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Kathy’s trying a USB-thing now, on an escaped from Mister-“Mother” Teresa’s horror-house day, please, and then, Cincinnatti letters, etc., 3/17/16 pdf

#47, Kathy’s trying a USB-thing now, on an escapted from Mister-“Mother” Teresa’s horror-house day, please

20160412112921600.pdf, I’m going to try to type the 4/11/16 notes onto here toward saving room, but everything is horrifying, so I make that note for terra firma, May 12, 2017!: 4/11/16, As usual everything is horrifying for me but worse than usual. I can’t explain this horrifying place I’m currently in and how the entire global-system works to sabotage every little, tiny thing I try to do, please, this “religious” place I’m in is the opposite of what normal people think religion is, do not try to find me and it’s all filthy-dangerous, plus on the small side I just spent the entire morning trying to scan all this work and only about a third of it appears to have actually made it here and then I did the page-backs so I could throw away these papers because I’m homeless and can’t carry them and i got them all mixed that way and now can see that a “trick” was played early on and none of the material is copasthetic now and — it’s how that “book of Revelation” at the back of one of those religious books has been being carried out and I’m surrounded by all these “Autists” I call these people with the congenital autism and their “Neanderthal” buddies, and my work is all torn up and, — I’m sorry, I’m alone in trying to get this world-situation realistically explained and have no more time for typing and this “Mother Teresa,” that was a guy all along and probably a spawn of offspring from the phony Emil Kraepelin d. 1926 psychiatrist-Autist-psychopath who got everything turned backwards.

4/12/2016, and for the Judge Morrissey.’s attention if possible, — Because this “Mister-‘Mother’ Teresa’s” house did the “Armageddon-making Show” real way the Earth and Solar System are being taken to death to me yesterday I said I had to try to go fix that disaster then today is how I’m out but they “Armageddon Show” called after me at the front door that I’m only authorized to leave their premises once a week so that’s upsetting to me now, and to try to fix the mess of yesterday I’m trying to get these heavy-for-homeless-me-to-carry papers onto this “USB” thing and so far I did somehow get  4 files onto it but I have no idea how much room these things take up and when I might blow this whole little blogsite or my email and yesterday I finally put together that the MONSTERS, honestly, have been running my email somehow in that when I’ve been able to check it once a week or less often the only new emails are always just from a little while ago on the same day, that someone or something works my email, impersonates being me, holy horror I’ve been, with my book of Revelation real world problem terrified of that all these years that I’d been at the 2nd and D Sts., NW Washington DC homeless shelter writing those letters and hand-out flyers for anyone to please come rescue me, and that, plus decades of this going on, IS how the book of Revelation “prophecies,” profit-sees, the world-takeover by insane people has been being sneak-done, and now at this phony horror-hole I’m currently stranded in, one place after another, this is nearly the “exact same” modus operandi as at that homeless shelter near the Capitol building since 2005 that I’ve been in and its worse and worse with all this evidence that I’m always stranded alone with, that there’s nothing legitimate going on, it’s too big for me to be able to describe. The only description I can try to come up with for all this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION is that this whole religion thing is farce-mistake by those “long-lost” Paleo-Americans with what I’ve been describing as being “Prehistoric-descended Autism-Psychopathy” with “dependence” but really it’s a life-way addiction they’ve got, to other people’s brains for “ingesting” either by eating or by “running” through hypodermics, that those Paleo-Americans had run into some long-sleeping Neanderthals around the Great Altai “Tuva” -area and, befriended those males by fellatio, woke them to party and go to war against the normal peoples in the Old World part of this planet, and in their back and forth between the Old and New Worlds back then they’d landed on this island or island-set and took the people prisoner and, down over the centuries those captive-slaves had come up with these religion ideas and I’m surrounded by this specific one right now, but these captives hadn’t known anything about the Old World other people’s millennia of being terrorized by those “Greek” Paleo-Americans, “Myrmidons” they’re called in the Homer’s “Iliad” account, because they’re like little ants, small-sized long-lost and got all developmentally disabled when they were where they hadn’t been supposed to be, the ancestors had forced their way across Beringia against all nature could only do with wind and rain and snow and “signs” like that, and I’m immersed in these kinds of people at this place and in that created-for-the-Autists so-called “religion” right now and they are like an organized-crime army of really insane people with all the power right now because normal people don’t understand anything about “Autism,” that Emil Kraepelin and company time-period turning all psychiatry around over in Europe and those world wars, and, nowadays these system-people have been like living all over me behind my back since those early-1960 “French Connection” ritual days when those Autists, and their strongarm Neanderthal partners, all believed that out in space were all silver and jewels for them to claim first and get rich off of after having had their slaves get them up there. I suspect that Wernher von Braun was connected to their “St. Michael the Archangel” beliefs, and he and Hermann Oberth did all that work and got the turds up there and there’s nothing to eat or sell out there because it was meant for spirit-life, and this fraudulent-family that I come from is/was all involved in back those days and the system won’t quit doing this relentless “putsch” to keep getting everything to themselves, to own the world and own space and there isn’t really anything out there and since they learned that by 1969 for sure then they are still doing this sneaky world-takeover and doing it off of using me as a character, and I researched Shareware back when the system sneak-let me use a computer for six months in 1991-92 and got the names of all the best inexpensive programmers and living off of what I’m unwittingly doing out here is how they watch and target-f0r-destruction all the nicest and best and normal and American people since back then too on these computers and I can’t find anyone to confidentially explain to that people like the “original Steve Jobs,” not the guy who’d passed a few years ago but these people, like Mister-mother Teresa, and Patroclos in that Iliad story, these Autists are all identity-grabbers, -replacers, and death-fakers, they’ll fake their death to take someone else’s life and the world is all messed up, so while i’m unknowingly providing the slave-captive “magic-makers” world with the names and addresses of all the best inexpensive programmers the system was giving everything to that Autist “original Jobs” and I suspect that, getting his identity replaced he’d then taken off for like oh say Cern in Switzerland and worked up this “web” to catch all the normal people in the Autists’ trap, so that only Autist-approved people can get anywhere using computers, and someone is always tampering with my postal mail that I never received any replies to all these letters and flyers for help and now I’ve been doing the same sort of begging for help by sending emails and the system has just got me entirely surrounded and there’s too much, I’ve got around 10,000 details the system won’t let me explain, then they had me hit by a car November 19, 2015 and this is the third prison-like place I’ve been in, but this one’s the worst. They’ve had me as locked-up with a small number of elderly females but one of those is from this underground-manufactury of people from this horrifying “science fiction” file here I’d tried to describe this, this fraud-parent that I’ve always been terrified of and then in 2014 I’d found that photograph from the French Connection book and that whole thing, in that Bronx basement there that the “French Connection” really ended up at, and that was this “Armageddon-plan” ritual to hide their “sacrament” of brain-fluid that is as invisible behind that white powder “narcotics,” that the real purpose was/is this brain-ingesting that all these people do and they’re indescribably drug addicts with this massive global-system all against me trying to get a little bit of my own life’s abilities to put toward trying to get out, that if you look at/read that book of Revelation, someone like the original “Jobs” only had written it and they’re just slave-owning because everyone’s afraid of their decapitating strongarm buddies, short-little “Napoleon-complexed” boys that this is year and year decade after decade I’m trying to communicate that that Revelation will lead to breaking the planet and I’ve studied these things and the solar system is all barren like it is because they’ve been doing this brain- and body-eating for thousands and thousands, back to when they destroyed the dinosaurs and other New World, Americas, megafauna, for millennia it’s been impossible to have life on Earth because they want, they want, they want everything and anything that anyone else has got, and now they have the whole world turned all different from reality and normal biology. Then I got this car-hit to keep me shut up off of computer or whatever and there’s a subpoena for me to show up and I wrote to these people after I’d finally gotten my back-mail and I haven’t heard from anyone, just sending the judge another letter that’s not even picked up from yesterday in a mailbox because this Mister Teresa’s house is now refusing to mail any of my letters for me anymore, and all I can say is that the Universe was built for us to inhabit in our spirit bodies and there’s nearly nothing left but a long slow death for the Earth that the Autists couldn’t care less about, one “sister” just telling me the other day that everything has to die sometime, like the Earth included too so so what, and these are like organized criminals, and I hope I’ll be able to finish this “USB” attempt today because these papers I’ve got are all I’ve got left from my many years of work on all this and I can’t go anywhere or store them anywhere and i’m just surrounded by this Revelation’s “Armageddon-making Show” closing in to — they want to always do this filthy LURE off of me, lock me up to wind up in a hospital on the Hudson is what the system relentlessly pushes for, that I can’t explain everything and am always stuck like this. one thing that’s on my mind as a comparison is that WWI was an Autist named A.H. G. Fokker, and the slaves had built those airplanes for the Autists to be better able to hunt people by and Fokker was especially against the early pilot named Roland Garros and Garros was allegedly shot down and killed in 1918, that that’s what WWI was really going on like with the Archduke Ferdinand and that as cover-story and this is just the same pattern modus operandi, that Alfred Nobel was the dynamite and oil captive-slave and had written a play called “Nemesis” about a fraudulent-family of people whose genes weren’t the same in reality, the disembodied-ovaries way this Autist system has been destroying biology, and the descendant-type like Nobel’s has been using this dichotomy between myself and this fraud-parent like to set off a fuse that will be covered-up by some story about what sets off the war that these Autists “Armageddon” have their mind, sic, set to, and I’m locked up in this Mister Teresa “saint” horror-hole house i’m stranded in because I have no money for anything, one dollar to my name right now, with a girl whose mind thinks it comes from the Ivory Coast in Africa but really she’s one of these disembodied-ovary fertilizations by that Bronx fraud-parent in the “French Connection” and none of these people knows what it’s doing playing around with performing all around me. Now the “girl,” really nearly my age and I’m 60, did a big scene two days ago of packing and leaving the place but i think she’s due back in about two weeks and maybe had only just gone underneath the place for awhile, but she calls me white garbage and all these people that adhere to that place and religion are like nutcases, Autist-minds, that i’m surrounded by and the whole thing is really garbage, no description for these things that happen to me, and that’s because, also the Autists had destroyed all the normal drug-plants evolving everywhere on the planet back when they were busy getting high and running the animals off the cliffs. I have all this and i was passing out flyers and letters for 10 years saying only one normal person to assist me and the planet could be rescued but everything’s headed for death off of this LURE these monsters run off of behind my back all my life. I’ve written this judge that the subpoena was for for some sort of protective custody or witness protection for me but, again, these people have been living off of me for instance for 50+ years and they’re everywhere like drug-addicted organized criminals so it really looks like i don’t have any hope and if my email isn’t mine which all my mail gets disappeared by the criminals at least since 2005 and before that i’d written all the Shareware people in the 1990s, then I don’t know what they’re doing with this Universe Rescue-attempt site either, that I don’t have any time for trying to figure out how to get that Kensington Plyers Mill Road address off of this thing, and worry that this blogsite’s twisted for use for a LURE of normal innocents to that location, please don’t even try to look for me, I’m usually okay but it’s the rest of everything that’s less well off.

#49, notes, 4/23/16, 15-page pdf 42316.pdf


#50, Cincinnati, 3/17/16 hand-copied letter to Mr. Brown plus Lisa 10-page pdf —cincinnati.pdf

PayPal.pdf  #52, PayPal2, 3/10/16

Posted on April 24, 2016PayPal.pdf — there’s some p.s. on this, -ground ways. Please let me hear by mail or email or voicemail that you received this but don’t give out Mother Teresa’s address for me, please! Kathy Foshay

Judge Morrissey, 3/20/16 et seq.

#53, Judge Morrissey, 3/20/16, 2 pdf pages covering 5 illustration pages.pdf


#66, Judge Morrissey, tuva map, p.5 (illeg.) 3/20 letter.pdf,  I suspect that all the “tuva” is a LURE-scam via that physicist Richard Feynmann.. I.e., don’t go there looking to discuss anything with the system! you might get turned into petroleum for regular or space rocket gasoline-fuel, etc., plastics.

