The torture has me accidentally making duplicates like this piece:

Ponce de Leon is a whole new subject and seems specifically interconnected with everything, the French Connection business winding up in the Bronx Puerto Rican neighborhood I was growing up in and him having been governor of Puerto Rico before he went looking for that “Fountain of Youth” and I suspect that that really translates to his looking for a nice place to make plantations for “growing” people from disembodied ovaries, and there are a few more new connections even to do with the Florence Sabin project, that that’s leading back to the area near Leon. Then she’s even connected to this coincidentally down below:

(This is connected to how a “Merchant” stole ovaries and made the products into like an “All the world’s a stage” acting troupe that I’m now stranded in as at the bottom of the system’s LURE that’s going to wind up in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I’ll be trying to describe it in the Queen Victoria page under the Stereotypes section.)

Nicolas Poussin - Rebecca at the Well c. 1648Eliezer and Rebecca at the Well, 1648, by Poussin. I think that that’s like an ancestor of mine right above *l* there,

that it looks like he’s offering some “role-part” to the lady on the right and this girl kneeling with the water on the left is saying, Ooh let me, I’ll do that, volunteering for whatever it was/is while the other girl got selected, and that that comes down to this “jealousy” theme and accusation that’s the “Armageddon Program’s” main gimmick, is the cover-story for all this invisible torture onto myself, jealousy that the other girl got the good role-part, but I’m trying to explain that the whole group is likely “grown” from disembodied ovary/-ies stolen from our common ancestor, likely by this mythical-seeming “Joseph Nasi” historical character, 1520-1575 or so, and that that’s also likely connected to the Trojan “war” business, which is all “gimmick.” After all these years I’m finally having to use this vulgar descriptive phrase for this whole system, that it’s all “lies and doo-doo” that I’ve been avoiding that phrase all these years because it’s terrible to have to type the phrase, you can get by with saying that in a comment or in a diary-jot to yourself or hand-written letter to a friend but to say it to a stranger and in typing really sounds bad but it’s all that the system comes down to being, just fabricated lies and doo-doo basis of everything, the Autists could not leave excrement alone, they smeared it everywhere till the Old World people couldn’t stand to have them around anymore and the food was running low and then the Autists and their “Neanderthal” friends I think “discovered” this other kind of people like that guy in the white turban there on Japan or just one of its islands and in those primitive-type communications the Autists fabricated all kinds of stories about supposed wrongs the Old World invasion-victims had allegedly done to their kind, and got the “hicks” from the Japanese seclusion-development to go to war with themselves and their other friends to against the mainland peoples and then this ovary-thieving to “grow” people got developed and I think my ancestor might have been that kneeling girl as they have me with this “Armageddon Show/Program” that has nothing to do with me or reality all around me all these years; etc., I have to sign off now, 10/26/17.

This is Raphael (Sanzio’s) Ecstasy of St. Cecilia, c. 1516

From left that’s St. Paul, St. John the Evangelist, St. Augustine and Mary Magdeline. I thought that this was also by Poussin because the ladies look the same to me. They probably also look like the “Sabines” and I’ll be going to look for copies of those pictures sometime soon too because they seem to apply to this situation that I’m in and I suspect that I guess that it must really come from that 1520-75 historical figure of Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi, that he got the ovaries for a girl and mass-reproduced this type of “product-people” that I and many others are from, and my part of this line of people is given to this cannibalism-world and its Armageddon-world-takeover old old demented child’s old idea.This is usually said to be a medal of the “Woman Who Defied Kings,” Dona Gracia Mendez, but here it says that it’s more likely of her niece, this girl “La Chica.”

I joke that the girl kneeling on the front left of the Poussin’s Eliezer and Rebecca is my ancestor beg-volunteering for the chance to play the role while the chosen girl’s line because the “Julie” star of this Armageddon Program. Then or before that those 2 types were the St. Cecilia and Mary Magdeline of the Raphael. Maybe before that had been the medal of this girls whose ovaries they all might have been “grown” from.