April 1 2016

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Chief Judge John P. Morrissey

District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, MD 208150-2325

Citation No: 00SK0D47

1 April 2016 (on map and list letterhead)

Dear Judge,

I don’t think I can survive this horrible “Armageddon Show” Armageddon-making “show” going on in this place even through the few weeks — and I know nothing about self-defense for myself, these sisters are all taken up with their regular schedule and whatever hosting the Armageddon-making show off of me is paying them/then, via the sneak-underground ways, where this is basically all about the brain “harvesting” profit from the cannibalism.

The insane-Stormville-type “girl” is very loud and popular with everyone and it’s just this creepy sneaky competition against non-competing normal me and there are all kinds of millionaires, and government types,

(page 2) that have become dependent on this brain “marcotics,” etc.

They have me so upset about all this end-of-the-Earth that they’re doing off of this torture to me that the whole Universe Rescue-attempt and PayPal business business has slipped my mind, me unable to check my email. They just did a scene of changing all the places at the meal-table and going behind my seat to spoon salsa onto the Stormville-type insane girl’s plate, as an example of that this is the same (or worse considering that it’s the big Catholic place now, ) as the 10 years downtown near the Capitol building. Re-hash the past instead of any forward-thinking permitted. (This was