#69, Judge Morrissey, 3/24.pdf

#54, Judge Morrissey, save hand-copy, El Greco page/s, 3/20-3/24/16, 11-page.pdf

#79, Judge Morrissey., 4/11 then 4/15, 7 pages.pdf


#32, Judge Morrisey please, 4 April 2016 compilation, Morrissey to Secret Service to DCHA, after the welfare office, 74-p. pdf

judge morrissey.pdf

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#84, April 24, 2016, Sunday

4/24/16, Sunday, I think this is Earth Day but I haven’t heard a mention of it. I’m trying to get to the court tomorrow about that car accident in November and am going to sign right back out, unaware if anyone ever calls up this blog-/website. It’s like a horror-vacuum that I live in. I got an idea for a way maybe to find someone like an accounting office to collect donations for me that maybe won’t get attacked by all this “Armageddon” problem I’ve really got in real life, but that would take a little while to figure out how to get to any resource for that so I’m hoping to hear from that PayPal company but I haven’t heard anything back from them so far. My cell phone re-charger’s gone and that number no doubt isn’t secure from the “Armageddon” monsters anyway and I’ve caught onto that they must be running my email too, i’m sorry. – 30 –

I’ll try to type this in fresh later, April 5th, 4th or 5th letter to this seemingly non-existent person anyhow. (5/13/17 now, I’m going to try to type the pages 2-7 that I’ve got that don’t have a date or a page 1 but just this 4/23/16 note that I don’t think think this one had actually been mailed.) that have become dependent on this brain “narcotic,” etc. //They have me so upset about all this end-of-the-Earth that they’re doing off of this torture to me that the whole Universe Rescue-attempt and PayPal business has slipped my mind, me unable to check my email. They just did a scene of changing all the places at the meal-table and going behind my seat to spoon red salsa onto the Thunderville-type-insane girl’s plate, as an example of that this is the same (or worse considering that it’s the big Catholic place now,) as the 10 years downtown near the Capitol building. Re-hash the past instead of any forward-thinking permitted. There is a theme with the name of one of the girls here, that it sounds like “I’m not for being turned into petroleum,” speaking of the Capitol building, that it seems to me as though it’s possible that the generationally-enslaved — now here’s the parasitic insane monster-girl showing p to interfere with my few minutes of after-being-locked-in  with it since noon quiet space to myself, — I suspect that “the Jew” type’s let this monster-type they have me captive to think that the brain-selling business is morally superior to the turning people into black-goo business that they might otherwise be victim to, but the Jews have different captive-slave groups of themselves working under the main Autists’ core. // for those, and using these bums for wrecking this and other countries for toward the main-core’s Armageddon takeover’s purposes, that this fraud-parent, and the descendant “nation” of its mutants all over everywhere destroying the normal people, are just having a moron’s, morons’, good time regardless of the larger picture that they’re enabling — I wish a human could hear these filthy sirens that follow me everywhere that are carousing now with their noises. The “Thundervilles” and other relatives’ reproductive matter is all over Washington DC running this kill and replace of normal people with identity-thieving underground-trained “walking abortions.” There were at lest 2 of the other lines of fraud-family relatives at that Kensington “Safe Haven” and 1 of those really seemed to be naturally-insane, — I’m trying to think how I can get my blog-/website to get some income to me, because it’s the only thing I could do with this filth disabling me from employment, etc. for all the years of being alone and tornred like this, God hel me, and writing letters like this for help to no reply, assumably becuse like rightthis instant the fraud-parent’s line of beings block and live off of all my communication-attempts.

I guess that the fraud-parent, under the “matic’s” work, had had hidden “candid” cameras planted all around for getting pornographic pictures and the videos of me that have been the “bulwark” of the “nation” of them’s fortune, and especially using thee for LURES of normal males and for this Armageddon Show near the Capitol, and probably for here at this place too. What the modus operandi is is for people to meet and think that I seems like a nice person and they say that I seem nice and the circus expounds upon that and gets a crowd of positive-thinkers and then turns the tables, like these ladies have turned all the tables around and I’ve got a table behind my head in this new bed they’ve fixed-up because of this painting-scam that they’re saying is going to go on for another 2 weeks. Now the insane-girl is out here for the 1st time and now she /it’s singing. — so I relocate to the front door of this basement now, just having the attention of its life for terrorizing me from one moment to the next while those “sisters” are all Mister Teresa-trained and making or sneak-making whatever they can off of my imprisonment and being a hatred-recism victim, that the racism is all an Autists’ joke that they want people to do the work of killing each other for the Autists’ Armageddon takeover.

I can’t explain it because I’m all alone and the system’s so sneaky that everything’s unprovable by me alone all the time, but this car accident business is very complicated.

All kinds of things have happened that I would get called crazy for mentioning; I’ll try to make a little list:

1- it was the 2nd car-hit and ambulance since that 11/4/15 topiary-ritual but I haven’t been able yet to find any note I’d have made on the 1st accident so it’s moot.

2- the 11/19 hit was relatively “soft” and I thought I was okay but I was awakened in ICU a week later in so much pain that it seemed my skull had been cracked and I had muscle pain between my legs, each inner thigh’s muscles on the sides there, so bad that I could barely walk for about 2 weeks, so I figured that I’d been beat-up and that’s the fraud-parent’s modus operandi, to beat defenseless women and children, the Mrs. and me, after the accident. The ambulance’s arrival-time at Suburban makes it seem that the pains were inflicted after I got there, by the way. Then the inner-leg pains made me think 1st of some mass-rape exhibition and then of ovary-theft.

3- My Maryland DMV-ID card had been asked for by a hospital-nurse or what on 11/26 or 11/27 when I got my purse back and I never have seen it again yet. It’s a piece of evidence I could use in trying to untangle all the horrors that had been going on as there was some photography “magic” trick played on me for that.

Any of those 3/4 subjects would get the hospital to claim that I’m “schizophrenic” and I’d be locked up and silenced then on this whole big-life problem so I haven’t mentioned these and probably a few lesser and other things, except in the 600 pages I’d just had to upload in backwards order. While at the Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center that “CRRC” girl called (to harass me) and mentioned that the hospital has got my ID-card. I don’t want any part of that phony outfit so I didn’t ask her anything about it but I guess that she and the CRRC had asked the nurse to ask me for it and they’d walked off with it in order that — well actually, I think it must have happened on Friday that I’d thought was Saturday because everything was put very confusingly for me, and I suspect that it’s CRRC that has the pilfered card because then that night I’d nearly died from some standard-trick hospitals do with big heavy “oxygen masks,” where you can’t get it off of your face when saliva builds up in the back of your throat while you’re sleeping — really, I’d nearly died and it was right after I guess this CRRC-scam had stolen my Maryland ID-card and they’re a kill and replace underground scam place, likely getting it known/arranged for that I’d be left unattended then that night for long enough for that suffocation-death scam to work. That’s 4/5 problems I’d had to keep to myself or I might not have made it out of Suburban to speak of, which I’m really still in prison-like circumstances. The 30 days in Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center they had like a continuation of Suburban’s trying o drive me crazy by putting me in a room with some underground-sneak who might have been descended from Pope Leo X and/or that King George III from that phony American Revolution time-period that did nothing but yetll and then later beg for help but really seemed just unable to stand not having someone in attendance of her “Neanderthal” self, plus other traps laid-out for me there, like I think I was just lucky I’d finally gotten a phone number and found out in advance that I could only stay there 30 days or otherwise I’d have been stranded to have to apply for “SSI” where no one on earth understands that since before the “French Connection” the underground’s “magic” like now has been following and fouling anything I go near, that I’ve stayed off of computers all millennium and away from Social Security because the “magic” global-system wants to destroy those thins for normal people and they use me as destruction-excuse. It’s a difficult-to-describe sabotage situation that I use the word “convoluted” for.

(#85, April 25, 2016, Monday, court) 4/25/16, Monday, court was a big nothing, that they’re changing the charge from failure to stop for a pedestrian to failure to yield to a pedestrian and they’ll mail me an updated subpoena when a new date’s arranged for in around a month but I don’t have any address and have zero idea what I’m going to do now, because this “Armageddon” uses me as it’s “Alpha and Omega” world-takeover gimmick, following underground everywhere I go to and putting on this free “show” that’s really the way that global-system underground goes around sneak-taking over everywhere, they go under and parasite-devastate everywhere by the gimmick of providing “entertainment” based on making fun of me that’s really a people-disappearance LURE, trick. There’s nothing I can do, it’s everywhere, I’m sixty years old now and have been in this area so long and it’s all their Autist-psychopaths’ system everywhere now. This idea I’ve got for finding an accounting place for people who’d like to make shareware-type donations to keep me trying to explain how this system works and how to disentangle it before it’s finished parasiting and destroying Earth to death requires a little busfare and I just don’t have it, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve been, and I’ll try to get all these things I’ve been quick-scanning straightened out and better-organized soon but I’m just always in this emergency situation, writing these background-information letters to a Chief Judge Morrissey at the address I’d received but today now someone tells me his office is in Annapolis, not here where I’ve been writing to where this particular library is which I’d just as soon you didn’t know where these travesties are going on anyhow, and don’t, — I have to fix that contact-address, I haven’t been there since the accident and have to get it off this website but this web-/blogsite is not easy to move around in and I’m lucky I can do this and the scanning still so far, I’m afraid I might “break” this again by trying anything new. What I thought I’d do is I’d seen advertisement-advice for financial-helpers for senior citizens like I now am and I thought I’d try to find some group that could withstand this “Science Fiction” file-described horror that follows me around parasite-supporting this science fiction-mutant breed nation of “offspring-descendants” of this bizarre fraud-family I’d grown up thinking were normal “family” and that’s all fiction and everything is fiction and a lot of it is because of that “crucifixion” religion, that that crucifixion is slave to this Autist-psychopath & friend-buddies underground-system and everything is just made-up to please insane psychopaths, that I’d like to be able to just have myself be able to write down to explain what I’ve learned about about all this and no one can fend off this whole system and the brutes that behind-my-back live off of my whole life no matter what I’ve tried to do. This guy hit me with a car and I’ve been in horror-medical care ever since and it’s like nothing to all these people to do anything whatsoever, they’re all system-people and the system is, spitefully and maliciously, taking us to total planet extinction. This latest realization that that “Mother” was really a guy in women’s cover-all garb Teresa could straighten out all kinds of things about how this system really is in no time flat but the underground won’t let anyone help me, it’s dangerous for any individual to try to do so, so don’t even think about it but i’ll go and try to see if I can find again a copy of that senior’s magazine that I’d seen the suggestions for places that help with finance-business for elderly people and maybe i’ll be able to find some group but after seeing what went on in court today I really doubt that any accounting firm would be able to withstand the system-threats against doing anything for me, I’m always kept like totally broke and that’s how they can manipulate everything that I have to do with each day so that they control my entire life from all inside and outside of me. I gave this website address to two of the lawyers, and maybe I’ll survive till someone gets me some protective custody or witness protection. The latest big thing about the “Mister Teresa” is that I find out her spate of lack of faith that God even exists coincides with when the Autists thought that they’d be rich and controlling Earth from either the moon or Mars, around 1959-69 when the definitive moon-samples showed that there aren’t valuable minerals or food or other beings to enslave out there, and then in 1982 she’d told all her workers to start using the before-meal prayer to St. Michael that’s all the Revelation-style insane warmongering gibberish. I suspect Wernher von Braun was their enslaved modern-day St. Michael descendant-stereotype and he and Hermann Oberth had done all the work-thinking how to get them up into space and they got there and saw there was nothing for mortals after all but have just kept forging ahead with the world-takeover obsession, with that 1962 personal “French Connection” LSD/hero-in business done all while under the illusion the system would soon be rich rich rich because they thought they’d be harvesting diamond-stars and silver or something good from the moon and building bases there by which to live and control the Earthlings, but they’re just insane Autists, medically-unable to break out of the repetition selfishness-rut that they wake up everyday and forge ahead with desire to rid the Earth of everybody except their own selves as being in control and extant. I could explain so simply all this phonied-up “racial” business, that what we’ve got is nothing but skin-dyes from petroleum refinements’ being added to wrongfully disembodied ovae-into-people abortions, and the real “race” thing is that they were all long-lost in Paleo-America and had developed black hair and dark eyes and they keep those traits by the bizarre inbreeding they unnaturally do with the disembodied ovae they have no business to take. I’m sorry, it’s probably dangerous to even read this stuff. I have one whole page I’d just found today that goes to those letters I’d scanned yesterday, the first page of the second letter and I’ll try to type that onto here and put those pages into place soon, as I’d tried to describe all this to him but no one ever acknowledges that they’ve read any of this stuff I’ve been distributing by hand and mail for years to no reply. I don’t know what to do with myself right now. I’d written and asked the judge to get anyone to trade me cash for an Amazon gift card for $25 but he wasn’t there today and I was just basically ignored like I don’t exist and that’s what always goes on and how the system’s been putting off that book of Revelations’ centuries-old Autists’ writing, which then had attracted the other writings onto itself and then into that big double-book of the old and the new, but they basically do all the other religions too or their other slaves also set those up for them, like even the Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard looks like a descendant of the big slave Archbishop of Baltimore John Carroll, d. 1815. I suspect his ancestors had been people like St. Patrick and Joan of Arc, just traditionally used as a parasite-victim genotype generationally like I am too. I hardly know what words to use, like even “thanks” and all the simple plain words are made-believe that they have other meanings by this Autists’ system. I don’t know where I’ll be able to sleep because I really don’t want to go to this “Mister Teresa’s” anymore, and I’d love to be able to explain us out of this through the example of Mr. Teresa, d. 1997, but the system sucks all my time to themselves, I don’t even like to have to use the computer but they’ve sucked society down to just a few things and this is the big thing, as with what they’ve done to drugs that is the big problem that keeps everybody in this system that we can’t break out of because the Autism is a medical illness that the Autists can’t  do anything about themselves, it has to be done from the outside, explained to everyone. I have to get off this computer now. – 30 –

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#92, Mother-Mister Teresa book cover with Kraepelin collage

Please open M. Teresa.pdf

(I have to crop or replace this copy.)

