” was a ritual to hode see-through “LSD” behind the white powder, which I suspect came from nuclearly pulverizing* normal men and now anybody. The system claims I have schizophrenia, but that’s really about the ax-murdering brain-chemical addicts everyone’s afraid of. I think I could explain to this girl -> because her frame-up has alot of parallels that could get her started to following all this and then she has the inner-energy to help translate and do the letter-writing, but the system-addicts, sic, squash all my communication attempts, do the Revelation’s Armageddon-making this way. Gus the prisoner and those guys come from the system’s #3 generational-slave type. 10%+ of future-profit if you get me a helper.

* The “pulverizing” I think had started with fabric washing and dyeing, figuring a way to extract water, like became the spin cycle of washing machines, extractadores/extractor-a centrifuge for spinning wet laundry so as to remove excess water, but that became turning bones to rubble for say Portland cement-type uses when all those dinosaur bones tons and tons were found out west. At first they were shipped to colleges and museums in the east, especially by George Peabody to my recollection of looking into this a bit, but I think there were too many tons of the bones and it became obvious that there was some disconnect somewhere, some guilt as to how all those animals had gone extinct, and the centrifuges were worked to grind the bone to powder that became used for cement for big projects like maybe the Erie Canal building and then on, hiding the evidence that something was wrong with there’s being that many dead skeletons but then I think that the method became used on in disappearing human other males, sticking “heroes” into the centrifuges, and that became used for inventing “hero-in” which gave the Autists, like Lenny Bruce who’d allegedly died of an overdose of that in 1966, a warm feeling, and I think that the enjoyment of that heroin was from the having killed normal men and being hiding the evidence of that by using the heroin, is why I included that about the pulverized powder, that I think the “French Connection” was largely a ritual for covering up the see-through brain serum with the conspicuous white powder called heroin so they could continue with their business “in-does-try” of selling brain serum even though people had begun to catch onto that the “LSD” did not really come from the mold called ergot and were becoming suspicious about LSD’s real source.) At the bottom here:


