New WARNING Attempt

6/30/18, After all these years this now is the product, their “New Jerusalem” that we’re being allowed to live in so far, that this, off of me and many others of course, is how the book of Revelation prophecies have/had been being fulfilled and they got their way but they aren’t going to desist or change but continue in these whatever their patterns are, the system is. All the warnings stay in effect, to protect one’s self as best as one can, etc.

7/14/18, Sat., I’d gone to put another note at the bottom of the WARNING file because I’d forgotten I’d started this new “attempt” to describe that there isn’t anything “lower,” more garbagey possible, than whatever’s torturing me and now they’re having this “Bastille Day” excuse for their sadistic selves, Autist-sadistic or whatever all the anonymouses are, but they’d gone from the “trick” of an hour and a half of freezing the screen, and it’s some real bad way where there are all lines in place of the command line so there’s just no way to sign off or do anything except the control-alt-delete way to get out of this, one thing after another, then I saw they’d done that so I’d feel trapped by all the residents so are like regulars here and there’s some “script” about mass-decapitation that’s being idea of referenced continuously so that it’s as though everyone’s “mad” at me, is the standard operating procedure to all these years of this, blame little me for the mass-disappearance of all the normal people who’ve been killed and replaced by these “E Pluribus Unum” now is clear, underground-sneaks, they always do that with these “mind game” scenes that are all unprovable, etc., but I came here because I haven’t been able to make any notes for a long time, got out of that habit, can’t carry anymore paper, and when these residents were about finished leaving here this invisible torture began “sneak-” pulling on my poo-poo as the next part of their parasitism all over me, that this one torture of being unable to work on this blog ended about the time everyone was leaving the room so I got back to this instead of just looking things up on the search-engine, and then whoever’ torturing me began the subtle pulling on my doo-doo trick. 30% of this “Armageddon Program” has been sabotaging my toilet 2 places, pulling on those all these years.

Twice today, first thing in the morning by the cleaning lady and again while I was doing this earlier someone had used the phrase Sorry about that to me and I figure that they are “ritually” chanting that for puttine a “sari” someone in a sari, around me. All those people come from and for this Armageddon E Pluribus Unum sneak-world takeover, and I don’t make any progress in getting a re-assessment of these behaviors. You’d think anyone that had to pull other people’s doo-doo and such would want to get out of the system, not just find people to eat (and get high off of,) but to do something toward getting the world out of that sort of deviance-paradigm that everything is in.

— In the toilet I recalled the sequence of out-here that I only noticed events that led up to making this into decapitation and doo-doo day, but I really don’t have time to go through all this “scataology,” same as in Washington. — This rest-home puts out a “daily paper” of pieces of interest, today’s mentioning that today in history was the storming of the Bastille, but then they say that the key to the Bastille was later sent to George Washington by Lafayette. Then I have the new post on the Bishop Shahan that’s under the purple-lettered LIMITLESS sign right now, but the post doesn’t have a title, that I got off track when I started noticing all these E PLURIBUS UNUM-made people.

— Somewhere here today I’d mentioned how these “computer tricks” had torn up the files last winter and here a photo of the Navigation bar as they somehow deleted all the grandparent and great-grandparent files:

photo I took of the screen, the Navigation bar, yesterday, the one line of topics was expanded to 11 lines and it took me way off track to get all that straightened out. The starry background is how one of the screens had looked when this suddenly popped out all over for not any apparent reason:

12/4/17 Navigation bar error