With Mother’s Day and the canonization coming up in September it seems called for to bring up that this appears to be a whole global-system scam by the brain-eaters I’ve been trying to explain have what I call “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” that are bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.
May 2017, Maybe Karl Germer of the Crowley-666’s group, Ordo Templi Orientis and Emil Kraeplin are related closely. I’ll have to get Germer’s dates. He must have been younger, maybe a spawn from Kraepelin. I can’t believe I’m kept prisoner alone with EVERYTHING. Everything that’s ever lived and could have for eterntiy is being trashed off of insistance on being sadistic parasite exhibition off of me. 24 years I’ve been asking this invisible torture, likely started in Kraepelin’s business-time, to please just show that humans don’t have to be parasites, that the ones around me know the difference between right and wrong only. There’s never been an unparasited-on moment in all these years. But Germer and Kraepelin look alot alike. It is so sad. I ran into something from the CIA library today and it had comparison pictures the same as little me can only do except theirs were like more moron-level that what learning-me has managed, and this I was looking at was comparing “bad guys,” Nazis, with Allen Dulles, who was always a generational-slave, but here’s some material acting all naive and shocked by the similarities between him and say that Gehlin guy and many others. The whole bunch all probably came from that Alexander von Humboldt. I can’t figure about John Foster Dulles and the same with the older brother Wilhelm von Humboldt but this is all new to me and I don’t have money or resources or anyone on earth I can even speak with, work together to figure things out with, a desk to work on and keep the pictures in one place from day to day instead of everything’s always being a jumble in my purse, that this is all incredibly simplistic. Kraepelin twisted the whole “psychiatry” new field into being another murder weapon for the brain-damaged Autist-psychopath invaders from long separation alone in the New World, and I can’t make any progress in getting this disentangled as the system has just kept mass-reproducing the Autists and the Autist-psychopaths. All the fields are just for them. Public schools and housing appear to have been invented only for the Autists, the medical and legal and other “professions” are all just made for them to have jobs for money from, everything has gone to the Autist-psychopaths. Bad day, but it’s been about 6 days in a row like this, and then I get invisibly-molested, the torture moves on to when I leave the libraries.


mother/mister t.pdf 

CTI flyer – cti flyer.pdf, – (re-type this now onto this post-page to try to save room:) 6/21/16 – 6/26/16 only, call extension #708, 1-888-368-1565 if you know of anyone for the CTI schools, that Career Technical Institute cor computer IT, medical, hospitality and English as a Second Language classes, the extension #708 giving me credit for a flyer-receiving referral to them, thereby helping greatly to support this real Universe Rescue-attempt by myself alone, but here all around me the tourist-season LURE tricks are going on so I can’t get out of this without any money whatsoever whereas they said I’ll next week be paid #84 just for today and tomorrow’s attempt at passing out their flyers except I’m like the Washington-joke of all time wherever I go and nobody’s really going to take the papers from my hand. I’ll have to figure better ways of distributing these and in the meantime I’m trying this, having to get started with this quickly, and have to as usual get off of here now; I’ll try putting up little signs on the facebook and twitter also next, but this extension number is over with on Sunday at midnight. – 30 –

7/1/16 (9/22/15 flyer copy with it)

CTI, 1101 Vermont, WDC 20005

Dear Bob,

Thank you for the 8 hours of work.

I’ve been distributing flyers-for-help here since 2008 and think that’s connected to the demise of flyer-distributing, people told not to accept unsolicited material. I’ve been here most of this millennium and go to a library most days looking for supporting evidence to show and get help away from that I’m stuck at the bottom of the world-takeover prophecies like especially in that “Revelation” and of the New Testament. In 2014 I discovered that I’d been raised in a narcotic-trafficking Bronx family connected to that “French Connection” old film and now I’m getting evidence of connection between “District of Columbia” and the South American country of Colombia that seems pretty clear (no pun) to me and this $84 will be about all that I’ve got for trying to write letters to bring attention to this total loss of the whole planet Earth problem stemming from the unrecognized congenital Autism like described on the enclosed only examply-flyer that I’ve got right now. If you could find me anymore work-hours it could go a long way. I’ll try to bring a resume-copy to you soon. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay (443) number and the 202 939 one.

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#124, Botany – 1st They Extincted the Drug Plants

They extincted the normal drug-plants 1st.pdf They seem to have damaged the botany all around the world that the subject is really made difficult to learn anything about, it purposely obfuscated. That Linnean I think it’s spelled maybe, business I couldn’t figure out why everything’s so complicated and I suspect that it’s to cover-up that they’ve been tearing-up the flora, besides also that they want to keep everything just to themselves. The botany makes the air. Those plants take in nitrogen and release oxygen is how it goes?

A click-on.

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Pablo Escobar pdf/newspapers

ck escobar_ pablony daily news.pdf — I have to work this up, but it seems there’s a huge connection between the global-system, the newspapers’ Robert R. McCormick and the late Mr. Escobar of Colombia, and this goes on and on with this “It’s a Small World After All” mentality of the system and now I’m stuck again just checking on all these details that back-up what I’m trying to explain about how I am at the bottom of how the system is getting that book of “Revelation” written by long-ago brain-eaters through, played out as though the planet is a retards’ dollhouse, really and etc. (8/16/16,) The newspapers are generally all inter-related I guess but that McCormick  group connects to the Chicago and Washington, DC papers so it’s all around me here too from that big inter-connected family, the “Cissy” Patterson-world. The generational-slaves specialized in newspapers and railroad or transportation and apparently construction-building things that that’s constant to drive you nuts in this town, the noise from construction and those subways and buses. Then the system runs the press and that controls the thinking of the general “masses” populace. And obviously I’m trying to get across that people like McCormick were busy making egg and sperm for artificial-birth populations everywhere.  kfoshay

The system seems to have built itself up mainly by railroad and newspaper industry. When I first got back to DC in 2005 some lady tried to hand me a copy of what turned out to be some new free daily little newspaper, the Express it’s titled, and most of the people who are homeless seem to duly go get a copy and off of the picture on the front page and hallucino-images of what that’s supposed to “mean” the scripts for each day seem to be made, taking the free newspaper as the cues/clues. I’d noticed that also from NY’s Daily News’ front page, same leading-directions per each day’s way/s to think and “perform” out whatever is headlined about, to your own silent interpretation-translations I guess.

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#130, James Anthony Bailey ~ Mr. Trump

James Anthony Bailey ~ Mr. Trump.pdf — I found the other illustration but fear it might be too much too close together, “too exciting” for this invisible Armageddon-crew that works on using me for that, but I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow, it isn’t too much except that they always look for and twist anything I say or do into system-use trouble. I call this a “gutter-circus” that they run off of me by the way, all my time wasted into just walking around homeless and looking up details in libraries three and four times over before I can include anything in one of these letters I’m always trying to write for always trying to find assistance, that the system calls me “the stupid crosseyed girl” and in 2014 I realized I’d grown up with total strangers as being worse than being an orphan where you might be able to find some substitute, that I’m just this mess out here all my life and yet I’m stranded with that this is how the system is getting those ill Revelation prophecies fulfilled and there’s no functioning responsibly-behaving adult of any sort ever around me out here all alone like this all the time and I’ve told hundreds and thousands of people about this and am just ignored like I’m already dead, but, what the system (maybe the Bailey-type of magicians by the way,) want to do is stick me in a particular hospital or two for running this enormous longtime-LURE off of me, as the way of quiet-sneakily kill-and-replacing the normal people with underground-made, “peopleoids” or mutant-hybrids or abortion-sherd people “offspring-descendants” of Autists and their drug-buddies etc., so I don’t want anything to be too controversial on a weekend schedule and I’ll delay this little picture-example that’s not too big a deal till tomorrow, God love.

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#132, EHN

#87, Marion Barry; (check if that’s a Louis Bellson)

Marion Barry, Mayor for Life

from a Barry biography

Barry with Bellson? .pdf

This one is messy, will straighten out later I hope.

Pearl Bailey and Lou Bellson

This is so messy I’m going to have to put a Continue Reading like at your own risk marker here also for the time being. The point is that Lou Bellson, passed in 2009, a drummer married to Ms. Bailey, looks like the French Connection first figure in the photo I generally try to show everyone to illustrate what I’m trying to explain about the Autism and its taking us to eventual one way or the other TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. From that point it went on that there’s a supermarket-connection this type was also working on, that they seem at the bottom of the present global-system’s power over everything and I’m trying to explain that the Autism has to be gone over, that their space-beliefs didn’t prove to be correct and they’re just forcing forward their Armageddon anyway. In fact I haven’t even explained much about the connection between themselves and the Bible-writings yet, so busy always complaining to try to get assistance to get out from under this Armageddon business. Here’s another photo of Ms. Bailey but with her first husband, maybe I should go into: 

12th and U Streets, NW, Bohemian Cavern, late 1940s or so, Ms. Bailey and maybe that’s her first husband. In the background is this guy:

Here’s another controversial bit, that I kept thinking about what “significance” having that little white spot in the photo might be for, always trying to figure if something is about the brain-trafficking narcotic-industry, but I think that’s signifying that ovae have been being “sneaked” from women via oral sex, that “eggs” are ovulated when one is feeling stimulated, that that’s a way to procure them, perhaps. Here’s the continue reading and then the disorganized file-pieces I’ve been collecting here while trying to stick to this about the connection between Mr. Bellson and Mr. Fuca in the “French Connection” photo that I had been slightly involved into, back in 1962.

Continue reading

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… believe the air overflows with evil spirits who plague humans …

Joseph von Sternberg quote from the end of his 1965 “Fun In a Chinese Laundry” memoir:

“The Orientals believe that the air, like a cave full of bats, overflows with a swarm of demons and evil spirits who swoop down on humans to plague them, and entire complex systems of theologies are based on trying to open some spiritual umbrella to keep from being pelted.”

Sternberg orientals …,” — From the last page of film director Joseph von Sternberg’s 1967 memoir, “Fun In a Chinese Laundry, “The Orientals believe that the air, like a cave full of bats, overflows with a swarm of demons and evil spirits who swoop down on humans to plague them, and entire complex systems of theologies are based on trying to open some spiritual umbrella to keep from being pelted.” I’m saying that that’s from the errant first trip across Beringia, from guilt-comples of knowing they weren’t supposed to keep going north and east over it and playing stupid to ignore nature’s warning signs, and then in the accidental egg-smashed extincition of the dinosaurs and paranoia that came from that, leading to all the wars and now our eventual extinction from still just playing stupid and ignoring what I’m calling the Autism, the damage that had happened because of the premature trip across Beringia.

I’d done a little translating and he seems to be saying to memorize and never forget that formula and everything would be okay, where the formula’s about those 12 little proteins or what, which remind me of “dna” which I think is really “ova-dye” color’s formulas from super-refined “petroleum.” I’ve tried to look them up but all my papers’d been thrown away and I’ve nearly never been able to spend time looking things up, because of all these curses on me which of course includes that it isn’t wise for me to even be doing anything except agonizing at the bottom of this trick LURE-horror all over me, please be careful, they seem to be using me as this petroleum-LURE alot/a lot, and I can’t do anything about it since it’s all always all top-secret, everything is in this system. The wildest thing I think is this thought I’ve got that this secret-slave Oberth was actually the old WWI pilot Roland Garros, captured and given facial-reconstruction and set to learn how to get rockets up into space for collecting all those “free” riches out there. It’s unlikely that they’re the same person but Oberth’d spent most of his time in Transylvania and he might have been older than he’d looked for all the system-work to keep him working on the space project.