Image result for images of oswald avery and rene dubos

How much does Dr. Babers look like what I call the “Babar-boys” I’m trying to figure. In 1918 Rockefeller Jr., by then in his 40s or maybe I have the date wrong, had for the first time asked his parent for money/a load, for 2 million dollars for starting a collection of Chinese porcelain dolls, and I haven’t had a chance to look into that collection yet but suspect it was connected to the secret-underworld growing of people. They’d invested about $50 million in making Peking nice by that time, and that isn’t far from where I figure the system is based, think it’s way back north behind there and operating there like a doll house puppet place all these global-system growing years. But my personal situation is so bad that a girl that I suspect comes from Mrs. Fuca who’d come from Rene sprang a “standard-type trick” on myself that then I’m stranded always alone with that this secret system is really taking down eternity, that eternity will be left with all the loss of biology and everything for nothing, like these cheap tricks done to me merely based on that I’m always alone and with all these “Consortium” of parasite-types’ all sneak-doing the (Revelation) Armageddon off of using me like a game-pawn. Everything about this is so disgusting, like there’s always something creepy going on out here that distracts from being able to get to anything except this complaint-type jotting in place of productive adult-level anything. On the subject of the Babar-boys I’ve had this note to myself to get one of these tricks mentioned, that I think it was in 2014, for the December phony-holiday set or season-greeting whatnot “horrorday,” the fraud-parent had sent me a money order for $100 like the usual I guess it was, that it had been going on since I got here in 2005 that they’d been sending that and the same for my annual birthday and then 3 extra helps of $50 to where it came to about $350 a year had been going on, is how the Armageddon-making off of me had been supported really, but there wasn’t any way I could make any “fund” of anything until after I’d just turned 62. I was so bereft that there weren’t ever any bus rides possible and I hadn’t any idea people had these camera-cellphones but I was alive and in that library that’s since been closed down, etc. When I got the money order in 2014 I was so bad off from this “Armageddon Show” anymore that I really didn’t even like to have to be dependent on the helps like that and had long been trying to “exorcise” the envelope-contents before reading the note and seeing the money order and taking it to usually a post office but my identification card had expired back in 2010 and nobody ever told me they have vouchers for getting the $20 fee waived and things went on terribly so I was sitting outside alone in the January cold and I guess I’d opened the envelope and was “sunshining” and waving the money order around to try to cleanse it or what and whenever these envelopes arrived there’d be all this “invisible” horror that these “offspring-descendants” or what of that fraud-parent would all be around more than usual out here and then they seem to underworld specialize in doing “shadow world” tricks too, so that me sitting alone trying to open the envelope on a freezing day it was like a crowd of them had “invisibly” gathered around me and the piece of paper, the money order slip, blew out of my hand from some big gust of wind but somehow miracle-like got caught by then one of the “Babar” types that had like shadow-world reached and caught the paper and knocked it out of the wind whirl and back toward me where I caught it back. That had seemed nice but now I realize that I’d then never been able to cash that money order because the underground watchers must have decreed that it was wrongful to interfere to get the paper back to me where it clearly was about to blow to way down the block and away without that interference and so even though I had the money order the underworld must have declared that it was REALLY null and void and I wasn’t ever able to get anyone to cash it for me in any way. I mailed it back then finally only not too long before the car-hit, having gotten real ill from the medical-tricks and been hospitalized for some bizarre 25 pounds of waterweight that’d led to a horrifying extension there and then being bounced around till that place in Kensington/Maryland. Now I’ll segue on the subject of medical tricks to mention that some other set of Babars now must have decreed that the way I’d left some meat unrefrigerated an overnight and a day meant that it wasn’t good anymore and I got made sick for 3 days and even today they pinched my stomach or spasmed it or whatnot still over that where in reality there wasn’t anything wrong with the meat, they just only know about their underworld-teachings and those are all for the Autist-system, not for us “others.” According to the systems rules meat has to be refrigerated or it goes bad, but I’ve always had what I call a cast-iron stomach and there wasn’t anything wrong with some little bit of some opened tin of meat I’d had, but they’ve been doing this “show” around that my intestines were all messed up but that’s the “magic” interference and not real life, they do all kinds of medical tricks like that onto everybody’s life. Again it’s the dichotomy where the medical field is to sneak-fix the Autism for the Autists, to help them with the whole umbrella-field of the symptoms that come from the original injuries of way back, where probably all or nearly all of the medical problems people have ever had come from the mixing with the then invaders from the New World with all that Autism. For the dichotomy though the Autists love to get their hands onto other people, so the medical field works both ways for them similar to how the copyright situation does, they keep their business private while still getting whatever they want from your business, win-win, win-win for them all the time because these “Jomon” champion for them, and I’m trying to get across to quit doing that through and off of me at least, for a starter in trying to get the planet salvaged out of all this sadism-horror.

