HA, 8/5/16

Ms. Toedm, HA

address, on letterhead with map and list on left, wdc 20002

August 5, 2016

Dear Ms. Toedm,

I’m writing to request a “stay,” a pause, on my voucher’s expiring on 8/27 otherwise, based on any of my many extenuating circumstances. I’ve hesitated to write to you because you look like one of my “fraud-family” members who’d had an “appendectomy” when she was very young, (name and site,) and she and I have nothing in common, so I don’t think you will be interested either but this global-system uses me for what is ringing the death of the whole planet Earth and there is no other biology out there in space, we are it and eternity will be left alone with this gratuitously-destroyed Creation as swirling garbage-smithereens merely because we have unrecognized psychopathic-Autism descended from a prehistoric accident-set that has spread everywhere but could be straightened out inexpensively merely by talking and distribuiting educational materials about itself. I have to try to get myself out of this LURE-bait situation as the 1st step.

I hope you reeived the 2 emails I sent on the 2nd, 1 page like this as a cover-letter warning and then about 28 pages that I then sent to Ms. (Aldous Huxley) in voucher-orientation to try to get to you, because I’d gotten an odd message and didn’t know if the transmission had gone through; I have had more sabotage than maybe anyone that’s ever lived.

After years of trying to get attention to the system’s problem in 2014 I found this next page’s “French Connection” 192 photo and realized that my birth-family was a total fraud and involved in underground skull-cracking for trafficking human brain-serum as drug-narcotics. This copy is from a previous letter:

(i don’t have it right here, and offhand don’t recall how many pages this letter was, maybe only 2 but I generally use the 5 pages that fit on the regular 1-ounce stamp. this then is from earlier that year to the same group:)

on the letterhead, ms aldous huxley/freda davison’s, hcvp/ha address 20002

19 March 2016

Dear Ms. H.,

You have me a voucher on 10/6/15 and I got hit by a car on 11/19/15 and am still in a nursing facility, this 3rd one a charity place that i don’t, please, want you to give out this address for me except for ha correspondence of course, because of the LURE problem-set I’ve been trying to explain to everybody about since 2015, (2005?,) to no avail so far. This place only lets me out for 7 hours 1 day a week and this 1st week I noticed tht there’s a Seabury eldershome-()-building nearby that I’ll try to get in touch with but cell or telephone use is only during those 7 hours too and I’m sure they have a waiting list but there might be something in this area. It’s just north of Rhode Island Avenue, NE, and the Woodridge neighborhood — is there a different () use/wire, word for this north of Rhode Island Avenue and Woodridge?

Please leave a voicemail answer or email if this side of RI Avenue has a different neighborhood-name than Woodridge. It will be a couple of weeks till i can get to ha and i figure i can’t apartment-hunt till I’ve secured the extension (God help me please,) but then I ws thinking to go to Barac real estate in Takoma because they might have some listings for this area, because there are 4 bus lines here and that’s useful.

Please leave a message if there’s anything I should know or be doing. Thanks, Kathleen/Kathy Foshay, gmail address and voicemail 443.

3/24/16, Thursday noon, (I also babbled that “they’re” brain-eaters,) some “social worker” called yere yesterday at 1230 pm and st. tony-ah gave me the message today and i tried to quick-blab the whole world of this business out (i think she’s the cook’s real disembodied-ovaries bio-sister,) and she heard her fill of it and shushed me but now i’ve got this whole real problem-set of how whoever this liar is had gotten these 2, the sr. said, telephone numbers here to harass me by, telling that it’s helping me to find an apartment and i had to explain, try to, to the sr. all about this LURE that’s destined to break this planet, but of course these are the people the “Jesus” set had set to try to educate as to the everlasting life, the “Autists,” probably somehow exiting from Egypt maybe after the Dark Age, etc., and 2 other problem-paradigm-parts this raises now.

(12/22/17, i’m thinking that that jesus WAS an Autist all along possibly too now since the “show” seems to be behind my back harassing me that i’m casting aspersions on the super-lord.)

1st my temp. address 20018

ms. aldous’s address 20002

23 April 2016

Dear Ms. Huxley-davison type,

You’d given me the voucher on 10/6/15 and i’d gotten hit by a car on 11/19/15 and am going to try to successfully leave this nursing-care place tomorrow to go answer a subpoena on this car accident in Rockville on Monday and maybe i’ll be able to have already been to your office before this reaches you, but i don’t (know) what is gg to be happening to me next. Here at this place i’ve come to the conclusion or finding that their “Mo teresa,” d. 1997, ws actually a male of the family-genes that had earlier turned psychiatry upside-down in Europe and then was with that same “French Connection” narcotics-ritual that i’ve written to ha about. My cell phone isn’t working right now.

Please don’t forget my extension. Thanks, kathy foshay

on the letterhead, watson fennell, director, fair housing hearings, dcha, 1133 north capitol st., ne, suite 317, wds 20002 (202) 535-1245, hearings@dchousing.org, Autust 20, 2016, Dear Mr. Fennell, I’m the most unfortunate person and now my voucher is about to expire on 8/27/26 because I can’t find anyone to work with me against this LURE-problem I’ve got which I’ve written hundreds of letters (arrow toward the list,) here about, explaining it’s going to result in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, and then in August 2014 I sarted realizing that this town is loaded with people mass-manufactured illicitly from reproductive matter from this Bronx Zoo-area fraudulent-family I was birthed into.

I’ve got extenuating circumstances that I don’t even know about to know how to put all this read end of the world into words for anyone and no responsibly-behaving functioning adult to help me in order to try to help everybody else out of this gratuitous end of the planet and our species.

I’ve been begging DCHA to let me find some help instead of wasting this voucher and I just got a message that I’ve been declined because of credit for the apartment I’d applied for and that’s because this LURE works against me as its gimmick.

I put a 500-page summary of the “V.A.” group Ms. Harrison mentions onto my blogsite under the title “Suburban Hospital” on the 1st page at:


My cell phone is only good for messages and barely those. I guess I’ll have to try to get hearing paperwork this walk-in Tuesday, 8/23.


(arrow) I was used for that narcotics scame, figure #6 my fraud-parent.

(from “The French Connection,” by Robin Moore, 1969.)