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pdf on Dutch Schultz, “The French Connection,” and “Judgment Call”

4 PDF pages on Dutch Schultz,

10 pages from Robin Moore’s 1969 book “The French Connection,”

and 7 backwards pages from Suzy (Wetlaufer) Welch’s 1992 “Judgment Call” novel

4 pages from “Dutch Schultz: the Brazen Beer Baron,” by Nate Hendley, (122 pages, ck born 1894,) 10 pages from Robin Moore’s “The French Connection,” and 7 mostly backwards pages from Suzanne Wetlaufer’s (Suzy Welch’s,) 1992 novel, “Judgment Call”.pdf

I have a note that seems to go with the Dutch Schultz book that someone had passed in 1989, maybe that’s the publication of the book. I think this is the one dedicated to his girlfriend. I’ve got some bigger note on it somewhere. It’s about the only thing I could locate as a biography on Schultz. His warehouse seems to have been close to that Bathgate Avenue Market. His office was on Third Avenue on the east of the warehouse somehow, but I couldn’t pin down much of anything too specific. I think there’s a huge high school on the Bathgate Avenue Market site now and that somehow the old principal named Evander Childs might be involved in the schools in that area. I’ve got an attribution for just about every book or illustration from one that I’ve been able to include here so far but getting the 2 matching pieces of anything together is always difficult for me. Here’s what I’d jotted previously:

but first a few pages from a current biography, I have the author’s name ready to be inserted, his publisher’s address, etc., for a permission, and then some pages from Robin Moore/Little, Brown’s “The French Connection” account, 1969, and then Suzy (Wetlaufer) Welch’s 1992 pages from near the end of her novel “Judgment Call” except that the pages are in backwards-order still yet.

I’m not sure how this got all messed up, but the backwards-order pages at the bottom were the main point of the whole visit to the Library of Congress, and then as long as I was there I’d also gotten started into this oil-industry research, which is also sort of in the Wetlaufer allegorical book but I didn’t get an excerpt on that detail yet. I have yet to write for permissions but also what I put up here is mostly all life and death emergency “evidence” pieces, is not for any other purpose, except that also I don’t have any 15-centses for getting photocopies for my own recollection and research on all this purposes so I have to use this blogsite a little for “storage” unless I can get better off somehow, etc. The “Dutch Schultz: the brazen beer baron of the Bronx,”  book is recent from Nate Hendley. The cover is really good but I forgot to get that photocopy also, it reminds me of an important piece from the Dupont’s Winterthur Museum, in Delaware, I’d seen in a book.

This is the beginning and the book cover and frontispiece-set from William Burroughs’ “The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, William Burroughs, I’ll look for the year of publication, me still trying to write for copyright permissions but there really is always “fair use” of any published materials and the copyright warnings are like the same “mob intimidation,” .pdf

but… I don’t think actual Mr. Schultz had really much existed, the mobster, that all that was mostly about the then-time “oil wars.” Mr. Schultz’s operation was allegedly somewhere near where this “fraud-family” I’ve lifetime-been in had been living during the 1930s so I’m trying to look into all this about all this now.

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Minneapolis, Foshay Tower

Minneapolis, Foshay Tower, August 1929+, the third building from the left, lit up “Foshay” name — — I had to temporarily delete this because of copyright difficulties till I can write for a permission on it. (= check #0452_001.pdf, 4p.)

Wilbur B. Foshay photo – Maybe he looks like Prince Stanislaus Radziwill? JFK’s brother-in-law.

#201, 1929 Minneapolis’ Wilbur Foshay,  no relation, but noticing now that maybe he looks like JFK’s brother-in-law through Jacqueline’s sister Lee Bouvier Radziwill — I moved this up to the post #206 with the Foshay Tower little picture, pdf

My point here is that the Great Depression happened right after that big-deal building opened up AND that FDR had pardoned Foshay out of Leavenworth (on some other charge) in 1937, and that then he’d gone to Salida, Colorado, 3 points to this not including that Washington, DC’s John Philip Sousa peculiarity of this had played at the Foshay Building’s opening, plus that alot of people have been through Minneapolis where the building had been a focal point for decades, seems especially peculiar to me since then it’s my name also and I’ve been being “used” as maybe the worst hoax ever. Maybe there’s some resemblance between FDR and the current chief executive too is my worry, that that pattern might be getting repeated in this Armageddon-perpetration against the planet.

Neanderthal illustration

(this Wilbur Foshay and Warner Brainard type might somehow be connected to Q. Victoria’s husband/consort Prince Albert, as with maybe even Allen Ginsberg and many others disseminated to all around in this global-takeover.)

Continue reading

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Pearl Bailey and Lou Bellson

This was the first photo I’d been able to get for the blog, has sentimental value. From the DC Cultural Tourism signboard on M Street between 4th and 5th Streets, NW, and they got it from the Scurlock Studio Collection in the National Museum of American History. [It has sentimental value because he looks like the “Tony Fuca” in the French Connection photo I’d been indirectly involved in. Then I must have walked by that signboard many times before I’d discovered that French Connection photo in the French Connection book. He was born one year before Lenny Bruce.]

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Florence Sabin, Nobel, Sagan, then 3 Pearl Bailey photo-pages

Sabin, Nobel, Sagan.pdf, in this picture probably taken while she was still at the Johns Hopkins hospital/institute, c. 1924 or before I guess, Sabin looks alot like I do, vice-versa. I think her photos after moving to New York/the RIMR are so hideous-looking because they were “magic” set-up with the underworld/underground “shadow” people, specifically this Siamese Vajiravudh, Rama VI that had allegedly passed in 1925 but I suspect had gotten smuggled into NY and up to the Bronx. Nobel’s picture is there because this “Armageddon Program” all over me for decades now seems to largely come from his play titled “Nemesis” about a parent-child problem-group in the late Renaissance, the Cenci family. The terminology is difficult for me because the Renaissance was when the “science” had started mass-reproducing people from disembodied ovae stuck up into other females to carry, and males like with the Pablo painting. I have to go try to number the new Table of Contents items so I can at least give a number to things like the Pablo painting, by Velasquez, a pregnant Pablo but that doesn’t seem to have been uncommon around that time, especially with the Dutch paintings I’d noticed alot of it. But Nobel is here because he’d perhaps written the play that this “Armageddon Program” all over me is based on then for how to find a way to light-off war/s it seems that Nobel might have had in mind, like his dynamite’s fuses, and there’s also the reason that, being of the generational-slave #2 type that he’s there between Sabin and Sagan then next sort of in that same as the “counselor” role of the little cartoon I finally just got posted, had enlarged it but it’s so succinct to all this world-situation and its TPE that I can’t find the time to think exactly what explication-words to put on the paper yet because I can’t afford to make photocopies. Then there are 2 photo-pages of Sagan because to my perspective I guess he typifies the regular Autism/Autism-psychopathy. There’s some painting-set of Rubens that maybe has a small picture of an ancestor that Sagan had come from and I always have difficulty with the name. It’s in the Encyclopedia Britannica but there isn’t a copy at this library for me to look it up right now. The painting-set has a few different titles, basically the Inauguration or Baptism or what of St. Bavo, a triptych, 3-part painting that became 1 big painting or some such. My stereotype might be on there, a number of them are. Then, there are 3 pages from this new Pearl Bailey learning-about that I’m trying to do, the word “research” and alot of words have been made to seem to have double-meanings. Pearl Bailey seems to have been used like Sabin and I have been, more or less, so far from what I can make of her 3 memoir-books, her passing in 1990, shortly after the last was done I guess. She 1/2 grew up here in Washington and then was at its big school, Georgetown University, most of the time from 1978 to graduation with a degree in theology in 1985. The way it looks to me is that she was just there so the system could, overseeing her life sneakily the way they’ve done mine, so the system could get close-in to the Theology department and incapacitate the non-Autist-system people, whatever normals were left. But her life is a huge subject, all that went on, and then she ended the first memoir with a line that the reader knows is false, that it’s standard that she’d come to DC at the age of 3 and she closed the memoir mentioning that it’d been at age 2, so you can only figure that she or the publisher had done that on purpose to point out that there are problems that she can’t talk about or such. First, her father worked for the big House of Prayer all his adult life and so she is super-connected to the goings-on in general of this town. Then her 2nd husband seems to have been an Autist and scion of a parent in the real estate business, that that’s a big aspect of how we got into what I’m saying, the TPE only subject I’m really ever thinking about and always trying to work against. Then I’d noticed her because of a tourist-sign with a picture of her with her 3rd (4th?) husband and he looks just like Lenny Bruce (1925-1966 allegedly,) and the French Connection photo with those suitcases I’d played with as a kid, etc.’s “Tony Fuca.” That’s why I’d gone to read her memoirs and she was so active that she was likely a major character in how this Armageddon Program has been being snuck through for the Armageddon-making, etc.

My main point with the picture of Alfred Nobel is that he and the generational-slaves in general might be glad if the planet’s loss even got them out of the slavery, like the “billion years of servitude” that I’ve read that the Scientology organization has people agree to in order to get and stay in the group, or such, that the Armageddon might be the only way they’d get released from whatever the global-underworld/underground situation is. And he wrote a play toward getting the fuse set off and this “Armageddon Program” is all about doing that situation to me, horrifying me all the time with this stranger that’d been an artificial parent to me and all the years of deception that that’d entailed, etc. The “Brain-blob/s” that I have a file on on the menu is the same as Nobel’s “type.” In fact that brings up some odd subject to all this. I’ve been seeing that when you send a pdf file to somewhere it vanishes when I delete the original because I don’t have to keep it anymore, but I’d have thought the delivered copies were static and they aren’t, they vanish when the original is deleted. That has me thinking that these posited people reduced to only operating their brains without any body, born into a “magician” existence like that, that they might have gotten it fixed that if they get killed the whole computer system might vanish with their demise. It’s a little difficult to describe, I shouldn’t try to do it fast like this because it sounds odd but everything runs on this “invisible” business that comes from the underworld-slavery over hundreds-thousands of years and they do the “magic.” Their Autist captor-friends, sic, like the little “Ghent Altarpiece” Pilgrim-boy I’m often pointing out, “the original Steve Jobs,” not the guy who’d passed about 5 years ago but the “real” Steve Jobs, I think he’d faked his death and set up this “web” we’ve got toward working like that for the “magician” captives, etc.

1/2/18  See how small and vulnerable and doofy Florence looks there, the system makes me look like that like whenever they want as I’ve been going around trying to get some responsible adult assistance to this, that I only seem like a nothing talking to myself all these years, and I’m starting to think maybe it’s something they do with lenses projected onto you while you’re unsuspectingly out here and they’re doing their underworld tricks. They do variations on that all of the time to me. If I look real good in a mirror while I’m not doing anything and no one’s around I can figure that it’s part of a ritual for subtracting goodlookingness from me at some system-chosen time, that they only have me looking really good when I’m all alone so that they can balance out that interference with reality by having me look really bad when I go for a job interview or such sometime later. I think that was the same day Sabin had had that group-picture of the lab workers and her taken, where she looks really angry.

Maybe they took annual photos and those were 2 different years… [2/2019] maybe the real Florence was disappeared and replaced.

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1- the Autists

2- their “Neanderthal” buddies

3- the Jomon culture

4- the normal people

— The Jomon-Frankenstein Culture We’re In —

NGA portrait, The Turk/Man In Oriental Costume, by Govaert Flinck, Rembrandt school, donated by Andrew Mellon circa 1934; in gallery 48, National Gallery of Art, Constitution Avenue and 6th Street, NW

The Turk/Man In Oriental Costume, NGA, gallery 48, by Govaert Flinck, Rembrandt school

(11/917,) my finding now is that the figure in this portrait I standardly use to describe where this invisible-unprovable and “magic” Armageddon-making Program off of me seems to come from was of this anonymous old Jomon culture, becoming involved with the posited Autists invading from the longlost eons in the New World, and probably those’s “Neanderthal” -buddies, with the Jomon then invading south from the Arctic seas with the “method” of growing people from disembodied ovaries that they’ve now populated the earth by. It’s been like 2 days of the invisible-warfare off of me, starting with one of the bizarre ritual-scenes by a “regular character” that seems to be a female descended-offspring “growth” from this small-sized type of the Jomon-Frankensteins:

(left side detail from the Andreas Mantegna “Parnassus”)