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1877-1955, Oswald T. (Theodore) Avery, Rights:Courtesy of Joshua Lederberg.The National Library of Medicine’s Profiles in Science program has made every effort to secure proper permissions for posting items on the web site. In this instance, however, it has either not been possible to identify or contact the current copyright owner. If you have information regarding the copyright owner, please contact us at profiles@nlm.nih.gov
I’m trying to describe that that purported founder of the de Medici founder is depicted in Mantegna’s “Triumphs of Caesar” and that that “detail” of Caesar’s face in Mantegna’s work to me obviously looks like the modern lab-scientist Oswald Avery and that in my mixed-up little life it seems to me that it’s possible that Dr. Avery is in my personal genetic lineage perhaps, so that I’m at least a little familiar with what I’m trying to get across that the system views Avery’s lineage as being beneficial for the system, is why I’m then used toward this “Armageddon” real-life horror but it’s verbose to try to describe all about Avery here so that will have to be set aside while I get to the more-current horror-point, that he may also seem to be in the lineage of this, recently deceased, person I think is involved in all this,Michael K. Deaver, 1938, Bakersfield, California, to 2007, here in Washington, DC. I wouldn’t be putting this down today if I didn’t think it’s important to get it mentioned, and looking at this little line of pictures it does seem possible that Mr. Deaver might, like I might have either, have “come from” Dr. Avery’s innocuous-seeming 20th-century life, working quietly at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in Manhattan, a co-worker of Florence Sabin whose letters I’m trying to research-read in part because I’m pretty sure that I “come from” her ovae or close to them, that we’re very closely biologically connected, and perhaps from ovae of hers that might even have been “fertilized” by Dr. Avery’s fertilization-means, however all inadvertantly, as the system rules from beneath. Where else Mr. Deaver might have been ancestored by, I really don’t like to sit around and guess about things like this, it’s only come up for some other reason and then typically some other aspect of this global-system’s Armageddon has then popped up while looking for these illustrations that from another angle seems just as important and so I’d like to move along and get to that too, but I might have gotten “shipped” out to Kensington and that car-hit on account of that Mr. Deaver is extremely popular here and I’d noticed, not about Avery but just in the business at the homeless main shelter here, that Mr. Deaver had been a big media-specialist, for then-President Reagan, and had come to spend 16 years doing volunteer work at that homeless shelter and that that somehow got mixed-up into this big fat “fraud-family” difficulty that I am alone with that is the gimmick how the system is doing those “Armageddon”-threats, WWIII i.e., and so I feel I have to get this mentioned about as the subject has somehow come up again in passing and reminded me of all this horror. While trying to get illustrations connected to explaining whatever had come up again that recalled this about Mr. Deaver to my mind, I was looking for an illustration then also for about this that the “generational-slave #2” -type of people who seem to do most of the work for the system might have actually been islanders that the (presumed-) Autists had come across so I went looking for an illustration I used to use, the frontispiece to “People From the Sky,” 1974, by Frances Carpenter, (1890-1972,) but illustrated by a lady named Betty Fraser. In doing that I noticed that Ms. Carpenter’s father,File:Frank George Carpenter.jpgFrank G. Carpenter, 1855-1924, maybe looks like Allen Ginsberg’s friend Herbert Huncke (the junkie,) 1915-8/18/96, and/or to Stanley Augustus Owsley III, who I think passed on March 12, 2011, born 1935 here in Washington and “of course” most famous for the distribution/manufacture of LSD. I have to sign off but am trying to look into the, and the petroleum too, interconnections of these subjects and the usual materials. (check also Georges Melies, 1861-19938, film.) I bring up Mr. Deaver with hoping there isn’t any offense to his widow and children but he seems all connected to both making this “Armageddon Program” off of me into the big deal that is was last decade if not now but moreso even to these international oil “ramifications,” of hooking those up, I mention him only because this is the real end of the real planet, all hoaxes and details aside. He had that