I didn’t let it get me upset and I got around and opened the bank account for the ssfund and then recorded the few notes, about the “inhibited” situation, and went to the shelter and set the alarm and went to sleep but this invisible-torture woke me and did this what I call insomnia-torture that serves to make my next day lousy and I didn’t hear the alarm and then the standard toilet-circus and such went on and got so bad that it seemed there might be a better way to try to get around this “medical-trick” I’d mentioned yesterday that I had to see about today, and instead I went and brought the bank form to the new ss office and then there’s been this unreal-like tour of this “Gottingen-like” L’Enfant Plaza area and I got to this branch library and the book I’m looking for is checked out, so next I’ll proceed back to the shelter again. I’ll be calling the welfare/food stamp office to see if they’re open since tomorrow’s likely a holiday for them but I have to stop there soon to let them record that I’m now getting the monthly ss income, and I’ll check which day it is that maybe I could see about this “medical-trick,” that I think it’s either Friday or Monday or maybe Tuesday that might be less-complicated, as these “Jomon” did the standard trick of putting on the “invisible Show/Program” for the underworld that I can never prove about around me trying to get this prescription refilled for this phony “blackmail medicine” I call it that I take just because they don’t hurt me as much as long as I’m taking some sort of medicine — this is getting a little complicated only because I’m a little thirsty, ran out of water, because of all the other micro-logistics, and there’s some other “trick” going on. It’s been a real bad 2 days of this; it’s how the Armageddon-making’s been being done all these years every day though so I would like to get my little notes on it because it’s how these “Jomon” are really bringing the earth to death off of bothering little me, having killed off everyone else I guess so that I’ll all that’s left as a useful “show” victim to gimmick off of. After the lousy morning from the trick of causing me loss of sleep the shuttle-bus got to the daytime shelter and there were so many of these “show” ritual tricks outside of it that I couldn’t put myself through meeting this new doctor they have that goes around to 3 of these places for homeless people and trying to explain my situation to him and that I’m only looking for a (month’s) refill on this medicine called “Spiriva” that doesn’t actually do me any good but keeps the underworld from pulling too hard on the “invisible/hallucino- ropes” they’ve created and have all over my torso’s diaphragm-area, it sounds crazy to try to describe even a little bit of this stuff. The medicine doesn’t help me, it only keeps the system back from hurting me worse and they’ve been hurting me worse because it’s been near run out for about a week now, me trying to stretch out the last few of these pills that you put into a little pill-crusher and then breathe the powder into your lungs. I don’t like taking things that don’t actually do me any good but they’d have me on 5 or 6 of these types of things and so I got the system to be satisfied with just the one type of this respiratory “medicine” and I call it a “pyschosomatic” medicine, the underworld’s psyche and my soma, my body that they’re doing this to and will let up on a little if I take this stuff, same as the prophylactic Loratadine I take so they don’t give me that slug-pneumonia, I take the 2 medicines every day so the system doesn’t make me sick and the one has run out while I’m preoccupied trying to get the “ssfund,” the social security business, taken care of, so the system always calculates and when they see they have me having to be anywhere or do anything on a certain deadline or another they become like vicious about their advantage over me and today was the only day I could see the doctor so they figured I’d be forced to endure their secret underworld “show” off of me and pressed the advantage too much and it occurred to me that the doctor goes to another place I could meet him at, because I have all these micro- Armageddon-logistics I’m always having to juggle in my mind, like today’s place is the place I’ve been having difficulties from since the first weekend in 2001 for instance, things like that that nobody but me and probably the system knows about, that it’s more or less like they’ve been keeping me under wraps from that location as how this Armageddon has been being sneak-perpetrated since that small-seeming incident-set way back then where the place had lost me my workshoes and some big poster-like illustration I had of this book of Revelation business, and they’d gotten me or let me had have it happen that I’d been gotten to be ill with the slug-pneumonia, that I’ve been like a wreck ever since that beginning of the millennium because of today’s particular place, that I’m alone with. When this Spiriva’s prescription ran out the system began tightening its hold around my torso-diaphragm-area, that it generally feels like in this illustration below, where it’s as the small lady is hauling forward that big float of the males to the Capitol building:

(the Columbus Memorial, Lorado Taft, Union Station)

That’s how it feels on the everyday basis so that if I don’t take the phony medicine then they “spite” me, whoever anonymously is doing all this of the invisible-torture world business to me, they pull harder on the hallucino-ropes around my upper-rib area, so that I can barely walk. I took the last inhale-pill yesterday and was doing okay and only needing a refill but he’s a new doctor and can’t really give me a refill that simply and really the place is how the system’s been keeping tabs on me all these years to make sure this all stays like a secret. No matter what I do out here has little bearing on what the underworld “show” exhibition of myself does, they just do whatever they can get away with, consistently, and there were all these fraud-parent types around the new entrance to the place and the system succeeded in scaring me away but it does turn out that it was best that I got to the ss office because they are closed tomorrow, only nobody would ever believe what I go through from underneath all this torture just to walk from one place to another, on and on like Allen Ginsberg raging all over my head to the traffic-noise accompaniament and I had to walk from 14th and N Streets, NW to 14th and D Streets, SW and then over to 4th and K Sts., SW here, like a death-circus past the new black-history museum and Washington Monument and Engraving and Holocaust and finally almost got to the new ss office and someone played one of the cheap little tricks to get me offset and I got the little errand done but then the noise of the “engine” that runs the development at the L’Enfant Plaza could kill a weakened person and there was all the psychological torture of these people that look like me all the time on my path, and then I had to detour to the Safeway before coming into here and now I’m not positive which is the best route to get back to the shelter by since I usually walk but it’s like a killer-walk so now that I’ve got a little relief — oh, the whole transportation subject: vulcan of the apotheosis

detail of Vulcan, from the ceiling painting of the Capitol dome, the Apotheosis of Washington, by Constantine Brumidi, circa 1863

That’s also a picture of what I’m figuring was the Prehistory “Jomon” culture on Japan, and they set up all the railroads after all the sea-roaming and then the sky-takeover. Henry Ford must have been some big friend of theirs but I can’t figure how the specifics worked, just that in their Huxley’s “Brave New World” novel they have Ford referred to as being their Lord over their Brave New World.

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— Thomas “Braintree Electric” Augustus Watson, (1854-1934,) AG Bell’s partner, et al. —

Image result for leonardo da vinci’s battle of anghiari public domain images — I had to delete these 2 large images because I’m not positive where I’d gotten them from, one of that close-up and one of Leonardo. Check Ankara for cliffs. Enterobacter aierogenes finding .pdf,

Bell’s “partner” Watson did alot of work with ships around Boston and in Braintree, Massachusetts, where alot of this invsible-warfare “Armageddon Show/Program” was supported by, however seemingly-indirectly.


This type is likely from da Vinci and da Vinci’s likely from the little boy at the bottom of the St. Nilus meeting the Emperor Otto III wall-painting at the/a Grottoferrara and this is a copy of that and if the attribution isn’t attached I do have it around here somewhere, and maybe I should move the whole John Carroll file up here because perhaps he also came from the little boy and then da Vinci:Image result for domenichino, st. nilo and otto III meeting, public domain imagesThe little boy is right above here…………..

— (1/22/18, Monday,) I somehow can’t get my “Read More” tag back after deleting it to move it to here. I still can’t figure why the type is compacted into the solid black lines or what the other typographical problems come from, as this is somehow closely related then to the John Carroll file-post and it’s got the same sort of problems and trying to keep all the pieces and get them closer together so I can try to get some assistance because this global-system just comes from a bunch of errors that should be getting worked out and instead they do this gutter-circus on me so even tiny me can’t get straightened out no matter what I try to do out here. Also I’m adding that the famous cartoonist Stan Lee and the famous Dr. Sidney Gottlieb are also from this “Braintree/da Vinci” sort, but then so also I think is the different-looking John Carroll type, from the da Vinci sort. I’m trying to smooth out these things and for no reason the continue-reading sign isn’t working so I could get these messier areas at least off of the front screen. Previously written:

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(1st) They Stole the Vatican

Inauguration of the Vatican Library, Pope Sixtus IV. This one won’t crop, and the one below it won’t take the text on the side of itself like this. Then the file gets worse, post gets worse.

Famous Belgian painting I’m trying to compare to the above Vatican painting, this a miniature. It’s of Burgundy’s Duke Philip the Good, in the center tall and thin, all dressed in the black there, being presented with a book this guy Vauquelin wrote, but the 3 on the left seem predecessors of the Vatican painting, and this one on thhe far right is Anthony of Burgundy who’s likely where Lenny Bruce for instance had maybe come from, like where the high-functioning Autists come from, and the boy in the middle between the 2 main figures is Duke Charles (the Bold) of Burgundy, all important figures in how we got to this TPE.

This is Pope Adrian VI, Rodrigo Borgia, (1431-1503,) parent of Lucrezia and Cesare, all supposedly from Xativa, Spain. It’s a detail from a somewhat controversial painting I think I recall, one with the Virgin, maybe the kid. To me the big thing with this person is that they’d signed the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, dividing whatever the New World turned out to be between Portugal and Spain.

it didn’t work, only this one bit came across, I’ll have to try to get this done now because I want the space for Part II of this You Were Wrong horror-file.


shahan lafayette

shahan lafayette1

shahan lafayette2

they long ago stole the vatican, All I can say is that this “Chains” della Rovere became Julius II looks like the politician John Edwards. Does “Platino” I think his name is offhand, have the notes somewhere else but might have to be discarding them as I’m trying to paper-reduce so I can get out of the Catholic Charities place in the one piece intact I’m still in, look like Steve McQueen? Those 2 guys in the back are similar to the 2 guys in the Chancellor (Nicholas) Rolin painting, by van Eyck I think it is, and might be or be from Charles the Bold and his “1/2-brother” Anthony, the Great “Batard” of Burgundy.

#226, They (long ago) stole the Vatican  .pdf, that blond guy kneeling’s name was (Bartolmeo) Platina, the new chief librarian of the Vatican as it was being stolen from whoever’d lived there originally, etc., and I just found out yesterday, am noticing, that it looks like the actor, d. 1980 allegedly, Steve McQueen is his descendant. He and the standing dark-haired guy are probably brothers or half-brothers that look alike except for the hair color, that being “Chains” della Rovere who became Pope Julius II, however that had worked. That’s Pope Sixtus IV sitting, and he seems to have been a Borgia from Spain. This was around the time, shortly thereafter, that Magellan demonstrated that the planet, world, is round, not flat, and the Autists went running over to the “New World” to claim all the best locations for themselves. Then Washington got stuck up in this snowy area somehow even though it’s close to the South. This “Chains” della Rovere was allegedly from Genoa but looks like that Chancellor Rollin to me and that seems to be where most of this global-system comes from. I’ll try to send a copy of this 1999 wall-sculpture or indoor-tympanum at this local Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, called something like “Universal Call to Holiness,” where the main figure looks like “Chains,” whose first name I can’t recall right now.

It seems that these figures had come down from Flanders/Burgundy, and Nicolas Rolin seems to be the main character then over the Philip the Good/Fair and then the Charles the Bold offspring and “1/2-brother” Anthony the Grande Batard of Burgundy (horror-personage.) #311, Chancellor Nicholas Rolin

Maybe that baby had come from the pregnant lady in that other famous painting, the Wedding of that guy from Lucca, the title/name escaping me right now, where he’s holding the finger up like, Wait, and that the baby might have been raised to then become the Alexander von Humboldt who — might have descendant-slaves all around everywhere nowadays.

June 29 — “Arnolfini Portrait” the search-engine says is the title, and yes the lady’s look alike. Jan van Eyck painted both the pictures, so I’m figuring that first the pregnant “Madonna” was painted with the husband “signing” to Wait, we’re not finished yet, and then when they were “finished” and the baby was birthed, then the thieves or murderers could take the baby instead of killing it along with the mother’s death or what was going on. It’s said that whoever he’s signing to is pictured in the reflection in the mirror behind the couple, that whoever was by the door or the easel their image would be in that mirror, but I haven’t been able to try to magnify a good copy of the painting. It’s in London’s National Gallery. So that that Chancellor Rolin, a big historical character but that was so long ago that I don’t know what the documentation on that life would be, appears to be picking up the baby, and then there are 2 guys outside with a peacock, like waiting for the Chancellor and come to think of it might be like the 2 guys behind the large figure in that Melozzo da Forli painting that I’ve dubbed the Stealing of the Vatican but is called the Inauguration of the Vatican Library. I’m trying to recall what name the big guy in this one has got, that that is young Pope Julius “Chains” the second I think, Cardinal della Rovere, Giuliani della Rovere maybe, but 2 different painters, and said to be from 2 different locales and times, Chancellor Rolin picking up the baby said to be from Flanders, up around Ghent somewhere, and the other one in Rome. Rubens had spend alot of time in Italy. It’s possible he was busy transporting paintings up to the north or vice-versa or both. But Chancellor Rolin and “Chains” della Rovere look alot alike. I can’t draw any 2 things the same, can barely make the same recipe 2 times that everything comes out slightly different, so I’ve been thinking that maybe those portraits are of the same model, and it’s a model that looks alot like “The Politician” John Edwards, and in the Basilica here they installed this multi-ton wall sculpture over the door which’s title escapes me right now, like Calling of the Holy Ones for the Millennium or such, over their door where the main figure, said to be the Virgin Mary character, looks like Mr. Edwards. Then I think I’ve got one in my purse that I might could try to send but it isn’t that urgent, where the Virgin Mary on the tympanum at Conques where the St/e. Foy is also looks like Mr. Edwards. I haven’t researched Aristotle yet either, trying to get to a few things on that subject, but they might come from that type, or from the Achilles type or both, and they’re a little involved in that car-hit on me, a type off of that type or vice-versa, some line of that type or type of that line, of the self-mass-reproducing Autists…. The big summary about Chancellor Rolin is that he was the manager for Charles the Bold’s time-period up there in Flanders, Charles and the other royalty of that time, Charles’ 1/2-brother or what called Anthony, the Great Batard, which we say means like vintner, wine-expert, steward or such. I don’t get to read on subjects like these, very motivated to do so but all my time is used up walking around these gutters all these years. The big writer on that history-period’s last name is Vaughan, Richard Vaughan or Vaughn, and it’s said that the “Vau” syllable indicated that magic is somehow connected to the subject, and all that time period is very murky but brings up that Rene d’Anjou and Joan of Arc and all those cliffs in the north of France. The Ghent Altarpiece is said to have been painted for the birth of Charles the Bold’s previous brother who’d passed at childbirth and so Charles had inherited the work as his birth-gift, and he’s much like that little Pilgrim, that the little Pilgrim might have been Charles the Bold’s pater and they went into the Percival business and pilgrimages out to La Finestre Spain and to Portugal, then over to claim the New World.