super “media ability” from his White House connections. I’m trying to think back to how I’d learned about him, a 2009 book, “Second Chances,” that I’ll check on the library catalog now and have often quoted because I learned that he was connected to the homeless shelter person named Henry Pierce III and it seems that this is a difficulty with the underworld-system’s deception-paradigm, that there seem to be 2 or more different people or “roles” or what that go with that particular name, then the one that comes up when I’d tried to learn more through the “social media” sort of looked like the guy in the car that’d “tried to scare” or maybe hit me the other day when I’d left this library-branch, then this morning there was some idea of reference to that incident again, but, before I saw the photo of that guy Henry Pierce III at the homeless shelter (2nd and D Sts., it’s called, NW,) it seemed sure that he was one of these “fraud-family-types” I’d only just been learning about in 2013-14. — Somewhere I’ve got something of an illustration with the author’s name on it that I’ll look for, but the lead chapter was on Michael Deaver, a book about recovery and he had had a difficulty with alcoholism that was what had led him to start doing the volunteer work at the 2nd and D shelter. Then there is another chapter and then one on Henry Pierce III I guess is how I’d learned about Henry Pierce III, looking up for information on Mr. Deaver, or vice-versa, had led to finding the book, but then I’d been “living” at or using the shelter, a separate shelter on the side of the main shelter, and I think I’d then gone looking to meet Mr. Pierce and didn’t find him but there’d been alot of ideas-of-reference to that he was this semi-familiar-seeing character and then I realized that the guy was some sort of a “copy,” the term I used for the bizarre genetics way back then in 2013-14, of a relative, and the chapter of the book sounds just like the guy that seemed to be Henry Pierce III, and it matches, (poor flammable term that,) all the rest of this system-difficulty, TPE business, is the only reason I’m bringing this up, that the car the other day recalled to my mind that Mr. Deaver’s role in all this should be mentioned. Then also I’d noticed a glimpse of someone who might even be Mr. Deaver or someone who looked extremely like him who’s working as a DC-to-White House liaison, but I have so many things floating in my mind and it’s only a controvesial subject that I didn’t try to find out the guy’s name. I’d had an employer in 2001 who was also very similar-looking to Mr. Deaver, a Mr. Neil R. Gross, right near then this shelter I’ve been “stranded at” since after the car-hit in 2015. THIS peculiar way is how the end of biology is really being brought about so I’m always looking for assistance but then the “goons” snatch anyone who wants, even thinks about probably, to assist little me, so now I’m trying to take it relaxedly and try to get this “ss fund” to safely be secured and see what could be upgraded toward getting some terra firma going on with the way that things are.
Metropolisposter.jpg  (see the Continued inside sign below for copyright disclaim:)
Here, November 1 now of my horrible life, I couldn’t yet find an example but found the table of contents to the book with the chapters on both Michael K. Deaver and Henry Pierce III, me claiming that the combination of the 2 underneath the homeless shelter is basically how this sneak-Armageddon had been made possible because the Henry Pierce III in the book’s chapter sounds like the person I’d seen around the 2nd and D Streets, NW, shelter and that I realized that the guy, not the guy sometimes pictured as being Henry Pierce III though, “comes from” one of these fraud-relatives from this Bronx family I’d more or less been born into as though their natural child whereas in reality everything had become a farce by 1955, for toward then this Revelation/Armageddon/millennium-time. This will be difficult and dangerous for me to prove but it’s pretty evident if you find a copy of the book and it’s made clear that the underworld rules everything and they’re all … let me take some break, but in the meantime the 3rd chapter is by this person that I’m trying to explain is more or less a part of that old “French Connection scam” and let’s leave it at that because I’m only on borrowed terminals for short periods of time during which I’m always in my nonstop-tortured little life, trying to do this through it:
Second Chances: top executives share their stories of addiction and recovery / complied by Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill; McGraw Hill, 2009, 216 pages.
Table of Contests:

1 Michael Deaver, Deputy Chief of Staff under
President Ronald Reagan  1
2 Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef 11
3 Henry Pierce III, director of Clean & Sober Streets 27
4 James L. Abernathy, CEO of
Abernathy MacGregor Group 39
5 David Dashev, founder and president of Meditox  53
6 Maggie Sherman, CEO of a charter
transportation company  65
7 William Cope Moyers, bestselling author 83
8 PeterJaquith, former Wall Street millionaire  97
9 Michael Glasser, CEO of Seven Jeans 119
10 Guerin Swing, president of Guerin Design
and Development 133
11 Wiktor Osiatynski, internationally renowned
legal scholar 143
12 Johnny Allem, CEO ofJohnson Institute  155
13 Marius Hickman, president of Marius Morsels 171
14 Walter Yetnikoff, former president of CBS Records 181
15 Mary Seppala, medical director and CEO of
Beyond Addictions 187
16 Bob Goodale, former president of
Harris Teeter supermarket chain 201

28 October

There’s something wrong with this terminal so that I can’t look up simple questions on the search engine, this terminal only gives you the Best Buy store site for some reason. It’s time for me to leave here anyway I notice now. I hope someone is trying to really put together all that I’m talking about, me just learning that some group had started “following” this blogsite last month, and the system also doing something so that the new post materials I’ve sent a few of haven’t arrived, like so that I’m missing that contact-chance with that group and anyone else who might I hope be trying to really grasp that there’s some major error with the direction we’re heading in, and right now I’m getting that alot of it had come from the goings-on of Lenny Bruce and Allen Ginsberg back in the early 1960s, both of those people’s activities then connected to the “French Connection” business that I’d as a 6-year old been used for a ritual over, like bringing good luck for this narcotic-industry onto those suitcases that were used in that scam, which was probably always intended to be a good luck ritual for their narcotic industry into this global-system we have today and it’s largely founded on harassing me and before our time then this lady named Florence Sabin whose letters to her sister I’d like to go and read or get copies of scanned to me down here, 80- and 100- year old and older letters by an ancestor of mine but also an ancestor of this whole “global-cannibalism” industry that sneak-goes on and the sneakiness is all ill-founded, and really does include that book of Revelation business. I haven’t had a chance to work on that file at all yet, it’s under the Categories heading here. Hope your reading of what I’m trying to do goes well but of course not to the oil-petroleum wells which I’m trying to explain are an ill-founded idea coming from the “You Were Wrong” -types of people that I figure had likely come from an island-development on Japan, that maybe they’d gotten separated from the original group going east over or later coming west over Beringia and had evolved in that enclosed isolation as opposed to the overwhelmingly huge isolation of the group I’m calling the Autists. Growing people from disembodied ovaries might have been an emergency step so we didn’t get killed off and died out but we’re supposed to be in advanced times and realize that that can’t be the way of living for Earthlings because of alot of different reasons that I’m trying to cover here. I don’t see any free time coming up for sending your group a personal email but I’m always extremely desperate for some sort of contact with a speaking “real” person. I used to have my email here, but I always have the invasion-of-privacy rape situation going on where no communications actually reach me, there’s been one in all these years and that wasn’t any assistance, it’s the system’s Armageddon-gimmick that I’m always requiring assistance but normal respondents’ ways are blocked by these many many fraud-family underworld and other characters all these years, as how that sneak-Armageddon has been being pulled off. All the organized religions seem to come from these same developmentally disabled types who will do anything to sidestep normal life responsible activities, will do anything else instead as long as it doesn’t assist anything except their own selves, their own self-mass-reproducing selves, figuring they have everything taken care of by manufacturing humans for filling all their requirements for their own lives, etc. I spend all these years trying to explain this Autism and at my age now I’d like to just explain it by describing Florence Sabin’s situation, her being like practice for then this “magic” show off of me all my life and since that 1962 French Connection example, etc.

29 October, “They” did a car-hit scare to me on the way away from typing that yesterday, involving a number of the stereotype-groups that could be behind it. When I found that public domain photo of Andy Gibb yesterday, not Gibbs like it says, it brought up a number of the details that go into all this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION “difficulty” that I’m alone with but one of them does sort of maybe-connect however indirectly to the car-hit that then similarly-indirectly might be connected to the similar threat yesterday, that the Gibb photo comes from what I think they call the Ronald Reagan (presidential) library of all the thousands of photos taken that are also public domain, that I could go through those, because I think a major factor in our TPE situation that I’m alone with is/was his assistant, that I’ve written alot about though not yet on this blogsite but it’s mentioned in some of the 2014 letters I’d been sending around, and I ran into all this phonied-up ill health hospitalizations horror and wound up out in nearby Maryland where then that car did just go rolling at me (slowly,) but before that twice I’d seen a spooky-seeming lady who had seemed like that assistant’s widow, her “type,” stereotype, as it’s a common one that I guess is figureheaded by either the early-days’ screenwriter Anita Loos or by Aldous Huxley’s wife Maria, both of who seem to be heavily into the “Brave New World” people-manufacturing from disembodied ovaries, that it became alot of ladies of that sort, with Elise Cowen I guess obviously being one of those though I don’t know what accounts for the allegedly large chest she’s said to have, but I haven’t been able to learn much about her yet, the former girlfriend of Allen Ginsberg who’d (allegedly) jumped to her death not too far away from and shortly after the Feb. 25, 1962 “French Connection” bust in the Bronx, that that picture I always am showing around is allegedly from, though I suspect it was before or after the arrest-set. I’ll look for a copy of that now as all these verbiages are so amorphous, and I have to be careful because what I’m getting at is that the Reagan aide had gone to the homeless shelter for a long time doing volunteer work, 16 years that overlapped with my getting to the place, and I think that that guy had “hooked-up” all this “Armageddon Program” but internationally as well as nationally, that he’s extremely important to the whole TPE problem and that perhaps his then widow, him passing allegedly in 2007, might have heard about me trying to find assistance out of this Armageddon Program through mentioning this guy’s business at that homeless location, and that her dislike of me bandying that might have led to how I wound up out in Kensington but then the guy in the car that had sort of gone right at me yesterday might have had a resemblance to someone who has some connection to the business around/behind my back at the homeless shelter, 2005-15 I was there, but when I found that Andy Gibb lead into the Reagan photo library I thought that that would be something I’d like to do is to go through that looking for pictures of this guy to use as an illustration for trying to describe how he’d hooked up all this Armageddon Program off of specifically me to international trafficking sorts of connections with oil and narcotic or what. I have to sign off again but wanted to get that mentioned.