mr page!

creationbasilica1 creationbasilica=dup.

lamb mosaic nsic basilica, this is gone now and difficult to get a copy of. They’re replacing it with a Nicene Creed theme I think I’d seen when I’d gone by to check something last winter.
— Here’s a little note I’ll just transfer from the above-MENU start for this file: I keep losing this (picture). The little booklet I get it from is probably real hard to find.I can’t afford the color-copies and they’re only 35-cents at that now-closed library. It’s that the circa 1920s artist Bancel LaFarge had done 2 ceiling mosaics at this Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary on Michigan Avenue, NE here and the face of the main figure in especially this, the “Last Judgment” mosaic looks just like Larry Page the Google co-founder to me, assuming that that’s what Mr. LaFarge had looked like. The other ceiling mosaic, on the East Apse on the Catholic University of America side of the Basilica, is “The Creation,” a must-see, plus both seem to have references to dinosaurs/dragons that intrigues me in the first place, etc. (Last Judgment ceiling mosaic at the Basilica NSIC, partner to The Creation mosaic on the East Apse, should be in a file here somewhere but it might not be anymore somehow.)

Bishop Shahan? Shahan_.pdf, I hadn’t noticed this resemblance anywhere else, even checking another copy of this same picture it doesn’t seem to be there. But it raises that this face and the “Cardinal Riario” in the Inauguration of the Vatican Library by Mellozzo da Forli (sp) and a character in the Charles the Bold Flemish miniatures all 3 or 4 have the same face. This is the only one that looks a little like the late Bishop Shahan (d. 1932) that I’ve noticed so far but that’s definitely something to look into. This one is the pope, Pope Alexander VI that issued the bull on the Line of Demarcation in 1492 that divided the New World finds into Spanish and Portuguese ownership. Then that was amended slightly by the Treaty of Tordesillas. I don’t understand any of it. They say this Pope Alexander VI was Alexander or Rodrigo Borgia from the town called Jativa just west of the Valencia coast of Spain and that he’d been a married cardinal, with Cesar and Lucrezia as his offspring. The whole thing might be fabrication by these world-stealers that are still doing it today and doing it off of me and there were Shahan-types all over me just prior to that car-hit and then I’ve just been all alone with all this the same as before getting tricked out to Maryland. — Also check Jean Chevrot from Flanders-time.

#134, CreationBasilica. — moved to post #312, pdf

recipients of my letters innocently take them underground and face only murder-rage that I’m nothing but a  bad slut, etc., then all the (non-Autist) witnesses get holocaust “disappeared”  .pdfso I therefore … etc., deleted.

== everything below here mostly is the squooshed together that I’ll retype or something.=

 Things are going really badly for me out here and there hasn’t been any email-receipt, 8/24 now, so I haven’t been able to get back and explain these illustrations yet, as it’d taken me months to finally even get that “the root problem”  gotten back to, now I’m trying to coordinate it with this big-deal ceiling painting from this Basilica here, that these dark-haired boys are not the natural mates to blonde females, the blondes have been their obsession for thousands of  years, like the sun had previously been their obsession that led them to force their way over Beringia against nature’s attempts to keep them back from that northern area where they’d then gotten lost and we’re going to lose the Earth and therefore the human species because their psyches keep everything covered up. I have to get off of here and will now try sending that mate-ceiling painting to this Creation one, that then leads into some other whole kind of Armageddon-disaster type-problem for me but they do go together and it’s all relevant to what I’m trying, safely, to get across. (8/27, as usual everything is generally rotten for me. Like, out of nowhere I realized that this housing-employee is likely also one of my relatives, through “Brave New World” writer/author Aldous Huxley, that that’s how we’re getting that BNW in real life, offspring-descendants of pro-“LSD” people like Huxley working for the brain-serum they feel good off of, all over the place in “diverse” disguises. Plus the place is making innuendoes/ideas-of-reference that they’re going to get me psychiatrically confined or hit by a car or whatever other means of getting rid of me, as I’m getting all this insight to how this housing/real estate business is being run, off of those generationally-enslaved captives’ thinking for all the different types of “Autism” and “Neanderthalism” that there are in the system holding captives so they can get what they want, which in the Huxley-line seems to be mainly the narcotics, but now there’s also the odd factor that I’d grown up with this fraudulent-relative female as something of a role-model and I can see how she was, to put it non-euphemistically, always a liar and coverer-up for the horror-situation I’d always had but with no idea how such could be possible.

I’m having a little trouble getting this matching ceiling-painting onto here, that goes with the “The Creation.” It was difficult finding out who’d painted these and after many books and some questioning there I finally got the name Bancel LaFarge and that he’d passed in the early 1930s, a son of artist John LaFarge but they don’t look alike, me assuming that Bancel looked like the “Adam” figure as that’s the same face in the “The Last Judgment” painting I’m trying to get onto here, and then they have this huge “Christ in Majesty” that’s important also that I’ll get to, but also now there is a 1959 photo-lie of me to do with housing I’m going to try to dig up out of the Library of Congress soon as I can that might get in the way of trying to keep these post-files in some sort of organized order for trying to get across what all I’m talking about. That “aunt” had never noticed anything wrong about the way I was being raised and I couldn’t figure it out and all of a sudden I realized she was likely the “egg-mother” of this housing worker. One of my college teachers in retrospect and then comparing pictures I figure also had come from Huxley, a well-known lady, and the guy that tricked me into being the doof-bait in this horror-LURE “Armageddon Show” was likely one of Huxley’s offspring-descendants I call the “Brave New World” disembodied-ovae-fertilized “products,” for lack of anyone to assist me with all this. I don’t know how to describe it all or why there’s never any comment-feedback to all the writing I’ve distributed or not to this blogsite. I don’t want to advertise for readers because tricking people through my writing is how these system-people have been doing their getting rid of the normal people, kill and replacing the normal people out here and wherever they all are, the undergrounders, because people who like to stay high on LSD/brain only can stay underground to feel secure against getting caught or bothered by others, they just want to sit and enjoy themselves.

This is more or less what people have gone through in broaching the underworld with the concept of getting some assistance to me.

(I think this Shahan d. 1932’s sarcophagus (sp?) might have the same crucifix that the popes use, I have to find a way to check out soon, that that last time I’d been to the Basilica I think I’d read the write-up on where the “fancy,” gory-detailed, crucifix Benedict XVI’d used’d come from and then’d looked at Shahan’s and now it occurs they were the same? – have to sign off now, etc. 3/26, it isn’t the same type of crucifix but also the gory kind in general, getting a quick look on this “Find a Grave” website.)

(duplicated here because of some technical difficulty:) bad slut, etc., then all the (non-Autist) witnesses get holocaust “disappeared”  .pdf so I therefore hardly give this URL to anyone, only a few of the medical and then the legal and insurance people but I’m growing increasingly desperate to get out of this (Catholic Charities) shelter at the end of Massachusetts Avenue by the Anacostia because there isn’t enough air circulation where I sleep. I’ve been stranded with some of these same people and staff since 2005 and I can’t get the bed changed basically because it’s just a “joke” that I’m all by myself without surviving witnesses to any of this behind-my-back-under-my-feet “Armageddon Program,” Armageddon-making show nightmare invisibly all over and off of me. When I got the mail from the Maryland car driver’s insurance company I thought I’d get restituted (sic) and could use the money to go read Florence Sabin’s voluminous (12 feet or so) letters mostly daily to her sister in Denver and that that could explain how circa 100 years ago the system had been sneaking around setting all this up and then into all the medical work she’d done. Also she’d got alot of letters at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore I could look at after Smith and the whole medical system could potentially get straightened out, then the legal, insurance, government, etc., but, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and I’ve just been stranded here in this sneaky “Armageddon” strategy since 2005, writing as many letters as I can that the system (merely) comes from an obscure people under the other side of the planet who’ve got Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with dependence on hallucingens from other people, which makes them parasites and parasites have a self-limiting future, we are really going to become extinct and those’s ancestors had long ago destroyed the developing solar system because nature can’t create just to turn over the new lives to Autist-psychopaths, etc., I’m always trying to explain but I’ve gotten absolutely covered-up to nowhere. Please, please be careful not to let my material get taken out of context, using it as a LURE for normal people is how the Armageddon-making has been getting accomplished for decades now and in general back to that 1962 “French Connection” photo where those are suitcases that I’d been “tricked” into playing with before they’d disappeared for that. They’re likely still in police storage, but I’ve always got to try to “make contact” with one human-level being and so I send out these letters and the system contacts the recipients and over the years has grown completely strong so that I’m just sitting underneath all sabotage still trying to do the same thing but my health is bad from these “show” condtions plus the (horror) library downtown has closed so I don’t even have anywhere to be during the day, am in walking distance to your building though. The American Chemical Society and the NIH live in like a parallel Autists’ world that doesn’t understand or notice anything that I’m trying to say.  For a hundred dollars I could get a bus up to Smith College and $400 would buy 5 days in a hotel within walking distance to the library and then they seem to have reasonable bed and breakfasts in Northampton because there might be a whole lot I could find in her letters that would help that could  make an extended stay, toward clearing up this Armageddon-situation as I figure she was a predecessor to this same “magic,” the magic, science and religion situation that I, and the planet, solar system and universe, have got. I hardly get any time on computer and am thinking back and forth between this and a letter to some social work-type and hope you can realize that I’m only this tiny thing and the most-tortured person because I’m aware the this system comes from that mere developmental disability and the system just purposely uses my letters for assistance as a war-gimmick, so again please try to be more careful with the material but try to figure a way anyone could work with me. I hope you got my email from over the weekend, about Dubos’ photo. Sincerely, K. Foshay

#134, CreationBasilica. — moved to post #312, pdf

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Botany = 1st They Extincted the Normal Drug Plants, then began selling brain

Parnassus, by Mantegna They extincted the normal drug-plants 1st.pdf

The sign says: I always don’t get a chance to mention that the system-people’s ancestors had EXTINCTED most of the planet’s normal plant-drugs, and that’s why “everybody” is tricked into this seeming-acceptance of what I’ve been calling this “brain-eating,” because the normal psychotropics or hallucinogenic-bearing plants have been disappeared over the millennia since the original disobedience of crossing over Beringia prematurely had led to this Autism developmental disability and recuperating in dinosaurs’ nests had led to “addiction” to hallucinogenic plants and toads and mushrooms and that had led to the psychopathy of eliminating the dinosaurs’ young in competition/greed for that babyfood mash.

Previously I’d jotted: They seem to have damaged the botany all around the world that the subject is really made difficult to learn anything about, it purposely obfuscated. That Linnean I think it’s spelled maybe, business I couldn’t figure out why everything’s so complicated and I suspect that it’s to cover-up that they’ve been tearing-up the flora, besides also that they want to keep everything just to themselves. The botany makes the air. Those plants take in nitrogen and release oxygen is how it goes?

And now the dessication of that whole, like a wide scar on the Earth from the West Sahara desert clear through that Cappadocia area to the Gobi and northeast of there, area reminded me that I’m always trying to bring up that the planet’s Botany seems to have been all torn up and ruined and sabotaged for Earth’s purposes, by this “bizarre” system we’re in, that I’m now tracing to this “Consortium” that’s living off of running this global-system off of this victimization with me at the bottom of itself somehow, however that’d worked out to be this situation. I cannot “make head nor tail” of the botany books, and I think that’s because the subject has all been sabotaged, and the system overlooks that enormous scar on the earth like it’s nothing, as an example of how out of touch with reality whatever they are are, heading us toward gratuitous TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as the only “cure” they’ll permit for their insanities.

While I was trying to type that all kinds of disturbance is being made for poor little innocuous me, part of the opening the door a few minutes late just to set me off on a poor start, where I’ve got all these other difficulties going on, but I wanted to get this early-starting point mentioned that it WAS from tasting cooked meat that this nonstop-obsession with cadging-onto the “normal” people that we’re still in, as with the system’s doing this book of Revelation and other world-takeover prophesies off of bothering tiny me all my life and still it’s like I wake up into this world doing battle against me every day for “no reason” whatsoever. The developmentally disabled people wanted to be fed first by the dinosaurs because the babyfood had the hallucinogens mixed in it and then when they tasted cooked meat they went like gaga for that and have been parasites ever since. I can’t continue this because of all the micro-horror confusion they’ve set off since I’d started trying to get back to this file with the shortened time today I can’t hardly get anything done, I’m supposed to be typing all those letters to that car-hit “Judge Morrissey” so I can quit having to keep the paper-copies, hand-copies that aren’t legible to anyone but me, and every day I can’t get to that yet.

— while I have only a few minutes and we’re on the Prehistory subject I want to get mentioned that after people had been feeding the smiling, innocuous-seeming small-sized feral-like strangers on and off for however long this went on for before then there was organized invasion, all the normal people ever got back is that the feral people wanted to crawl on the people for “relief” of their privates and then they wouldn’t “bury” their excrement as I figure people had generally covered theirs with dirt and the combination makes soil out of the plain dirt and then vegetation “magically” grows from soil, but the feral Autists couldn’t understand the burying process and preferred to mostly throw it at the others and in trying to teach them toileting practise they would only smile and then proceed to do it their own way of using the stuff like a weapon and when you’ve patiently shown someone around 3000 times how they should bury their own excrement instead of throwing it at yourself then, like the dinosaurs, you eventually get worn out from having patience with the smiling little-sized people and one day one person exasperatedly accidentally showed too hard and “kicked” some sand or dirt in the Autists’ face, and that became that beach bully kicking sand in the face of the 99-pound weakling boy who then seethes with how to get back at the big laughing guy but it wasn’t anything like that at all, it’s this Autism, a real hardware “glitch” that I’ve traced to that infection of the ventricle after big accident-set because they’d forced their way over Beringia, they got freeze burns to the sides of the head that made a hole and inner-brain fluid leaked out and was accidentally packed with “warm” packing that left a worse infection that’s somehow evolutionarily kept alive by this bizarre “Brave New World” “growing” people from disembodied ovae “method” they’ve been doing for around 600 years. I think it’s related to the “Fountain of Youth” of Ponce de Leon and I’m hoping to be able to research that and inter-connected goings on, but right now I have to sign off, still always hoping that anyone would find a way to real-life get some English/human-speaking person to assist me with all this but don’t even try because, for example, Ponce de Leon’s “Jomon race” that he’d come from I’m gathering have been lifetime-using/abusing me as being their LURE method by which they’ve been clearing the earth of whatever’s left of any normal people so don’t even try, as desperate as I am it’s the biggest part of this invisible warfare torture to know that the bums all live off of intercepting anyone who tries to contact me for any reason whatsoever, even just a passing interest in me as a female or anything so I can’t even ask for assistance yet but I’m working on being in a position where it wouldn’t be dangerous for any normal person to be able to assist me with this real Universe rescue-attempt because these “Jomon” and all their allies just do not care about anything except themselves as far as I’ve ever been able to learn about or see, like right now, etc. -30-

11/16, Thursday, I don’t think I got to that trying to learn to cook led to the fire-making pyromania that is likely how the planet’s botany has gotten all changed in addition to just the drug-plants’ all being scarfed to extinction. I have to try to check on that datura plant, if it’s possible it’d grown in japan, and then there is the question of why cherries would mostly be there, that they’re native to japan and not elsewhere, i should check on. then there’s the shoe-making, that i suspect what’d happened is that the Autists kept leaving the excrement around so that people complained of stepping into it first thing every morning, like a gift-trick and the burying-it lessons never worked and instead the Autists told their new Jomon friends that “the others complained” about the mere excrement so the Jomons maybe had begun the shoemaking industry and said to give the others that pair they’d made for feet protection like in exchange for the error by the Autists, to make up for that inconvenience, and from there there’s been no end to the cursed and blessed goings-on, the shoes cursed that they became “shows” now, as that’s just the language, that I describe as being the “lingo-wingo-dingo” of the Autists’ world’s twist on most of the vocabulary into some other language, just one of the examples where shoes and shows they have mixed in mind.

I’m thinking alot of it maybe comes from that they’d, also, stolen Cappadocia from its original owner/builders, that they’d invaded and taken it from those unknown people maybe, who’d been attempting to hide from the invaders. Similarly there’s the pyramids. I think I’d have to actually be there to see how they are in their real setting to get a feel for the situation, but I’ve long wondered the Pyramid originals were from people trying desperately to make a way to keep their babies safe from the invaders, to stick the kids up there out of reach, and use them for look-out places too but when invaded then grab the kids and put them up there, then they tried digging hideaways in Cappadocia and no matter what you do these anonymous invaders come unrelentingly after you and anything you’ve got. I have to leave for the day again already, 11/18/17.

(11/25/17, Saturday)

cages2.pdf  I found this in a book I’m leery to be citing and noticed that the photo is a govt. one so that itself is public domain. Anything published is actually in the public domain, that that’s what publish means, and it’s out there for community discussion, but everything is backwards, etc. I’m too downhearted so am trying to get some old keyboarding done but it’s important to me that I get mentioned that this “invisible-torture” to myself seems to be that I’m kept in some sort of a “magic” -made cage for like spectator viewing circus that I can’t see, but there have been alot of clues or hints that I’m kept like that, like that candle-set is inside of the see-through case. That business was in 1979 while the Iran hostage crisis was going on and that’s heavily a part of all this “Revelation” business, etc. I want to mention that if I could proceed with my look into the Ponce de Leon and his “fountain of youth” business that I think was for people-growing that there’s also the aspect that the Autists and their Jomon-partners were trying to claim (and succeeded for the most part I guess,) all the nice-climated places for themselves, after millennia of being trapped in cold and out of the way seclusions they went to some opposite extreme and discovered and wanted all the nice places for themselves so that I believe that de Leon and then Henry Flagler and the railroad people had cut off entry into Florida by setting up boundaries across the north of Florida from say the St. Augustine east coast to the west coast of Florida, bullying-ways that people couldn’t cross from the north to live in the good climate that way and that if my thesis on that is correct then they were likely only repeating their standard pattern of doing that sealing off areas for themselves and that that had started with doing that to Africa, maybe where that little town Eliat is or some such, setting up to seal off from visitors into Africa way back maybe in the so-called Dark Ages, which might have had to do with caging people also. I’m thinking to start a file called Private or Censored or the like for things that I’m too small to be able to address openly yet like with this photo, found (finally) in Joseph Telushkin’s 2014 “Rebbe” book about the late Menachem M. Schneerson, me just reading a little more of it now to notice that it was perhaps himself who was/is supposed to be the “messiah.” There’s a big theme where I’ve been since the car accident actually with or of people who have that specific slant to their features, that he’d had under his later-life beard, what I’ve been calling then being of the Babar or now “Ainu” type of people, pronounced eye-noo, that the Rebbe was of and I hadn’t realized that till finding this book recently. This “Armageddon Show/Program” comes from there near him in Brooklyn and especially it’s from Coney Island, that when I saw that beach I just loved being there and then this “visions and voices/Armageddon Show” had started while I was there, but there was a “warm-up” to it that had started a little earlier and I’d gone “To Brooklyn With Spirit” then, but I’m not even supposed to be typing today, just doing the old keyboarding.

11/26/17, Sunday, all kinds of computer problems, the internet allegedly going out while I’m learning about some problem onto the email. Etc.

This line of thought (Lucrezia and Ponce de Leon)  would run into eventually that about Ira Levin’s horror stories including that “The Stepford Wives,” that the Autist-Jomon relationship was/is largely fellatio-obsessed and in business together for growing people and 50% of people come out women, so maybe Lucrezia or Juan was from the other, Lucrezia a female-version of a Jomon, and in raising their own Autist-loving females over the centuries we’ve then got this “Stepford Wives” type of happy beautiful women, except that they’re from this underworld “fountain of youth” consortium of the brain damaged brain eating brain invaders that do their world-takeover off of harassing me all my life to this point.

(11/29, Wed.,) I guess I’m leaving the “Botany” here till I describe that (I think that) somehow the system-groups have changed most of the planet’s green-stuff, that that’s ALOT of damage and cover-up, too enormous an amount to be able to conceive of, that how on earth could that be true, etc. I tried to learn a little botany for some reason i can’t recall right offhand yet, is like why I’m just leaving it like this, because it’s so important, that that green-stuff is the beginning of biological life that leads to us, for instance, so how could that “secretly” be all messed up and nobody notices that somehow the system has screwed up all the botany. Alot of it went to the pyromania of the Autism, that they like to look at fires, but the amount of then cover-up for the missing botany is so huge that no one can figure it out, that that crime is so enormous that I’m trying to get some attention to it, that not only are the drug-bearing plants all scarfed to extinction but they did some weird other big big work-projects to mess all the green-stuff up or the most of it and if you try to learn botany it’s all obfuscated so that we can’t see the obvious, somehow. I’m from the Bronx so I don’t know anything about green-stuff to begin with, there wasn’t much of it, though when I visited the Bronx in 2004 it did seem relatively green and idyllic-like, but I think that “the real world” is there under that nice-seeming now surface, etc. The Siberian “Steppes” are like one of the major messing-up the earth “work-projects” I suspect, suspecting that somehow the system had gone around pulling-up all the trees by the roots, pulling them up out of the ground and left that “steppes” mush-world effect, for instance. They likely used the wood to make heat-fires because they were cold, but they shouldn’t have been in the north all the time, and then to the opposite extreme of learning about and quick-claiming all the nice-climate newly-discovered places for themselves alone, like with that 1492 “Line of Demarcation” that seems intrinsic to this TPE, total planet extinction that it’s come down to me being used toward that all my life and today is a real typical bad day, I’ll leave off with this mushy-type typing, unable to explain this botany problem because the subject’s so difficult to learn about. And then people who do catch onto that there’s been worldwide disruption of normal green-growth get “triaged” toward disappearance, that the system just keeps getting rid of the normally intelligent people, like the microbiologists are said to have been being disappeared and I generally figure that that’s what’s happened to the archaeologists in general, the field that I was looking to learn. “Jeffrey Goodman” of that “Psychic Archaeology” and numerous books to that We Are the Earthquake Generation, he seemed like one of those disappeared or kill and replaced ones but they’ve likely got someone that says that they’ve always been him all their lives or some such, etc. Now I’ll go get in more trouble because I saw something that really intrigues me but of course there’s some “copyright” on the image so that I can’t use it without permission or find another copy of the same thing, just a teeny little thing, that there’s some “Random Gaming Board” carved into a windowsill in the Vatican’s Borgia Apartments. In fact there’s even some weirdo indirect-connection to some of this morning’s horror with that Borgia/Alexander VI subject, that isn’t safe for me, like with the car-hit.

Ms. M*, I don’t know where to find another picture of that “Random Gaming Board” from the windowsill in the Borgia Apartments at the Vatican and I’m extremely intrigued by it, want to use your photo of it in my research-attempt that there’s something wrong with everything on the planet that has us headed for not-any-future, so to try to describe without controversy. I can’t really give my blogsite-URL to strangers because of the everything-wrong’s controversiality but could possibly if I hear back from you about my using a copy of your photograph in musing on where that “Random Gaming Board” might have come from that’s connected to this everything’s-wrong situation I feel we’re really in, etc., and hope I’ll hear something back through the email address, that I can use the photo, in which case I’d likely send you a copy of my musing-post. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

12/1/17, then, about the global botany disaster, there’s also that they have us “going” into those water-based toilets that then the big sewer-underworld had come from. I guess Paris’ was the first and biggest. Likely from there they got to all the subways and that’s a big part of this Armageddon off of me then, that the fraud-parent had been a subway supervisor all those years I was growing up and I can’t ride public transportation without this Armageddon-invisible-warfare’s going into a whirl as much as brouhaha as possible, is what i’d meant by them looking to “upgrade” this invisible-torture-“show” or Armageddon-making “Program” off of me, that with the new “ssfund” I could afford to ride public transportation, so all the “invisible boys” go into employment off of making my trips as messed up as possible, and that’s just the above-ground buses. I have to stick this here for now for me trying to read it later, in this attempt to figure out how the prehistoric-era doo-doo infection’d led to the black hair and what I call Autism: atlasofmedullami00sabirich – Getting Sabin to make this model and its book was likely meant to be a curse to cause her to seem “dull and mid-smart” toward abusing her toward then this that I’m in that’s then toward the TPE.