30 October, on top of everything else a fake-news story but (“about” I’d probably meant,) a whole fake-made line of these stereotypes, like the one I call the Ghent Altarpiece’s “Pilgrim” character (is from,) that all the difficulties, to the TPE, comes from. (1/24/18) I don’t particularly recall what I was talking about exactly. Oh — it was bad, too controversial probably even now to try to jot down about. Some kid that looks like a line of offspring from the kid in that illustration so far to the “Carfagni” post-file here, was on the TV news. If I’m lucky I’ve forgotten or lost track of his name. It was like a fake-news story to get me to commit libel/slander for mentioning how ridiculous or what it was, bizarre ill nonsense horror world everyday occurrence, the media getting worse all the time probably. It was about child-sex perversion but it was/is a big hoax part of it. Like the “Pilgrim” character and the big guy in the red cloak are actually traditionally generational business-partners in this “Brave New World/Fountain of Youth” people-growing industry and this example of that is offering to tell the truth about what’s happened molestation-wise to himself if somewhere will give him many millions of dollars for making a film about it. I try not to watch the TV news too closely because this sort of “mind-ftrip” is going on all the time on top of the 24/7 invisible-torture to me for decades now, etc. Then I try to come sit and pull what I’m trying to explain about all this’s heading to our extinction of the whole first planet to grow biology at all and I can barely think through all this torture to get the sentences not to have grammatical errors or what, missing “points.”

titled “Guess,” 1 Nov.

It’s occurred to me this morning that the “Isis” group might only be about the rights to Eye-“sis,” females, to voyeur onto females from underworld-captivity, not protesting the underworld captivity itself. Is that possible? The incident that just occurred, that person is obviously of this “generational-slave #2 -type” that I’m also saying might be from the original Ainu people, that seem to direct this “Armageddon Show” off of me all these years more or less, and similarly I guess had been behind that “French Connection” scam, and that also look like the type that the poet Allen Ginsberg had been/is, me never being sure if people actually have passed or have only passed into full-time underworld living. Watching that news report this morning and always trying to figure this all out that concept’s occurred. There is also that huge statue in that “Triumph/s of Caesar,” 9-piece painting set that I finally got a chance to mention yesterday, that while looking for that last panel where the Caesar figure does look like Oswald Avery, I’d noticed the big statue I’ll have to also go looking for a copy of now, but I”m “stunned” at this concept that the terrorism might only be for pro-voyeurism protest purpose, no protest against any of all of the rest of the goings-on that are bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, hurtling us inevitably toward gratuitous loss of the earth.

… TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, hurtling us inevitably toward gratuitous loss of the earth. (I’m trying to prevent that small print’s being here:)

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1877-1955, Oswald T. (Theodore) Avery, Rights:Courtesy of Joshua Lederberg.The National Library of Medicine’s Profiles in Science program has made every effort to secure proper permissions for posting items on the web site. In this instance, however, it has either not been possible to identify or contact the current copyright owner. If you have information regarding the copyright owner, please contact us at profiles@nlm.nih.gov
Reagan's assts.

Reagan’s assts.

C14166, Class Photo of Assistants and Deputy Assistants to the President. 4/25/83.