They’re all what I’m calling now the old and undocumented “Jomon” culture off of Japan. “There’s nothing there.” I hate to say things that way, nobody’s tried more than me to get along with people, and my invisible-torture is all entirely anonymous, I have nobody that knows the least thing about all this world’s most torture ever that’s been being perpetrated onto me, especially these last “Armageddon Show” 25 years. Now I’m “digging up” that they’d hounded Florence Sabin in all these same modi operandi toward this same that I’m calling “Armageddon” but it’s a world-takeover Plan by whatever all lingo it’s gone under, they go from town to town and takeover. I don’t have any idea what exactly they’re doing in that, by Charles Niehaus, Hahnemann Monument panel, but it’s probably worse a fraud than someone like me could guess. I was never supposed to have to try to guess at any of all this but there aren’t any responsibly-behaving adults ever allowed around me, I’m used as a LURE-trick for disappearing that type of person, anyone with normal sensibilities, that wouldn’t care what you were thinking to have probed your and anyone else’s mind, that that is a deviant behavior’s developed “talent,” it’s a deviation from what humans would do, etc., the “brain-damanged brain-eating brain-invaders” whole thing seems to come from this type of person’s being “discovered” long-isolated on Japan by the Autists and their other partners and a Consortium of these “party-boys” that you can’t catch seems to have been formed and it’s like in my face all day long every day that their system is having a ball getting worse and worse, all that media business. Today I walked into Safeway and National Geographic had yet another issue on a subject I’m trying to deal with in all this, a cover story on Jesus, and one of these guys’ young and dark-skinned versions that looks like that cover picture did a walk by along my footsteps as I noticed or my attention was “subliminally” drawn to noticing the cover on my way in and past the cashiers and my days are one “silent screen” scene like that after another especially as I’ve been having to watch TV a little to catch the weather reports. It’s built for hallucinators. I just found the address of Alexander Graham Bell’s father here before he’d passed in 1905 and that’s likely where the research that’d led to these computers had come from. Like the mind-reading “trick” they’re a deviation, but we’re adaptable, malleable, only the system-people won’t allow life except for their preferences and they’re — living off of having been using me as a LURE-gimmick and before that they’ve always been plaguing me. I have a set of teeny scars under my chin that now I figure had come from a “ritual” of decapitating me back in 1956, and then there’s that little “Kindergarten” article I found the 1959 lie-photo of me in (possibly it was 1960,) and then the 1962 sneak-use of me in a sneak-ritual over those “French Connection” -used suitcases, that are likely still in police storage. They were just doing the standard LURE tricks yesterday, their “Ainu” partners are all over me. After the Jomon anonymous culture there was the Ainu culture and I think that those are/were only then what I’ve been calling the “Babar boys.” I just saw a picture in the French Connection file, I’ll try to go get a copy of it.

Parnassus, by Mantegna, with the red cloak on the left center, but “Parnassus” is likely some reference to Joseph Nasi who I think was a real-life person probably, born 1520 in Portugal and is said to have passed not long after the infamous Battle of Lepanto in 1571, and that he’d gotten the ovae that “created” the line of people that became myself and those ladies wrongfully, that everything is founded on wrongfulness, heading us to real loss of the whole of biology because there’s not any way to get rid of this parasitism except to lose the planet, and it’s the first planet and work on the others had ground to a halt when all this trauma became unmanageable like it is. My point is still so far that these “Jomon” -type people had gotten involved naively, that they are angry at the “normals” because their buddies told fabrications from their “Autist” thinking, which came from the early-early misstep into brain-injury. I keep thinking lately of how Sean Barron mentions an obsession with twirling his finger in a hole when he was around 3 or 4 years old, in that favorite Autism book, “There’s a Boy In Here” by himself and Judy Barron, and I’m thinking that that was the brain-injury that I’m figuring went into the Ventricle that seems tucked inside/under the corpus callosum but again recall that with people who get high off of brain-fluid chemicals’ being near-everywhere now and lifetime gimmick-living off of me I can’t easily try to look up this stuff in books, can’t raise the subject unnecessarily, have to try to damage-control and keep this circus calm.

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John Carroll, 1735-1815, Homeopathy/Alexander Graham Bell (15th and N)

This looks to me like an “offspring-descendant” of Carroll’s; he was influential in getting then all the Baptist religion set up here and with Liberia, etc.Obadiah B. Brown, from Dorothy Winchcole’s book on the Baptists of Washington. This guy was extremely influential here and all over that 10th and G Streets, NW area that I’ve been stranded near most of this millennium.

Wikimedia Commons, Meeting of St. Nilus and Otto III by Domenichino, Farnese Chapel it says but I think it’s a wall-painting or mural from the Grottaferrata, Abbey of St. Mary, (somewhere not far from Rome,) and then maybe was copy-painted and installed into the Farnese Chapel and this picture of the painting that looks the same to me as the wall-mural, sic, got taken. I don’t know if this might be “overwriting” the WikiCommons file. This picture of this regular-looking painting was donated by someone named Sibeaster: I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.File:Meeting of St Nilus and Otto III (Domenichino).jpgSee that little boy directly above there *l* — I think that’s maybe young Leonardo da Vinci and then evolved to be the John Carroll, 1735-1815 (Archbishop of Baltimore, but really always a prisoner-slave I think,) who evolved to become so many different system-workers, including L. Ron Hubbard who founded the Church of Scientology. I figure that this is the system’s-invasion of Italy, that they’d probably sailed down around from their stronghold around “Burgundy,” all that area-set they’d claimed for themselves and then scouting around found this better weather down there and invaded the warmer-clime parts to bring their “Armageddon,” and of course later on they found out the world isn’t round but that doesn’t alter their Plans. The type with his arm up on the horse likely became the “Lenny Bruce-type” and the guy talking to him I think looks like one of the early boyfriends I’d had and then I’d seen another one of that type recently and in 2005. Maybe the one they’re calling the Emperor Otto III descended to become the “famous” architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

The (curved) blue line is where the Hahnemann Monument was installed in 1900. The blue dot is the Tunisian Embassy and the black-marked one is one of the 3 addresses Alexander Graham Bell had lived between about 1880 and 1905, when his father passed, them all living mostly near Georgetown Univ. Then I’ve spent alot of time near where that Chrome logo is. The Bells were at alot of locations here and with their National Geographic magazine work. The father, Alex. Melville Bell’s Visible Speech probably led to computers but likely came from the “Ghent Altarpiece” examples. I’ll try to add that example onto this “Probing the Unknown” illustration with that “we girls” had likely come from the misappropriated ovaries of a girl like the character Briseis in “The Iliad” account of Homer’s. I was supposed to make a note about the uncle-nephew relation of the Jomon to Ainu cultures/people.

Check, the Volta Laboratory and Bureau (,) was built across the street from his father’s house, where they’d both had houses on that street, AG Bell moving there after this address above. The houses are like a block from Georgetown University, that there’s obviously a big connection. Below here is the back of the Scott Circle monument to Homeopathy and its founder, who was close with Napoleon Bonaparte’s family. I’ll try to get the rest of it to here maybe, it’s pretty big though, Hahnemann’s statue and four sculpted panels of parts of his life.

They had a portrait painter that also lived at Scott Circle and worked at the Corcoran from 1876-1915, Eliphelet Fraser Andrews, but I can’t find a picture of his on Mrs. Bell, which I read had set off his career here, him from Ohio.

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The Parasitism

Again I type, this file’s been copied.

This file is a disaster I don’t yet know what I should do with it, today being a particularly bad day as they’re just continuing this horror-farce.

File:Allen Ginsberg 1979 - cropped.jpg

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Ozone seal/sound barrier

AirAndSpace(museum, the mall,); I’m trying to bring attention to that corona. that I think it’s really the ozone-seal, like a yolk-sac around an embryo baby or in the inside of an egg between the shell and the albumen, that very thin, clear layer. I figure that that corona-seal, ozone-seal, is the “sound barrier” Chuck Yeager started the breaking through of in 1947 that led to the space-quest and 1969 moon-landing where it was evidenced that there aren’t the expected riches anywhere nearby after all. The “Armageddon Program” put one of the sneak-characters, the one at the inferno-making homeless shelter that’s like Aldous Huxley-type, drone-talking right near me as soon as I started message-hunt and pecking, the Consortium of parasites working using me as Armageddon-LURE Holocaust a profits. Huxley was living near Yeager’s air base all through WWII. His wife was an Autiste and I guess he was mainly Jomon.

(a couple of notes because I’d lost my pen and don’t have anywhere to put them yet: ck Cernan Carson, schirra Reagan, Apollo 2-6 skipped, year and a half from Jan 66 to Oct 68. Apollo 10= within 46,000 feet of the moon’s surface. Also George Carruthers, David Lasser.)

Dec. 14th I think it is, Thursday, horrifying trip to get to this library after yesterday it was too cold to get out, and I’m trying to recall what I’m supposed to try to do first and then where it should go. Things are really bad. I finally got to the LOC (library) on Tuesday and couldn’t find anything in the NY Times on Ms. Cowen’s passing on Feb. 27, 1962 but did get a chance to look up the obituary in 1995 on the police detective from the French Connection bust of those suitcases that I’d used to play with and the thought occurred to me that maybe he “came from” or looked like Wernher von Braun, so that besides what all I can’t coordinate to be doing right now I’ve got that if he was from someone like von Braun, which might include also either Thomas Huxley or the Joseph Henry, then what might his partner, Ret. Sonny Grosso, similarly have been “from,” and that brings my mind back to what I’m trying to do is that Mr. Grosso has a book out recently and a  couple of others so I’d wanted to check the local catalog, which is up at the front of this room right now, I’ll go do that when my time’s up here I guess and then come back. Mr. Grosso’s nickname is/was “Cloudy,” and that would match the translation of “fog” for one of Mr. von Braun’s big partners, Herr Rudolf Nebel, one of my nemesi, along with Erich Mendelsohn from that same time period in Berlin, nebel translating to fog.

wernher von braun efdcb5
Wernher von Braun. Herman Oberth’s Kegelduese liquid rocket engine being certified. — from public domain site, from the space agency, famous photograph, 1929 it says, and that:  Dr. von Braun was among a famous group of rocket experimenters in Germany in the 1930s. This photograph is believed to be made on the occasion of Herman Oberth’s Kegelduese liquid rocket engine being certified as to performance during firing. From left to right are R. Nebel, Dr. Ritter, Mr. Baermueller, Kurt Heinish, Herman Oberth, Klaus Riedel, Wernher von Braun, and an unidentified person. — Kathy again, that it occurred to me that I guess the one they say is Kurt Heinish, looks like von Braun, and I’d thought the one over Riedel’s shoulder might also, that they maybe were from a “spawn.” Riedel had a brother that worked with the rocket-making also. Nebel doesn’t look anything much like Sonny Grosso but it would fit neatly so I was/am yet a little hopeful about that because there’s a good photo of him and von Braun in I guess Florida on the evening of the day of the moon-landing, July 1969.
  In some pictures von Braun looks like Marlon Brando too, but I can’t spend alot of time on this right now.
(on their picture of von Braun in the cast:  Dr. Wernher von Braun surrenders to U.S. Army Counterintelligence persornel of the 44th Infantry Division in Ruette, Bavaria on May 2, 1945. Left to right are Charles Stewart, CIC agent; Dr. Herbert Axster; Dieter Huzel; Dr. von Braun (arm in cast); Magnus von Braun (brother); and Hans Lindenberg.)
  I can’t find a copy of the photo of him and Nebel carrying the rockets with von Braun’s lab coat all dirty. In my search for the Autists’-system I was trying to figure what or who the prime-mover behind the rocket-building was and Nebel was the most Autist-looking amongst them, like the leader of the whole thing, and it seems to have come down from Tsiolkovsky, like Oberth was mostly an order-follower, and otherwise there were only some of the “Neanderthal” type Autist-buddies being behind the getting the rockets into becoming the space race. Also I’m thinking that there must have been something/someone behind the S. African diamond-mining, that some obsession with diamond mining had fixed on the sight of the stars as possibly being gems.

Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Mall, “Equipment carried by astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., during the first U.S. manned orbital space flight, Feb. 20, 1962.

When I was at the museum the other day I noticed that that was just 5 days before the French Connection bust and it was likely the one the fraud-parent had told me to come look at the television about, that it was a big deal to be in space.

7/12/18, Astronaut Scott Kelly wrote a book, “Endurance” about his year in space, at the International Space Station I guess it was, only having seen a small review of the book so far but in it it was mentioned that Kelly noted that that “corona” or seal or light-blue shield or ozone layer “‘or sound barrier'” seems too thin and that there are some sickly-looking areas when looked at from space… (and that’s in a system that refuses to admit reality, that they’ve killed all the spirits and work on the other planets, etc., etc).

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